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How quickly will Malzahn's whatchamacallit heat up if Auburn only finishes 3rd in the West?
Nothing against Tennessee, I think Pruitt will bring them back. If Wanya wants early playing time, he made a good pick. Interesting how his words describe what's already happening at Georgia.
The Kirby Effect. The talent gap is closing fast.
DawgsofWar, That last line cracked me up..
Cool. Good for those kids. Those who serve this country deserve everything they get and a lot more...
Zach didn't really do this, either. The Cop must have had it in for the poor man. Meyer? He just didn't know. Nobody ever told him, so how could he have known.. Simply Amazing! SEC fans tried to tell OS fans what they were getting in Urban Liar. They refused to listen. Meyer will survive this for the same reasons OS hired him in the first place. Urban Meyer is no box of chocolates. You know exactly what your getting, every time.
Urban just didn't know. And if you believe that? Here's your sign...
How long has the "14 Day Investigation" been going on now? So they finally decide to meet with the victim in the 11th hour of the investigation. I would think she would've been the first person any investigator would talk to. Not the last...
Yes. OS will keep Lying Meyer. They'll come up with some BS policy, that's the "toughest in CFB". And they will pull the Ole Miss card and tell us how Meyer is so honest and a man of the highest character. This will further embolden Meyer and OS will pay a higher price for the next scandal. Big mistake....
Don't let the kids watch Shark Week, before they meet Tony for the first time.
Kam Martin over Najee Harris? I'll have to see that one. Martin may have more yards as the No.1 back, to Harris being the No.2. But I haven't seen anything from Martin to justify him as the 5th best SEC back. We will see.
Bama Time you're full of it. But you keep on saying whatever you think sounds best at the moment. I've been on 2-3 Bama articles in the last 6 months. Most of that was to find you and call you out on Bama's and as you say "UGA's QB controversy".
RTR, maybe I misread the article, but I believe it was the wife beaters Mother denying it. I think she was referring to the ex daughter in law as her daughter? Maybe I got that wrong, but it is also hard to believe the girls mother wouldn't back her up.
Bama Time, I see that you came back. Or let's get real. You never left. You just had to stay away for a few days after that Sunday surge. You just keep on keeping tabs on everything Georgia. That way you can document Kirby's rise. It's a Golden age in Georgia football. You know it. You hope you're wrong, but you just can't stay away because you have to find out.
AU and BB, y'all give me too much credit. Sometimes the truth hurts. Deal with it...
Awesome. The players sure seem to be impressed. That is all that matters. You know UGA has arrived when Bama fans feel the need to check out every UGA article. We're watching the start of a golden age of UGA football. All there Bama fans know it.
The SC game will be Ga's first test of the season. It's an early game. Anything can happen. It just depends on how some of the younger players handle the atmosphere. The only way the Dawgs lose is if they give the ball away. Drop multiple big passes, or have several breakdowns on special teams. As far as SC fans hating Ga, I couldn't agree more. I'm a season ticket holder and I doubt I ever go back to Columbia SC for a game. I've been to several SEC stadiums multiple times and have never had to deal with so many drunk belligerent fans. This didn't just happen once. It happened for three games in a row. That was enough... The funny thing is I've been to Clemson several times and have never had one fan act like that.
X, don't pay these Bama boys any attention. Funny how Ga fans used to go to the Bama articles to gauge how far the gap between Bama and Ga was. Now, Bama fans are flocking to each and every Ga article to see just how fast Kirby is closing the gap... Faster than their worst fears could have ever conjured up.
No Allie LaForce? I'm gonna miss her. 50. No. Not as long as the SEC West has anything to do with it.
This has a very real chance to be the most explosive offense that UGA has ever fielded. 5-stars at just about every position across the board. The Kirby Effect.
Yeah, Gary Danielson has always been a closet UGA fan. Everyone who watched that game saw that coming. Your UGA hate getting in your way.
Kirby will sign more 5-star players, and finish with a better average. That is all I care about.
Connor, Ga didn't crumble at Auburn. The officials were letting Auburn get away with everything. Their receivers were pushing off our DB's right before they made their last cut and when the ball was arriving. Their DB's were holding our receivers on every route. It's already hard enough to beat a good team. When the officials choose sides, it's almost impossible. Gary Danielson didn't call out the SEC officials for nothing. Baton Rouge won't be the first hostile crowd for the Dawgs. Ga is SC's 1-B biggest rivalry. Half their players came from Georgia and didn't get an offer from the home team. If they can handle Columbia, they can against LSU. Georgia beats LSU by 10-20.
redsox, not an equal comparison. Fields is going to play, no red-shirt. That goes to my point. Nobody's leaving Fields or his family to wonder. Who knows, Hurts might even improve enough to get drafted, but it's not going to happen playing second fiddle in Tuscaloosa. Saban needs to look out for the kid as well. He wants to start, and if not, the Hurt's family has already made it clear that he will transfer. Saban needs to help him accomplish that.
X, because Saban would rather have Hurts as his second string QB, while losing a season of eligibility before his ultimate transfer. That is why no coach at Alabama ever told him where he stood. He clearly lost his job in that last game.
Sounds like this kid may have had a future in the NFL? Unreal.
wde, If they were playing UGA and Bama at home, maybe they have a chance. See Malzahn's road record against top 25. Stidham may be running for his life, if they can't find a couple SEC caliber backs. O-line and RB are big questions for Auburn. Alabama won't have any major weaknesses by seasons end. Ditto for Georgia. Georgia's offense is not going to take a step back. They will be more explosive. The receiving core is deeper and more experienced. The QB and O-line will be better and there are 5- SEC capable backs. People keep pointing out that last years No.1 recruiting class won't have much of an impact, and I agree, with the exception of the No.1 and 3 RB's and the No.2 CB. They seem to forget Kirby's No.6 and No. 3 classes that came before. No team in the country has more talent besides Alabama, and maybe OS. Kirby is going to field a top 20 defense at the very worst, and I won't be surprised if they aren't in the top 10 again.
I think 8-4, 9-3 is about right. Their defense will keep them in most games- not Georgia or Alabama. The Washington game will be telling. Depending on a rotation of unproven scatback's and a rebuilding O-line is not a great recipe for a championship in the SEC.