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Kirby Smart does understand the transfer rules. Just ask any Tennessee fan.
AmericanMonarch, That's part of it. I think the rule is more about not allowing and enabling coaches to poach players from other SEC teams. If they allowed players to transfer with no penalty, it would lead to all kinds of illegal poaching and recruiting tactics. It's exactly what the NCAA allowed Ohio ST to do with Justin Fields. If Fields hadn't been told he would receive immediate eligibility, he would have still have been at UGA last season and very likely this season as well. Can you imagine what kind of damage that would do if they opened the door on that. It has already cost Georgia.
It's year 3 of the Mullen era. He returns a starting QB (most important position on the field) while UGA will have a new starter at the position. Mullen enjoys a schedule advantage just from who they actually play. Then you look at Ga's early schedule of Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Florida all coming back to back and realize that's the toughest five game stretch in the SEC for 2020. Mullen has the advantages in 2020. Can he take advantage? If Mullen fails to win the East in 2020 (barring major Covid roster issues - which could effect any team) there will be no good excuse.
I don't bet on games, but if I did, I would jump all over those 10.5 points. Maybe Bo makes enough improvement to offset the loss of Derrick Brown & Marlon Davidson. I think he will need to. I just think the Auburn D is going to take a step back this year.
Week 3: at Georgia. Oh, the hype if we get 2-0 Georgia vs. 2-0 Tennessee. I can hear it now, it's going to be the Kirby Smart needs to free Cade Mays game. Blah blah blah...
"If Fields can somehow get Ohio State to a 9-0 season." As if that's going to be a huge challenge? If OS doesn't go 9-0 with that 'were going to protect our favorite team' schedule the B1G just gifted to OS, then something is wrong. You pair that cakewalk schedule with OS's vastly superior roster and they're all but guaranteed to go undefeated.
The two highest rated B1G teams just so happen to receive the easiest schedules. What was that all the B1G fans were saying? They always gripe about the SEC playing a 8 game SEC schedule. Hilarious!
LSUMC, Which one of those "built in exceptions" applies to the Mays transfer? I'll wait for that answer.
oskie, That is an understatement. Talk about a lack of gratitude! First his Father sues UGA for his own stupidity. Then after Georgia provided Cade with the kind of quality coaching that he would not have gotten at that dumpster fire that was Tennessee, the kid now wants to transfer. I have no problem with him wanting to go home. When he went for the special waiver, when he clearly doesn't qualify, that was asking too much. Not to mention the completely bogus toxic environment charge that family and their lawyer tried to sell just to help him get his special treatment. I'm glad the Mays family is gone. Toxicity is a bad thing for any team to have. Good luck with that.
justafan22, My rational is as simple as it gets. Unless you're a graduate transfer you have to sit out a season. Unless there's special circumstances beyond the players control. Like a sick family member who lives far away etc. My rational for Daniels has nothing to do with him being a QB. The kid missed 99% of last year. Making him set out another year makes no sense on any level. Not when the NCAA clearly states that they do consider special situations. Another hurdle for Mays that Daniels didn't have is he's not transferring with in the conference. Those two transfers have nothing in common, and anybody who try's to compare them is simply complaining about false points that are not based on the facts.
wde0012. Daniels got injured during the first game of last year. Daniels has missed a year of playing time. That's why he was granted his waiver. Now, I'll wait for your reasoning for justifying the Mays waiver. There is none. Mays does not qualify for a waiver.
Cade Mays doesn't qualify for an NCAA waiver. He is not a Graduate. There's no sick family member, although it's clear that his Father does have some issues, but that's another discussion. This is the latest example of just how corrupt the NCAA is. Somebody from UT got to the right person at the NCAA and handed over enough incentive. I hope the SEC holds this to the standards that were set for every player. Meaning Cade Mays does not get granted special treatment.
I love the spiked collar on the black jersey. If you're going to bark like a Dawg, might as well take it all the way!
It's really too bad that UGA is sponsored by Nike. I like the 1980's style hat. But no Nike for me. Never again!
I really like the new ( 1980 old-look ) uniforms. The black jerseys are the best looking alternate jersey in CFB, and many recruits agree. My only gripe is the white stripe on the red pants, I just think it's too wide. Overall I love the look.
I say no to the red pants with the too wide stripe. Everything else looks great! I want to see the Black jerseys. Best looking alternate uniform in CFB.
Thedynasty, some of you boys are completely missing the point. Just look at the recruiting rankings. Taking OS out of the rankings and looking at 2nd best B1G recruiting class. Only Michigan has consistently recruited in the top 10. In those years 2020 - Michigan finished No. 14. 7 SEC teams had higher ranked classes than the B1G no.2. 2019 - Michigan finished No. 8. 4 SEC teams had higher ranked classes than the B1G no.2. 2018 - PS finished No. 6. 2 SEC teams had higher ranked classes than the B1G no.2. 2017 - Michigan finished No. 5. 2 SEC teams had higher ranked classes than the B1G no.2. 2016 - Michigan finished No. 8. 4 SEC teams had higher ranked classes than the B1G no.2. That's not to mention Clemson and Oklahoma who out recruit every other B1G team besides OS and some recent years Michigan on a year to year basis. Realistically only Ohio St and Michigan have enough talent and depth to challenge for a National Championship. Look at what Michigan has done with their talent. Vastly under performed. But if you boys want to think anybody in the B1G other than OS is a legitimate challenger. Go for it.
BT. "When was the last time a B1G team not named OS made the play-off. And when was the last time that team made it passed the first round." I never mentioned who "had won the play-offs" NC. You didn't answer that question. Not surprised coming from you. For the slower among us I'll try and further explain my point. Only one B1G team not named OS has made the CFP and they lost 38-0. No B1G team not named OS has played for the NC since 1997 Michigan. In the same time span the SEC has won the NC with LSU, Alabama, Florida and Auburn. Georgia also made it into the NCG. Simply put, until I see another B1G team make a serious challenge, meaning they make it passed the first round and play a competitive NCG, I won't take the rest of that conference seriously. Besides all of that, OS recruits laps around every other team in that conference, and until those other teams close that gap, they won't have a high likelihood of winning the B1G championship or competing in the playoffs even if they get there.
AFan, When was the last time a B1G team not named OS made the play-off. And when was the last time that team made it passed the first round. The Media hypes teams like Michigan, Penn St and Wisconsin every year. Until another team besides OS accomplishes more than just being preseason challengers for OS, I won't be able to take the conference seriously.
Who else in the B1G is a serious play-off contender? Nobody. Not this year. Not next year. Not the year after. 8 game schedule. Vs. 10 game schedule. It won't matter. It's Ohio ST and nobody else. The only thing that could keep OS out is losing two or more games. Otherwise you can go ahead and ink them into the four team Play-off.
You can count on Zamir being very hungry this year. I think he will have a breakout season. I can't wait.
wde0012. Um.. Per the article "has likely been cleared for immediate eligibility by the NCAA, but the matter is now up to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey." Seems like SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey actually does have the final say in the matter. Why anybody would think this kid, coming from this self induced situation (His Father's Bogus Lawsuit) deserves a 'special waver' is amazing... Kirby has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Why would Kirby want to reward such behavior.
I take it that the Gatewood family hasn't taken out a frivolous $3 Million dollar lawsuit against Auburn? Seriously, it didn't work out at Auburn for Gatewood. Auburn has every reason to help him find success. Mays on the other-hand had benefited greatly from his time at Georgia, and was already headed toward an NFL career. Yeah, I wonder why UGA isn't bending over to help Mays out...
Snapshot, I wish Kirby had that kind of power. Mays is not a graduate, seems no UT fans thinks that applies to their team. Also, Mays is not transferring due to a hardship. No sick parents, etc. Mays is transferring due to his low-life Father seeking $3 Million for losing the tip of his pinky finger. Mays Father did it to himself, and anybody who would stoop that low may even be capable of doing it to himself on purpose. Just my opinion. Either way it's not a life altering injury, and who thinks he deserves a dime? It happens to every team not named Ohio ST. UT is no exception.
jay.cardea, The O-line seems to already be coming together nicely per reports. Same with the receivers. Now, we just need two good QB's and were set...
AFan, don't look now! Reports out of Athens seem to suggest the reports of Ga's O-line demise were vastly overstated. Then again, Kirby and Company have done a fine job of recruiting for every position across the O-line. One down and one to go. If the QB position works out, it could get very interesting in 2020.
Judging by Trask actual on the field results against the best defenses he faced: Miami, 24 points, Auburn 24, LSU 28 and GA, 17. I think it's safe to say, Trask will need a meaningful jump in production to make the final Heisman list. But you boys just keep the Florida hype coming. You can leave the Georgia QB's out of it...
The schedule sets up well for Florida, especially with Georgia having the toughest 5 game stretch of any SEC team, and that coming very early in the schedule. I just have my doubts on if the Gator's can score enough points against a Kirby Smart defense. Especially this years defense. If Grantham's defense takes a step forward that may close the gap? By the time the Cocktail party rolls around , I expect Ga's offense to be rolling. I just don't see Florida as capable of actually taking it from Georgia. I think it would take a couple of loses provided by other teams on Ga's schedule to put Florida over the top. With the new offense and QB, and the tough early schedule that could happen.
My comment is awaiting moderation (for 18 Hours and counting). Apparently any pro America or anti BLM comment gets you stuck in SDS purgatory. I can see it but, only when I'm logged in, but apparently nobody else can. Freedom of speech? The Nazi's took it away from the citizens of Germany. Now it's happening in America. But no need to worry about that. Right...
So, according to the update to the update, Ben Hill Griffin stadium is actually a dumpster fire. Glad it was only a dumpster. Nobody wants damage to an SEC stadium.