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I disagree. In fact, I'm surprised to see someone so opposed to this. personally, i think this was mcgarity's best hire (he doesn't get credit for cks) a matter of fact, probably his only good hire. i remember it was widely rumored that mcgarity was going to fire stricklin after the 2017 season, but he didn't. he likely only didn't b/c he didn't want to acknowledge that stricklin might have been another bad hire. fortunately, his past poor choices and corresponding terminations gave stricklin an extra year, of which he's done great with....especially when you consider where uga baseball was the previous 7-8 yrs. collegiate baseball teams everywhere got cheated out of the 2020 season, but uga definitely got a bad hand in it, in that we lost out on hancock's and wilcox's last seasons at uga. uga has one of the youngest teams in the country this year....and maybe (hopefully) they just turned a corner this past wknd. i'm a fan of sticklin. i'm not a fan of crean, though i don't want to fault him just b/c he's bad coach. i wasn't a fan of mcgarity. the verdict is still out on brooks, though being mcgarity's protege isn't a good start.
i mentioned that jones' stats in 2020 were 'incredible' and better then a predecessor who's had a respectable career in the league, yet gave some credence to concerns of whether he's worthy of a top 5 pick....and it turned into a bama vs uga spat. touchy crowd. i liked the "NO" response though from 9mm
I hear ya, but uf did at least have a handful of close games in 2020, which required them to have to pass at least midway through the 4th qtr.
jones' stats in 2020 were incredible, but there's plenty of reason to have reservations about him at the next level....especially at a potential top 3 or 5 pick. to date, there's not much tape out there as to a former bama qb under saban's tenure that has transitioned to a successful nfl career. jones' #s were better than mccarron's, but mccarron had some pretty impressive #s at bama, yet he's been a career back-up in the nfl. the verdict is still out on tua, while he was even benched last year after becoming a mid-year starter. in the end, we're talking about a top 5 pick. considering the lack of a former bama qb or a qb under sark's tutelage having success at the next level, there's reasons to be suspect.
nash, you bring up some interesting #s and %s that you're right, i wouldn't have guessed. i certainly wouldn't have guessed that the pass to run ratio last year was 56-44. i would have thought it was definitely no lower than 60-40. a well-balanced attack aside, i think you're ignoring some hard #s in coming up with your optimistic expectation for the uf offense under jones for '21. -first, you've lost trask's 9.8 yds per pass attempt (y/a). trask was top 10 in 2020. jones' y/a was 6.9 yds in 2020, of which is pretty close to his career avg, since you bring up his career completion % of 67%, of which looks to be an attempt to mask his 2020 completion % of 56%. a 6.9 y/a would have had jones around top 75. i think we can agree that'd be a significant drop-off from what you had with trask. further to my point, that 3 yd dif also helped keep opposing defenses honest. you'll lose that losing trask, barring you believe jones will have a meteoric rise in 2021. -second, it's no secret that the uf offense has been lacking a premier rb since maybe rainey or demps. i know that the current depth chart includes two former 5* and some 4*. maybe one of them, or even two of them step-up in 2021. if they do, then they’ll have earned it, as they'll have done it with defenses likely able to have more focused in defending the run then they had in 2020. the 2020 rbs significantly benefited from task and the uf passing attack in 2020. -third, accounting for the benefit of ooc #s and %s from uf's weak ooc schedule counters your intended position. what trask and the uf passing offense accomplished in 2020 against sec defenses was significant. inflating jones' and the offense's yds per play avg by incorporating their #s from games against samford, usf and fau is merely a smoke screen as to whether their offense will be comparable, or even a shade below. my point in all of this is i think you're severely discounting what uf has lost in losing trask's 9.8 y/a against sec competition in simply projecting a 6.5 yds per play in 2021.
let me correct my above comment. I see that they've made the sweet 16 a # of times...but haven't made it to the elite 8 or beyond. i'm still pretty surprised that they've never made it out of the sweet 16.
That's shocking that UT has only made the sweet 16 once. shocking. what diesel is saying is true and i get the frustration. i'm just thinking back to the last several hires: green, peterson, pearl, martin and barnes and it's ridiculous that there's only 1 sweet 16 just amongst that collection. outside of barnes, those other 4 were all hired on the upswing of each of their coaching careers, while barnes certainly had the pedigree to suggest that he could take a team to the 2nd wknd.
In 38 targets last year, he only gave up 110 yds. If he gives up similar #s in 2021, he'll declare for the draft. you referenced that if he proves to be a competent player, the star position would be locked up for the next 2-3 yrs. that suggests that you expect him to return after 2021. i'm saying that if he proves competent, or puts up similar #s that he did last year, we won't see him r&b for a 2nd year, let a lone a 3rd year. on the flip side, if we do see him return for a 2nd or 3rd year, it'd be b/c his #s were significantly worse and he didn't live up to the hype.
with those stats shared as to yards given up last year, i don't think anyone should expect a 2nd year from smith in athens. if you're expecting him back, it'd be because he likely didn't live up to the hype.
agree. hesitant to put it out there, but his style reminded me a lot of gurley. he may not have the breakaway speed that gurley had, but he ran last year with an intensity that could almost be characterized as violent. he didn't look to be always looking for contact, but when he did square-up a defender, it just looked different.
agree with you that those 3 seem to be the match-ups to garner the label as the conf's "best rivalry." as you said, uga/uf seems pretty intense. the egg bowl seems to carry with it another level of extreme. hard to say anything critical about the iron bowl, though you have to wonder if the intensity has faded here of late on account of saban and his impact to each fan base's psyche
by 'rest,' what are you looking for? the rivalry is full of streaks, it was fairly even in '10s with uga just pulling out a 6-4 advantage, no one questions the fact that both HCs are fully aware of the importance of this game, etc. outside of football, these two universities are also #2 and #3 in academics within the conf. i get that no one is rolling a tree after a victory, but curious as to what you think is missing?
worst in a century? okay, i'll bite. how about 2017? 0-8 conf record and nail biters against gt and umass. how about 2008? the start of this downward spiral. started 1-5 in conf, to rebound with big wins against vandy and uk to finish the season.
How 'bout them diamond dawgs! Vandy loses their first series of the year and the dawgs go on to outscore them 25-8 and not even a mention? only five seniors on the team. this was definitely a team projected to get better as the season went on.
i'm not too concerned about the fate of cfb. it's not like the school's presidents and league's commissioners are sitting idly by as the ncaa is losing control and unable to make any type of strong, declarative statement or position as to the future of the institution. i was in disbelief by the recent board of governors' vote of confidence to emmert and his crew immediately following the debacle of the handling of the ncaa women's b-ball tourn. the system is clearly broken...and fans of college sports are and will suffer the consequences.
The hawks are 14-5 since mcmillan took over. call me crazy, but i don't think the job is officially or unofficially open.
i feel like franklin is a forgotten leader/trailblazer. he had gotten eaten-up in his 1st year in the league, especially in his sec opener against a strong uga team, but he played at an all-conf level in 2013 in getting mizzou to the conf game. he kind of gets lost in the shuffle, as the qb play in 2013 was probably the best it's ever been. manziel, mccarron, murray, shaw, marshall, etc. i know that mizzou made the champ again in '14 without him, but that team really wasn't that good and benefited from a lot of close victories in the reg season.
Wow. well, your ignorant comment has me at least rooting for this young man
wow, as dominant as bama has been since ''s pretty telling just how average to below average they were from 2000 - 2007. by the same token, how average to below average usc has been since '09, though to a larger degree.
but, did orgeron 'mutter a word' for his raisin' canes spot?
I know i wouldn't care. musselman had them peaking at the end of the year and they were one of the most poised teams in the tournament. credit to the players, but musselman is a leader and will have the hogs in the tourn again next year with a good seeding.
brooks was mcgarity's 2nd in charge and mcgarity's suggestion to replace him. were you happy with mcgarity? what's there to really learn about him....that's not already obvious to the casual observer? considering, he's likely no different than mcgarity, here's a prediction. he'll fire crean next spring, hire a law firm to suggest a pool of coaches (same as mcgarity in 2018), of which he'll zero-in on two unemployed veteran coaches (same as mcgarity in 2018), such as sean miller or greg marshall (sub-out matta and crean), but those options will either use him for something better or get rejected by the BoR due to their checkered pasts, of which he'll then re-direct his focus on a pool of lesser successful coaches that are also unemployed or need a new job to save them from being fired from their current job within the next year, such as bobby hurley.
i don't get referring to jimbo as a "qb guru," especially with reference to discussing a qb for the next level, as what o'gara is presenting here. look how many qbs under his tutelage that have been drafted high, but have flamed out. the numbers speak for themselves. no shade intended at mond, but he's a mid-rd selection at best. to take mond (mills as well) in the 2nd would be a clear reach....and a testament that the GMs, scouts, tv draft analysts, etc. have yet to fully comprehend the skill of athleticism and what makes or doesn't make a qb at the next level. sure, there are a number of qbs that are more athletic than accurate who will be successful in the nfl, but the qb's position's #1 skill set is still about passing.
Foley absolutely deserves the lion-share of credit. he was unapologetic for what he expected/demanded of his hires...and he clearly got the results. meanwhile, greg mcgarity apparently learned nothing from him while working in his shadows....and essentially brought nothing with him to athens. i sleep easy though knowing that uga just hired mcgarity's right-hand man as his replacement.
ah, wasn't aware. that's a shame, as a player like cooper could have definitely caused some havoc in the tourn
i was against the crean hiring from day 1 and i don't understand how anyone could defend him remaining at uga. i don't blame crean for not being a good coach and getting an inexplicable amount of mileage from one single player (wade) and yes, i know wade is very outspoken about his praise for crean, but just look at his past/results. after that magical final 4 run: - nit quarterfinal - nit 1st rd - ncaa 1st rd - ncaa 1st rd - ncaa 2nd rd then the indiana hire, of which he gets a pass for the first 3 yrs considering what he walked into. starting with year 4 - ncaa sweet 16 - ncaa sweet 16 - no postseason - ncaa 1st rd - ncaa sweet 16 - nit 1st rd indiana's lackluster postseason play wasn't for a lack of talent or unfavorable was due to crean and the fact that he may be the worst in-game coach in p-5 and as the author noted, his pre-game planning is questionable too. he has no offensive identity, other than to have the ball in a guard's hand. i'd love to say "and" after that statement to suggest an 'effect' from that 'cause,' but the truth is there is no well-practiced or schemed effect. his success is solely dependent on a super star, such as wade, oladipo, ferrell and edwards. i mean, just look at what he got out of the 1st overall pick. wheeler is now carrying that weight, which we're all seeing how far that is actually taking the team. no, i blame mcgarrity and his ho-hum approach to his entire tenure at uga. he made better than avg hire during his entire 10yrs at uga. no, he doesn't get credit for cks. that was handed to him on a silver platter. no, the unoriginal mcgarrity hired a search firm to provide him the names of matta and crean, of which were the two biggest currently unemployed college coaches at the time. matta used him so he could continue to collect his buyout from ohio st and he went for option #2 in crean. now uga has mcgarrity's protege in the ad position, cause there was clearly a lot of value learned and worth bottling up from watching mcgarrity at the helm the last 10 yrs. uga will likely continue in basketball purgatory for the foreseeable future....and it makes no sense whatsoever when you consider how much in-state talent there is in ga.
i think it's unnecessary to rank the league outside of the top 7. 1. bama 2. tn 3. uf 4. ark 5. lsu 6. mizz 7. om i didn't take om seriously prior to last week, but recent wins over tn, aub and mizz deserve some credit. outside of those seven, only aub has a legit shot of making it to the conf semi-finals on the shoulders of cooper, while uk stands a good shot of making it to the quarters
i do realize that. i'm not trying to say that steele was the only or best option either. you're right about banks being a dc prior, but it was only once without sharing the duties. it was over 10 yrs ago and while on staff with butch at cmu. he followed butch to cinc, but didn't have the full reigns over there with him. that's certainly a question mark. butch liked him enough to follow him, but enough to give sole responsibility or title to him at the upgraded school. also, it's kind of funny to see a former assistant under butch at 2 dif stops, but didn't follow him to tn...but to later show up at tn 2 coaches later. again, banks and his agent had the leverage and tn was in a tough spot. i personally don't like 3-yr contracts for assistants at all. i think it's ridiculous. but that blame falls upon which ever ADs first started agreeing to 2 yr contracts and 3 yr contracts for assistants, rather than tn.