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BamaWirenut, well said. The whole running off at the mouth along with that very strange video, says a lot. I really am glad he didn't come to Georgia.
His coaching staff too. But he still has Butch Jones. So, he has that going for him.
30014, I'm not worried, I just like SEC football, and home and away series with other good teams. Hope to see every SEC team including Georgia do it more often.
Butch Jones has already been acting as an extra coach at Alabama. Analyst aren't supposed to be allowed to do that. But considering how just about every official position coach has fled Tuscaloosa, you would think Saban would make it official and hire Jones to replace one of those position coaches. He already knows the players well.
Nolan Smith’s debut. Georgia has been lacking in the QB pressure department for far too long. Can't wait to see Nolan do his thing. Georgia vs Notre Dame in Athens. It's too bad every SEC team doesn't schedule marque home and away series like that. It's going to be a great atmosphere in Sanford stadium.
That is one strange video. I'm feeling more and more like Ga dodged a bullet when this kid choose another team. I hope it works out better for him than it has for so many blue chip players who left the South. With that said. Jadon, who?
RT, and I'm glad you can admit when Saban gets out coached. That puts you at least a few steps ahead of some other Bama fans.
RT, yeah, Kirby got out coached in his third year by a veteran coach who has about 10 times the experience. But just barely. I expect Kirby to make a few rookie mistakes. That is why I didn't want UGA to hire him five and six years ago. And I didn't because I knew he or any coach with limited experience would struggle if he took that much on too fast. I think the timing of CKS was just right. Kirby went 11-1 regular season, and barely lost the SECCG. That ain't bad for a rookie coach in his third year.
RT, you really want to talk about 14 5-stars and 47 4-stars currently and a 3 loss season? That was the youngest team in the SEC. They took Alabama, the team who had more talent on the roster than any team in CFB to the wire. Oh, and you might want to think about the Clemson game, before you start talking about talent on another team and losing. Alabama had way more talent than Clemson. And yet, what an Epic Curb Stomping it was. Wow! Talk about under performing, and falling so far from their potential...
BT always twisting and spinning the facts and especial what I say. The gap has "now" been closed. You know there's that significant fact that Georgia has the No.2 recruiting class, the one with Five 5-star players, as well as a great per player average coming in. Yes, with the 2019 recruiting class. Georgia has "now" as in finally, and hasn't happened in many years. completely closed that gap.
BT, you can downplay it all you want. You can point to one player transfer all you want. You can dream up the best most positive Bama tagline response, but it won't replace that missing 5-star talent. When Alabama entered the play-offs in year 2018 they had more 5-star players than Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson combined. That has likely never happened before, not since the days before the start of scholarship limits. Saban had enjoyed the same kind of talent advantage for several years before that. What I understand about recruiting is Georgia has now completely closed that talent gap. Clemson has signed more 5-star players than Bama over the last two years. I understand that has never happened since Saban came to Alabama. If you don't think that is significant, you are fooling yourself. Three years ago no team could match Alabama for talent and depth. Today Georgia absolutely can. Clemson is also closing the gap. As long as Saban can only sign an average of around 3 5-star players per cycle, that gap will continue to close. And that is exactly what has happened for two cycles in a row. But you just reason your way out of those facts. Keep telling yourself it won't matter. Saban doesn't need more 5-star players. It didn't matter that he had way more than every other team the last five years. The results would've been the same with out them. I know you will...
SAV912, Seems you are taking my points to the extreme. Nothing in my comments should suggest I think one year, or one recruiting class will negate years of depth. Alabama will field as much talent and depth as any team in CFB in 2019. They just won't field twice, or even three times as many five star rated players. That is my point. Until the 2018 class, Alabama dominated 'every recruiting cycle' for 7-8 years running. During last years play-offs, Alabama had more 5-star players than Georgia, Clemson and Oklahoma combined. Five Star Players signed during the 2018-19 recruiting cycles: Alabama = Five. Georgia = Twelve. Clemson = Seven. Ohio St = Six. There are only two 5-star players left on 247 composite. Alabama is not leading for either one. The days of Alabama fielding more five star players than the rest of the four team play-off field have come to an end. If you don't think that will have an effect on on depth, or on the quality of depth, you are mistaken. Two years starts a trend.
Until they make public intoxication an NCAA mandated suspension, this will be a non issue at Alabama. Some coaches take these issues seriously and actually punish the player. Saban, not so much. If the NCAA doesn't issue the suspension, one is not going to be handed down by Saban. That is, unless the player is on the cull list.
I agree with the premise of the article. I think we have already witnessed the pinnacle of the Alabama dynasty ,and it's now on a slow downward curve. Realistically, this should've been the second National Championship loss for Alabama in as many years. Look at recruiting, and you see an even bigger slide. Yes, Alabama has the No.1 rated class and it's a great one. But taking a closer look reveals that it only has 3 5-Star rated players. Combine that with last years No.5 class that signed only 2 5-Star rated players and that makes it an total of 5-5 star players in two cycles. Before last years class, Saban averaged about 6 5-star rated players every year. Recruiting superiority is the main ingredient in the Saban dynasty. That gap is now being slowly closed.
Nobody? you just said, "I wouldn’t accuse others of cheating when your star DL got busted for PEDs…" as if your team wasn't doing the exact same thing. Saban not admitting it, dosen't make it not so. And it's not the first time for Alabama under Saban.
RT, I hope Kirby does. I just wonder if he would be allowed to get away with it. That is the question.
Jones was shown talking to an active player during the game. I'm sure he was just telling the player that he couldn't coach him up, but that they would go over some film after the game. BT, you know you saw the same thing. But, you just keep towing the company line, and act like you didn't see anything. Nothing to see here. Just move along...
Wasn't that Butch Jones the (analyst) doing some coaching on the sideline during the NC game?
Smart promoted Coley to assistant OC-QB coach just last year. That was in response to Jimbo Fisher trying to hire him as A&M's OC. Coley stayed for what was essentially a lesser position. I imagine he was offering the Kentucky OC the same position. Why not put the next OC candidate on staff if you can. Kentucky ain't Georgia. Why not try.
Lead the nation in "explosive plays." that is.
LSUSMC, it was reported that his offenses lead the nation for two years when he was the OC at Miami. He was Jimbo Fisher's first choice for his open OC position just last year. When Fisher and Smart both think he's the man for the job. I feel good about it.
Equating Butch Jones with Kirby Smart? Did Jones ever win the SEC Championship. No. Did he ever compete at a top 5 level. No. Butch Jones didn't even recognize the talent that was on his own team. Alvin Kamara for example. Get real...
wde, who can really know. Ole shady Jimbo tried to poach Coley for his OC position just last year. His offenses lead the nation in explosive plays for two years, at Miami. He will have even more talent at his disposal in Athens. Kirby could have hired just about anybody he wanted. I think it was time for an upgrade. We will see...
Winner: Tennessee, because just like Kirby, Pruitt needs a veteran OC in place to start his program. Winner Georgia. Georgia got what it needed from Chaney, who was a good but not great OC. James Coley has had success as a OC and he's much younger, and physically gets around much better than Chaney. Coley is one of the very best recruiters in all of college football. That's something that can't be said of Chaney. It really is a win for both programs.
Coley was the right man for the job. And I would add, he is one of the best recruiters in the nation. That's something that Chaney didn't take with him to Tennessee. Great News!
Joe, you found a few fan quotes from when Miami lost a game. Considering the fact that anybody could find negative quotes on literally every coach in high school right on through college the NFL. I don't think UGA fans are going to lose any sleep over it.
The three Alabama players that were suspended earlier this week are out "indefinitely". Left guard Deonte Brown, tight end Kedrick James and offensive lineman Elliot Baker will be suspended for the rest of the season and “maybe beyond” due to NCAA violations. Three Clemson players, including starting defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence, will remain suspended for the College Football Playoff national championship game after supplemental samples of a failed drug test returned positive results for a banned muscle-growth supplement. Each team has "three" players get indefinitely suspended due to "NCAA rules violations" (on the same week). The very same week when the NCAA comes around for their random year end drug test. One team admits it was for using a banned substance. The other won't say why. And the troll bandwagon type Alabama fans think they can act like nobody knows why their players were suspended (Nothing to see here) while pointing the finger at another school, for doing the exact same thing. How do you spell hypocrite...
I also noticed ole Five Star Heart's doing some coaching on the sideline. Don't hold your breath. If Saban wants to use more than five, he will, and nothing will be done about it.