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chakakhanok. It's hard to say. UGA has had to fight for every drop of respect that they get, been that way forever. Look up last year's Preseason SEC 1st team defense, GA had only 1 player (Jordon Davis) I think Bama had 5. Kirby's defense clearly deserved much more respect. I think part of it is the way previous AD's had been slow to upgrade facilities - GA was one of the last (SEC) to get an indoor practice facility. Those days are long gone now. Seems many doubt that Bennett's capable of taking the offense to the next level. But if you look at the 1st - 3rd quarter offensive statics from last year it shows the 2021 offense was capable of much more - Kirby just ran the ball and protected the lead in almost every 4th quarter.
It will be interesting. Last season Bama dominated the preseason first team and all-American lists. Georgia was an afterthought with only 1 first team selection. The results were much different. We'll see who has the better defense at the end of the season.
The Good: Sarkisian is a great offensive coach. Arch will get developed. Arch will be the offense at Texas and will put up greater numbers in a lesser conference. The Bad: Arch won't be facing an elite defense in practice on a daily basis. He won't win any SEC or National Championships at Texas.
Gabriel RTR. Still dont want to touch the “higher ranked scoring D 4 times in 6 years since Kirby left I see”. I'm your huckleberry! Why not look at the last 3 years, in which Kirby's had the better scoring defense in 2 out of 3? The 3 years before - his Georgia defense was rebuilding, while - Bama was playing with Kirby's own players... If Kirby left Georgia and went to LSU, Auburn you name the school that has a similar record as Georgia did when Kirby was hired, any rational person wouldn't expect Kirby's new defense to immediately top the defense he just left at Georgia. You on the other hand...
Tidefan, didn't Auburn try to hire Freeze? But the SEC blocked it. Also, their stadium is named after a coach who got into NCAA trouble, and their field is named for another coach who also got into trouble for cheating. Auburn would hire Meyer in a New York minute!
Meyer tucked tail and ran away from the SEC, faking heart problems (likely - panic attacks) He won't come back, especially to Auburn because he doesn't want to compete. That's why he went to the Ohio St conference, where any decent coach can dominate every team in the conference every year.
Aggiedad. Yes! Much of it was overblown and unrealistic. Sign a No.1 class and many will act as if you're supposed to immediately win it all.
I think the offense will be better overall. I believe PPG will be up from the 2021 - 38.6 points per game average. The 2021 team started the year with essentially every returning receiver out with injury, and to make matters worse the starting QB was playing injured, and they were also facing the No.2 scoring defense in the first game. Then you look at how dominant the team was - leading by a comfortable score in almost every regular season game, meaning Kirby just needed to run the ball during the 4th quarter in most games. The defense won't be quite as dominant, and that will lead to closer scores during more 4th quarters - which will lead to more 4th quarter points. Anybody who doesn't think the 2022 offense will be better is selling this offense short. They have more starters returning and the defense can't be as good.
Seems as though some T-A&M fans are content with what Jimbo has accomplished? The Aggies had the head-start by joined the SEC before Texas - which gave them an extra in-state recruiting advantage. They spent the bank by making Jimbo the highest paid coach. Now, they found a way to sign the No.1 recruiting class, and not only that, but it was also the highest ranked class in history. Now Jimbo will have to earn the money. Now, 10 wins won't be enough. The next 2-3 years will tell if Jimbo is worth the money. That No.1 recruiting class comes with built-in expectations. We'll see if Jimbo and T A&M can make it count.
BANG! Great pickup for Kirby and UGA. Who can question his decision to want to play for the best defense coach in the game? GOOOOODAWGS!
Coach Hartley deserves every penny. I remember the days when UGA was content to watch several other SEC teams out-spend them on everything from facilities to coaching salaries. I'm glad those days are long gone!
gatorfan. It's pretty simple. Go undefeated during the regular season in either the SEC East or SEC West, and you're likely going to get "IN" the play-offs. Georgia did that. Then they won both play-off games. That's how you win a National Championship. If picking and choosing random numbers helps you feel like Georgia didn't really win the 2021 National Championship, then go with it, if it helps.
gatorfan. Just a heads up. Kirby has been HC at UGA for "six years." But maybe you want to give or take away credit during the Richt years? I know it must suck watching these last six years, but anyone trying to deny Kirby's accomplishments is simply in denial... Your backdoor argument is silly. How many NC teams have gone undefeated? Georgia actually won the SECE championship - played in the SECCG. Nobody gave Georgia that game off - while still placing them in the play-offs. Georgia earned it. Let's see what your coach can do. I bet he doesn't have as good a record six years from now...
It could go either way for Georgia. I do believe the offense will be better - more experience at receiver and hopefully way less injuries to that position. No defense is capable of containing that TE group and Bennett should be even better. It may depend on the defense. Kirby just wants to win, not pile up points - if the defense is capable of limiting the other teams offense to 17 points, Kirby will be content to win by two scores, and will just run the ball during the fourth quarter.
I don't think NIL will turn out to be a great equalizer. It will have a bigger effect in the short term - see 8-4 team that hasn't challenged for an SEC Championship signing the best all time recruiting class with 8- five star players. Fisher can say what sounds best at the moment, but without NIL there's no way he signs anything close to that class. Now the hard part comes, now it's time to develop those players and actually win something. Fail to win the SEC championship within 2-3 years and many of those boosters will be much slower to come off that NIL money. I believe when we look at the best programs in CFB 7-10 years from now, they will look very much like they do today. T A&M may get better, they have no excuse not to, same for USC. But in a few years, it will still boil down to who can develop the players the best and which program can actually challenge for a National Championship. The best players will be able to make the same NIL money at any of twenty programs, but only a few programs will have the best coaches and that will still be the difference in consistently developing HS players into NFL talent and winning championships.
When it comes to OS, you just never know. Like Clemson, they play against much weaker teams in their conference. They usually look great until they make the play-offs and then you find out if they are really good, or did they just dominate lesser teams and get "In" based on an overrated schedule. One of the latest examples of the B1G being overrated - Look at the Michigan O-line, they won the Joe Moore Award for the nation's best O-line, only to get completely dominated by Georgia's D-line. They only played one SEC team - Georgia and that team likely had a better O-line. Alabama deserves the early No.1 ranking. Ohio St - maybe, maybe not.
I think the red helmet-silver pants-black jersey is one of the best-looking alternate uniform's in CFB. I do like the all-white as well. I hope we get to see them this year.
Backwaterblue. "Selling futures…." I hate to break it to you, but Arch will be playing his college ball in 'the future' not in the past. Georgia's selling much more than the future, UGA is selling last season - National Championship - sorry but it really does count. They are selling today and tomorrow as well as the next 5-10-15 years. Nobody doubts that Kirby Smart will still be at Georgia over the next 5-years, during the time when Arch will be playing his college ball. Nobody's making predictions on 'who will be the next GA coach - they are making those predictions on who will be the next Alabama coach - another one was made just yesterday. Every time a Bama fan's replies starts with "Nice try…" or "Dumbest statement I’ve ever read" I know they see what's coming and can't accept it...
Jimbo saying only one of the eleven early enrollees had an NIL deal, just doesn't sound true. Jimbo should just say, we didn't break any rules and yes, we used NIL better than any team. Come to A&M and we'll take care of you. Name me a top recruiting school and I would bet more than one - more likely the top 50% of early enrollees have NIL deals in the works if not finalized. Reminds me of Hugh Freeze while at Ole Miss. Looks like Jimbo's covering something up.
Gabriel, you don't think developing and sending more players to the NFL gives Saban an advantage in recruiting? Until last year (Georgia) Bama dominated the draft almost every year. It matters...
Tim Brando - "Nick could have been self-deprecating and tension would have eased.” That's like asking biden to admit he's screwed everything up. Neither one will ever admit their mistake.
“I didn’t say anybody did anything wrong. I have no problem with Jimbo.” Translation: Got to give Jimbo credit! He beat me to the NIL punch, and when it comes to gaining the advantage, few have ever beat me to that, aight! I have no problem with Jimbo buying players, as we have lined up many Boosters who're willing to go bid for bid against A&M's boosters. We still have a better record of developing talent, and that should help us regain our advantage.
RTR. Acting like Kirby's new defense (The One With Richt's Players) should be expected to immediately compete with the defense that Kirby just left at Alabama. Do you think that makes sense? Do you really think that's a "nice try"? You just keep judging Kirby's six years against what he and Saban had already built at Bama. If that helps.
What is Georgia selling? Opportunity to compete against CFB's best defense every day in practice. Todd Monken pro-style offense and a championship program. Best college town - Arch Manning words, not mine. Georgia is selling today, and a more known tomorrow. coaching stability, and Kirby Smart. Not what happened 15 years ago.
Georgia seems to be the best-case scenario for Arch. Georgia's offense was as explosive as just about any (lead the SEC in scoring offense in SEC only games) with a walk on QB. Bennett will not be eligible in 2023 and the QB competition will be wide open for the taking. Not sure Arch can win the job in year one, but no QB on the roster will have a great deal of experience ahead of him. Monken's offense will get very interesting with a more talented player at the QB position. Monken just received a multi-year deal that pays 2-Million yearly. That should keep Monken around for a while.
Todd Monken making Georgia's offense great again! I said awhile back that Arch Manning to Georgia would largely hinge on if Georgia could retain Monken. I'm liking UGA's chances of landing Manning even better after this news!