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That's probably why they'd be hesitant to go to Knoxville for A&M-UT, because it would mean UT would have gotten 4 gamedays the entire season, which is 1/3 of the season lol
"It's not crazy" Yes it is. Saban has made himself one of the greatest coaches in Alabama. He'll retire at Alabama, and he'll be a legend for the rest of our history. Not to mention, his entire life is in Alabama. He's 64, he's not just gonna pack up and move somewhere anymore.
As a student (who stayed the whole game), it was a good 95 degrees at least, we were dominating, and the crowd wasn't into it. I always stay the entire game, but I can understand why some people's asses were beginning to hurt
I don't really consider targteting a good hit, but I'm glad he's okay from it.
We're hyping up the fact that we're playing at home for the first time this season, moron.
Maybe it's because you guys were demolished 38-10 and that run was your team's only touchdown... Context matters.