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AFan. But the most recent one is the one that counts the most. Yes, some UGA fan's need to learn how to act like they've been there before. I'm lucky enough to remember 1980, and how long ago that really was. For some reason the minority is always the loudest...
6-years. Two play-off wins. Two NC games and one National Championship. Not to mention, dominating the SEC East. Who has accomplished as much in his first six years? That would be a very short list. Highest paid? Maybe. Top 3 highest paid. Absolutely!
I agree with all the above comments. If Bennett hadn't been on the roster when Daniels went down with injury, there wouldn't have been an undefeated season and likely no National Championship. The kid is not an NFL talent, but he's not chop liver either. His No.4 QBR is something to be proud of. He had his best games when it counted most. What more can you expect or ask for. This season: With Daniels leaving, who really knows what they have with Beck and Vandergriff. If one of them beats Bennett out, all the better for the team. If Bennett wins the job, it's the best result you can get. The minority of UGA fans who're talking Bennet down need to act like their team has been there and done that before.
jim, I'm not saying you're wrong. I try to keep up with the program and this and other fan comments - post NCG - is the first time I've heard of any player being upset with the QB choice. All the pre-SECCG - NCG press pointed to the team being behind Bennett. I hope some coach doesn't sell Burton a story that doesn't work out. There's still plenty of talent with Blaylock and Arian Smith that should be healthy. The portal giveth and the portal taketh away but Kirby will use it to his advantage in the end. It's just part of free agency...
Don't pay the troll any attention. Poor boy had to go out and buy a Braves World Series hat, so he could feel like a Champion. He must be triggered like never before...
LeghumperU. I agree. Kirby makes them all earn it. If another player beats Bennett out, GA will be better off for it. If not, then Ga will be blessed to have Bennett. We know what we have with Bennett. I'm glad Bennett's coming back!
Red and Black. I can see that. I wanted Daniels over Bennett. I also put my faith in Smart and Monken making a more educated decision than myself. Their decision worked out very well. We know that Kirby will open up the QB competition. Best player gets the start. I just think the team is better with a proven QB on the roster.
Dirty South. "I’ll one up you" That's funny! Yes, without that generational defense, no QB on the roster would've been able to take the team to a National Championship and win it. I agree. As if anyone couldn't see that? My point. Daniels was injured. Take Bennett out of the equation and no other QB on the roster would've been able to duplicate Bennett's results from the all-important QB position. You can't rewrite history. Without Bennett there is no undefeated season and likely no National Championship. This doesn't mean I'm a Bennett or bust fan. If another player beats Bennet out, all the better. That will just mean we got an upgrade at QB, and we have a ready-made starter at back-up. Where's the downside?
"They didn’t win a title because of him." Wrong! I thought - think the results could've been the same with a healthy JT Daniels. But that's not worth anything. We will never know. I do think it's a safe assumption that if Bennett wasn't there to come in after Daniels was injured, it's more likely than not that there is no undefeated season. Also, the Bama D sacked Bennett several times in both games. Daniels would've been sacked more than Bennett was. For all we know, that could've been the difference in winning a National Championship or losing it. Stetson Bennett deserves as much credit for the National Championship as any member of that team. I'm glad he's coming back!
There are a few idiots in every crowd, but I really wonder how many of these negative Bennett comments are really coming from jealous trolls. Plain and simple, without Bennett there is no undefeated season and likely no National Championship. Georgia was better with Bennett in 2021 and they will be better with Bennett on the team - as the starter or not in 2022.
Imperial. That's quite a wish list. Didn't you say "Will lose to Florida and to Tennessee. Maybe South Carolina too." last year? "UGA doesn’t have Bama’s coaching." You really went there? Maybe you missed the 2021 season? Coaching won't be a problem. You don't luck into one of the most dominant teams - seasons by accident. Might as well accept it, UGA like Alabama, is here to stay. It's up to Florida, Tennessee and SC to close that gap. Kirby's not going to do it for them.
“That’ll be $33.18,” That says it all!
I can't blame Daniels. It's a shame that he had multiple injuries and never had the season he expected. It looks like Kirby wants a dual threat QB, which puts Daniels prospects of winning the job in doubt. I hope Daniels goes to a good team with an O-line that can protect him. I think he's got what it takes. Best of luck in the future.
Bowers is already the best (most complete) Tight end in the best conference in college football. Another year of weight training and putting on a few more pounds will make Bowers go from a freak to a Bonafide super freak. The GA offense is blessed to have such a talent as Brock Bowers.
I was glad that Georgia had Bennett, but when Daniels got healthy, I wanted him to get the starting position back. My only complaint was Bennett's 3rd down passing and he seemed to almost throe three INT's every game. I also trusted the coaches. If they thought Bennett was the better option, I was ok with it. Bennett played his best in the final two elimination games, when it counted the most. What more could we have asked for. Stetson will go down as a UGA legend. Despite my opinion and it was the same for many, Kirby went with the former walk-on, prompting many to say, Kirby's mismanaging the QB roster. Now we know better. Kirby made the right decision, and the rest is history
Troll. I'm going to answer your question - not as in a Bama fan asking a question - but just assuming you really have no clue. SECCG. It was a must win game for Bama. Georgia was "In" win or lose. Human nature, you try harder when you have to. Rat Poison. The Ga players watched the Iron Bowl and they knew they were the better team - they knew they were going to dominate the Bama O-line. Alabama had other plans and they were better motivated. Last point. Kirby has a habit of playing too conservative. It caught up to his team again in the SECCG. Kirby hopefully learned that lesson - or he simply thought his best chance in the NCG was to get after Young and if it didn't pay off, he had nothing to lose by trying.
Fantasy. That was a special LSU team. I guess we'll just have to see if Kirby can keep his program from running off the rails. Winning Championships and keeping it going - staying relevant would also be special. I think Kirby will...
Wow! That's crazy. It's as if he was born for that Championship moment. What a story...
Tidefan8x5. Thanks for the heads up. That makes more sense than his post. I'll remember his name...
I'm old enough to remember the 1980 season. Watching the Dawgs on TV but listening to Larry Munson give the play by play. You could actually do that in those days - before some punk exposed Janet Jackson's breast on national TV, that prompted the delay. This one is just as special, both Championship teams featuring great defenses and enough offense to get it done. I feel blessed to have experienced both of those special Bull Dawg seasons!
What if Georgia had a healthy George Pickens? What if their other top three returning receivers from 2020 were healthy and not coming back from season ending injuries during the entire season. What you really need to ask yourself is why did Georgia dominate Bama on both lines of scrimmage? The Bennett fumble, that was clearly a pass, was a gift from the officials. Otherwise Bame doesn't score. Georgia was clearly the better team. Better luck next year.
Considering how the rules favor the offense more now than they did ten years ago, and how much more advanced today's offenses are, the 2021 Georgia defense is firmly in the discussion for the best defense of all time. What a season!
It's kind of sad to see an Alabama fan making such weak excuses. Maybe you can strike a deal with Academy Sports and get a 2021 Alabama NC shirt, before they're all gifted to some third world country... Plain and simple, the Dawgs dominated the Tide in the 4th quarter and took the game over. That's why the Dawgs are the 2012 National Champions!
"he beat Smart’s squad every chance he got." Sorry to break up the party. But you can't say that anymore. Georgia beating Alabama for the National Championship took care of that.
I hope Monken stays, he is a great play caller. Unlike Chaney and Bobo, who you almost always knew what play was coming next.
I don't want to hear anything about "we lost players" excuses. Georgia started the season missing every receiver who caught a pass in 2020, most from injury. George Pickens is a top 5 CFB receiver and he didn't see the field until around game 9, and he never got to 100%. Georgia was the better team all season long. Alabama beat the Dawgs in the SECCG because they had to win or their season was over. The Dawgs were "in" win or lose. In the end, when it really mattered the best team won.
dtanne2, you have your one-man opinion. Georgia has the 2021 National Championship trophy.