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It seems Ohio State has some sour grapes towards Tennessee. One of their assistants cried when Jarrett Guarantano committed to Tennessee over Ohio State.
Lon. Could you be any more butt hurt?!
Did you watch the games? Or did you just read the box scores? The defense got tired because of all the 3 and outs. When the offense started moving the ball for more than the first half, the defense actually showed it was really good.
Larry I see that you sure do hate Tennessee. At least they looked good against a top 15 team instead of hanging on against a terrible Penn State.
Clemson is a hypothetical situation and I'm pretty sure Oklahoma should've made this list.
I live in Memphis. There isn't any parties going on here.
Lol don't worry. There won't be any ifs or buts when Alabama destroys Florida.
It's a mental thing man. If you give a team bulletin board material then they will be fired up to play. Obviously Florida is not the best team they've faced this year
I like Vandys helmet but it looks like it belongs in the NFL rather than college. The gold trim on MSU reminds me of putting makeup on a pig. I also think Tennessees classic white helmet belongs in the top 5.
Very doable. I like our chances against Georgia and Mizzou though.
Yall. I'm almost certain it's a typo. It should say best instead of worst.
Good ole Georgia. Always ranked high just to underachieve.