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Aggies likely to go 8-4. Maybe 9-3 this year. Typical season for good A and M teams. I’d take many SEC coaches over Jimbo.
Power again? That’s funny. West coast teams are pathetic.
Congratulations to Georgia for winning the National Championship! Saban’s hold on the SEC has weakened.
I agree 100%. Has ruined what was special about the game.
Let the Big 10 have ND. SEC needs to go after Clemson and Miami.
What does adding USC and UCLA actually do? Tv I get. Quality football. Nope.
A&M went 8-4 last year. I expect about the same this year.
Interesting comparison to Sumlin. Aggies have had high expectations for decades. Results are generally middle of the pack. Looks to be the same going forward I suspect.
Hogs will have major scoring power next year. If Notae and Williams return they will be back again!
Clearly the two are headed in a different direction! Auburn is the new bottom dweller.
Auburn has proven itself a dumpster fire. The powers that be at Auburn have created a toxic environment for coaches. I guess Auburn and Mississippi State are the new bottom of SEC West teams. Harsin should get out.
Average coach in a way above average league. I’ll say he will be gone in 3 years.
It’s Texas A and M. They are never as good as advertised. 50 year tradition of average football. 8-4 last year after all the hype. I do not see them winning the West in the next 5 years.
Some of you are way to optimistic regarding Arkansas and next year. They will not compete for the West title. 8-4 next year would be bigger than this year with a much tougher non conference schedule. 6-8 wins seems reasonable at this point.
This was a blowout to an unranked team. The schedule has been terribly weak this year. I think this team will end up struggling to make the tournament this year. Without drastically improving their 3 point percentage this team is average at best.
Bama likely woke Georgia up! Michigan will get the full attention of Georgia. Georgia and Bama will play again.
I may be wrong, but I think Kelly will struggle at LSU. This is not ND. There are no easy wins in this conference.
Arkansas is no where near the talent and depth level of Bama. May be close for a half. The line of 20 seems about right. Game is at Bama. 37-17 seems about right.
Texas comments are funny here. Texas has not been any good in almost 20 years and they play in a weak conference. Lost to Kansas this past weekend. What Arkansas gave them earlier this season will be common in the SEC.
Funny Texas on here talking junk. Can’t even beat Kansas. You all will be a bottom feeder in the SEC.
I have heard this about Texas A and M for 50 years. Yet, here they are 4-3 in conference and 7-3 overall.
4 wins over Top 25 teams. Crazy up and down. Good win at Auburn!
Cincy going to the Big 12. They can win that conference when OK leaves for the SEC. I say he stays put.
Georgia loses a starting linebacker. Won't matter in this game, but might in the SEC Championship game vs Bama. Georgia 30 Tenn. 13.
LSU offensive line is beat up. The Hogs D line is not. This will be the difference in the game. Hogs win a close one.
Cincy will not make the final 4. Schedule is far to weak to be considered. Ohio State should be ahead of them. Georgia and Bama. Then it's a pick em. I would have Ohio State at 3rd. Oklahoma at 4th. Oregon at 5th. This won't go well, but I would have Texas A and M at 5th. I think they will go 10-2 and likely end up in the top 8 again. I would have Cincy at 6th simply out of respect for remaining undefeated thus far.
Mullen should be gone. He has not and will not get Florida beyond an average team.