Lifetime TN Vols fan.

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There are only two kind of fans. Vols and those who wish they were!!!!!!
Sounds like you are a little sad about something. I'll take a win anytime.
Ron your team is comical. I mean UT has been bad before but never like this.
Ron is going to be there in his Auburn turtleneck that has Ma'am in big letters on the front.
I know another Ron that sounds like a heavy rain in Auburn.
Takes two or three years just to build a team. Could be a long haul before great again.
Gambling the money coaches are asking and shooting in the dark is hard to swallow. Every coach is a gamble.
Listen buddy, I have been where you are for so long, I feel your pain. Hopefully ya'll will bounce back but if it turns out like TN you have a lot of pain to live through. It will seperate the true fans from the fairweather ones. You will be like me just hoping and praying Heupel is the chosen one. Happy to see any improvement. So good luck on your journey. I just wanted you to know I feel your pain.
Well i will be honest. I havn't seen as much from you as I have Ron. So maybe I overstepped my boundries.
I do hope you are smart enough to know i'm not talking about your reply. Come on.
This is what You and Ron do to everybody and get some kind of pleaseure out of it. I thought I would do it to Ya'll and show you how it feels. I'm sure everyone in here is loving me giving ya'll sh-t. If You and Ron straighten up I'll quit. Until then game on.
Well i'm sure you and Ron will figure out who they need to hire. Do y'all meet every week on it with the school or every month?
I said Alabama. Last time I looked Auburn was in Alabama. Have you every had any kind of IQ test before?
You must of graduated from Auburn because everyone knows meth is everywhere. To think Auburn isn't full of it too is stupid. It is sad because I have lost a lot of friends to it. Please don't kid about meth.