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The biggest concern is its players reading, seeing, listening and considering any hype or limits perpetrated by social media and news feeds. I admit I like to read what is being said but much of it is suggested commentary that is yet to be determined. I suppose that sells news and entertainment. As long as the team believes it can overcome any challenge, it has much more and equal talent than all but two other teams, and has more talent depth. As long as they stay engaged on each week’s opponent and not look past that week, the Dawgs can win the Natty.
David Pollack is so far from biased that an un-informed ESPN viewer would never know he was a Bulldog. He tries so hard to avoid the “Homer” moniker and it appears he purposely avoids talking about the Dawgs even when the Georgia highlights are warranted. Yes I’m a Dawg but I appreciate greatness wherever it happens to be. Pollack is spot on here and he is uncharachteristically mentioning a Dawg here. Go back and look at the tape on Swift. He’s scary quick, slippery and can run through tackles.