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A huge, huge part of Dabo’s success is his assistant coaches (coordinators). It’s almost a certainty they would not be offered pro jobs. Additionally, his corn pone antics wouldn’t fly with seasoned professionals. Dabo would flame out in the NFL and slink back to take the ‘Bama post-Saban position. However, things would be dramatically different for him outside the friendly confines of the ACC. He should stay put. There’s no place like home.
"...the SEC big cities will surpass the Big Ten big cities in total population, as people flee Chicago and New York so fast that there is a waiting list for moving trucks." God, I hope not. Hilton Head is already overrun with Ohioans; SWFL overrun with Michiganders; Miami-Dade overrun with New Yorkers and Habaneros. We don't need (or want) anymore northerners!!
Love all your little abbreviations. You must be hip.
How? Because Muschamp has never coached a top-50 offense entering Year 9 as a head coach, and the answer to his all-or-nothing season was hiring Mike Bobo (who didn’t have a top-70 offense the last 2 years at Colorado State). If there's a 2020 CF season there will be no joy in Cola!
No getting around it, Spurrier's record against UGa. is stupendous...he owns the Dawgs.
Ancient, ancient history...and you continue to lose (said another way: we continue to beat you); get used to it.
Yadda, yadda, yadda. We've beaten you four out of five...get used to it. Spurrier owns you.
Bitter, are we? You guys just can't win in Williams-Brice's in your heads.
Your writing ability and proofreading stinks. "McElroy has shone potential to be a great broadcaster..."
"Georgia has many famous traditions that were not included…." Then they must not be 'famous.'
It's nice All Barn steals from our 'playlist.' To return the favor, we're gonna start letting our Gamecock fly around the stadium like your bird.
What makes you think there's no humidity in Texas?
A very poorly written article (content aside).
"... and with Spurrier Jr. seemingly being the obvious choice to replace the Ole Ball Coach when he decides to go,..." Uh, are you sure about that?
Spurrier and the Gamecocks OWN UGa. and its "relevancy."
Does the team "Gamecocks" ring a bell?
Can't think of two teams I dislike more: UGA and Clem5on...therefore, it is irrelevant to me what time they play as I can't bring myself to watch. Wish it could end in a 0-0 tie.
Looking forward to seeing you in Columbia, SC...bring money.
This is contrary to Spurrier's comment that noted his preference for playing UGa. early in the year because the Dogs usually had two or three players suspended.
This is not an All America team(s). However, Clowney's presence on defense allowed Kelcy Quarles to also make 1st team SEC defensive team.
The Big 10 is irrelevant and Michigan fans are delusional.
Lattimore killed you, too (despite "too much focus").