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If LSU allows him to coach now that these phone conversations are out there they could forget about playing a postseason game for a few years. This guy is a joke trying to play a victim.
Who wouldn't want to play for a coach that endorses illegal drug use and goes to bat for his cheating players?
I think he was speaking of passing issues against quality opponents and being completely ineffective against them. Kind of like Drew Lock his entire career, only compiling stats against mid majors and bottom tier sec teams and looking like a D2 qb against any decent team.
Why wouldn't Kirby let Fields transfer inside the SEC. Wasn't Kirby crying about a player should be able to play wherever they want to when he was using dirty tactics to try to get former players to leave Bama and come to UGA. Didn't work out too well for him and he is still world's behind Coach Saban and the Alabama Program.
I'm sure Saban wouldn't want your son anywhere near his team if he was didn't want to play for a coach that made practices too hard.
"because those with the most power in the SEC office, said no.".... Wait a minute, according to you leg humpers the only reason that Bama beat the hell out of you inbreds the past two seasons is because they have the SEC in their back pocket.
“Malzahn will be the team’s play-caller, as he was during his first three seasons as head coach”..... Doesn’t sound like he will let him do his job
Pretty sure this blogger failed to watch a single snap of football this season.
Gus has only been successful when he has had a really good RB, see Michael Dyer, Tre Mason, and Kerryon Johnson.
If Hurts leaves it will be to a program that he will have a chance to compete for a championship and can continue to grow as a QB; Auburn provides neither of those opportunities. Oklahoma is Hurts' most likely landing spot.
Coach of the year should be Nick Saban and its not even debatable. What he has done in a rebuilding year is one of the best coaching jobs in the history of the game. On the offensive side of the ball Bama has a first year starter at QB to go along with the loss of the top WR and RB from the previous season. The real miracle work is on the other side of the ball, though. Saban fielded the SECs top defense while replacing 9 starters, 8 of whom were lost to the NFL draft. Connor do research so you will have at least a little knowledge on the subject of your blogs.
Agree that you can’t fix stupid. The reason for the outpouring of scoring was due to the ot. The A&M defense was a lot more successful against the LSU O than UGA was. LSU would have probably hit 100 if they went 7 ots with UGA and didn’t shut their offense down early because of the blowout
This may be the most ignorant article I’ve ever read on SDS, which says a lot considering what Conor puts out. The only legitimate argument OU has over OSU is the lost to Purdue, which could be offset by the Michigan blowout, by far the most impressive win of the two. You bring up the fact that OSU struggled against Maryland, a better team than the team that gave OU their loss. Also, the TCU win is better than any out of conference win than OU has, one of which was a OVERTIME GAME AGAINST ARMY. The is no clear choice here, both teams should have handled business against inferior opponents, so don’t let your hatred for Urban skew the facts.
This is Funny because the brawl started because his team was playing without class and the ole miss wr wasn’t going to take the unclassy “sh!t” that the MSU DB did. Mooreheads’s fat ass is going to be an extreme failure in this league once Mullen’s guys get out of there. Can wait to watch this classless piece of trash get his fat ass whipped by everyone in the league for the next few years.
There’s not a single bold prediction of the ten
Yep, it’s gotten pretty bad. They’ve managed to infiltrate the MSU coaching staff.
MSU is a dirty program that brings nothing to the table in the SEC. We need to replace them with Central Fla, Middle Tenn, Troy, Louisville, or Southern Miss.
It was for sure a joke of officiating job. Bama’s d-linemen and WRs were getting held nearly every play, similar to last week against LSU. Even with terrible officiating Bama was able to blow out but dumpster fires of programs.
I thought injuries and lack of depth is why LSU prooved they were the better team earlier this year?
Using your logic, Purdue has better players than Ohio State and Troy has better players than LSU?
That was definitely a fumble. The still shot that everyone says is proof that he scored is actually proof that he didn’t. In real time you can see that the only reason that the runner put the second hand on the ball is because he started to lose control of it. If he didn’t have control of it when it touches the goal line it isn’t a td.
If that were the case he would have went to a school that didn’t have a new scandal come up every 2 or 3 years
If we are using "shoulds" it probably would be more accurate to say Bama should have never lost to Ole Miss. The 2015 team was the first Ole Miss team to finish in the top 10 since 1969's team, Freeze accomplishing that in the worst program in the West is saying something.
Bama opponents constantly start with poor field position because of this, but like a lot of other things Saban dominates at , the NCAA tries to handcuff him.
And what happens if the 4-8 Notre Dame team from 2016 shows up. We’ll just hear again about how weak Bama’s out of conference schedule is. More times than not a neutral site game against an FSU, Wisconsin, va tech, Clemson, w Virginia, Louisville, or Michigan will be more impressive than a road win over Notre Dame, and a neutral site win over any of the teams above will always be more impressive than a home win against the Irish.
What makes the even more questionable is that the point spread was 4.5
Xavier and UNC reaching the sweet sixteen are definitely not good picks, good picks would have been FSU and Texas A&M reaching the sweet sixteen. Sounds like you know as much about basketball as you do football.
Written by an “award winning editor”....