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Well, let's see now how much time and $$$ has Coach O's impulsive, errant decisions have cost LSU: 1 OC, 1 DC, 1 PGC, several position coaches, all totaling in millions and now missing on 2 "we've got our guy" boasts. As much as I hate to say it, it will take a near miracle for this guy to survive 2 more years, but go away with his own millions. Love the Natty, but it sure has been costly. Miles brought O back into the game. So, why not give a true Tiger player and coach Corey Raymond his shot at DC....if he will take it! No one else could bring more "I care" than Raymond would.
Best choice is 34 year old up and comer Zach Barnett from Miss. State. Texas and others are onto him. Better move quickly Coach O and AD Woodward!
An Ohio State former player coaching for another Ohio State guy at Cincinnati and who publicizes he is more interested in becoming a head coach wants to stay up north or east near Buckeye country or Norte Dame. No surprise here and Orgeron should have known that and the AD Woodward as well. Tine wasted saw Derek Mason go with Auburn. LSU better try and keep young up and comer Zach Arnett from leaving Miss. State for Texas or it’s going to be slim pickings soon.
Peetz's resume' has more moves than a ping pong ball in China. A little stick-to-it-ness might help his stability and offer he might stay more than a year or two. And on the defensive coordinator front, several experienced online sources say Miss. State's young DC at age 34 or 36 will soon be picked up by Florida or LSU as one of the best young ones for that. Coach O needs to do his homework as much as vett primarily from friendships if he wants to keep having success.
Back where he belongs....as a Bayou Bengal Tiger. Now get back to work and stick with the best. Welcome back.
Thanks to one of the best punters in Bayou Bengal Tiger football history. Good luck in the NFL.
Muschamp going to Florida would make sense in joining Mullen as they both have similar personalities and belong together!
NFL departues, Covid19 issues, injuries...maybe LSU was hit harder than most other teams, but not completely different. On the other hand, off the field issues, terrible discipline on defense, slower and confused secondary, offensive line problems, freshman QBs, etc. and steady appearances of undercurrents of fractured player and coaching staff environments have gone far beyond a Chizik-similar (2 yrs vs. LSU's 1 by the way) downspin. The LSU situation has regressed to a state of chaos, confusion, and disarray far beneath its storied gridiron history of success and consistent spirited competitiveness. The university President and AD need to find solutions and quickly before this gets worse. If not, this program could drop so far down it may take a decade or more to recover. Clean house now!
Guice made the right decision and his rehab from the injury has gone well. He will likely turn out to be a good RB with the Redskins. Nonetheless, it is truly a no-brainer with Smith is far and away the no. 1 choice for this list with an intriguing perspective. It's not even close: the obvious choice is Smith.
More class than his head coach, whose tirades of screaming in people's faces, throwing down headsets, and going viral are nothing less than a disgrace and an example to all of rotten sportsmanship in sports where he is supposed to set a good example. Instead of championship trophies, Saban should be presented with a free first lesson certificate to world class anger management classes!
A class act for sure. Good luck Jalen in putting the hurts on opponents with the Sooners.
Agreed. I like what former Tigers coach Les Miles said about Louisiana players who aren't committed to playing for a program like LSU, "to hell with 'em!" If Sopsher isn't sure by now as the big time 5-star recruit he is, I prefer a 3-star Louisiana recruit who bleeds purple and gold to play for the Tigers.
You might want to also clean up your rather untidy language a bit while you're at it. There's a stench coming from your direction the rest of us would prefer to have you clean up.
Stop your whining and take it like a man. Fair weather fans like you can dish it out, but you apparently can't take it. Looks like you are facing a little period of adjustment.
Uh-oh Marq, your home coooking perspective just boiled over in the lop-sided loss to Clemson. So much for the "clobbering," as you wrote was forthcoming. Hope you enjoy humble pie!
Goodness gracious, what an embarrassment to the otherwise sterling tradition of LSU's Golden Band from Tigerland. I've always been so proud of our band, but that NOISE isn't music, but a nuisance. Whoever came up with that idea should be put in a dark closet and made to listen to it hours on end until they beg for mercy like everyone who had to endure it during the football game.
Sounds like a control freak to me! That kind of person may be exceptional in personal talents, but running an organization is a different matter altogether. Over-the-shoulder control people strangle the creativity of others being counted on to make the organization--and the controlling head of it--successful. Sometimes, it's hard to let go of the reins, and let the horses run.
Considering pre-season expectations for this year's LSU team and what has been accomplished, win or lose today against up and coming Texas A&M on the road will not cast a pall over the Bayou Bengals program. Meanwhile, observations about QB recruiting and development and possibly the Offensive Coordinator post are very valid. Go Tigers!
Nick Saban's players and likely his staff as well feed off of Saban's desire and fire. This is a gem of an opportunity for Saban to achieve what he desires most: perfection, as in undefeated National Champion. He's got the ammo to get it done, and he is likely to will the Crimson Tide to perfection if not to in all other ways prepare Alabama to accomplish that rare and lofty performance.
The Tigers will plod past poor Rice, but the Aggies may well end their losing streak against LSU and possibly convincingly unless Tiger players wake up and start playing, albeit in the last regular season game. Beware of Jimbo from now on in the annual season finale. If nothing changes with our offensive doldrums, we may likely get embarrassed in a bowl game as well. 10-2 or 9-3 is much better than anyone thought would happen, but as the season progressed, for some strange reason we sure have resembled a Les Miles-type of season-ending slide.
I get it either way with LSU or Georgia is in Sugar or Fiesta. However, while Bulldogs vs. Buckeyes is, indeed, an interesting matchup, it does not offer the intrigue of Tigers vs. Buckeyes and--you may have already guessed this--transfer Joe Burrow and LSU vs. Burrow's former Buckeyes team. Now that makes for a great matchup for sure.
No more interchangeable than Bulldogs, second most common mascot in college football with 14. Tigers are third with 13, and the most are Eagles with 24. And the 4 Tigers you mentioned are not too shabby vs. the list with Bulldogs. Check it out, Uga.
Attention to detail overlooks the fact that LSU has won 4, not 3 national championships, as in 1958, 2003, 2007, and also 1908 when the Bayou Bengal Tigers were the ONLY undefeated and untied team in the nation and were recognized in a poll of that era as national champions.
Much, much better offensive line play and better passing aside, LSU's likely best chance against Auburn this Saturday may well be in keeping Auburn's defense off balance with mixed play calling. OC Steve Ensminger may have to pass when Auburn's defense shows a stiff alignment against the run, and run when Auburn's defense shows a stiff alignment against the pass. It's not going to be easy, but LSU-Auburn is always a tough, physical game won by the more physical team that day. More than ever, LSU needs to out-smart Kevin Steele's defensive strategy with mixed play calling. If not, Auburn is likely to wear down even LSU's stout defense.
Good grief, people, what's all the fuss about college versus pros and why Saban left the NFL to return to the college game? There are college football fans; there are professional football fans; and there are fans who like both. Like Saban or not for any number of reasons you may have, but the FACT of the matter is that he currently is second only to the late Paul "Bear" Bryant (note also of Alabama plus Kentucky and Texas A&M) in post-1936 poll era college football national championships. If and when he wins another, he will tie The Bear and likely coach on to see if he can pass The Bear and be at the top in NCs won. He has EARNED this distinction, and nothing you say can change that. Insofar as college coaches who have tried the NFL, Pete Carroll not have much company in those who have enjoyed success. On the other end as FACT are Steve Spurrier, Chip Kelly, and a few others including Nick Saban who have struggled. Nick Saban WILL go down as one of the greatest college football coaches ever, like it or not. His coaching record--not his personality or characteristics--bears that out. As for who has the greatest number of fans, college or pro, it's not even close when you add all the fans in stands from every division of college football on Fall Saturdays, every alum, every non-alum fan, year in and year out. TV ratings (closer than you might think)? Jersey sales? Maybe the NFL has an edge there, but again there are college fans, pro fans, fans who like both. Good on all of them. Bash Saban, all you want; that's free speech, but it will not detract from his fantastic coaching record.
Can someone at SDS please update the LSU coaching staff now?! Les Miles and Cam Cameron were gone just a few weeks ago, but you guys in-the-know and at the forefront of the latest news and developments might want to pay a little more attention to detail.
Adios, Jazz. There seems to always be a lot of WR prospects year in and year out. We will do just fine. It's a team game, and that includes second and third teamers. Everyone can't be on the first team. The NFL has compressed what used to be a play 4 in 5 year proposition to what is now at most a 3 year term with most of the best players leaving early. Turnover is an increasing by-product of this evolution.
Sounds good; I like the idea just fine. And the suggested permanent games make sense for just about everyone. Alabama, Ole Miss, and Texas A&M are good choices for LSU's mainstay games for each season.
Move past Kiffin and Sarkisian. Enough of those candidates with lots of uncertainties. Go for Matt Canada of Pitt, Mark Helfrich late of Oregon (if he will taken an OC job after being HC), or Sonny Cumbie of offensely proficient TCU, who offers near-term recruiting experience in Texas that LSU always can use. Just get on with it, Coach O, with our trust so long as you move on past Kiffin and Sarkisian, who do not offer very long or even mid-term prospects.