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With or without White....Bama wins this game by 32.
If this team gets beaten, it will be the biggest upset since the USSR lost to USA. This team will not lose, everyone else is seeing who will be the last team they beat in the championship game...making them the first loser.
I wish this young man nothing but the best, however - Alabama isn't known for developing pro style QB's, at least not one that start in the NFL. He may be an anomaly, I do believe he will beat out Hurts for the QB position, and Hurts will be moved to the lightning RB position (Stewart) and Scarbourgh will be the thunder RB.
If I'm not mistaken, Michigan for the past two years has refused to schedule anyone outside of the Power 5 or Group of 5. The enitre B1G is going to that format as well as the ACC, with 4 games out of conference against Power5/Group of 5 Teams. I'm in total agreement that we should all go to that type of schedule - it would be even better if they were all Power 5 teams - at the beginning of the season!!!! Alabama is playing FSU, Florida is playing Michigan - that's all well and good but how would it be to see Bama playing FSU, then playing Clemson, then playing Cal, and wrapping up against Oklahoma ST....then going into conference play!!!!!!?? That would be crazy fun!!!! Or Clemson playing Auburn, then Michigan, then USC, then Oklahoma, then wrapping up against Baylor - then conference play! Check this one out - Michigan vs Florida, then playing Miami, then playing UCLA, wrapping up against West Virgina!!! These types of schedules would put all the noise to sleep for all conferences and would make the 4 team playoff much easier to decide!
No excuses, you'll get nothing but respect from State. Mich St. Is a HUGE underdog in this game, if they lose, it was expected. It's kind of like Monsters University at the Scare games....the Jocks told Oozma Kappa that when they lose no one will remember who you are, but they responded, if they one will let you forget it! If Mich St loses...ehh, whatever Bama is just looking at Ok or Clemson, but if Bama loses college football will remember it for years to come!
That's almost like calling Alabama Auburn in Mich St's eyes.
Last i've heard was that Muschamp was the first option at South Carolina. However, I believe Muschamp functions better as a DC than a HC.
Rumor is also out that Kiffin has stated that he will not return to Alabama either. He wants a new HC job, but if the right one doesn't happen, he will go to Georgia with Smart. Smart is also taking Alabama's strenth and conditioning coach with him.
ACC/B1G fan here. Congrats to Mizzou!!! Cheering for you guys against Bama! You're the only SEC team that has faced SEC bias because of your losses to GA and Indy! Anyone can be beaten on any given day! Winning will prove that the real problem with the BCS was the human element - which is subject to bias, group think and the like. That's the same problem with this selection committee. Mizzou, it's going to be tough, but hang in there! You have shown fortitude and endurance this year! Go and get your first SEC championship!!!! And who knows - if the dominoes fall right - you just may get into the 4 team playoff after all!!!!
Apologize for the typos ( corrections as follows). live should be lived seem should be seen
I can name 10 hated basketball coaches...I can also name about 9 in football and I love College football, I just began to love basketball a little bit more. It's because in March Madness - everyone has a chance if you make it to the dance. Take the Superbow for instance... does the number 1 and 2 teams automatically get to play in the, the regular season only means you get an opprotunity to get there. Our last two Super Bowl champs had mediocore regular season records. That's what makes it exciting! College football seems to have degenrated to money and a popularity contest of who a set of people and some computers think the number 1 and 2 teams are. The fact is College Football has taken out the premiss of "any given day"! Takes a lot of fun out of the game. I've lived in Alabama and I've live up north too, seem the passion of football, and basketball. I can tell you - the passion and dedication of a Cameron Crazy is just as hard as a Roll Tide fan. You really don't like B'ball that much - because you left out SEC coach Donavan, and Big 10 Coach Cream, Izzo, Big East Boheim, John Thompson III (Let's not forget his Father), ACC Roy Williams coached Kansas too, upstart Shaka Smart... I could just go on and on.