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New coach, new team? Sure. A coach who's proven he can't consistently win. Florida will be just as fired up for this game.
SC is notorious for sleeping after a big win (Alabama 2010). So we will see next week for sure.
Definitely a great win for Muschamp and SC but I think it's still too early to say his tenure has been reset. He could possibly lose more games this season. I'm curious to see how he performs against Florida next weekend. That will tell us a lot about his coaching ability.
Wasn't the purpose of hiring Muschamp was to have a faster rebuild? He was supposed to be a recruiting guru but hasn't proven that at a program like SC. I honestly don't think Muschamp will get it done. I'd be shocked if they won more than 7 games this upcoming season.
Have to agree with a Georgia fan. That was one of the dumbest comments I've read.
No one is talking about Georgia on this thread. Had to be an idiot Georgia fan to insert an unnecessary rant.
What a lame attempt at trolling. You have no room to troll with your team having one of the worst offenses in the SEC. I bet Florida gives your team a nice ass kicking next month. They'll make Franks look like a Heisman candidate.
Their back up QB isn't great, so you shouldn't feel bad. Mizzou should win this game.
That's not a good answer. Muschamp was a proven failure as a HC and South Carolina still hired him. He's repeating the cycle. Isn't your team struggling on offense? Sounds so familiar.
I really want to hear a good and honest answer as to why South Carolina fans have so much belief in that Muschamp is the coach that will bring them back to the days where Spurrier had them.
Bitter? Not at all. I'm speaking facts. Happy he's no longer at Florida. You all will see it for yourself.
Muschamp was SC last choice for a coach. No one wanted the job. He's not going to bring SC back to the years where Spurrier had them. Muschamp just isn't head coach material. I give 3 more years at SC and he's gone.
So, the fanbase that cheers for a team that has majority black players and a black coach called the AD of the famous safe space school the n-word? I'm not a fan of either program but I'm calling complete BS on this article.
Kentucky played a tough game but happy the Gators found a way to win.
If Muschamp learns to keep his hands off the offensive side of the ball and allows the OC to have control over the offense, I think SC might be fine. I'm curious was most of Roper's success due to David Cutcliffe. It'll be interesting to see how he does at SC. Another thing that might worry me if I'm a SC fan is, who will step in if Bentley gets injured? I don't think SC can afford an injury at the QB position because there really isn't any good depth at that position. Fans better hope their O-line is really good this season.
I wonder with all of this stuff unfolding, how does it affect all of the player's psyche going forward. They are going to have to be mentally tough to endure this season. They really don't have anything to play for at this point.
So one of the determining factors were how the schools are positioned for the future but yet they have Ole Miss at #8 while under NCAA investigation? Seems like they should be ranked a little lower than #8.
Ha..Tennessee is a joke as well. Florida will win it again.
Georgia won't be 1st in the division simply because they have Jim Chaney as their OC.
Muschamp will definitely put a great defense on the field. I'm just curious as to how the offense develops under him at a different program. You all have a good QB but watching him play against a top 10 defense (Florida and Clemson) he didn't perform very well.
I think he was already looking for a reason to leave South Carolina and this argument was just justification for him to leave.
There is no excuse for the lack of recruiting by this staff. Florida is sitting at #20 according to 247 sports, #21 according to Rivals and #18 according to ESPN. Maybe they pull in some recruits on signing day but there should be no reason why Florida is not near the top 10 in recruiting. Muschamp & his staff recruited better than the current staff.
I agree with you. I think the recruiting part is the biggest problem. There should be no reason why Florida is outside of the top 10 in recruiting. When you recruit poorly, you get mediocre results on the field.
Coach Mac will be on the hot seat really soon. Muschamp's recruits are leaving and he's proving he nor his staff are great recruiters.
Florida should not be ranked that low at this point in the year. Coach Mac needs to step it up and hire better recruiters. Only a top 10 recruiting class is acceptable.
Man recruiting Mac needs better recruiters on reason Florida shouldn't be in the top with the kind of talent in the state of Florida.
Right but they just proved they can beat the top team in the SEC. That goes to recruiting.Both Florida and FSU have won national championships. I'm just wondering why SC hasn't shot up the football ladder. If Clemson can do it so can SC. Just need the resources, coaches, and great recruiting.
You're a SC fan and just wondering, if Clemson can have that kind of success in a small state, why hasn't SC had the level of success of Clemson? Just a curious question.
South Carolina fans better hope Alabama wins the national championship. If Clemson wins a national championship, South Carolina can say goodbye to taking over the state or having any relevance in that state. It would definitely hurt when it comes to recruiting efforts as well, having a team fresh off of a national championship right in your backyard. Dabo has definitely built Clemson into a national program.