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He isn't the only one Alabama has taken to the cleaners.They could fire every coach in the western side of the conference based on this column.
I thought pros were paid per game, not practice.But he is a Dawg so takes a little longer to comprehend.
Truth is his trick plays worked. 14 pts.Florida played lights out last 5 minutes.QB looked like seasoned veteran. Up to then, looked like his 4 th game which it was. They will get better and better under this Coach.
Nobody ever said he wasn't a good man.But could not recruit offensive players with his dull offense.He tried to go back 40 years.Didn't work.And his defense will be great at Auburn if they get off the field.Every defense gets tired if the offense is bad.Gators were bad offensively in his best year of 11&2.Ask Louisville.Truth is Georgia did it to us.Covert operation in assuring Muschamp came to Florida.Worked.Miracle of his tenure was beating Georgia last year.
Has the whole world ahead of him, team depends on him, and look at what he does. Says he didn't know about the dope in the car.There was a dope.he was driving.And without a valid license.Say bye now.We don't need his type of trouble.
Wonder if that would have helped Will's coaching during the game?Doubt it.His defense over rated.Wide open receivers by opponents,but Florida players were out of position.Coaching 'em up might have helped, ya think.
This guy understands recruiting very well.And a proven head coach.Will never got it coaching and was a terrible recruiter.His last press conference, said don't let the new guy tell you there's not good players in that locker room.Rest my case on his coaching.