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Todd Monken's doing a fine job. When you consider that every starting receiver from 2020 has been out or limited, and even the starting TE was out or limited for the first 5 games, the results are amazing.
Gabriel, GA's played 4 ranked teams and won each one. I'm not sure about the weight class but the Dawgs are a unanimous No.1. So, you may have a point. Georgia fans starved for attention? Not this year! See the second paragraph. Where it mentions that Unanimous No.1 ranking.
OS supposedly has two all American type receivers. Maybe he thought he would get more playing time?
Dan Mullen is what his record says he is. Interestingly as McElwain's recruits cycle out and as more of Mullen's recruits replace then, Mullen's record seems to be getting worse.
The updated narrative on Mullen is actually starting to match the record? Looks like going 2-6 in his past 8 games against Power 5 teams. And losing to a lame duck coach with half a team (2- years in a row) who got fired the next day - after beating Florida, was what it took to pop the Mullen's the best coach this side of Saban narrative. Matt, better late than never...
People making excuses for Golf-Ball and Mustard bottle Boy, and the rest of the Vol. fans that threw hundreds of bottles as well as anything else they had at hand onto the field are hard to take serious. First off, I didn't watch the game but on that happened right before the littering started - He Was Short. Lane Kiffin went into Neyland Stadium and played the UT fans like a fiddle. He took great joy in icing the kicker not 1 but 3 times. The rednecks (not all UT fans) the ones who did throw objects on the field gave Kiffin exactly what he wanted. He wanted to get under their skin, and it even surpassed his own expectations.
In honor of Jeff Foxworthy. When you lose to Ed Orgeron and he gets fired the next day, you might be a coach heading for a hot seat.
JTF, I caught that too. I like how 6-1 Kentucky will be favored to finish 11-1, but the Dawg's still haven't played anybody...
I hope the Vol's get their act cleaned up before Georgia comes to Neyland.
The Nolen's didn't get with any falling objects, I hope? I'm sure it's a visit they'll never forget...
And the next team to play in Neyland Stadium. Georgia. They hate UGA as well. It will be interesting to see how the home crowd reacts to that match-up. Kirby may need to request riot shields to protect his sideline.
Grantham fails spectacularly in defeat at LSU. Yes, put it all on Grantham. That will keep Mullen around for at least another year. Keep that narrative going.
IMX02, I don't get it? It was the most Ed Orgeron thing, as he did the same thing before. To Florida under very similar circumstances, in fact. When has Dan Mullen ever pulled a rabbit like that out of his hat? You sound like the few Auburn fans who were talking about Jordan Hare magic saving them, despite everything else pointing the other way. Dan Mullen just lost as a 12 point favorite to a lame duck coach, who got fired the next morning and you think Florida has a chance?
VolSam, I see you're having the same daydream as some of the Florida fans. Although theirs seems to be clearing up. You might want to get that checked.
The Golf-ball could've done some serious damage. UT needs to find Mustard bottle-boy and especially Golf-ball boy and make examples out of them. I hope we don't see a repeat of this when Georgia comes to Neyland Stadium. Although, I think they hate Kiffin even more.
Kentucky has been tested. Can we really say the same for many of the teams ranked higher? Kentucky has shown steady improvement. If they can keep that going, they have a real shot at 11-1. Kentucky just needs to regroup and take full advantage of the off-week. Finish out strong and the ranking will come.
LSUSMC, I bet Dan Mullen thinks the timing feels suspect, as well.
Only one thing matters. Or will matter. The QB who looks better over the next two weeks of practice will start against Florida. Period. It won't be a surprise to either Bennett or Daniels. Same for the rest of the team. No amount of articles will change that.
eliteornot. May be true. But I can think of one reason for pause on LSU's part. When Saban retires, what are the odds of the Lane Train pulling into Tuscaloosa as his replacement?
Wow! And the timing of this announcement? Orgeron just beat Mullen at-12. Not a good look for Mullen at Florida!
glad2besec. True. It's one thing for 2 QB's to be sharing time when everything is looking up relative to team accomplishments, as in you're competing for championships. It's another when the bottom drops out on season expectations. Mullen has a real - not media driven - QB controversy on his hands.
I think Richardson just put the ball in Mullen's side of the court. If he's not named the starter, he's gone. Sooner or later.
Tennessee should do everything in their power to find Mustard boy and Golf-ball boy. Find them and make them an example. Otherwise, it may happen again. I hope those same frustrations don't come out again when Georgia comes to town.
Georgia's going to start the week of practice for the Florida game with everybody on the team knowing, regardless of position, whoever looks the best during the week will get the start. That also goes for the QB position. None of this noise will matter.
Todd Monken's doing one Hell of a job developing freshman receivers. Just putting that out there...
There's a lot of pain and shame in those eyes. Wow! that's a disturbing image. I couldn't resist...
It's a long long shot, but what if Georgia beats Alabama by 17 or more in the SECCG - not very likely. And Kentucky finishes 11-1? Kentucky would need a lot of things out of their control to fall their way. They would need to blow teams out the rest of the way. But an 11-1 Kentucky could possibly have an argument for the play-off?
Great game by the Dawgs and Kentucky as well. I sure hope the off-week will allow some of the former starting receivers to get healthy. It's starting to look like they never will this season?