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It's monday AM and all lines i've seen have lsu as a 2.5 favorite. regardless, appreciate the education that picking a favored team wouldn't constitute an 'upset'
on a side note, did anyone else see plumlee seek out malzahn at the end of the game? short exchange. could have course been innocent, but with being relegated to a little used back up....can't help but wonder how well plumlee could do in a malzahn driven offense. of course, he'd have to take the keys away from morris.
man, what a difference a bye week and playing against an inept coach can make. - in an offseason of a multitude of wrong decisions made by coach o, he by far just made his best statement of 2020. no qb controversy. exclamation point! brennan proved to be loyal and has certainly not been the reason for the 1-2 start. if he happens to slip up after returning, sure, open up the competition, but if that doesn't happen, this is his team. - verdict is still out on pelini and o making it to the end of the season without a must see tv moment on the sideline - easily the most intriguing game this sat is the lsu/aub match up. - lsu looks to have gotten on some solid ground, but calling for the aub upset at home. it is 2020.
Agree with your first statement. as for your 2nd statement, it's danny kannell. he has a proven track record of having some unexplainable takes, rankings, etc.
with this topic, you should know, like your football team. your opponent has already beaten you. good night.
hey child, trying using transitions, as opposed to conjunctions in your sentences....and your intended positions may actually be received as designed. but then again, in reading your other posts, it'll be a bad take regardless.
TN has quit the last 6 qtrs? that's such a bad take. tn got beat in the 2nd half against uga and uk played a solid 4-qtr game against them. way to give no credit to the opponent.
Well said. Reminds me of another saying amongst the UGA contingency. UF is the team they most want to beat. GT is the team they least want to lose to.
I'll admit that I questioned the wr talent at uf heading into the season, with exception to what pitts was bringing to the group/offense. my questioning however was more in response to the respect of talent that was departing than an actual knock to what was returning. i thought jefferson was a top 7 wr in the league, i thought swain was possibly the most underrated wr in the league and i thought cleveland was one of the best blocking wrs in the league. outside of toney potentially staying healthy for the whole year, none of the other wrs scared me.....and to be honest, they still don't. trask has looked great and passed for almost 1,000 yds in just 3 games. remove pitts' 274 yds and toney's 237 yds and that leaves ~500 yds scattered amongst the other wrs (grimes, shorter, copeland and the heralded true freshmen that various gator fans were very outspoken about shining this season. the #s can certainly change and another wr could step up, but with what's been recorded on the field, uf has the best te in the country and a top tier wr......but a significant drop-off after that.
Saban be like, 'he gets paid minimum wage. we're happy to only pay him minimum wage. you'll have to ask him why he's content in only getting paid minimum wage.....and having no grown-up responsibilities.'
careful. i'll bet the tn coaches and fans also thought there was a big enough talent discrepancy between them and uk entering their game too. i'm also having a hard time getting past stoops public announcement of his celebration following the tn game. considering the history between the two schools, that bourbon and cigar was well-earned, but how well will he be able to put that game in the rearview and assure his team is mentally prepared with what's in front of them this sat is my question. we'll see. total props to him and his staff if there's no sleepwalking out of the gate.
agree about similar boats, but mizz b-ball easily gets the nod as to the more established program. i have fond memories of watching the 08-09 mizz team. anderson had really brought an exciting brand of b-ball to como. i remember wanting uga to hire him and was optimistic that they might be able to steal him with a higher paycheck, but mizz came over the top and at least matched it. i get anderson leaving mizz for ark, but wonder about his level of regret in hindsight. i think martin is a better coach than crean...but that's not saying much. both pulled in outstanding single year recruiting classes. unfortunately for them and the schools, nothing came out of either and the shiny allure of both programs is now gone. both schools would be wise to pull the trigger now, but mizz is in a much better position to win this season than uga is.
Total trap game for UK. a lot of credit gets tossed to stoops. curious to see how well he has his team prepared for this game in como.
There's no question that he brought in a highly regarded recruiting class for the '19 - '20 season, but what did that bring? a .500 overall record and a 5-13 conf record. what's worse, he had the #2 - #4 best recruits fox ever brought into the program as veterans to work-in with that heralded class. crean was a very lazy hire by the uga ath dept....only after thad matta used the school to meet his existing contract's minimum requirements to seek employment so he could continue to reap the benefits of it. no negative feelings towards mizz and them getting in. s carolina got scr3wd though in not making the tourn. outside of what barnes has brought to the conf, no coach has gotten more with less.
UGA missed the cut yet again for the big 12/sec match-ups. the unimaginative hire of tom crean by mcgarity keeps giving. lookout for oats and bama this year.
The current qb situations at miss st, aub and tn look to be next level bad in comparison to every other team's least with consideration of pre-season expectations. fortunately for them, there appears to be some talent on the roster or at least a pedigree of coaching to suggest that at least one of them will right the ship before the end of the year. safe bet though that at least one of the three will be a disaster the entire season.
the only [current] saving grace for malzahn/morris and nix is that gatewood hasn't done anything special at uk yet in 2020.
as much criticism that has been bestowed to sec defenses in 2020, it's comical to see such critique directed at almost have of the conference's starting qbs. i don't disagree with your above question, but what's really the true story here? is it really a situation that the conf has such a high # of bad qbs and defenses?
I think it's misguided to call daniels a turnover machine at usc. i think it's important to note these facts: - daniels threw 10 ints in 336 attempts. less than a 3% ratio. that's certainly not all-conf type #s, but pretty good for a true fresh - the 2018 usc offense was led by klingsbury, of whom prefers a more pass-happy offense. in fact, usc's offensive plays were 57% pass to 43% run. - usc finished with a 5-7 record in 2018, hence he was likely caught in a number of known late game passing situations with the defense stacking the secondary i have no idea whether daniels is mentally or physically ready to take the reins, but i don't see anything in his short-lived collegiate career to suggest that he's incapable of being a premier qb in this conf
i believe i understand what you're alluding to by the description of 'dynamic,' but i'll give you a solid example where that suggestion wasn't followed and turned out pretty well for a developed dynasty. the patriots. when bledsoe went down, a game-manager qb came in and kept the train on the rails. when the more dynamic qb was healthy, belicheck stayed with the game-manager. a sb followed.....and then mult super bowls followed and the more dynamic qb went elsewhere. of course, one could easily and rightly argue that brady became a dynamic qb, but he was hardly a dynamic qb that rookie season. what's to say that fromm couldn't have also matured into a dynamic qb. there was more tape on brady to suggest that he wouldn't than fromm wouldn't. my point, you never know and i think it's revisionist thinking to act like fields was the no-brainer
I just can't get behind the position of people rallying around questioning cks' handling of fromm and fields in '18. yes, fields was a hotshot qb coming out of hs. yes, fields' stats blew away fromm's stats in '19. but, there was nothing to support a rationale thinking person to start fields over fromm either heading into '18 or at any point in '18. one could certainly opine that fields deserved more pt following the lsu game, but nothing to support him starting or taking over critical snaps from fromm in that season. it would have been a wonderful luxury to have had the two compete to see who could have been the starter in '19, but that ship unfortunately sailed with fields opting to not compete. whether cks said something or fields truly believed he'd never be given a fair shot, is the unknown.
There were a number of disgruntled fans when uga's bye week was changed from 10/31 to 10/24, but if you take a step back and consider how all just played out in tuscaloosa and with everything very fresh, the bye week change may end up being one of the best unexpected twists of the season. here's to everyone getting to work these next 2 weeks and making the appropriate changes....both mentally and strategically.
wow. this is certainly an untraditional top 5 for a 5* b-ball prospect. feels more like a late 90s to early 00s football list. go to fsu! hamilton has a great program and you'll be playing against the best competition in the country. nebraska seems like the only other alternative worth looking into.
wow. not a good look. curious if they simply differed philosophically or if pruitt was told to produce a lamb for the wolves.
Agree w/ lsusmc, jtf and booches' takes on bennett. tip your hat to bama in that they had a solid game plan and executed. i saw a lot of good individual plays by uga players throughout the game, but the team lost that game last night....certainly not just bennett.
“Coaches sometimes say things that are outside their area of expertise. And, you know, they’re really good at what they do. Dan is really good at calling plays. -above is so loud. kudos to stricklin for remembering who's in charge and the lightly veiled warning to mullen to stay in his lane.
agree with the numerous comments on here. why does guarantano get such a negative take from so many? his stats are more than serviceable. he comes across likeable. he's been beyond loyal to the tn fan base.....and pruitt. it almost seems like the fan base, media, etc. fed off pruitt's reaction in that bama game. similar to how the cub fans fed off alou towards bartman in that nlcs game.
ha. bennett had some really quality #s in 2019....though it was of course in 'garbage time'. i didn't see this coming, as the last impression he left in 2019 was in the sec champ game when he got tossed into game for a play in filling in for an injured fromm. the pass was across the middle and ill-advised....and should have been a pick. now, with 2020 providing a greater look into who he is...he's just a confident player. confidence can go a long way at this level, while a lack of confidence can of course be crushing.
wow @ gouaga! you just shared a stat i've never seen before. a lot was made of richt's road record his first 5-7 years, especially his first 3-4 years and i definitely knew that his w/l record against top competition had fallen, but i had no idea it had reached such a low depth following the 2008 season. wow, just wow! great info. as for richt and the beginning of the end of his tenure, i think it was more than just the '15 game against bama. imo it was a compilation of four specific events/sequences that year. - yes, the bama game was the start. we had fools gold prior to that game with lambert's out of this world play against sc that year. i believe he still holds the completion % record for passes over 20 or 25...something like that. - the complete meltdown at tn that year. 2 or 3 td lead in that game and ended up with an uncompetitive 2nd half and a "l" - the lack of any structured game plan heading into the cocktail party. i'm fine with the qb change from lambert to bauta, but why go with the exact same offense, which was never his strength? absolute no attn given to detail....and he had 2 wks to prepare - the unimpressive finish to the season and zero excitement attached to the program. 20-13 against aub, 23-17 against gsu in ot, 13-7 against gt. proof to how unimpressive that season was the fact that the team finished with a 10-3 record....yet didn't even finish ranked. name the last time a historically winning program like uga finished with 10 victories and didn't finish ranked?