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with that, he goes on to say the means in which tn got sloppy, but doesn't provide any details in how uga has gotten sloppy. there may be something, i don't know....but grouping of the two, yet no uga details leaves a lot to be questioned
one thing is for sure, dp continues to lump uga into this debacle. he must really trust this source
UGA next? Do you remember the school that offered newtown $180K....only to get turned down. you get one guess who was the hc at that school at the time. you don't think that stricklin has one eye on a potential replacement? mullen has been successful, but this past year was hardly a good year for his relationship w/ the uf admin
it's good that you like your hc. i think you'll be hard-pressed however to find many outside of that fanbase that's willing to bet on him getting back to the sec champ, let alone another nat'l champ
that year was a great ride those last couple of weeks. i really wish we could have seen a lsu v uga match-up in the sec champ with the winner going to the bcs champ. many agreed that uga was playing the best ball at the end of the year. but, uga tripped-up during the reg season and missed out. lsu was the rightful champ
what proven hc, whose won at an elite level do you see interested in the tn job? and, how much do you think tn would have to pay them to convince them to step into that mess? this isn't a jab. this is reality. we may have different definitions of the term "elite," but i don't see any elite coaches interested in wanting to work with that admininstration.
what world do you live in? richt was 10-5. also, that wasn't richt's record against uf either. rather than correct you on the record, i'll focus on how sad the state of the tn program is that you're attempting to bring positivity to yourself in boasting an entirely different team's record against uga. sad!
So, chris lowe believes tn is currently a better situation than om?
this article suggests that fulmer is stepping down on his own. sure, that adds up
the ride just won't stop. the brass at tn....incl fulmer felt it was appropriate for the assist coaches and staff to hear the news from a lowly admin assist....or worse...the media? tn fans, unfortunately, your admin is still broken. letting go of pruitt won't solve all of your problems
In a general sense, you're correct, but you can't say all with exception to one. Vermeil at least comes to mind. he was certainly successful in the nfl at 3 dif stops.
sorry guys, today's lesson was math. maybe tomorrow's will be comprehension and correlation.
Adam, are you still high on uga and crean? i recall an article from you about a month ago where you were praising their ooc record and recent defeat of cinc. with so many better, though less mainstream candidates to choose from, mcgarrity really whiffed in going after matta and crean. oats? mussellmen? and those are just two who have come into the league since the crean hire, but were easily better candidates with a higher trajectory
curious to see if a&m can back-up their '20 season and maintain that top 10 ranking from start to finish.
Uga is ranked #5 in this poll. they finished as follows for the prev four seasons: - '20 #7 - '19 #4 - '18 #7 - '17 #2 i'd say that #5 ranking is pretty on par with their finish the last 4 seasons under cks. but, that's the just the math talking. we can go with your uninformed opinion.
agree. hope he gets it all together and proves he was worth that lofty recruit ranking. that said, a part of me is concerned that his return will stunt mcintosh and milton's growth
jeez, relax. after reading a 2nd time, i see you're referring to malzahn's wins against saban and not richt's against malzahn. great, he had 3 wins against saban. who's trashing that? what was his record against his other rivals? smart has had 3 games against saban. 3 competitive games. 3 games in which uga had the lead heading into the 2nd half. it's not like the games aren't close.
richt was 2-1 against malzahn. the '14 game was a bad loss for malzahn....not so much in losing to a lower ranked uga team, but the fashion in which they lost. as you know, smart is 5-1. we'll see what the future holds, but i'd say smart's trajectory is higher against aub in comparison to richt's first five years and in his match ups against malzahn
PoFoke, The discussion aside, let's clear up some incorrect records you keep posting. richt was 1-2 against saban in his first 5 seasons, while smart is 0-3. Not sure where you're coming up with your records, but they're wrong. richt was a great replacement to donnan. donnan had been fired with a .678 winning percentage at uga. a lot of media and opposing fans questioned the termination at the time at face value, but there was clearly something missing. richt came in and proved that there was something wrong and that someone else could do better, as he finished with a .812 winning %. richt was universally beloved by dawg nation. he's always been admired by the majority and deservedly so in how he ran a clean program. i personally think he ran the program cleaner than 99% of the programs who perennially finished in the top 25 throughout his tenure. that's of course a statement up for debate, but that's my opinion and i'm sharing for reference to my next comments. when richt was let go, it was time. i thought it was time the previous year and i was surprised when they did it after the '15 season. yes, richt finished 9-3 that year, which on paper is a great record, but after a closer look at that record and season, you'll note that uga didn't even finish the season ranked. a blue-blood program with a 9-3 record not finishing ranked is all you really need to know in that some records.....are not exactly what they are...on the surface. smart has had uga positioned for the playoffs in 3 of 5 seasons up until the final reg season game, of which is the sec champ. win that game and uga was in the playoffs. richt was not in that company. if we had been in a playoff situation during richt's first five yrs, he would of only had uga in playoff consideration in 1 of 5 seasons. i could go on and further dissect the the two coaches first 5 seasons, but above is the exclamation point. i'll take having an opportunity of a playoff bid 60% of the time vs 20% of the time and the couple extra victories that richt had every time!
keeping focus to the three teams (a&m, nd and ok) as of the last game of the season, i'd rank them: a&m, ok and nd. disclaimers: - i think a&m is a more a complete team than people give them credit for. no stars on def, but they're pretty fundamentally solid. - ou has definitely made strides on the defensive side since riley took over, but they're still a notch behind a&m and nd - i ranked nd last of the three, but not by much. i think this was easily the best nd team that kelly has had. they would have beat his '12 and '18 teams with little struggle.
are you asking me about ok verse nd and ok verse a&m? if yes, i'd take ok over nd and a&m over ok. if you're asking me for a ranking of the best teams at the end of the season, that's dif than the intention of the AP poll.
yeah, but they slaughtered a roster of players that had been gutted by opt-outs. that, and a coach that clearly didn't come into that game focused or with a plan. i think they're solid at #6. nd's two losses were to playoff teams and a&m's loss was to the champ.
I'm all-in on the top 9. I'd likely replace northwestern with byu for the top 10.
The one jr who truly had the most momentum and praise from the scouts has declared and there's been a couple others that likely could have benefited from another year at the college level, but overall.....big win for the program with the returning jrs and srs.
fuzzy, the powers at be at tn made this bed. i think they'd be best to continue to lie in it, rather than throw it out the window right now. as i said in an above post, i believe tn would be best to either let the current extended contract run it's full course, or at least not doing anything for the next two years, but continue to show a public support for pruitt. if it doesn't work out, so be it. tn would have a much easier time finding a respectable, desired replacement two plus years from now than this or next year. the tn admin and fans need to remember how many rejections pre-dated the pruitt offer and acceptance.
brokeback, i believe you're missing the point. i don't believe 90dawg is suggesting that you should be pleased with the 16-19 record. rather, the tn fan base and admin need to take a step back and realize the damage you guys are currently creating is only exacerbating the problem there. it was a mess when pruitt signed-on. this backstabbing by the admin and continued inability to accept a realistic future for the program will only continue to cut the program further down. tn needs to sit on their hands and either let this extended contract run it's course or at least give it two more years with some kind of undeniable public vote of confidence in the interim. unfortunately, this public statement should come from the chancellor and not fulmer, as no one outside of vol diehards trust him.
At the time when swinney made the move to lawrence, these were the 2017 and 2018 stats of both opening day starters for clem and uga. - bryant '17: 65.8% compl, 2,802 yds, 13 tds & 8 int '18: 66.7% compl, 461 yds, 2 tds & 1 int -fromm '17: 62.2% compl, 2,615 yds, 24 tds & 7 int '18: 74.4% compl, 709 yds, 11 tds & 2 int would love to hear someone try to argue that smart and swinney were in the same position here.