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I thought the 12 1/2 point spread was too high. Then I looked up what Notre Dame's giving up on the ground, 230 yards a game. Georgia's rushing for 286 a game. Kirby would gladly take a 1 point win. He's going to turn to the ground game for most of the final quarter. That could help keep the score down. I don't see many teams holding up for 4 quarters of RBU's rushing attack. Should be a great game. I know it's going to be Rocking Between The Hedges This Saturday Night.
Gromit, you really need to get familiar with a young man named George Pickens. He will be an all SEC freshman at receiver. He was the No.24 rated high school recruit in the 2019 rankings. A 5-star receiver, who rated No.4 in America. The No.1 player from the state of Alabama. He has 9 receptions for an 18 yard average, which is good for 8th best in the SEC. Even better, he has already shown great blocking skills and exceptional skill at his position. Dominick Blaylock (No.5 ranked 2019 receiver) and Kearious Jackson (out) but will return, are also looking good. Not to mention Demetris Robertson, who was held out this week, but will return, and is a threat to take any ball to the house. You are way off base with the notion that Ga doesn't have any good receivers.
The last targeting call against Kentucky was a tough call, and a tough loss. Also, losing the secondary players really helped the Florida offense. But, Stoops needs to realize when those things happened, that is not the time to go conservative. It looked like Kentucky was essentially dominating the game. Then Franks goes down, and from the next snap it looked like Kentucky's defense quit attacking as much and went back on their heels. That was the time to go more into attack mode, and keep your foot on the gas on offense. That game was Kentucky's to win. Kentucky was the better team. Then the coaching staff flinched.
It's still too early to know a lot about these teams, but I think Kentucky wins that game, without the lost defensive players. They were close to totally dominating both lines of scrimmage. I would also put plenty of blame on the Kentucky coaching staff. You wind up with 2-3 players in the secondary who have little experience, and then you decide to go conservative on offense? That is the time when you realize that Florida is going to score more points, and therefore you must keep your foot on the gas. Sorry, but before the secondary losses and going conservative on offense, Kentucky looked like the better team. Also, I think Trask is a better QB than Franks. Florida might have just gotten better because of losing their QB.
GoodGodafreshman, I don't think Meyer would come back to the SEC. Maybe if Saban retired, and Georgia wasn't approaching the same level. Looks like LSU might start being a player, also. Meyer faked a heart issue as an excuse to get out of town (the SEC). Then his condition cleared up after he saw the chance to go to OS. It's one thing to control the B1G, when you can recruit circles around your competition without even breaking a sweat. It's another to run with the big dogs in the SEC. He don't want none. USC would be right up his alley. Just like OS, he would have more talent for every conference game as long as he wanted to coach.
"we’ve all taken this situation very seriously. I believe Bryce can grow by following the plan the university has put in place for him. As a result, I am allowing him to return to practice.” If there was evidence that he didn't do it, or he never said anything about shooting up the school, that would be one thing. The statement doesn't say anything of the like. Wow! I hope this kid doesn't make UT pay for this.
"those fans that believe Fulmer was the reason that UT’s program slipped." When Fulmer was fired, he was let go for a real reason. The program was going in reverse. That is a fact. If Fulmer is accomplishing anything, it's that he is getting in the way. I wonder how Pruitt's O-line coach felt about Fulmer pushing his way in, to show his lineman how it's done. What coach wants the AD tagging along at every possible opportunity. Fulmer really should stay out of the way. Stay within the AD role and be the positive face of the program. Pruitt knows how it's done, and likely much better than Fulmer. I'm beginning to think Pruitt is not the real problem. Maybe it's the very man who hired him. If true, oh my God, what a mess.
So Pruitt's not ready, and it's time to kick him to the curb. If Pruitt is not ready, then who's fault is that? Fulmer himself. So now it's time to reward Fulmer for failing as AD, by giving him complete control of the very program that he has essentially set back because he hired the wrong man for the job. Who takes over as AD? Or, maybe the 69 year old Fulmer who couldn't get the coaching job done leading up to his firing following the 2008 season is now capable of not only being an effective AD, but also the HC of a team in a total rebuild.. When you hire a first time rookie as your head coach, you get a HC who is a rookie. UT needs to be patient and give Pruitt their full support for at least 4-5 years. Only then will anybody be in position to rightfully judge what kind of coach Pruitt is capable of becoming. Handing the job back to Fulmer would just be another huge mistake.
I know it must suck for the Vol fans, but I think y'all really need to do the only thing that could possibly help the situation. First, don't turn on a second year coach who came into a dumpster fire of a rebuild in only his second game of the second year. Nothing good can come from it. I agree that there is no excuse for losing those two games, but it may well start to improve moving forward. When that will be, and waiting for it will be the hard part. UT fans need to show support. And for those who have already given up on Pruitt. I have seen plenty of UT fans calling for a coaching change. The strange thing about that, not one mentioned the person at the top who hired him. If Pruitt really is the problem ( I don't think he is) then who's fault is it? "Six days ago, I mentioned several attributes that I sought to find in the next leader of our football program, and Coach Pruitt meets all criteria" Tennessee athletic director Phillip Fulmer said in the program release." If Jeremy Pruitt really is the problem, then is the problem still even bigger than the HC.
It's easy to see what all the A J Green comparisons are about with Pickens. That kid looks very explosive and athletic. Blaylock also looked good, and you can see Zamir Whites confidence grow with every carry. The future is bright...
TheDawgsofWar, I will be surprised if he signs with Alabama. Saban hasn't signed any DT over the last 5 years who rated any lower than No.20, per 247. Although Bama now has one committed who ranks No. 26. Maybe it's just getting tougher for the old boy.
LSU shouldn't have too much trouble with Texas. They simply don't have enough returning starters, and with that combined with an overall lack of depth LSU should easily cover the spread. LSU by 10.
Tiger TD. Now I see your angle... I agree, Chris Peterson is one of the best coaches. That has nothing to do with Kirby Smart picking the best player for the system that he wants to run. 2018 stats. Passing offense: OS No.2, Wash No.61, Ga No.73. Rushing offense: Ga No.16, Wash No.55. OS No.63. Yeah, if you're going to base this off of total passing yards- TD's etc, Fromm's numbers won't be as high. Neither would Eason or Fields had they won the starting job in Ga's offense. It's not a QB numbers driven offense. Only Clemson has a easier route into the play-offs than Ohio St. OS won't have to go through Auburn and Alabama, TA&M, and Notre Dame, who are all likely better teams than any one team on OS's schedule. Only Michigan has a chance to be as good as the best on Ga's schedule.
Tiger TD, I'm not trying to throw insults, but, you really don't know diddly about Georgia's 2017 season. That was Fromm's first season by the way. Simply put, Eason as a sophomore didn't have as much upside as Fromm did as a true freshman. Fromm guided Georgia to a SEC Championship, a Play-off Rose Bowl victory, a NCG appearance, and a 13-2 record. Eason had the physical tools, but he was not nearly as advanced in the art of actually playing the position as Fromm was, as a true freshman. Fromm's HS coach said he was actually capable of being the offensive coordinator for his team as a HS senior. When it comes to High school football Washington doesn't compare to Georgia. Not the competition. Not the coaching. Eason was not anywhere near ready to take that team to a SEC Championship and within one play of a national championship. With Fromm 13-2. With Eason they would've lost at least two more games.
This 'What if Kirby Smart picked the wrong QB?' talk is ridiculous. First off, do you really think Eason could've, would've taken Georgia to the NCG the year that Fromm did? Get real! Fromm was light years ahead as a true freshman compared to Eason who was in his second year. Fields has played in one game, against a defense who couldn't stay within 5 yards of any receiver, and he had all day long in the pocket. It doesn't get any easier for a QB. Fields, and Eason both have plenty of upside but neither could compete with Jake Fromm. That's why they're at other schools...
GOUGADAWGS, Spurrier is right about the Vols. You are right about Spurrier quitting on his team. Georgia's Greyson Lambert went 24-for-25 to set NCAA accuracy record against Spurrier's Gamecocks, and the strain was more than the Ole Ball Coach could bear.
could spell trouble for the SEC. That statement might be true, if the best teams in the SEC forget how to play defense. It's not very hard to complete passes into a window that's 5-yards wide. It's even easier to complete one into a window that's 10-15 yards wide. Nobody even cover's the receiver, easier still. You might want to hold off on that Heisman ballot until he plays against a team, who actually knows how to play defense.
Blep. Vandy had good reason to lose. They did make good adjustments throughout the game. I think this is going to be Smart's best defense. I wouldn't discount Vandy for that. I'm a little shocked by Missouri. Bryant didn't look good. First game with new QB in a new system? You have to think that will get better with more time in the system. SC and UT, Wow! Unbelievable.
I would come closer to putting Georgia at 12-0 than Alabama, at this point. Yes, Alabama plays an easier schedule, but they don't (so far) look to be world beaters in the run game department. A&M, LSU and Auburn all look to be improving. Is Alabama? But I'm glad the Media doesn't see it that way...
The Chaney experiment is going to be interesting. He's not a bad OC but he's too predictable in his play calling, and when he tries to surprise the defense it doesn't seem to work out. You can get away with that when you have elite talent. When you lack elite talent you sometimes need the ability to get creative. I'm not sure Chaney is the right man for that job. Maybe it's just growing pains with Chaney getting to know his player's? Looking at the Box Score it seems like Chaney's offense did better than Pruitt's defense. 213 rushing to Georgia St. Wow!
I don't know what the QB coach situation is (has been) at SC (UGA fan here) but I'm amazed that Bentley doesn't look like he's made any progress since his freshman-sophomore years. Is it the QB, or coaching? Hard to believe the outcomes of the UT and SC games. Unreal!
TrophyKing80, I only see LSU as a threat to Bama from West side. I also think Georgia will be a better team this season and hopefully be deep enough that losing any one player (besides Fromm) wouldn't derail the position effectiveness. As far as not having anything to worry about, losing Moses is like Ga losing Roquan Smith in 2017. It's huge, I get that. Georgia lost Zamir White No. 1 RB 2018 class just before last season. Would he have made the difference? They also lost DeAndre Baker in the SECCG, and when he left the game the pass rush went with him. With that said, Bama will still field the deepest roster in CFB. 2019 College Football Team Talent Composite has Alabama with 69, 4-5 star's on the roster. Last updated on 08/28/19. Next closest in the SEC: Georgia with 59. LSU 51. The talent gap is closing between Bama and a select few, but no one player (Non QB) is going to derail a team who still has such a significant talent advantage. Losing Moses could have happened at a far worse time. It could have happened to a team with far less talent, and the early schedule could have been much much tougher. Alabama will not be the only team to lose a very talented player this year. Forgive me if I'm not ready to make any excuses for Alabama...
It's going to be an interesting game. How will Ga's receivers do. The match up of Vaughn against Ga's run defense will be one to watch. What will Ga's RB rotation look like. How dominant will the Dawg's O-line be. GOOOODAWGS! I have a lot of respect for Derek Mason. I know he will have his team ready.
This is where having a weak early schedule helps. Duke, New Mexico St, SC, So Miss, Ole Miss and then an open date before the TA&M. You couldn't draw it any better. Those young but ultra talented LB's will essentially have almost half a season to get up to speed before any team shows up on the schedule that even has a chance to challenge Alabama. Better to lose them this early rather than before or during the final few games, or even during the SECCG.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how Ga's run defense performs against a great back like Vaughn. The run defense is an area that needs improvement, but I wouldn't call it a rebuilt Georgia defense. Just about every starter has experience. This should be Kirby's deepest and most talented defense to date.
To finish up on No.10. And then there's that Hugh Freeze factor. Freeze looks like a perfect fit for Auburn and he is available...
darthA, you made some good points, but unfortunately they will absolutely be lost on the person they were directed towards. Best to not even waste your time with that one. It's a hopeless endeavor.
Tom I like your tongue and cheek conspiracy theory for keeping Alabama out of the SEC Championship game. Saban's head would explode. Especially with all the pressure that's already been building up from Kirby's recruiting victory's over Alabama. There's a major flaw with the theory. It would be like handing Alabama a bye week before the play-offs. I think they would put a one loss Alabama in over a one loss A&M, even when they beat Bama and won the West. Some teams don't have to win their division or conference championships to get 'in'. Alabama is one of them. The only thing that will keep Bama out is two losses or possible a major beat-down in the SEC Championship game, along with three unbeaten conference champions. I would much rather see Georgia beat an unbeaten Alabama.
I would say the gap is about to be even. 7 No.1 recruiting classes will produce plenty of NFL prospects. Kirby has closed the recruiting gap. The NFL prospects will follow. Georgia's already sending at least one back to the NFL basically every year. The O-line is already an NFL assembly line. The D-line has been lacking in the recruiting department, but that is also improving. DB is another area that's rapidly improving and it's a position that's also about to become an NFL factory. Saban won't be able to use that line against Kirby after this next NFL draft...
Alabama is still Alabama but I'm not sure they're still at the same level as the previous versions. But, they have about as light a schedule as any SEC team could possibly draw up. They get LSU at home (possibly their only real challenger). I think a regular season loss is unlikely. Unless it's against LSU, Auburn or TA&M and Tua is injured for the game. Tua is truly a great player but if a team can hit him just a few times and get a little more pressure he gets rattled and off his game. Can any team on the schedule get to him? That is the key to beating Alabama in 2019. It's going to be an interesting year. After the Clemson event any good team Bama faces will come in smelling a little blood in the water, and feeling a little better about their chances.