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There should be a meme. Picture: Jalen in throwing motion. Caption: Uh oh. He can throw now, too.
Good point! Let's recap Tua's crappy game...he is injured early in the 1st quarter, gets punched in the mouth for 3+ quarters, and down by just one score WITH the ball when he's knocked out by his own teammate in the 4th, setting up Jalen's legendary comeback. Sorry, that has to hurt. Backup QB two years in a row! But I digress. And this against the team you would argue (and correctly) is the 2nd best team in the country. That's testament to the value of Tua, not a case against him.
Respectfully disagree Jo, thinking most of us true fans of the program desperately wanted Jalen to stay. We’re huge fans of the man and everything he has stood for. His legacy is unquestionable now regardless of the next two games. Eli said it best: After all that he has done, THIS championship is for Jalen Hurts.
Jalen Hurts also won the 2016 national championship game if not for a defense that was gassed and couldn’t make a stop on the final drive. He was 2:07 from legendary. Well, until now. also doesn’t mention that Jacobs had the flu and was on IV fluids at halftime. A warrior. What a game.
They'll sell more than that in Tua jerseys at the Supe Store. Money is irrelevant when you have the GOAT. He's worth every penny just in how he changes the lives of the kids in that program. National championships aside, it's THAT legacy that makes him worth whatever they pay him.
True dat! We listen to the Eli radio feed (Tune-in Radio app) with Gary MUTED on the TV. It takes a little skill with the TV remote to line up the action but worth it to hear Eli's call.
Skittles and Snickers gonna sell out at T-town Publix this week, y'all! Get 'em while you can.
I’d like to see Kyler’s stats for quarters 1-3 compared to Tua’s. Apples to apples. What would Tua have if he played all of every game? It’s hard to imagine but pretty clear that no one would be close. Manziel didn’t play full games in his Heisman year either, though not to the extent that Tua gets rest. But we’re always glad to see Jalen take the field, too...big fans of that quality young man for sure. RTR