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No opinions, predictions, or anything else other than to tell you that what I just read that you wrote represents some of the best that I've enjoyed in years. Excellent stuff. Thanks as a college football superfan. Geaux Tigers, too!
It's still a couple of years away from final commitment, but after Saturday's Eli festival at Ole Miss and big victory over LSU, young Arch's comments seemed to indicate he would love to be a third-generation Manning at Ole Miss after Archie and Eli. If Kiffin stays put, I believe that will nail it for Ole Miss. If not, I would not count out you know who--Saban and Alabama. They win national championships like nothing before seen.
You may very well be right on with your prediction. If so, I'm afraid LSU could be on its way back to the pre-Saban years which were pretty dismal and far from the traditional legacy of being a top college football program. The new President's possible "encouragement" to AD Scott Woodward aside, I am hoping for Dave Aranda to be selected as a minority (Mexican American, as I understand it) candidate, and return to LSU as its head coach. I think he would do well.
Dave Aranda = X and O knowledge, defensive experience, ability to build a good staff, turn around record in first HC job at Baylor, composed, mature, outstanding personal integrity and conduct, young enough to stay around with attained success, and has been at LSU. And the new LSU president MAY approve of Aranda as a minority ethnic hire if Woodward can get past Tucker and Franklin. If not Aranda, I would prefer Bill Napier.
Check out his legal and personal conduct available many times on the internet. That's why even NFL teams will not give him a look for a head coaching position. No thank you.
Napier would be a good hire. The feeling appears to be that LSU's new university President might be guiding things toward Mel Tucker of Michigan State or James Franklin at Penn State. Franklin's season is dipping a bit, and he likely stays in Happy Valley or opts for the west coast and Southern Cal. Meanwhile, Tucker's Spartans are 7-0 but face a daunting next 4 games where they could well go 1-3, putting a dent in matters plus Tucker might not want to jump ship again for his third job in 4 years. I like Dave Aranda and I think with success he might well stay for quite a while. He is knowledgeable, organized, and a staff builder.
A key element being overlooked as to who will be offered the LSU head football coaching position is that Athletic Director Scott Woodward's hire will not likely be made without the approval of LSU's recently hired new university President. Check out some of the browser-found links on that element and many of which currently have moved to the top possibilities given that element to include the likes of Mel Tucker of Michigan State and James Franklin of Penn State along with Mario Cristobal of Oregon and Dave Aranda of Baylor. Tucker and Aranda have past experience with the LSU football program.
Dave Aranda would be a terrific hire to return to LSU as its head coach. He checks just about every box on a list of important attributes, and he's a composed, knowledgeable, experienced, respected, and likeable fairly young coach. With a new university President, look for someone with a more respectable personna as well as successful coaching record. Geaux Tigers!
He can take himself and his crying towel with him someplace else instead of competing and/or waiting his time beyond this true freshman season at one of the best college football programs in the history of the sport. Grow up or go ahead and leave Alabama. It won't miss you a bit at surely what is NextManUp U.
Amen to that. O may go, and O may stay, but until that's been decided Tiger fans are welcome to express their opinions but no welcome to give up . . . they wouldn't approve of the players and coaches doing so and should practice what they preach. Not only did the team play well today, but it appeared the coaching staff was much better organized, prepared, and deserves a lot of credit. Now if we can just coach DBs to read the receiver's eyes and turn around to check where the ball is on long passes. Geaux Tigers!
Neil Blackmon, do you ever read what you write before publishing it? To wit from your article: ". . . But I’m not sure LSU has the horses to do that, and if they can’t slow the Gators run game, shots over the top may be the key to a Florida upset." Duh, the line has now grown to Florida favored by 11.5 points . . . an upset if the Gators win?!
Thank you, Shauna and best wishes for Eli's recovery to be fully completed and his return to Tiger Stadium to be terrific.
There is no need to dally around sort of like the program did after Charlie McClendon with few exceptions between 1979 and Saban's arrival. Whether mid-season with an interim to stem the tide and team psyche or at end of the season, it's time to move on before things get so worse it will seriously damage recruiting and transfer portal losses. Among Woodward's short list there is likely a good answer and solution, probably someone like Dave Aranda to return or possibly Luke Fickell from Cincinnati (LSU has been to Ohio before as with Paul Dietzel). James Franklin, Mark Stoops, and even Lane Kiffin would seem to be long-shots in a good place where they are although $$$ can be a great motivator plus LSU's recruiting base and history. Geaux Tigers!
As things are likely to unfold, consider the following rumored possibilities and a "setting of the table" with name, school, current ranking, salary (not including bonus clauses), vs. Ed Orgeron shown at the top: Ed Orgeron, LSU, --, $8.7 million/yr. Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M, #21, $7.5 Mark Stoops, Kentucky, #11, $5.0 James Franklin, Penn State, #7, $4.8 Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss, #13, $4.2 Dave Aranda, Baylor, #28, private non-disclosure (Matt Rhule was $4.1) Luke Fickell, Cincinnati, #3, $3.4 Hugh Freeze, Liberty, --, $3.0 Billy Napier, Louisiana, $2.0
Don't fire Orgeron and all that pay out. Reassign him to another role in the university like head of an intramural gymnasium program and likely he won't stick with that but go elsewhere to stay active in what he loves to do....football. That might save some $$$. Meanwhile, convince Steve Ensminger to return as interim head coach to lead with his storied dignity and experience, or assign long-time coach and formere Tiger DB Corey Raymond to serve as interim to rally things back into focus for the rest of the season and the future. Then, go get the best Scott Woodward can. Personally, my choice is to bring back Dave Aranda and encourage him to build a great staff he is confident in. He is mature, knowledgeable on Xs and Os, experienced, doing a great job rebuilding Baylor after its troubles, and is poised and composed which is a different and welcome look for LSU. Geaux Tigers!
The man in charge of the crystal ball is AD Scott Woodward. Who knows what he is thinking and who he is thinking about in looking to the future.
Overall best choice is Dave Aranda. It would be an upgrade for him back to a place he knows well and been such a contributor to success. He is young, mature, professional demeanor, well-liked by the players, knows Xs and Os very well, defensive minded that appeases defensive tradition-minded fan base, and can stay around a long time with consistent success.
....and Aranda actually knows Xs and Os, is highly organized (LSU is a mess right now), and has served under some pretty good, successful head coaches before becoming one at Baylor.
Of all the names being bandied about to succeed Orgeron if and mostly when he is let go, Dave Aranda makes the best sense: he is young, he knows LSU having been a good defensive coordinator with success, he is mature and would hire a better staff including actually doing interviews (Orgeron none done and hires like a 2-year-old picking toys and candies...see Matt Canada, Bo Pelini, Jake Peetz, etc.), has a more steady business-like composed personna, has done well quickly at Baylor, is affordable, and might just do well and stay a while. I would welcome Aranda as a good choice.
What a mess we're in from our once proud and successful football program. To our AD, Scott Woodward: "Help!"
Feel badly for the players and the fans. You are right on...leadership needs to be restored.
LSU has looked like a mess in the aftermath of winning the national championship in 2019...8-7 since and staring at a likely 5-7/6-6 record this year that in all likelihood calls for an end to a 2-year failure and worst couple of years in a long time for what has been an otherwise excellent program the past 20-plus years. Ad Scott Woodward is likely warming up attention to his short list by now.
Finebaum's conjecture on this one is probably going to prove out, short of some sort of miracle to come. If that holds, a cold late fall and winter at LSU might only be warmed by a Freeze, if the Tigers come to need and can get him.
Excepting the very first LSU drive in the game, Auburn outplayed LSU significantly and LSU's lack of any kind of run game (32 yards on the night; 32 for goodness sake!) and lots of poor tackling once again led to the obvious Auburn overcoming march to a well-earned victory for the War Eagles. As for LSU, oh my--look what lies ahead: at Kentucky (5-0 and confident), Florida (50-50 win at best), at Ole Miss (ouch!), at Alabama (might get really ugly once again), then last 3 at home vs. ULM and mightily improved Arkansas and maybe 50-50 finale against TAMU. Finishing 5-7 appears likely and that won't cut it on the Bayou, no matter what the buyout is.
If LSU loses this game on Saturday, Coach O is likely going to move from the hot seat to the frying pan a la Clay Helton at Southern Cal, already gone after 2 weeks into the season. Scott Woodward, LSU AD, likely isn't going to sit around and watch this season go into a Titanic mode without no less than an interim change as soon as needed. On the other hand, Geaux Tigers; beat Central Michigan and keep improving as the traditional program it has been a long time. Hope the fans are plenty and loud for an upset alert game.