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I figured it was a given that they had reached out to other conf. why not? it was in the their better interest to gauge other conf to see where they stood and what they could get out of...and from them. if one of the other two or three power 5 conf had a very attractive offer/situation, it'd only make sense that TX and/or OK would use that as a chip in reaching out to their preferred situation. there's a reason these other commissioners have toed the line of silence concerning the matter....they don't want egg on their face should either TX or OK come out and speak about what had been considered, discussed, etc prior to those two schools deciding on the sec.
the 9 teams outside of the top 5 within the conf, particularly in football should also be listed as losers. sure, they just got some more coin, but their opportunity to potentially win big or even play for a conf title just got a lot tougher. there was already a divide within the conf since the league first expanded to divisions in '92 and only a handful of teams have competed for championships. the addition of tx and ok just added a couple additional hurdles to a landscape that was already too tough for the ms schools, ky, ark, sc, etc. to navigate through.
I don't disagree that exchanges on this move have been in place for awhile, but it wouldn't be unprecedented if one of the parties, (ahem, sec) were to back out of a handshake deal..prior to the execution of the contracts.
sure, that'll excite the brass in looking at their P&Ls, but do you really think that extra coin will lend to happier fan bases of those mid-tier teams in the conf? every once in a while, everything will line up for those mid-tier teams and they'll have a great team, great schedule, etc.....but adding those two blue bloods will only increase the likelihood of them tripping up....and that $20M is certainly no consolation in place of a potential title.
likely foolishly.....i'm still holding hope that the sec turns down tx and ok's formal request. it'd set up a very entertaining aug with all of the scrambling before the season kicks off.
are u strictly speaking from a cfb perspective only? easy argument to say that baylor and tcu carry a comparable to greater value in football....and definitely a greater value in the two other mens' sports (basketball & baseball).
can't really compare the clout of tx and cincy, but pretty telling as to the recognized/accepted power of which osu would carry in the big 10 and where a&m apparently stands in the sec.
i can't see any motivation for a move....from either of the three sides.
unfortunately, i think there's a good bit of negative to your suggestion. 1st, the local economies love the home games, so eliminating a cupcake game in favor of a bye week won't fly. plus, i'm all for the 1* and 2* athletes getting some financial assistance to go to college. if those fcs teams and weaker g5 teams don't get the payouts from the larger p5 teams, then those school's budgets drop significantly and would then lend to less opportunities for some of the less financially available to go to college 2nd, elimination of big ooc match-ups lends to a greater possibility of the sport becoming even more regionalized, which this pending sec expansion will certainly cause. for continued big dollars to keep coming in to support the conf and sport, it's better to have the greater interest of the entire country/population then just the south...and splattered segments in the midwest, northeast and west
and those two teams are the two teams who are the big winners in all of this. with ou getting to the playoff four times with their current format, which is the 4th most, i just don't get their desire to create a harder path back....even with the potential expansion to 12 teams. as much as people critique their 0-4 record in the cfp, they were a guarantee as a team in the 4-team playoff bracket with an undefeated record and still made it every time with exception to one time as a 1-loss team. now, and with a pending move to the sec and if they expand to a 12-team picture, they're current make-up and team strength pegs them at likely no higher than a 6-9 seed team; whereas, an undefeated or 1-loss season in the big 12 would have had them walking into the playoffs as no worse than a 4 or 5 seed. don't know what texas either sold them on or have over on them, but someone got seriously duped.
liking the himym reference and bar analogy. this deal still feels very short-sighted. it's not too late....back out!
love the olympics....and love how much PR bauerle brings to the univ each olympics. lucky to have had him for four decades running the uga swim team.
all this talk. it'll be very telling as to what swinney really thinks of dk by how much they ultimately throw at him come 9/4
agree on davis. agree on stingley. carter is definitely on my radar. personally, i don't get why so many seem to be sleeping on him. maybe i'm just reading the wrong comments and articles, but it seems like more hype has been built around cox, dexter, shelton, etc.
Simple, bama can have 3 of the top 10 players in the league....especially at the same position group, but not have the projected best D. maybe, uga's other 10 are viewed to be collectively better in making up the team's defense than bama's other 8. in the end, you know it matters little. this is a pre-season list from a single writer. let's see where all shakes out at the end of the season.
i'll back you. after that close win against lsu early in the season, that '04 team was a team on a mission.
boy, does your comment sound a lot like what a large contingency of uf fans have been saying after the sec champ game against bama. and to put it bluntly, they've been criticized and laughed at by your brethren...and other fan bases. you just tried to throw shade at the uga fan...while you actually more embarrassed yourself.
so, when uf loses by two scores, it's not a blowout...such as uf/lsu 2019. but, when uga loses by two scores, such as uga/uf's a least so says your comments under this article.
the need to voice immediate opposition to one commenters opinion about uga is comical...very comical. to defend your opinion, you bring up single games in each season over the past 3 yrs. 3 games over two 13 game seasons and a 10 game season. 3 games over 36 games. uf lost 4 games in just last season....over 13 games.
Imperial, i think you're setting yourself up for some disappointment come your sept match up against bama. the criticism on golding hit its peak the week after the om game and continued into the uga game....through the half. after the 1st half, they shutout uga and gave up no more than 17 the rest of the season until the sec champ. to further state, they gave up less than 9 pts a game over their final 6. i get that uf dropped 46 on bama, but the last 7 min of that game was just a cluster of missed assignments and gained yards on two gassed defenses. if golding was truly out of his league against opposing offensive minds within the conf, saban wouldn't have brought him back.
in support of taking this list with a grain a salt, i looked up where the media was with their 2019 pre-season picks....specifically to lsu and imo the best college offense i've ever seen. lsu had their c 1st team and a g 2nd team, while burrow was 3rd and jefferson, not chase was also 3rd team.
just b/c someone may not have the 'clout' or pull to make changes, doesn't mean they may not still try to rock the boat. one thing we've all certainly seen about tx, they think very highly of themselves and don't care about others' feelings. the likelihood of tx falling in line as you predict is as likely as vanderbilt gaining a competitive advantage in football with the addition of ok and tx to the conference.
yes, there's certainly a thing as 'too top-heavy.' if the general mass loses interest in cfb....the interest in further marketing alongside the sec will soon follow too. i believe we're already near a point where a large portion of the country is about to abandon their interest in cfb. a move like bringing in tx and ok into the sec will only accelerate that.
agree with lsusmc here. successful businesses and institutions are either in front of the curve or adapt better than their competition, but such a bold move could also potentially cut-off outside revenue streams that were once plentiful. i'm concerned about a more negative domino effect than positive effect in the long term.
so, with bama and aub moving to the east and essentially keeping those former cross-division rival games with tn and uga still intact for each coming year and with some folks at uf seeking the removal of their annual cross-division match-up with lsu, that seems to open the door for the elimination of a fixed cross-division opponent and a more round robin schedule for cross-division teams in the future, right? of course, the divisions themselves could get blown-up.
shame to me for saying this and providing any read meat to the trolls concerning comparisons after year 1 of each coach....but cmr didn't have any bad losses either in his first several years. '02 to uf (rival), '03 to lsu (eventual nat'l champ), '04 to tn (felt like a bad one at the time, but they were #17 and finished with only 1 conf loss), '04 to aub (debated as the #1 team that year), '05 to uf (no shockley) and '05 to aub (OT).
idk about a long time. just in 2018 they started the year #3 after just playing in the nat'l champ. had climbed to #2 before getting punched in the face in br. also started the season #3 in 2019 and #4 in 2020. of course, i agree with your reference that some other key teams will be breaking in new qbs, but at the time...uga was viewed to be very well positioned in recent years....especially heading into week 1 in '18 and '19. looking forward to the season.
so, a guy that has another term for testicles in his username is calling others a 'moron' and 'stupid.' get a grip with reality, guy. and read again, no one was beating their chest about gt.