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Good list. Swift played 3rd string to Chubb and Michel but he is already as good.He's a can do it all RB and with UGA's improving O-line he should put up great numbers next year. RBU is alive and well...
A few more elite prospects and Georgia will unseat Alabama for the #1 SEC recruiting class.Add a couple more to that and the Dawgs will challenge for the #1 class overall. GOOOOOOODAWGS!
If Georgia and Alabama both make the NCG, that would be most impressive. That would be an epic match-up.Both Play-off games look well matched. There shouldn't be any shutouts like the B1G gave us the last two seasons. GOOOOOODAWGS!
Jim Chaney showed what he can do this year. Big turnaround from last season.The O-line's vast improvement made a big difference, the play calling has helped the offense be less predictable.
Looks like it's time to give another RB a good long look. They didn't seem to have another capable back after Johnson in the SECCG.Johnson will likely turn Pro and he might not be very interested in this game.
96 Gator, your logic would work in reverse, as in if Matt Corral wants to start in a system that he would excel in, it only makes sense that he change his mind and get coached by someone other than Mullen, a coach who needs a dual threat QB in his system. Mark Richt and Miami would be a good fit.The last time Georgia won the SEC championship was 2005- D J Shockley was a dual threat QB.Fields will excel in Smarts offense and he'll benefit by playing with the best RB's and one of the nations best O-lines. He's not going anywhere else.
Who's going to run the ball for Auburn? Didn't look like they had any SEC caliber back after Johnson.
It's going to be interesting to see how high UGA's class goes. It will be top 5 and I believe they will hold Bama off for 1st in the SEC, and it could even challenge for the top class.
Gump, that Pulp Fiction post paints quite the picture...I wonder if Pruitt and Fulmer will bump heads. Could be an interesting relationship.
bamaVOL, he was offered jobs but waited. Read that Smart was 'very interested in the UT job' but they decided to hire Jones, instead. Lucky for UGA.
Pruitt to Tennessee will be interesting to watch. I just wonder if Pruitt and Fulmer are going to bump heads. Pruitt Famously called out the UGA AD for not having an indoor practice facility. He was right, but it got him in trouble with the AD. I can easily see Fulmer as the type to be 'around and involved'.How much input will Fulmer want? How much will Pruitt tolerate?
One thing is sure. Pruitt can't possibly be any worse than Butch Jones was, and he won't be giving out participation trophies for 'champions of life' and the like.The SEC is getting much stronger in the HC department. Smart has already improved Georgia and with the talent stacking up, they'll very likely stay there for quite some time to come.Florida and UT will be better. Orgeron won't likely get in his offenses way at LSU, so they now have a chance. A&M should improve with Fisher. Muschamp will help SC. The hire at Miss St sounds solid.
Keep the transfer rules as they are. Give every Ole Miss player an exception.Some of those players should have known the risk-because they were getting paid to choose OM, but most of the players were told that it was all on Nutt and his staff, that there was nothing to worry about.The NCAA should let every Ole Miss player transfer and play next year. That would be real punishment, and the kids that were lied to wouldn't have to suffer for other's sins.
Mullen is certainly more proven as a head coach, but I was amazed that Pruitt wasn't top 2-3 on UT's list from the very start.I just wonder how Pruitt is going to feel about Fulmer being 'around and involved.' Pruitt is a fiery personality. I can easily see him wanting to do it his way. I can also see Fulmer getting in the way.That relationship will be one to watch.
seatonda, put the burning torch and pitchfork down. As a Georgia fan, Pruitt is the last coach I wanted to see go to Tennessee.I couldn't understand why he wasn't at the top of the list out the gate. The Vols will have the best defense they've had in Decades in a few years, if not sooner.The only negative I can possibly see: If he is successful, Alabama will come calling when Saban retires. Alabama fans think they can just call Swinney, or even Smart and they will come running. I doubt either will. That would leave Pruitt as the likely candidate, depending on how it goes.
I thought Tennessee should have gone after a coordinator from the start. Quit looking for the out of the park, over the moon hire. Hire the right coach and be patient enough to give him a few years to build the culture, and learn the position. If Pruitt does get the job, there will be a learning curve, but he could end up being the best hire since Fulmer.After all these reports of the offer to Pruitt and details being ironed out, Fulmer better get this done. If this falls apart, where will Fulmer turn next?
Shey Patterson needs to take a look at Miami. Mark Richt is a great QB coach and he needs a great prospect at the position.Besides, Ole Miss ''$-Poached-$'' at least one 5-Star from Richt. Maybe he can get one back?
Yeah, Georgia has had the skill players but usually lacked the lineman, especially elite O-line players. Smart went out and hired the best O-line coach and he's bringing in great size, and higher rated players at the position. How long has it been since Ga had an all American on the O-line?Seems like years. That's about to be a thing of the passed.
Georgia's O-line dominated Auburn's D-line (especially in the 4th quarter) which is likely a top 5 unit. I doubt Oklahoma will be able to hold up any better and likely not as well.Georgia will need to hold onto the ball and control the clock. I look for UGA's backs to have a good game. Should be plenty of points scored, but I think the Dawgs take it over in the 4th quarter.
If the Dawgs O-line can dominate Oklahoma like they did Auburn in the SECCG (Center- Lamont Gaillard's block on Swift's 64 yard TD was devastating) the penalties might not matter.Getting an officiating crew from another conference, can't hurt either.
Should be an interesting match up. Mayfield will be a challenge and I fully expect to see RB Rodney Anderson available for the game.Oklahoma hasn't exactly shown themselves as a program who suspends players for such things. Maybe he finishes out this season and takes a red-shirt-suspension for the 2018 season.The Dawgs defense and RB's will be the best that Oklahoma has seen. Should be a great game. GOOOOODAWGS!
Glad to hear Fulmer's adding names to the list, leads me to believe that Mel Tucker said no. Didn't think he would take it anyway. Tucker will help UGA win a few Championships and then get his pick.Pruitt didn't want to leave UGA, for Alabama. Maybe he would welcome the change?
Those were pretty good predictions. I'm a diehard Dawg fan and thought they would go 10-2 to 11-1 and lost in the SEC Championship. Nobody could have predicted such a total collapse by Tennessee.
Jake Fromm is amazing, especially for a true Freshman. With that said, I think he gets too much credit as far as comparing his freshman year to Eason's.Georgia's O-line went from one of the worst in the SEC to one of the best. There's no telling what Eason could have accomplished with that same benefit.Overall I think Georgia exceeded expectations. The vast improvement of the O-line had a lot to do with it. And Sam Pittman is just getting started.
MLU, that statement makes me wonder, where are you getting your stats from?Roquan has 72 Solo Tackles (Leads the SEC) 10th in the Nation. White has only 33 solo. Cheap?Roquan is a complete LB, he can tackle the best RB's, play sideline to sideline as good as anybody, and cover pass routs.
Nick Chubb, Michel, Swift, Holyfield and Herrien, along with the rest of UGA's offense will help Roquan and the defense keep points off the board.Mayfield can't complete a pass while he's watching Chubb and Co. chew up yards and the clock. Should be a great game. GOOOOODAWGS!
Bama Time, I agree about what people say, but a loss could have real consequences. What happens if Ohio St had beaten Clemson last year?I think the voters would have put them in over Alabama this year based on that result from last year.
"For the first time in the Playoff era, the pressure isn't on Alabama" I beg to differ.Alabama just became the team who backed in. The Ohio State of the 2016 season Playoffs. If they lose, many will be say the same things about Alabama that they've been saying about last years Ohio State team.If they lose to Clemson, many will say, Saban's best days are behind him. Win and the Titans of CFB image continues. Lose and many will start to have doubts.
Congratulations Roquan, you deserve it.It'll be the Butkus winner against the Heisman winner in the Rose Bowl. That will be a very interesting match up. GOOOOODAWGS!
Sounds like a master plan, and it potentially could work, just as long as Fulmer made sure that Miles stayed out of the QB picking business.