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I don’t disagree with that. Mind blowing how poor the effort was to run the ball.
Disagree with that. May not have the same presence in your eyes but never seen him not serious. In fact, he is always serious and professional in his responses. Not emotional if that is what you mean. Find that refreshing. You want your players to keep their cool. Lead by example. Bad loss and think he has to own it.
Good morning Negan. Glad to see you are an indiscriminate player hater. Even on a bama boy. Don’t we all wish we got paid to state the obvious. Based on qb play of late it seems like Tenn should run away with this but I think Tenn struggles against the run. I watched Pitt run all over them. We will win if the defense half way shows up.
Derek Mason flexing to Okie State for a decrease in pay was an indicator that something is wrong.
We missed some big names but not bad given we were ranked 61st at one point. New facility on deck!