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If you can't take a joke, this describes you: Someone who doesn't like their reflection in the mirror and therefore can't stand watching anybody else to have fun. I almost feel sorry for you. But you are doing it to yourself. You! Not anyone else...
It depends on how old you are. Those of us who remember the 80's think it's a rivalry, and it's a very big one.
If EJ doesn't get his passing percentage up, Florida won't be able to keep pace with any team with a good and balanced offense, that's backed up by a good to great run defense. As in Georgia, Alabama and likely LSU.
Imp. The 2017 OS team lost to Oklahoma and also to Iowa - by 31 points... So Wisconsin who lost by 7 to a team that got blown out by Iowa is the best that the B1G has had to offer over the last 10 years. Thanks for helping me make my point...
The B1G is Ohio St and everyone else. Name me another team who would've had any hope of actually winning the NC besides OS in the last 10 years. The 12 team play-off will fuel the false narrative that the rest of the B1G is actually capable of producing a real contender. Eight teams is enough...
Can the (UGA) defense adjust to Florida coach Dan Mullen’s offense? It took a historic Mullen-Fla offense to finally beat a Kirby Smart coached Georgia team. Mullen's offense won't be near as good. The real question should be: Can the (Florida) defense adjust to coach Monken’s offense? Monken vs. 3rd and Grantham. I like Monken's chances. Florida won't be able to run it against Smart's defense, and EJ won't be able to pass it well enough to keep pace...
I'm not looking for Gilbert to be an all American WR out the gate. He's only a second year player and will be learning a new system. I think Monken will try to get Gilbert up to speed at a couple of different positions to create match-up problems. That will be based on how quickly he can pick it up. Gilbert was a great player for just being a true freshman. I think he'll do a good job and continue to improve as the season progresses. Hopefully, Pickens can get back and up to speed before the SEC Championship game. That would give Monken another stud in the offense.
Wow! Georgia gets two 5-Star players with experience (the top rated players in the portal). What a day! Kirby and company getting it done! Everybody else trying to find something to say. Hilarious!
Enough already. Tebow was a great athlete. He was never going to be a legit NFL QB. Look at his last SECCG stats. 20 for 35 57.1 % 247 Yards 7.1 Per 1 TD 1 Int. Florida only managed 88 YDS Rushing, never lead in the game and never had a chance. Tebow couldn't get it done with his arm. Tebow should've trained as a TE as soon as he left college.
According to an article by Mike Griffith: And at the University of Georgia, the plan is for the student-athletes to keep all of the money they receive despite a provision that would allow for the schools to take up to 75 percent of the endorsement income to redistribute at graduation. “We have no plans to provide for a pool arrangement,” UGA depute athletic director Will Lawler said, per the Athens Banner-Herald. Further, Lawler told The Athletic, “UGA student-athletes would not have to wait a year after they leave school to receive NIL compensation.” The Georgia athletic department’s stance on not “pooling” endorsement money clears up what could have put UGA at a recruiting disadvantage.
"Who knows, doing so may have cost the governor his job" I doubt it. If anything, he just helped his chances. Any action-inaction that would allow UGA, or GT for that matter, to be in a recruiting disadvantage would've hurt Governor Kemp's chances. He just made sure that's not going to happen.
Dawglb, I agree. I also think he seen the writhing on the wall. He seen that he would likely get beat out for the starting job and decided to take his Heisman hype and run hoping to improve before the draft. He rolled the dice and lost. His chances would've been better had he stayed in OC Monken's system.
Tebow should've started training as a Tight end as soon as he finished up at Florida. He was never a good enough passer. I won't be surprised if he actually makes it as a TE.
Gtr. "annual loss to Florida" Did you just wake up from a coma? One that started in the Spurrier era? Since Kirby came to Athens Ga has come much closer to beating Florida on an annual basis. As in 3 out of the last 4 and it will be 4 out of the last 5 when this season is in the books.
names, I think they remember when a young Mark Richt coached team knocked off Fulmer's team in that Hob Nail Boot game. It was a major upset and one of the turning points of the Fulmer era. Before that game, UT dominated Ga for a Decade or more. UT was able to come into Georgia and cherry pick some of the best recruits year after year. Also it's East vs. East. But I think that game was a huge turning point for both programs.
If it doesn't happen for Ga this year, it will just mean it didn't happen this year. It's just the second year with OC Monken, who is a vast improvement over Kirby's previous OC's. It helps having a QB with experience. Daniels won't likely be there in 2022. Otherwise with the way Kirby and Co recruit, the odds won't likely be much different.
Grantham's Defense is ahead of Florida's Offense. What does that say about the Gator's prospects in 2021?
Sure are a lot of Gator fans on this UGA article! Is that because there's little to no positive hype about the 2021 Gators?
QBU,RBU,DBU do indeed mean something. It helps recruiting and that matters...
I wonder if Gus will bring in an OC to modernize the offense? His smoke and mirrors offense may be good for that league, but if he wants to elevate the program he needs more than a High School type scheme.
Run Herschel run! We can't let the Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Democrats take over Georgia as well as this country. I sure hope he runs...
What OS QB hasn't been "a winner" in the last 15 years. That must be a short list. OS 'always' has much more talent than any other team in the B1G, etc, etc.. It's one thing to dominate B1G competition, when you always have the much more talented team. Fields may become a great Pro, but he has much more to prove before anyone should project he will be "a winner" in the NFL.
Aubie 108, Fromm was clearly the better player while at Georgia. Fromm had the offense mastered. Fields struggled ( by comparison ) to pick it up. When Fields went to OS, their QB room had no competition, therefore it was Fields or bust. OS gave Fields almost all the practice reps, because to do otherwise was a waste of time. They don't play SEC caliber defense besides OS in the B1G. Fields looked better against lesser competition. Maybe that's partly why his draft stock seems to be slipping.
I thought this was STURDAY down SOUTH. We don't care about os.
Kirby said the need at this point is experience. The CB transfer from Clemson is the highest rated at this time. But he's had some trouble with the law recently. I haven't looked into why he decided to transfer in the first place. Kid seems to have some questions attached that would need to be answered. I think it's likely that Kirby takes at least 1 CB from the transfer portal.
Awesome! With the way Kirby and Co. recruit, you knew it was coming. I wonder who they'll bring in for the CB position. Tykee Smith will reunite with Jahmile Addae. The West Virginia transfer defensive back will play for his former WVU position coach at UGA. As far as a transfer player goes, it doesn't get any better than that.
Nashville, didn't Mullen have a smart comment a year or so ago about UGA and transfers? Mullen said "he’d consider the Gators to be doing a bad job if they were lying to recruits and watching as guys transfer after only a year." I won't say anything more. I'll let Mullen's words speak for his own program.