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surprised and disagree with nabers and mcconkey being ranked that low. if i had my pick of the league, i'd take nabers first and no way anyone could convince me that mcconkey wasn't top 5 at worst.
I'm definitely on the side of trying to keep two rival games. it would stink if your team loses both of them, but winning one can also potentially salvage a bad season. i think it's a disservice to put all of your eggs in one basket. then again, maybe i'm biased on account that uga truly has two long standing rivalries and others don't....but i feel rivalries can be created too and don't need to simply be long-standing. on that note, maybe i'm wrong, but i felt there was some momentum building between sc and a&m's contrived annual game after a&m's introduction to the league
football is king, but i think basketball gets more attn than you're giving it credit for. to play the part of devil's advocate, could a move to the sec actually hurt unc's national perception from a basketball perspective and maintained interest
i'm with you, but i'd more say that unc is the best choice, as opposed to the only choice. as you said, unc brings the untapped market and is very competitive in all three sports...while a change to the sec could likely give them a considerable boost too. while we're at it, if our greatest perceived conf rival seems to have a preference in taking them over others, why not spoil their plans and take what they most want? also, it's no secret that the conf could use a boost from an academic standpoint. taking either clemson or fsu would be more of the status quo with the middle of the pack members. miami would be my 2nd choice. strong in all 3 sports and not a true rival to any of the current sec members.
vfl, it's not my discussion, but i need to intervene. you reference that it took the recent 15 yr stretch for uga to take the series lead. that's accurate, but how bad would the series match-up be if we removed that stretch from '89 t0 '99 in which tn went 9-0. you later referenced so much with respect to the longest winning streak by either team. my point is that even if you removed the highest of highs by both teams, uga would still have the series lead. you can't simply rest on the laurels of one stretch being the deciding factor in the series. further, you reference that uga went 41 yrs without a title. no disagreement. that stated, don't dismiss the fact that tn went 31 yrs from 1967 to 1998 without a title, while if you're honest with yourself, you'll further acknowledge that the claimed 1967 title has a lot of question marks surrounding it. if that title were removed, of which the majority of the country recognized that title to USC, tn actually went 47 yrs without a title.
impressed? no. but how many numskulls on here continue to rely on either antiquated or bad information in doubling down on flawed opinions and/or positional points? concerning this topic, at least o'gara has admitted that he was wrong. i'll take that every time over ignorance/stupidity.
i wish you hadn't corrected your original statement about the wlocp being moved to dallas. i loved it. as for the sec champ game being moved to dallas, i have little doubt that dallas will turn into an sec champ site...likely alternating every year with atl. also, there's an obvious advantage to the gators with the the site being in jax (anyone unable to see or admit such is simply kidding themselves), but you're dead-on that the site being in jax creates a much better fan experience....and i for one, would prefer it stay in jax, as opposed to alternating to jax & atl..or potentially moved to a home & home game.
i think it's pretty safe to say that the committees have paid little to no attn to the sec tournaments over the recent both baseball and basketball. that said, there's even less value tied to going deep in the baseball tourn on account of what's lost from the additional strain on your team's arms. no one wants to go one and done, but if your team has already secured a spot in the regionals, go ahead and mail it in. i can only see an advantage of the tourn to teams that won't be playing past this wknd.
NY is the 4th most populated state in the country, yet their #3 ranked player only landed at #606 in the country? that's astonishing
it's not really public knowledge as to when richt started to truly feel the ramifications of parkinsons, but he did immediately accept the hc gig at miami following his last season with uga. you'd have to search far and wide to find a uga fan to speak negative of richt, and my intent here is to not, but there looks to be some pretty convincing evidence to question how dialed-in and how much richt was able to put the teams (uga and miami) ahead of himself and his own self-interests.
i agree with essentially everything you said....but richt had checked-out in 2015, hence my statement that butch was better in that game. whether he had checked-out consciously or sub-consciously in the 2015 season could be up for debate. as a fan of football, i don't know how anyone couldn't appreciate and respect all that dobbs has brought to the game. easy kid to root for.
as lsusmc said, this ranking is about the here and now. as for what both coaches took over, saban took over a squad that had just gone 10-2 the year before going 6-6, while smart took over a 10-3 uga team, but that was the most hollow 10 wins ever by a power 5 team, hence them not even finishing ranked in the ap and barely coming in at 25 in the coaches poll. name another perennial, top p5 team to finish with 10 wins and not finished ranked? you'll have to look real hard. also, if you're a tn fan, you had a front row seat to the debacle of that year's (2015) game. uga was up 21 in the 1st half only to unconceivably fall apart. hard to admit, but butch jones was the better hc in the stadium that night and no fan should ever have to admit that jones was a better hc than his team's hc.
would have been nice to host the SR, but not at the cost in likely having to face gobourne in a best of three match-up. the lady dawgs are better off in facing the noles in tally.
liam cohen from this list is a big absence. with the success he had at uk in 2021 to the offensive regression we all saw in 2022 to a potential resurgence in 2023, he'll be a hot name in a lot of circles. whether any improvement will be fairly attributed to him or not, he'll get the lion-share of credit. personally, i think uk got the 2nd best qb from the portal. only nd did better.
technically, you could say that on account that lsu only finished a 1/2 game back, but if you look back at your season, particularly the conf sched, lsu essentially won every close game. heck, they could have lost the series to uga if not for that win in the 12 inning of the opener. lsu is a strong team and could potentially go on a great run in the postseason, but i think the results show that uf and ark are the more complete teams and there shouldn't be any 'but[s]' about it
certainly a great player and deserving of various accolades, but i question how many top 5s he'd actually be in for all-time sec players, let alone all-time nfl players. o/u at 20%.
vfl, that's it in a nutshell. a good number of bama fans continue to reference the past as an indication of the present and future. those bama teams aren't suiting up in 2023. instead, we'll see a team potentially relying on their third qb option from the transfer portal after the first two declined, a true fresh at rb who apparently embarrassed his defensive teammates in a spring game and without the two leaders from last year's team. bama will still be a good team, but they won't be elite...far from it.
you're missing the fact that if burrow wasn't at lsu to play against uf, then he wouldn't have been there to play against bama and uga as well. uga wouldn't have beaten bama in the sec champ, of whom would have been there if not for the loss to lsu (with burrow). uf would have still been left standing without a chair.
@standard. you need to relax. you're so easily triggered. i don't know how you took above as a slight to bama, but somehow your mind told you too. from 2015 - 2018, both bama and clemson, or at least one of them played in every nat'l champ game. that stretch by both schools was unmatched and deserving of praise. they didn't in '19...and if you really think that bama and clemson have been as dominant since then, you're delusional. both programs have taken a step back. congrats on your 2020 title...that team was the best in the country. the teams in '19, '21 and '22 were far from the best. yes, bama played in the nat'l champ in '21....but that team was essentially carried by two players...two players that won't be in crimson this year. buckle up.
awe man, your memory is fuzzy. there were a number of uga commenters on here after the cocktail party and specifically after the sec champ game that season that were calling for daniels to start. i was never in that crowd and i recall a small number of other uga commenters on here who stood steadfast behind bennett, but the majority of uga commenters and a fair number of the fan base were wanting to see daniels back out there...
i'm surprised this article hasn't elicited more comments. i think it's a great question to pose and very relevant considering the 5 yr anniversary and the varied paths of impact to multiple programs as a result of burrow's selection/commitment to lsu. - 1st, no way lsu wins a title in '19 if there's no burrow. that's not a knock necessarily to burrow, but more credit to the two below-noted programs. - 2nd, as much as the masses were growing tired of dominance of bama and clem, no program contributed more to those two programs falling of their perch than lsu. clearly neither program went off into an abyss, but both programs fell down a peg from where they had been from 2015 - 2018...which was an incredible 4-year run by both - 3rd, i'll definitely buy the suggestion that what burrow and lsu did in the '19 sec championship forced cks to the conclusion that he had to make a major change. if it was simply bama that beat him in that game, maybe he doesn't. - 4th, haskins was certainly no slouch at osu, but i've always loved how much success burrow has had since his departure from osu and under meyer's watch. maybe the best response was a collin cowherd interview with meyer years later and the topic coming up and cowherd had no idea that burrow had been there at the same time meyer was there. awkward moment for both on live air. had burrow stayed in that system, maybe he never develops into what he has become it's funny that cincinnati is brought up. getting burrow would have been a big coup, but again, who knows if he develops into what he is today had he simply gone there. regardless, cincinnati still made the playoff as the only g of 5 school...and that was without burrow.
Yeesh. Pretty good players noted above, but outside of carter, i don't think many uga fans would have touted smith or walker as deserving of such pre-season praise that turner has continued to receive. Two points in further response: - if you're honest with yourself, you were certainly expecting more from him than 4 sacks and 8 tfls last year. from what i saw to end 2021, i know that i was. - as bayou mentioned, cks has always been very high on rotating his 1st and 2nd teamers with reps. saban really hasn't....and no time was more evident than 2021 whenever metchie or williams weren't available. from the ib to the nat'l champ
this won't be popular amongst the bama fans, but turner is grossly over-hyped. a top 8 returning player in the league? with arguably the best dl player on the opposite end, of whom undoubtedly received the bulk of the opposing team's attn in game planning and play calling, he managed to only get 4 sacks and 8 tfls??? of those 4 sacks, all of them came in 3 games and none of them came in the last 4 games of the season (not sure if he played in the bowl game or not, as he didn't come away with any stats). unless he was injured, or played with an injury the bulk of the season, how is he gonna improve on those stats with no anderson?
no real knock to spencer, as his four picks seem to be a pretty unanimous top 7-8 in everyone's ranking, but i think more should be questioned about the fact that 3 of 4 will be breaking in a new qb. obviously the talent in athens, tuscaloosa and columbus expands far beyond the vast majority of other team's rosters, but i'll be shocked if 3 teams with new qbs in 2023 get into the cfp
yeah, but there's been a number of national champs who had several comebacks and narrow victories over the last 25 yrs. tn in 1998 and uf in 2006 particularly come to mind. then, they completely dominated their opponent in the nat'l champ. maybe we can attribute those victories by tn and uf as them being more battle-tested and going through a juggernaut of a schedule in getting them ready for the big game that tcu didn't...but the sec of 1998 and 2006 isn't what it is today, at least in comparison to the other conferences. there was more parity back then amongst the conferences.
essentially everything leading up to that game last year played to uga's favor....and then everything during the game too. it was a buzzsaw of obstacles that was too much for an upstart team to contend with. i really don't know how good each of the two teams will be in 2023, but i'm expecting a closer game and a game that will still be in the balance in the 4th qtr
Yeah, but i dismissed that statement in it's entirety. i took it as satire, while if it wasn't, probably best to leave it alone.
nah, you're forgetting the 2019 - 2020 team and how much talent was actually on that team. unfortunately, crean was the coach.
having a hard time figuring out the rationale in stating, 'ALMOST to Cincinnati.' did they lose to them or not? having 3 year letterman on here could be a good thing.