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And there you have Bill’s pathetic smack talk in a nutshell...”you guys (insert team he wishes he could be better than here) suck as much as the Cocks have for their entire existence”. Maybe one day everyone else will truly revert to the pathetic level of USC’s entire body of work but it’s gonna take a lot of years of substandard performance to get to the depths of their misery.
Yup, I’m just here to give you a feeling you’re actually superior to someone since e Rhine you play owns you.
Why can’t we get more of this. Well done Falcons and UGA. Godspeed young man.
Yeah, Bill’s good at anonymously running his mouth and ignoring how irrelevant he and his chickens are.
Yeah, Bill’s good at anonymously running his mouth and ignoring how irrelevant he and his chickens are.
How awful would it be if UT was able to improve enough to beat the Gators oh once every 5 years...yeah, prob not gonna happen anytime soon.
Thanks. Good evening you pathetic loser. We protect everyone, even the weak so again, you’re welcome.
Thanks for furthering my point. I’m sorry for the loss of your boyfriend in whatever military action caused your bitterness. Maybe some meds, therapy and a bit of yoga could get you close to being a functioning member of society but I doubt it.
Well Engineering would explain some of your poor social skills. Years of not getting a date in Columbia or whatever bleak town you live in has obviously created lots of anger issues (review all of your “conversations” with other SDS posters and see if you notice a pattern). Then you align with a football program with the biggest gap between expectations and performance in college football. Really quite pathetic.
You must be a very bitter person. Is that from your hurt feelings at your grad school never having been relevant or jealousy from those around you who actually enjoy life in this country (again , you’re welcome). So if you don’t teach, what does a Cock Ph.D do to make any money? Clearly it’s not anything where you have to exhibit display social skills.
Sounds like you’re bitter that teaching art appreciation at the community college pays you so little and you have taxes to pay for a common defense. So sad.
Wow. Touched a nerve? I feel sorry for your students.
Probably safe to assume you are spewing your rhetoric to all of the impressionable students you teach? I’m sure you being a professor of basket weaving gives you the platform you need.
How does someone with a doctorate come to be so ignorant of history and unappreciative of those who fought for their ability to be able to spew baseless moronic vitriol in an anonymous forum? Fortunately for you, our freedoms extend to everyone, including angry cowards. You’re welcome. Hooah!
Curious, did you go to college? If so, where. Safe to assume you never served your country?
Wow, I underestimated how much of a idiot you are. I'll have to update my buddies that were with me in Afghanistan on your little history lesson. I'm sure all of the guys who were in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Bosnia, Libya, etc. will be interested to know how much you value their service.
Delusional (adj.)- a South Carolina football fan who thinks an occasional win against teams that beat the snot out of you year in and year out justifies commenting as if your team has ever been relevant. Idiot (n.) - a troll who pretends (or maybe really is that mentally challenged) to not recognize that thanks to the men and women in the Armed Services, they have won his freedom to prove himself a fool.
First of all, the things we win are a little more impressive than football. So clearly I must not understand how the SEC works if you “own” a team that you have a 19-52 record against.
I can’t even how painful it must be to be a cock and living the glory of that ACC title during Nixon’s first year as President. Of course his administration crashed and burned similar to the next 50 YEARS of chicken incompetence.
Anthony’s bringing some truth and seems to have struck a nerve.
Never understood why a guy that can’t see over the crest in the field to the other sideline could possibly be a good field general.
LSU is welcome to take Todd Grantham. We’ll trade him for a Starbucks gift card.
Wow, you managed to not meet expectations which were absurdly low. So as I suspected, you have nothing. You fell back to your inability to inarticulate a well thought argument with profanity and your obsession with wishing you could find someone you could afford to let you pay for it. Thanks for unequivocally confirming what a simpleton you are. I’ll reengage when sc builds a meaningful program so history tells us that’s gonna be a LONG time. And let me save you some time...this is where you try to come back with some lame response insinuating I’m “running away” to avoid you. Don’t even try. You’ve proven you have nothing so give it a rest. So until sc wins something meaningful, stay in your mom’s basement and I look forward to our future conversations in the unlikely event sc ever makes it to a level worthy of being at the big boy table.
Ok Billie, you clearly still don’t get it. Your schtick of attacking every fan base you don’t like because they own you (and being an sc fan, that’s a LOT of fan bases) and turning to profanity laced drivel when they point out your psychosis is getting old. Here’s an example: “Not a GA fan, but it doesn’t change the fact that fljr with Mullen can’t beat a Smart coached GA”. - Billie, 2019 So let’s try a different approach. Honest question for you (and try to answer without your Tourette’s kicking in): If any type of conference realignment happens, which it probably will in not too distant future, make your case for me on why sc should be allowed to remain in the best conference in the nation? And BTW, since I must infer from your obsession with spewing vitriol at those that own you by falling back on the “someone you know nothin about might be a prostitute” argument, I’ll point out that just because you have to pay someone doesn’t mean that anyone else does. All of us at the country club look forward to your forthcoming “I’m still the village idiot” response. I will give you credit for keeping us amused although some of my more charitable golf buddies think I should stop abusing the weak. I’ll give you some extra time on this one since I know you’ll have to look up a lot of the big words here.
Billie, please show your comments to your therapist so he can explain to you the depths of your illness.