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i get that smart has stated that he'd like to pick up a qb, but any interest to rashada seems more like a flex to uf than anything else.
it's not about whether he's better, but whether he believes he's better. going into fall camp for the 2022 season, brennan was the projected starter at qb and essentially none of the lsu faithful were forecasting daniels to be the starter and many were projecting him to be 3rd string. daniels clearly thought he had a chance.
i would say that 'reputation' and being the defending champ is playing about 99% of that current standing
i don't think i understand why you're posing that question to me. i'm a dawg fan too, but if you believe that the dawgs have had a harder conf sched than aub than you're sadly mistaken. i think you missed the point of my comment.
a little context for that 2-13 aub conf record: #1 a&m, #2 ark, #3 tn, #5 uk, #12 vandy no other team's sched even comes close to that.
you do recognize that uga is currently higher thought of than uf, right? uga is forecasted to host a regional, while uf is not. uga and uf have the same conf record, while uga has played the tougher sched. uf has had a tough ooc sched, but what did they prove with that? not least as far as anything truly positive. uga steamrolled through their ooc sched with a 20-1 record. you mention that uga is a one-trick pony with condon. what do you think the perception is of uf with jac in 2024? i don't think that last conf series in may is going to go as you think it will.
@volman, you do realize that every program has 'ups and downs,' right? just as you want to declare that it took tn's worst 15-yr stretch for the uga to overtake tn football in notoriety and the head to head match-up, a dawg fan can also easily point to the worst 10-yr stretch in their program's history from 1989 - 1999, of which of no coincidence was when tn went on a 9-0 run in the series. man-up....or read a little more about the rivalry and history of the two programs. both have had down years, but it's uga that's ahead in the head to head match-up, ahead in the all time wins list in cfb, ahead in east div crowns, ahead in sec titles....
ah, man. i'm with you in your declaration that the 2023 lsu offense was potent and likely the best in the country last year, but to suggest that they'll just keep operating at such a high level takes a lot of assumptions. just look at who they lost. now, compare the 2019 lsu offense to the 2020 offense. the stars from the 2019 offense didn't return and there was a pretty big dip in production. maybe lsu's offense will be elite again, but i'd say that there's just as good of a chance that they'd simply be just a top 25 offense. and there's nothing wrong with that
and just for good measure....they were top 10 in 2021 and 2022 as well.
bama- was hoping for another mention of jermaine burton. ark- wasn't expecting a starter named...or at least confidently assumed so early uf- if done correctly, assuming that lagway really is a superior athlete and mertz really is a team player, a dual qb attack in gainseville could lead to some real problems for opposing defense. maybe a dif maker of 1-2 games...which could be bowl eligibility uga- props to lovett for embracing his transfer and sticking around after being no better than the 3rd best option last yr. could pay some serious dividends uk- o'gara's take is certainly an optimistic one. curious to see how good the talent is with the playmakers in this year's version lsu- maybe a really good team, or maybe a team which will be low on the 'l' column on account of that relatively easy(ier) conf sched. if they get through that non-conf sched unscathed, i see a max of 2 losses. om- gotta give kiffin credit. he grabbed some nice attn to that event yesterday. that was the 'fun' place to be tn- idk. really curious to see tn's record heading into their first bye wk
i think you just recapped an overall good day for the team! unfortunately, not a good day for your skin though.
yes! a bronco sighting! i'm not sure if i'm more amazed or entertained by the takes that you share on this site.....particularly from the perspective of a fan of the team since 1956.
as some others have alluded, this really isn't as bad of a hire as the initial reaction suggests. his former teammates are speaking highly of him. he's won a champ at uk, so he's seen what it takes front and center. he's been in the league. he's coached at uga. he's had a nice track record as a hc. first season with his team in going up against the grind of the big 12, he succeeded.
no question that the uk job is high-profile. i further agree that it's more about the 'uk' logo than any one coach. one of the better brands in all of college sports. my intent was more centered on the fact that following calipari is more of a challenge than say following gillespie, of whom, as you know, calipari followed. i believe wright was alluding to the current situation.
i like your 1st sentence more than your 2nd. i don't think wright is insecure or afraid of a challenge, but i believe he believes that calipari by and large did a good job in lexington and immediately following him is a tougher challenge than is being recognized. i get the uk fan base wanting a change, but even with the recent early tourn exits, calipari has big shoes to fill.
The back to back accomplishments by uf and uconn are like apples and oranges. both great feats on their own, but totally different. uf returned their entire starting 5, while i believe uconn had 4 different starters in this year's squad from the previous. it's nice to speak of uconn as a whole and considering a potential build of a dynasty, but all attn should be directed to hurley. amongst a hc and players, hurley was the only central figure deeply tied to the accomplishment of both title runs, though the fact that he had his entire coaching staff for both champs shouldn't be overlooked either.
agree and for multiple reasons. that uf team earned those two titles, but considering what all had come back in defending their title, maybe just me, but i had expected more from that '06-'07 team. certainly less than 5 losses.
she may be the best coach, or she's at least currently running the best program, but make no mistake, clark has been the draw. maybe it was 50/50 for the elite 8 game against lsu, but she's been the general public's interest all season and the big pull of the historic #s these last 2 games that not even auriemma or staley could dream of attracting.
ha! outside of maybe a couple other gator compadres, you're on your own island with those thoughts.
i'm shocked to hear barnes as a 1st choice. no shade to barnes, but considering his age and amount of time that he's already been at tn, i just don't see it. i'd expect uk to shoot higher. outside of the obvious guys of interest, i'd look at jay wright and even kick the tires with brad stevens. you're uk. it's one of the most coveted jobs in the country.
chris beard's name made a lot of sense, but other than that one, yeah, the drones with a platform were tossing out names without any true credibility of a source. jeff goodman would be one of the last guys that i'd look to for insider info
@stuce, yeah, those were disparaging remarks, but they were in no way directed at mizz. i have my doubts with drinkwitz....and i believe those doubts are justified. it's good news though that you're behind him. @firehazard, glad you have more of an optimistic take. appreciate that you were able to acknowledge his shortcomings. as bad as his handling at the end of the ksu game was, i'll concede that his fake punt against uk was a game-changer.
hold the horses on that, 'drink is a great coach' speak. heading into last year he was a sub .500 coach, of which was worse than the guy he had replaced at mizz. he made two great hires in moore and baker for the 2023 season. baker is gone, while moore will likely follow after this year. he was also widely regarded as a buffoon...maybe not widely, but he had a lot of buffoonery antics. people forget how many bad calls he even had to start the year last year. almost railroaded his own team right out of the gate.
"I know every school thinks they will be different, but the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior." i remember when ark thought they were different when they hired petrino. but, like you said, a lot of schools feel that they're different. just a thought, but i'd be curious to see if ark goes after beard.
PJ, not to correct you, but uga didn't make a final four with tubby. the immediate future looked bright with him in athens before taking the uk job, but the lone final four appearance for uga was with durham and wilkins.
that was my first thought as well. i think you pretty much covered it. the only possible exception is brady. i used to give equal credit to belichick as much as brady for their successes in new england, but seeing how much he raised the level of competitiveness in tb from where they were the year prior and continued to be a threat there in his early 40s...he's the 'goat.' especially in further seeing how dramatic of a fall it was in new england without him.
i've commented on pretty much every uga men's bb focused article over the last several years, as well as a number of generic sec men's bb articles involving the league. i love college bb and follow the sport closely. i hit a low point with uga's program following mcgarity's inexplicable approach in hiring fox's replacement. i've commented on such on this site, as well as my fav former uga bb site, georgia bb blog before it was taken down. my interest renewed with the hiring of white and has continued. your chastising to other uga fans in an article which has nothing to do with uga is misguided. next article you see involving uga bb or the sec in general, speak up. i'll reply.
great perspective with this article. as much mud that got slung at certain schools...and a good bit justified, just as much recognition needs tossed to bama, tn and even a&m for their tourn
uf has proven how good they are in the conf sched, but how about some articles about the other teams in the league? ark? uk? a&m? those look to be the 3 best teams right now, but there's another six, including uf that no one would want to play right now outside of the conf and certainly won't want to play come reg time. need more baseball coverage...even if it's delayed a day or two in recapping the wknd series.