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And Gus is still doing just enough to hang around Auburn a little longer. That's what Auburn has going for it. LOL!
Booches94, Kirby wasn't saying that as a completely factual statement. He knows they can't simply choose to play an all SEC schedule. He's simply saying they don't play a schedule as tough as what every SEC team has this year. Clemson, didn't. Ohio ST didn't and Oklahoma didn't. Get real...
The Real Jones, that would sure help Florida's chances. If all I had to look forward to was Emery Jones, I would hope Daniels doesn't come back.
Real USC, what do you expect Kirby to say about Bennett? Apparently he should say, Bennett is trash, and I sure hope Daniels doesn't get hurt because if he does we're doomed. Or, maybe he should continue to support a kid who just lost his dream of being the starting QB for the team he's always pulled for. I really don't know what some of you expect Kirby to say. Apparently JT's father thinks Kirby's doing it the right way.
I find it very hard to believe that Daniels could be picked in the first round with only 1 season as a true freshman and 3-4 games at UGA.
Daniels has had one full season at USC and another year of maturity while rehabbing. He will have four games under his belt (hopefully) this season. I'm just excited that he surpassed expectations in his first game. It won't take long to find out how JT will play against a good team next season, with Clemson as the first game on the schedule.
Marshgator89, I fairness, it was the media who put Newman in the Heisman conversation not GA fans.
I was looking forward to Newman. Never counted those chickens, but liked the thought of a strong armed QB with run skills. JT, so far so good. We'll know more after the next three games.
Just had to throw that one out there for every Georgia hating fan who pretends Dawg fans prematurely anointed Bennett and Mathis the second coming. I just hope JT can stay healthy and get some time with the young receivers and get a kickstart on learning the system to prepare for next year.
JT Daniels has to be over Nix, Franks and likely Mond too. Everybody knows JT's the savior of the Georgia program. Let's get the JT for Heisman 2021 campaign kicked off already!
Well, JT'S Father's positive comments sure put a chill on most of the, I really hate Kirby negative comments.
I'm trying to put some kind of logic to this article. Apparently Kirby Smart is supposed to apologize for Daniel's not being healthy enough to start the first game. Or is it the third or fourth? This article is complete hit job garbage.
Dirty South, " mismanaged the qb situation" You don't even know what you're talking about. The only reason why Fields left was because the NCAA wanted to bail Ohio ST out. OS had just lost Urban Meyer, and they had no real talent in line for the QB position. They decided to help OS by granting Fields a sweetheart deal, allowing him immediate eligibility. Fields was poached. If not for the immediate eligibility deal, Fields would not have left GA for OS. That was not handled by Kirby Smart. It was handled behind closed doors by the NCAA and Ohio State power brokers.
BamaTroll, as usual, you only see what fits your twisted wish it was so mentality. ON HOW HE PREPARED FOR HIS FIRST START WITH GEORGIA "I've been getting healthy, getting as many reps as I can on the scout team, trying to get with the receivers as much as I can, making sure I know the playbook and just getting ready. It feels really good. This is the first time I've taken a snap since August 31, 2019 in a whole other part of the country and ((( I really couldn't be happier, couldn't be more appreciative to Coach Smart, Coach Monken and this whole team."))) ON WHEN HE WAS CONFIDENT HE WAS HEALTHY ENOUGH TO PLAY "With the knee and confidence, I haven't had much of a struggle with confidence and my knee, to be honest with you I think some of that comes from playing the quarterback position, not being asked to do all that much that would really put a knee, especially a right knee, in that much discomfort or a position where I could potentially hurt it again. ((( It's just been a progression over time, feeling a lot better, I feel really good right now in terms of knee health and overall body health. ))) BT, you clearly only see what makes you feel better about your limited self worth. There really is nothing to see with this that shows JT was mishandled. If anything, Kirby was erring on the safety for the player side of it. Now, ignore everything that JT said, and keep pretending to yourself.
Some of the comments! Kirby was simply putting JT Daniels health before everything else. Kirby wanted to be sure JT was fully healed. Also, am I the only one who noticed that JT was limping late in the game. Now you tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy peddling haters can spin that into Kirby rushed JT onto the field. That fake news conspiracy theory is as good as the first one...
Why do so many put so much energy into tinfoil hat theories? I'm going to go with the logical reason for why Daniels - recovering from knee surgery - didn't get the start until last night. Could it possibly have been because Kirby was simply looking out for his players health. Yes, I think he was... Also, I'm not sure which knee was surgically repaired . Didn't really pay attention to which leg JT was favoring last night, but the kid was clearly limping late in the game. Hopefully it wasn't another injury. Now, you tinfoil hat conspiracy peddling haters can start saying Smart rushed JT onto the field. Whatever makes you feel better...
What was most impressive was how accurate Daniels was on passes where the DB had great coverage. JT was putting the ball in just the right spot to where only his receiver could get to the ball. JT didn't look like a player who hadn't played in 15 months. It makes you wonder what he and the young but talented receivers will be capable of after a full off season and in year two of Monken's system. I did notice it looked like Daniels was limping slightly late in the game. I hope he's not hurt again.
UT would only do that , if they already had a deal made with Freeze before hand.
" You’re wondering, like everybody, else, why Kirby Smart waited so long to unleash the best quarterback he has " Anybody who doesn't understand why Daniels didn't see the field before last night is either a writer looking for clicks, or they're a fan of a rival team looking for fake news reasons to tear down Kirby Smart, or maybe they're a fan who wears a tinfoil hat. Kirby Smart did the right thing by putting JT Daniels health first. As soon as Kirby felt he was healed up enough, Kirby put Daniels in. It really is that simple. JT was very impressive last night. I especially liked his ball placement. He had several plays where the receiver was well covered but JT placed the ball in the exact right spot to where only the receiver could get to it. Looks like Georgia will have the receivers as well as the QB to be explosive on offense next season.
The way the QB position played out with Daniels knee and Newman deciding to bail, doomed the season, and even if that had worked out better losing LeCounte, Jordon Davis and so many others to injury was likely too big a hit to overcome as far as it being a championship type season. Georgia has pride and next year to play for. Every game is another chance to develop and build depth for the future. They'll be losing some important players after this season. Hopefully with no championship opportunity to lose, it'll make it easier to give more of the younger players extra game reps.
The Cocktail Party will be interesting. The football Gods gave Mullen the greatest gift, by taking away the two best players from maybe the best defense in the land. For Georgia it will come down to how many times they get to Trask, can they still stuff the run minus two very good D-tackles, and can Bennett play a clean turnover free game. Florida should be well rested after playing only one game in three weeks and unlike UGA they come in almost completely healthy. This is shaping up to be Mullen's game to win, and maybe his best chance for the foreseeable future. If not, what will the after game narrative be? There will be no excuses for Mullen with so much falling in his favor.
This should be Mullen's game to win. If you gave Florida two wishes on which two UGA players they didn't want to play against, it would've been Richard LeCounte and Jordon Davis. Talk about getting a lucky break! Florida is more well rested, with only playing one game in three weeks. The SEC gave Florida a huge break by not suspending all the players who were throwing punches against Missouri. Now, everything's in Mullen's favor. There should be no excuse if he loses...
Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins looks like a great player who plays a position of need, with Ga losing a few off the line after the season. GOOODAWGS!
I hope the crystal ball is right. Looks like a great one for the 2022 class.
Yeah, lets throw JT out there against the No.3 passing defense in the SEC and then against Florida next week. Roll the dice that he will be an immediate upgrade... No, let's not. You boys are not looking at the big picture. Daniels was still in a knee brace until two weeks ago. Mathis had no college experience and hadn't played in a year. Kirby clearly wanted to see the player with superior physical skills win the job. That's why Mathis got the start in the first game. That didn't work out. Mathis is understandably behind in development after having brain surgery. They went with Bennett, a player with good mobility and who also has the most starts on the team, who's not coming off knee surgery. I hope we get to see meaningful snaps from either Mathis or JT against Kentucky, but Bennett is the clear starter at this point.
I know the UT O-line has plenty of talent, but I think too much stock was put into Cade Mays being the final piece that would take the line to the next level. Mays is a good lineman, but while at GA, was mostly used as a utility player and never established himself as a solid full time starter. Also, as far as Cade is concerned, I wonder if his Dad's bogus lawsuit didn't actually have a negative effect on his son and maybe even his performance.
I'm still waiting on the law of averages to finally realize it's passed time for Georgia to get a few 'lucky breaks'. Seems some teams get them on a regular basis and some teams don't.
Questioning Smart's ability to choose the right starter at QB is lame. Newman was the starter, he got the most attention pre-season, and decided to bail. Then they gave Mathis the starters reps and he wasn't ready. That's not a knock on Mathis who had never started before. Daniel's clearly wasn't fully healed because he was still wearing a brace. Bennett was the only QB on the team besides Daniels with college experience, and when given the chance, came in and done well. I would like to see either Mathis or Daniels get real reps against Kentucky- more than just handing the ball off, but thinking that either Daniels or Mathis should start makes no sense at this point.
Azeez Ojulari is special and is getting better by the game. Kendall Milton looks like the next great UGA RB in the making. Can't wait to see what this kid does during his UGA career.