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Oh I don’t know, I think SC has pretty much earned the lifetime achievement award for misery based on what they think they are vs. what they really are. Carve out a few decent years when the HBC was running the show and the cocks haven’t even worked their way to mediocrity.
Classy response from a classy coach. Don’t know if that’s all of the story or not but irrespective it shows what a good man Dabo is.
And Billie Bellichek to tell us how awful Dan Mullen is?
With the easy wins from the non conference schedule eliminated this year, it sure is nice to have Boom and SC on the schedule.
With the cancellation of non conference games, it’s nice to have teams like SC on the schedule.
Congrats Vols. Way to stay in it. Good way to finish the season and good for the SEC. Happy New Year!
Fun game to watch. Kudos to UVA for the playing hard and putting up a good fight. Great way for Perine to finish his season. Great way to finish the season for the Gators and looking forward to 2020.
Emmitt Smith is a great Gator but more importantly, a great father.
Dawg fans (most of you anyway). You should be happy and well deserved. Seems a lot of perennially unsuccessful teams fans try to spread their misery to others. Count me as a UF fan that would have loved another TD or two at the cocktail party to switch places with you but still pretty happy. If I'm you, I look at everyone else with the weekend off and would be pretty happy too. Good luck in Atlanta tomorrow.
"So to clarify SC sucks". Well done Billie, you finally got it right and my work here is complete. Now I can move on to a more intelligent conversation.
Deflecting the question? Let me help you. Since you joined the conference, the only "pretty basic" coach you've managed to beat in a game without Spurrier or Meyer (your idea, not mine) was interim coach Randy Shannon. Based on your normal logic of how 2 and 3 game histories predict the future, yours is pretty bleak.
So do share how good you are against UF if Spurrier or Meyer are not involved?
Based on what, your past successes against UF or the dynasty that Muschamp is on the verge of producing?
So I guess when he's gone you'll just have to get used to the next guy that will own you?
I don't know about the Arkansas issues but you are spot on about having Pepsi at an SEC venue. A travesty!
Billie's just bummed that Mullen's at a better school now that will continue to own sc like so many others. Miss St. is one of the few schools sc has a winning record against.
I think a well earned fine for UA that they are happy to pay. Although they should reach out to the SEC office and ask for a discount as I don't think the two ladies climbing in the bushes created much of safety hazard to anyone.
Got me again. Not that you would know, but South Beach is a blast for New Years. Enjoy your egg nog at Gramma's house.
Aww, ya got me again. I'm envious of a program with a trophy case the size of a phone booth which is ironic since phone booths were still in use the last time sc won anything of significance.
Because it slays me how much you hate on Mullen to divert attention from how pathetic your program is.
Actually a quite happy UF fan enjoying another great year. I don't have a sad obsession with someone else's team. Sorry you have to hope for UGA to make you feel better.
So just a sad USC fan? Too bad. Well at least you can start getting ready for Coastal Carolina.
Rest in peace Coach. I hope he had a smile on his face after the hard fought Iron Bowl win last night.
I suppose if you want to become a UGA fan and had a claim to anything remotely meaningful, you're rants might have some merit, but as a lil' chicken you should just accept being a speed bump to everyone else going on to bigger things.
So glad you're happy. It would be nice to have USC competitive so you would have a real reason to talk.