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easy. duke and unc's b-ball programs are iconic. imo, the closest schools with a program on similar footing would be uk in b-ball and bama and nd in football, at least of the two major revenue producing sports. i'd even state that the former two schools' programs have played at a more consistently dominant level the last 40 yrs than the latter three mentioned. bama has more nat'l chamnps than the other four over the last 10 yrs, but i'm talking a period of 40 yrs and two entire generations of athletes. the sec is king in football. that's not up for debate. in getting unc and duke b-ball on top of already having uk b-ball, there's a legit debate that sec could take over the reigns in b-ball too. of course, i'm betting on duke and unc maintaining elite status, of which i believe they will. as a side, i also like the potential of unc football in taking advantage of an sec boost. also, with grp 2, you'd have fsu and uf, no need to have uf, fsu and miami.
yeah, nice work. imo, the only grouping up for debate is possibly switching out uk/ucla and tn/il with one another.
you and your former college roommates all agreed that, "Duke's Mayo Bowl' would be a great name for the title game? seriously? are you still pretending to be in college? grow up, peter pan. count chocula... you're like that contingency of OM fans that wanted to re-name their mascot from 'the rebels' to the 'admiral ackbars' i'd take grp 2...and it's not even close
man, when i saw the article title and read the first couple of excerpts i wanted to bash on smith and walk away with a maintained negative opinion of him and the univ....but, it was a measured response to a specific question and you really can't argue against what he said.
all this chatter about riley is so overblown. he was 1-1 against tosu and 2-0 against tenn. he didnt' go to usc b/c he was scared of competition. he went to usc for the outrageous contract and compelling evidence stacking up that he had taken okla as far as he could.
i like ringo, but there's been other recent cbs who have donned the r&b that were more deserving of such high praise heading into the season. baker and stokes to just name two
wow, what an exaggeration. we're now characterizing baseball teams that finish 2nd in the east as 'stinky?' hopefully, we're not also characterizing schools who fall flat on their face in the postseason as 'stinky' too, as tn's mid-tier bowl loss, 2nd rd ncaa tourn loss as a 3-seed and SR loss as the #1 overall seed didn't exactly set off many glowing reviews.
pretty sure uga would have rather played eli & company, as opposed to justin vincent and lsu. i remember what a great reg season game was played between the two in death valley and then the sec champ game was very one-sided. big let down!
idk, in football, is there really that big of difference between going 2-10 at vandy and 7-6 at tn. either way, you're getting crushed by your rivals.
predicting the west (#2 - 7) every year is essentially a dice roll....and the media is particularly bad at it
as a uga fan, i have no worries about our wr room.
why do you say that? this is actually the first uga-centered article in 8 days.
i actually like pearl...even with his checkered past. i find him likeable in interviews and easy to root for. above said, that 2019 team was good and so close, but the 2022 team was his best shot and he really mismanaged it. the lack of any kind of rein on green was the downfall of that team. he played as a shoot first, pass second pg and with the options that were on that team, he should have shot no more than 5x a game. with those options, you can't have a pg carrying a 41% 2pt fg % and 32% 3pt fg % shooting over 10 shots a game. only smith had more fg attempts. with oats at bama, put them in the top 4 of this list.
and there you go. well said. to add to that list, a pretty good former 2* beat out a 4* and ended up getting drafted in the 2nd rd.
other than a uga equivalent of 'gwhite713,' who's really saying that uga will simply re-load on defense after what all was just lost to the draft? everyone knows that they will take a step back in 2022. whether they'll give up 10 more pts or something a little less or more remains to be seen.
i get that your intention was to share a subjective opinion as to a general hierarchy of impending impact by each listed transfer to your listed categories, but your list failed to have any type of consistency or direction. in your 1st category you list 3 bama players and a cb at lsu and an ol at uf. yes, bama and the pending impact of those players will likely play a big part in whether bama makes the cfp, but what real impact will a single cb or an ot from two projected 7-5 / 8-4 teams really play into the cfp selection. easy, none. those two positions are important, but will have no impact on tilting a particular game against either bama or uga. you would have been better to have listed either evans (rb) at om, beal-smith (rb) at sc or wells (wr) at sc from your lowest recognized category into the 1st category. those players and their position will unquestionably carry a potential greater impact into an 'impacting college football' scale.
i heard him struggling against that florida team was the reasoning that uga cooled on him. #foreshadowing
please spare us from any more tony barnhart, aka 'mr.cfb' tweets. total pompous tweet. the day that guy has a novel opinion will be his first.
built like unlv? seriously? is there a mob presence in spokane that no one else knows about? i can't imagine anyone else trying to draw comparisons to tark's unlv teams to what few has with the zags. as far as your assertion that they'd be a .500 program in the sec, the data states otherwise. since 2017, gonzaga is rocking a .780 winning percentage against power 5 teams over a sample size of 50 games. further to that winning %, that includes games against premier power 5 teams and not the basement dwellers. i get that you don't like them/him and you're welcome to your opinion, but your below comments are way out there.
why do have so much disdain for gonzaga/few? few has built that program into a powerhouse, destination school for transfers...and did it all himself. plus, there's not even a sniff of any wrongdoing over there.
green was the weak link on the aub squad last year. he's a shoot first, pass second pg. the downfall of that team fell squarely on his shoulders and his lack of getting the ball to the better playmakers and options on the team. pearl had a final four roster...he just had no reigns on green.
correct, but their season had fallen off the rails after the sweep by the vols.
i hope that beamer is true to his position in that he 'promotes competition' and nothing has been promised to any of these transfers. sc may have the most overlooked collection of skill talent in the league and whether rattler is a top-shelf qb as he was projected to be comes into fruition or not, that offense will move the chains with relative ease. the biggest question will be whether they do it with him, in spite of him.....or potentially with doty in place of him. with wells and vann, sc may have the best wr duo in the league.
a 64-17 run differential over the last 7 games against that level of competition is incredible. elko is a 'dude' for sure and has been a great person to follow in his career at om...particularly the last 2 yrs, but carrying a differential like that is a true tribute to all 40 guys on the team and the coaches. this team was written-off before the calendar hit may...and with good reason, but wow. what a turnaround!
was it really necessary to throw more shade at the vols? probably not, but i'm sure the title of the article has gotten a couple of chuckles...
my first thought was that 12 sec qbs and 45 qbs in general was a ridiculously high # and what kind of cache was really donned to the selected qbs to instruct at the academy. but, in seeing that they're expecting 1,200 participants, that's really not an outrageous #. that camp has just gotten really big
big fan of this guy from afar. as impressive as the current day stories about him are, i could only imagine the stories that could have been spun about him had he played 50 yrs ago. the guy gets some headlines, but he's way under-recognized and celebrated