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Florida will beat Tennessee again (for the 12th time in a row), and will win the East again. As usual (no team has won the East more, in fact, no SEC team has won their division more except maybe Bama... it might be a tie there)... Florida will play Bama in Atlanta again. Florida will win taking a 5-4 SEC Championship series lead against the elephants. That's how the East & West is gonna go next year in the SEC. If your not a fan of either team, don't tune in.
Lol... they are 2nd best in the league right now cause they are East Champs. And they had that clinched the last weekend of October. BTW, 11 straight over Tennessee, so keep that UF smack out-cha mouth, boy. 24-20 Bama
The Gators just need to keep on winning and the rest will take care of itself. As a lifelong Gator, I love being looked over this early. I really think this team has a good chance to get to the playoffs. We'll see... Go Gators!
But Richt doesn't play the actual game. His players do. Thing is, Florida is better, has been better and just proved it this past Saturday. As a Gator, I'd love another shot at LSU. Hope your team beats the elephants this Saturday.