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TDOWTheGreat, he is a good salesman and a good coach. I also hope he has let's just say, improved in other areas. It's just hard for me to get over that "we're not doing anything wrong and if anyone has any proof come forward" moment. Reminded me of Bill Clinton's Monica denial, and I knew it right when he said it...
Afan, I agree. I think GA got that hard fought game against SC, as Rattler had his way somewhat during the first half. GA responded and dominated the rest of the game. I think it's 50% human nature and 50% Kirby holding something back. Kirby said they were missing 12-players off the two-deep last week. Timing on offense and communication on defense has suffered as a result, but the upside is playing all those backups builds depth and hopefully they can get the starters healthy and also benefit from the experience late when it really counts.
AUPanther, Freeze is a good coach. I'm sure he will be an upgrade over the last two.
Auburn is catching the Dawgs at the right time with 6-starters and 6-2nd string players missing from last week's game. As Deion said, "better get us now."
Someone needs to show Freeze the won-loss record against Georgia over the last 15-years. He has no clue...
That was Freeze's Rut-Row moment. Now he knows what the Auburn faithful expect from him.
Kirby Smart just set an all-time SEC 100-game record and it doesn't make the front page of SDS? Someone needs to talk to the editor. If more fans saw this, knew it has even happened, it would spark much debate. Like in how Kirby has done it in the play-off era and without the benefit of unlimited scholarships - Bryant, or the benefit of over-signing - Saban and Fulmer, and he's had to do it against Saban during the whole eight years. Saban by contrast got the huge benefit of having Kirby Smart on staff for much of his first 100. Kirby's first 100 is more impressive...
Michigan and Southern Cal have an easier schedule. Ohio St's is only a few spots lower. Do you have a point?
David you just took such a narrow view. Georgia has an "easier schedule - this year." Next year it will be one of if not the hardest schedule in CFB. Second point: Bryant, Spurrier, Fulmer and (Saban for around 1/2 of his first 100 games) didn't have to play an SECCG and also 2- play-off games. Third point: Saban not only didn't have to play his games against Smart - until the last eight years, but Saban also enjoyed the absolute benefit of having Kirby Smart on his staff for some of his first 100. Bryant benefited from almost unlimited scholarships. Saban and Fulmer as well as many others benefited from over-signing players. Kirby has not had those benefits. Kirby's first 100 is clearly more impressive.
Georgia didn't look "disinterested" last night, but I guess that goes against the narrative.
Kirby Smart, greatest of all time! It seems way too early to say that, but through his first 100 games it is a fact. Georgia fans need to soak up every moment because the last eight years have been the best in the storied history of Georgia football. It won't last forever.
Amen! Glad to hear that. Gods speed in your recovery Nick...
Saban talks like a Dem-ocrat politician. Whatever will sound best for the moment. That is the only used at any particular moment.
Play the 2026 and 2027 games in Atlanta, unless Florida's opposed to the idea of Georgia having the home state advantage...
TDOW, if Georgia beats UAB this Saturday Kirby will set a SEC record for wins over the first 100 games for any SEC coach all time. He will be the GOAT of SEC coaches through the first 100 games...
Heupel had the benefit of offering, what was it - 14 6th-year seniors a great shot at playing time last season. Now that many of them have moved on - this is the result. We're about to see how well Heupel can recruit and how well his staff can develop HS players into SEC players. The next three years will be interesting. I hope Tennessee and Florida can have some success.
There is some truth to Saban's point about transfers. But his timing is not a good look. Alabama has had the highest Blue-Chip ratio for the last two seasons and likely for the last five years at least. This just sounds like the latest excuse. They just keep coming...
It has been an interesting season, with all the injuries (already most in Kirby's time as HC) the fans have a renewed sense of urgency to pull the team through. Even a team like UAB will get to experience a better Sanford stadium atmosphere than it usually would.
True Grit. What are you talking about? The hit on Travis Hunter was actually an illegal hit 'because the play was already over' - ball bouncing 7-yards down the field - Hunter nowhere close to still being in the process of making the catch. (That hit took place after the play was over). Bullard arrived on time, as the ball met the receiver's hands. That play happens in every game in the history of football.
Did Saban have his arms crossed while making those remarks?
They could have scored a touchdown on the play that they keep bringing up if they had blocked better, but they didn't. OS just realizes that they don't have the right coach, a coach who's capable of getting a chance at a NC very often. They missed their chance and they're still crying. Pitiful...
I would favor LSU. A&M is a toss-up - where is the game played, I'll take that team. Bama over Tennessee - they play in Bryant Denny... Tennessee has also taken a big step back.
The Dawgs O-line and even the D-line need to improve, and I think they will. What's not being reported enough is Kirby has a team that's dealing with the most injuries since he's been at UGA. All of those missing starters will have an effect.
Lane Kiffin "Lane Kiffin said #OleMiss is preparing for an Alabama defense coordinated by Travaris Robinson and not Kevin Steele: There seems like there’s been a change there. I don’t know what happened after the Texas game, but our guys watching the TV copy and schematically in this last game, certainly seems like T-Rob’s now calling the defense." Kiffin already sending shots.
Wo-ke is in-sane! Looks like the band director decided it was time to become a vic-tim. It worked and now he gets his 5-minutes of National media.
When you have replaced coordinators as often as Saban has it's bound to catch up to you eventually.
Tennessee South Carolina looks like an interesting game.
Beck's replacing a 6th year -2-year starter at QB. Edwards and Milton have both been limited by injury at RB. McConkey has not played, and Bowers is clearly not 100%. The offense will get better especially if they can get healthy. Biggest concerns. FG kicking and lack of effort - due to recent success.