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Arkansas is no where near the talent and depth level of Bama. May be close for a half. The line of 20 seems about right. Game is at Bama. 37-17 seems about right.
Texas comments are funny here. Texas has not been any good in almost 20 years and they play in a weak conference. Lost to Kansas this past weekend. What Arkansas gave them earlier this season will be common in the SEC.
Funny Texas on here talking junk. Can’t even beat Kansas. You all will be a bottom feeder in the SEC.
I have heard this about Texas A and M for 50 years. Yet, here they are 4-3 in conference and 7-3 overall.
4 wins over Top 25 teams. Crazy up and down. Good win at Auburn!
Cincy going to the Big 12. They can win that conference when OK leaves for the SEC. I say he stays put.
Georgia loses a starting linebacker. Won't matter in this game, but might in the SEC Championship game vs Bama. Georgia 30 Tenn. 13.
LSU offensive line is beat up. The Hogs D line is not. This will be the difference in the game. Hogs win a close one.
Cincy will not make the final 4. Schedule is far to weak to be considered. Ohio State should be ahead of them. Georgia and Bama. Then it's a pick em. I would have Ohio State at 3rd. Oklahoma at 4th. Oregon at 5th. This won't go well, but I would have Texas A and M at 5th. I think they will go 10-2 and likely end up in the top 8 again. I would have Cincy at 6th simply out of respect for remaining undefeated thus far.
Mullen should be gone. He has not and will not get Florida beyond an average team.
LSU is done. Emotional energy from Bama game is gone. Hogs by 10!
I believe the order is good. Rankings will continue to change. Simply being undefeated should not entitle you to a top spot. Strength of schedule should matter more. Oklahoma has not impressed. Cincy is a good team, but schedule is mostly not challenging. Cincy is ranked 6th at this time. That is good! Oregon beat Ohio State at home. Good enough to be ranked higher Ohio State. Michigan State? Beat Indiana by 5, Nebraska in OT, and a overrated Michigan team. Cincy has beaten one team better than anyone Michigan State has played. Difficulty of schedule has to weigh greatly when selecting the top four teams. But, clearly we can see that a playoff expansion will come. I would not go past 8 teams. The likely national champion is not outside the top 8.
Mullen likely done at Florida. He has proved that he can't get it done. Time to move on.
If Will Rogers has any where the pass completions that he had against KY Arkansas is in trouble. Our entire D is just not very good. Especially, the secondary. Let's hope Arkansas benefited greatly from the light load the past two weeks. Hog by 3.
I think it should be about the best teams. I believe that one loss Ohio St. will beat undefeated Michigan State when they play. Cincy is undefeated, but would not beat Bama or Ohio State in my opinion. My playoff ranking today would be: 1. Georgia 2. Bama 3. Ohio State 4. Cincy 5. OK 6. Mich. St. *Cincy (lack of a decent schedule) would only make one of my Final 4 spots if OK loses. The winner of Ohio State and Michigan State would take one spot. If the Georgia/Bama game is close and Bama loses I would still consider a 2 loss Bama team as the number 4 team. None of the other playoff contenders have to play Georgia in the regular season and that matters. Bama may not get in that way. But, I do think that in the playoffs Bama would beat Ohio State, Cincy, or Michigan State.
Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Cincy would not beat Alabama. This ranking should be based on the best four teams in the country at this point. Bama will have to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game to make the final 4. If the Georgia/Bama game is close? I would still put Bama into the final 4 before the 3 others. I believe they would beat them. Georgia would beat that group also. Just my thinking.
Tucker would be wise to stay at Michigan State. It's much easier to win big in the Big 10. He will likely get a nice raise. That grass is not always greener!
I think Bama and Georgia will play twice this year. Hopefully, the second in the National Championship game.
All easy wins for Georgia coming up. They will be in the SEC Championship game with a 12-0 record. Alabama will have to work to get there. But, likely will. Bama will be the toughest game that Georgia will play this year. Same for Bama. I'm not going against Saban to win a big game. However, this Georgia team is much better this year. None of the other national contenders can beat Georgia.
Only Georgia and Bama have a shot at the playoffs. Contenders vs pretenders. Bama has to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game or only one SEC team will make the playoffs this year. Oklahoma likely gets one spot, Ohio State one spot, and if Bama does beat Georgia-they will get the last spot. Cincinnati gets left out. Wake Forest will not get in. Only one Big 10 team will get in. Oregon will not get in. Cincinnati needs Georgia to beat Bama in SEC Championship game. A&M and KY not getting in.
Florida will have great difficulty scoring on Georgia. 4-3 Florida is just not very good. They will not surprise Georgia. Georgia is a consistently physical team that just simply beats you down. Florida will be 4-4 after this game and Mullen's time will be ending.
Kelly does not want in the SEC. His ND teams are always subpar and only get into the playoffs by default with a fairly weak schedule. Franklin? Yes, he made Vandy competitive but only that. Penn State has done what? He gets them to a bowl game.
No way Florida scores 24 points on Georgia. Kentucky will roll over Miss. State.
If anyone in the nation can beat Georgia it's Bama. Likely only Bama. Should make for one powerful SEC Championship game. Bama knows what it will now take to make the playoffs and beating Georgia is a must. A two loss Bama will not get in.
kentucky has done super to start 6-0. Shame this Georgia game is not later in the season. Georgia presents more problems than KY can handle. KY will be 6-1 after this game. I really do not see a team out there that beat Georgia.
Saban has had two undefeated teams. This will only help him motivate his players. They will likely have to win out to get a playoff berth this season. That might include beating Georgia in the SEC Championship game!
Fans should not be allowed on the field. Can only lead to problems. someone will seriously get hurt.
Miss. State and A and M are battling for 6th and 7th place in the West!