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appreciate the add'l info. it seems like you guys have dif reasons in not likeing/trusting stricklin. @chomp. i remember stricklin stating publicly that he didn't initially go after mullen out of respect to miss st, so maybe you have a point. whether that statement is accurate or not, we don't truly know. personally, i thought at the time that frost was the correct 1st choice to go after. count me in the group that thought he'd thrive at uf and am surprised how poorly its gone in lincoln for him. as for kelly and whether he truly was #2, i get him being option #2 as well and believe he would have been hired, if not for his rejection in having to appease various engagements with the bull gators and alumni grps. in the end, i also thought mullen was a likely good hire. again, if we take stricklin at his word, i get his hesitation in putting his prev employer in a bad spot. he got his 1st real opportunity there, of which led to the better AD spot at uf. if you're insinuating that he still has eyes on miss st or that he may still put that univ or 'buddies' ahead of uf, i'm curious to what you've seen/heard. @phil. we could have some fun debates about donovan. extremely successful coach, but something just didn't seem fully consistent with him...though you could also have a fun debate that he accomplished more than self has ku or calipari at uk...of which are certainly 'cadilac' programs. had no idea what you were referrign to about the women's coach. def a situation where you know more than me.
disagree. the saban impact has maybe accelerated the demise of certain coaches who are/were out of their league, but not necessarily 'killed good coaches.'
i'm curious, what have you seen or heard to question stricklin's committment to uf? why don't you trust him? just an unsubstantiated opinion? from afar and gauging the continued overall success of the uf athletic dept, he's easily one of the top ADs in the country. i'd trade with uf tomorrow. just with mullen and your most high-profile team, i think he's handled mullen perfectly. gently called-out his foolish public statements last fall concerning stadium attendance. he stayed away from any premature, public fawning over mullen last fall/winter before the collapse, while the contract ext over the summer was strategically timed. he's further stayed away from any public statements concerning the current spiral of the program. a non-committed or selfish individual would attempt to interject themselves into the public eye with respect to all of these opportunities.
is that what you understand....from their one year together?
agree. was nice reading your take. a shame that so many others have failed to get it.
they also claimed that emory jones was a great, very accurate qb and that mullen was finally getting a qb more fitting to his preferences as a play-caller
what you're not seeing is that you've been wrong A LOT, so you may think that you have nothing to lose....but credibility left a long time ago
you're reaching. uf is 0-3 against the 3 teams of merit that they've played against. a 'pretty good' tn team would have a better W on their resume through 7 games than....well, i'll let you choose, a 3-4 mizz team or a 4-3 sc team. this upcoming cocktail party has a real feel to the '09 cocktail party. a lot of dawg fans were thinking they had a chance heading into that game. it was a blowout. best to start preparing for the same.
the jake coker comparisons are actually a disservice to what bennett has done in '21. bennett is carrying a qbr of 211, while coker was at 147. bennett has avg'd over 12.1 yds a pass, while coker was only at 7.9. coker had the heisman winner in the backfield with him, while bennett has a great backfield...but no one back there is getting any hype as the best rb in the country. bennett has turned-out to be is own story, of which has defied both opposing fans and a contingency of uga's own fans expectations...and to a further extent their ability to accept
he replaced HCs which were fired at both cu and msu (cough, retired) for obvious reasons in that they weren't getting it done, so questioning his w/l record in year 1 at both schools probably isn't well-placed
yes, that's bad too. but, tn sure has been in a lot of negative and embarrassing situations of late. all fan bases of bad eggs....but the bad eggs at tn seem to either be growing in #s or there's just no shame of those individuals over there, as they're not fearful of any repercussions. either way, it's an obvious problem
prime time? congrats, you made the sec network game of the wk!
i guess for the safety and dignity of the sport, it's been a good thing the program has been so bad and of little interest in selling out games and attracting an apparent large collection of fools
anderson is incredible and deserves all the praise, but the best defensive player in the nation plays for the dawgs and his name is...referenced in the title of this article
i think simply seeing daniels fully dressed today and last week, had bennett struggled, he would have been available to come in. cks is riding the hot hand and assuring that daniels is given time and opportunity to heal.
why do so many uga fans get so worked-up over this. are you not enjoying the Ws? are you not enjoying the largest scoring margin in the country? just enjoy the ride.
i don't get the point of bringing up that he was 5/10 for 65 yds. he finished 14/20 for 250 & 3tds. doesn't it mean more with where you finish...then where you start...or where you may be at an arbitrary point in the game
disagree with the, 'if not now, when' perspective. uk can remain on a positive trajectory with a loss today. uga is the higher ranked team and no one really expects uk to win on sat. now, if they fell on their face with an upcoming game against tn and/or miss st, then some concern could be warranted whether they're in fact ready to make the next step.
in seeing various comments and comparing amongst ark, aub and uk fans, the uk fans' comments are almost identical to what ark fans were saying leading up to the uga game.
now, how did i know one of your 'shocker' picks would include uk upsetting uga
there's certainly been some good ones, but pollack's resume stands above the rest. #47 should be retired
the tn game certainly carries a higher interest today than it did two weeks ago, but facing bama and uk the weeks prior likely won't do tn and their limited depth chart any favors before facing the dawgs
i really like that 27-10 score for the uga/uk game. actually, i really like all of your score predictions.
i can’t see a scenario where uk could jump out to a 10 pt lead. one major component to this game that seems to be getting overlooked is that uk has only played one road game all year and that was at sc. that game didn’t provide any type of warm-up to a loud, raucous crowd. one consistency to this season is that many road teams have struggled offensively out of the gate in loud, packed stadiums….as many don’t have recent experience in these situations on account of limited attendance in stadiums last year. ask ark? ask bama? ask uf? ask aub? all initially struggled in loud away games with false starts, communications, etc. i was concerned about uga at aub. uk has been a good story this year, but i don’t think they’ve been appropriately prepared for the atmosphere of this saturday.
so, if uf finishes 9-3 and they finished 8-4 last year, can mullen supporters continue to claim that uf is still on the rise and gaining ground on cks' head start of 2 add'l years at uga?
not surprising to see bama, uf and uga on that list, but it was surprising to not see lsu
agree. that was the knock on cks, that he preferred a controlled, time-consuming offense to protect his defense. that his 'stubbornness' to adapt to the offenses that were lighting up scoreboards and winning the championships was not only preventing him from potentially winning his own championships, but were camouflaging that his defenses really weren't that great. with a mid-season review of uga's run/pass ratio, # of explosive plays dialed-up and executed by the offense and current defensive rankings...that critique is in the waste basket. i believe he has handed the keys to monken....and has a trust in both bennett and a healthy daniels that he's likely never had before with his qbs. this dawg is optimistic with what all he's seen thus far.
good read. enjoyed seeing the insider's thoughts and perspectives