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You always hate to hear a kid's career ending in injury. Good luck to him.
I’m a lawyer as evidenced by my genuine screen name that is not at all a cheeky little stab at the former coach of the Vols. In all seriousness, well said LSU
Good win by the Vols, good fight by Kentucky. They're having a rough stretch but make no mistake, Kentucky is a final four team if they can get it together. There is so much talent there. However, on the rare occasion like this, veteran leadership wins out over lottery pick talent.
That's cool, can always use the big men on the line. But man oh man...this NIL and no transfer penalty makes it so difficult to keep up with who is going where and when. It would be exhausting to be a coach and recruiter.
Watch it, I'm pretty sure Butch Jones has a copyright on that phrase.
About to let Iowa's QB have his Heisman day. It's a Tennessee tradition.
Don't worry, Iowa will get 650 yards of offense at the bowl game. Letting opponent offenses have their Heisman moment is the Tennessee way.
Wanna play for a team that is always right in the bell curve? Come to Tennessee kids where you'll be a part of the most OK team in the country. Sure we'll have a good win every now and then but it will be equally balanced by a humiliating and unexplainable loss within 2-3 weeks. Tennessee...where we're just alright.
The resurgence of Josh Dobbs will remind the UT players of the Dobb-nail boot play and will elevate them to victory tomorrow.
Yay basketball season is here so I can start putting this football season behind me.
I just hope TN can make it look competitive against UGA and not whatever that pile was on Saturday at Mizzou. Holy smokes that was bad. Beat Vandy and go limping into whatever mediocre bowl we get.
I watched that Wisconsin game Friday and he never stopped hustling. He was in every possession. He's the reason there is a real chance at a Final Four birth this year.
Seems like a reasonable prediction. It could easily be the other way around too. This should be a great game.
No one on that team is looking ahead Brokeback. I expect this to be evenly fought the whole game, much like the Kentucky game was. I hope the Vols come out on top but it wouldn’t surprise me if that score prediction was the opposite either.
So true. This game has huge implications so let's get it on and see what shakes out.
It’s Mizzou’s passing game vs UT’s rushing attack. We’ll see who flinches.
Should be a paycheck game for UConn and more power to them. Mizzou will be an interesting game next week before the merciless beatdown from Georgia and then smooth sailing through Vandy. Could be 9-3, could be 8-4, who knows...
It's because UT is in UK's head. Kinda like UF is always in UT's head. Results defy records and team ability.
Hate to hear that. Good thing Kentucky isn't a good passing team. Too bad Mizzou is...
Look, I love the orange glasses as much as anyone but did this guy seriously say TN is not out of the SEC East Division race?? Sweet baby Tebow that's not happening. Come on guys, we're looking at 9-3 at best, unless everyone else falls apart and loses the rest of the season that isn't happening.
Oh Kentucky, about to get curb stomped. Yikes, I'm not feeling those uniforms. But...just win and I won't care at all.
Seriously...expecting a big payout from that wrongful termination suit and I would get my cut. But now Pruitt is working at a high school and my percentage is much less so I had to go find real work to do. Such is life...
It's one of those weird things. UT owns UK like UF owns UT. Rank and record doesn't matter. It's that Swamp Voodoo as the SEC Shorts guys said. I expect UT to win this one and we'll see how it goes against Mizzou.
Maybe it's just that this game looks to be competitive without one team holding the clear advantage, unlike the UGA/UF game. I don't know, I'm reaching...
I agree with this assessment. UT owns UK like UF owns UT. It doesn't matter how good each team is at the time of meeting it just typically goes down that way. Of course they aren't beating UGA and I've not seen anything from either team that makes me think they're beating Missouri. Plus Mizzou is gonna want some revenge after UT was throwing bombs last year in the fourth when the game was well in hand. 8-4, Music City Bowl, not the worst year we could've had.