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I hope he is well-received in gainesville, but I think gator fans are kidding themselves if they would have been cheering for him by the end of 2019. With product seen against UM and UK prior to his injury, the writing was on the wall that he wasn't up to snuff. As opposed to 2 losses, the gators were likely staring at 4 to 5 losses (UK, Aub and maybe addition to LSU & UGA) had he maintained the starting job. no hating....just props to trask and how much better he was than franks.
Regardless, trask is a great story and teaching moment for all 2nd string hs qbs out there.....and other position players. keep'll maybe get that lucky break.
I don't think SC's history supports going into each season with a goal of 9 wins every year is sensible. Goals can easily turn into expectations, of which an annual expectation of 9 wins at SC will certainly turn into disappointment. Spurrier is the exception. What he did at SC, especially during that 3 yr run from '11 - '13 was remarkable. What's really sad is that was the best 3-yr run in their program's modern history, yet they never even won the division. Of course I could be proven wrong, but with their history and the current landscape surrounding them, I just can't see SC averaging 10+ wins a year again over a 3 year stretch.
great point about even more hesitation surrounding the firing of coaches with hefty buyouts.
Agree that satterfield would be an attractive choice to SC....and most schools, but would SC really be that attractive to him? With Clem, UGA and UF on the schedule, he'd be staring down the barrel of 3 top 10 every year. With his track record, I'd expect some more prestigious jobs offered up to him in the next couple of years
But, football isn't everything. Vandy provides plenty of positives to the conf....both in other sports, academics, regional proximity to the conf, etc. sure, their football team is a notch below the bottom tiers in the conf, but they've pulled some embarrassing upsets within the div over the last decade, though some vandy fans may argue that losing to TN in those years would have been upsets. against TN- '12 - '13 and '16 - '18 against UGA- '13 and '16 against UF- '13
I'll keep to the discussion of the two teams since 2000. No doubt that uga hasn't won a championship since 2000, but they also carry the 3rd highest winning % of all teams since 2000 as well. to lsu's credit, they actually have the highest win %. the ultimate goal is of course a championship. UGA has had some tough luck particularly since 2000. '02, '07, '12 and '17 were seasons that they just came up short. with the winning % noted, that's another # that doesn't lie.
i think the fact that the east is not on top was well presented by the fact that only 2 east teams carry a winning record against the west since 2009. outside of uga's 16-9 and mizz's 9-7 record, the other 5 teams are sub-.500. take away uga's record and it's even more embarrassing.
they’re 7-7 since 1990 and 6-4 since 2000 against uga? of those 6 wins since 2000, 3 wins happened to be during national championship years, while a 4th was during a year they played for the nat’l championship (’11). UGA has had the misfortune of playing against lsu during their best seasons the last 20 yrs. uga is 13-18-1 all-time against lsu. lsu is hardly some juggernaut with respect to uga in their history. check out the could be your friend.
you're comparing mizz to uga? that's about as outlandish as comparing lsu to bama
i disagree with your comment that uf is a hair behind uga and lsu...particularly uga in terms of talent. during the richt years, he traditionally had a top 10 team in recruiting, while he had sprinkled in a top 5-7 class here and there. it was fools gold. there's typically a vast difference btwn the terms of talent that goes into a top 3 team verse a top 10 team. uga has had a top 3 team the last 4 years, while uf has been averaging around a top 10 team...if not worse the last 4 years (current rosters). lost players to the portal aside, if uf were to beat uga in the next couple of'd likely be b/c of superior coaching, than better play on the field...barring horrific officiating. as for the 1st paragraph of your last comment, you are spot on.
'ridiculously easy' to beat UGA the last few decades? they're 7-7 since 1990 and 6-4 since 2000 against uga? of those 6 wins since 2000, 3 wins happened to be during national championship years, while a 4th was during a year they played for the nat'l championship ('11). UGA has had the misfortune of playing against lsu during their best seasons the last 20 yrs. your position that there's some great gap btwn the two is mistaken
Not looking to pump-up bama, but you including UF in the same reference to national titles as bama is absurd. nat't titles: bama- 17, tn- 6, lsu- 4, uf- 3, uga- 2, aub- 2. concerning nat'l titles, you have way more in common with aub and uga than bama....while you also failed to give more deserved credit to tn your comment is more ridiculous than short-sighted.
Interesting that the list doesn't include any 2020 transfer qbs. King, Newman/Daniels, Costello, etc. are all excluded. Not saying any of those would necessarily win, but they're certainly worthy of the company of the other pre-season qbs.
@gatorgrad & nash, I'm good with both of your above responses. I recognize that he was a highly rated recruit coming out of hs , but i felt o'gara's declaration that he was the best back up and the earlier comments were a bit premature based on his limited experience to date. We'll see. I am a fan of trask though. he just needed an opportunity....and he has seized it.
I think the verdict is still out on jones. his pt in 2019 was primarily in situational plays or hip moves by mullen. he carried a great completion % and ypc avg on design runs, but what do we really know about his passing skills? he was 25/38 for 267 yds. does he have an accurate, strong arm? if he became the starter, I'd imagine the opposing DCs would crowd 8-9 in the box and dare him to throw downfield. maybe he's got a good arm, but I don't recall him ever throwing it beyond some quick outs and slants.
orgeron and lsu are definitely a team to watch. with the volatile pelini taking over for the passive aranda...and no mother hen at the orgeron house. i've got the popcorn ready.
No objection to Sark taking over in t-town. I can think of 13 other league coaches who wouldn't mind either.
I just looked up the box score from the aub/bama game. I remember the def tds, but would have thought the aub offense had done more than 354 total yds. the bama def did better than i thought. by comparison, uga held aub to 321 total yds. aub offense scored 34 pts against bama, but i wouldn't say that they really moved the ball against both when you look at the total yds. maybe just me, but i consider 400 yds as the mendoza line to qualify whether an offense has bettered an opposing least as far as yard production.
Agree with everything you said in your 1st paragraph. UGA definitely benefited from an injury-riddled aub offense in '16. I won't get into cks vs gus during the bama/aub days, as i don't believe that's a true indication of the two against one another. I think my position holds validity when you compare what aub did against uga last year...and then what they did against bama just two weeks later
I stated facts concerning aub's offensive production against CKS defenses and you came back with opinion concerning your defense. why are you bringing bama into the discussion? what do they have to do with the uga/aub game? That's your opinion that aub will have a top 3 defense. Did they have a top 3 defense last year? Maybe, but there's nothing guaranteeing that aub's 2020 defense will be top 3....especially on the road. the upcoming 2020 defense will be without two 1st rd picks and one 2nd rd pick from last year's defense. your top 3 defense proclamation suggests that those are easy players to replace. I never said the offense would 'automatically click,' but i am saying that past history supports that uga should have no issues in scoring 20+ points at mid-october...against a rebuilt aub defense.
I think if you read between the lines you'll see that he's suggesting that UF's only conf win this year will be against UGA. Bold!
Agree. he's definitely stirred the pot some for the opposing fan bases visiting this uga article.
Well done! This guy certainly went 'bold' with the predictions!
I think your orange & blue goggles are on too tight concerning your prediction against UGA. Outside of 2 games ('13 & '17), the gus bus hasn't been able to generate much of an offense of their own against UGA. Against CKS, malzahn offenses have scored: 40, 7, 10 & 14. Trending down. You reference that it's to auburn's benefit to get UGA early, which it might be, but you're kidding yourself if you think the UGA offense won't be able to put up at least 20 pts at home against the tigers.
It's interesting to me that the AL Sports Hall of Fame tweet included an accompanied photo of Croom in MS State swag. The man was an all-american for the tide and was an integral part in capturing 3 sec titles and a nat'l title. He further coached for them for 11 yrs...yet they're recognize him in MS state gear. Top notch crew running that institution! I wonder if the MS Sports Hall of Fame would in turn share a photo of him in a bama uniform...or maybe even a green bay packers polo shirt and hat?
No one ever wants to acknowledge that they may not be good enough, but this young man may have just come across some the form of $150K. I'll be shocked if there wasn't some clause outlining that the "opt out" was contained to returning players with a current contract or actual drafted players....or something along those lines If not, no doubt that Goodell's team is scrambling right now.
Yeah, I get that brown and davidson were better and more polished in '19 vs '17, but my point was that they were solid and had to be schemed against. It's rare that a d-line doesn't have a weak link (the good DCs mask that link or will over-compensate for it w/ some exotic looks), but the '17 and '19 lines really had no weakness, hence none of the o-lines in either of those seasons invoked their will against the sec champ game in '17. i recognize that you're citing a # of guys in the rotation, but starters along the d-line typically play 2/3 - 3/4 of the snaps. My point is that I question aub having 4 elite...or you can even change it to 4 very good d-lineman on this year's roster. aub plays 4 of the top 5 pre-season ranked o-lines in the conf. that's some tough sledding. if you're right, you guys should be okay...though if you're not, that defense takes a significant step back, of which is what I'm alluding to.