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What a terrific way to end a phenmenal comeback type season. Talk about incredible storyline: ranked No. 1 in college baseball at season's start, hit some troubles with injuries and play in mid-season, then rise up in last few SEC series and play in the SEC Tournament, and finally play impressively to reach the CWS and win it all for its first ever national championship in baseball. Has there ever been one state that won back to back national championships in baseball? Maybe this is the first time ever. Congrats to our long-time neighboring rival Ole Miss. What an impressive accomplishment!
Charles McClendon told me in a conversation on the LSU practice field in the fall of the year Bradshaw was looking to begin his college career that Terry was not signed by LSU because of academics. That was the way he put it to me in answer to an interview question when I worked in the LSU sports information office at that time.
Gotta love it. Rooting for the Rebels and their head coach--LSU great player and alumnus Mike Bianco--to bring home the national championship to the SEC this year.
College football will, sadly enough, never be the same again with this NIL non-sense. Imagine an outstanding chemistry student changing schools to get an NIL deal with another because of some offer from a chemical manufacturer. Going to college has always been a treasured time in life when "amateur" status as a student, athlete, and other school-related activities allowed us to grown, learn, and enjoy in preparation for adulthood life in jobs, personal and family realms, and the rest of life experiences. Unfortunately, this is just another realm where the chase of money rules and not the valued characteristics of what matters most and endures most in life.
How very sad to see such a young life with so much promise be ended like this one. It brings memories of the death by brain hemorrhage in 1970 with LSU sophomore quarterback Butch Duhe of New Orleans.
McMahon has already performed better than "good," more like "phenomenal" considering all the factors at play. With patience and continued results like he's had so far, LSU could return to the top tier in the SEC and nationally. Gotta love it; Geaux Tigers!
Goodness gracious! No matter what else may happen, LSU's new hoops coach has totally--TOTALLY--rebuilt a fully depleted roster in less than 3 months and with quite an impressive collection of signees, transfers, and a few returnees. No matter what restrictions the program will possibly face early on, Matt McMahon should have a pretty competitive team on the court.
What great, sensible commentary, AFan. Good on you.
It had to be an extra special accomplishment for Mike Bianco in sweeping LSU in Baton Rouge less than a year after interviewing for the Tigers head coaching position and getting rejected as an LSU alumnus and former star catcher for LSU's successful baseball program. And he accomplished this in a head-to-head matchup with the man LSU selected in his stead, Jay Johnson. Wonder what the LSU AD may have been thinking about after this weekend's results as Ole Miss dominated LSU.
One of the better results of this limited phases spring scrimmage was the number of rushing yards, 214, put up against one of the more promising defensive fronts in the conference, albeit with the limited phase approach today. No matter how it's viewed, 214 vs. meager, mixed results the past 2 years bodes at least some promise of a running game this year.
News such as this is always terrible to learn of and twinges at all our hearts in the SEC family of fans, players, coaches, students, and alumni. We all feel a sense of loss shared with the wives, children, and family members left behind. May good memories of a life well-lived sustain those who survive. In his memory, "War Eagle." RIP.
Why? Focus on team and not any individual. Every player's number is equally important to a total team contribution. On the other hand, if the practice of making those 2 numbers exceptionally treated over the last 2 decades or so, Kelly is letting the team decide rather than him making such a decision. Good for him.
This has to easily be an all-time record for a team to lose every one of its roster from one season to the next. Days and Eason declared for the NBA, and all 11 remaining players entered the transfer portal making a complete emptying of the season's 13-player roster. In all my years of following basketball, I have never heard of any time when anyone came even close to losing a complete roster. Wow!
Thank you, Will Wade . . . good riddance! We will make it back, but this is going to be a monumental climb.
Good move by our new coach. Keep a good player like this from the home state at home where, after his playing days are done, this will help him in relationships business and personal throughout. Hope he does well at LSU.
Probably right on with that assessment. Let's see: year 1 signed with Arizona; year 2 switched to UCLA; year 3 his dad likely got him on at LSU; now he's looking again . . . not so good for picking and sticking with something. Wish him the best for the sake of Shaq's big heart and commitment to LSU, and the Bayou Bengal Tigers will do just fine.
I believe that Matt McMahon will likely do as well or better than can be expected under the circumstances he has taken on. I look for his first team of Bayou Bengal Tigers to do well and build the foundation for meeting high expectations that will follow the suspected 3-year period of severe penalties. With his 7-year contract, I look for him to have LSU back in the top 6 in the conference within 4-5 years at most.
There are a number of good coaches available for consideration, and LSU will have the means and support for anyone accepting the challenge under duress from NCAA sanctions anticipated to be in the 3-year duration range. I like the Chattanooga coach, but believe Scott Woodward will make a good selection to lead the Tigers out from under the Will Wade-induced cloud.
Ditto on JerseyHawg comments. Great accomplishment for Tennessee and remarkable for first SEC Tournament title in 43 years! Wow! And congrats to the Aggies for surprising many with a great run to the title game that hopefully will put Texas A&M into the big dance.
Spring practice begins at LSU March 24. Let's see how things stand about May 1. That is will likely be when things will come into focus after the spring game. Let's not rush to judgment on this new Tiger QB just yet.
Right, you are...sad, but true. As the old saying goes, "be careful what you ask for!" Now we have it, and it's increasingly becoming an NFL mirrored image.
Gone are the days of playing for university, fellow students, fans, tradition even in tradition-rich programs like LSU. These are not student-athletes much anymore, just athletes looking for selfish benefits and nothing long term beyond playing football. So sad; so much we are losing in today's social framework, relationships, and larger contributions to life and community than just playing football. It is in the midst of destroying what has made college football such a part rich and meaningful of our lives for so long.
Agree with you. With all things considered and the improvement over the last half of the season, Daronte Jones being maintained would have been fine. However, House appears to be a good hire as the new DC. Geaux Tigers!
Agree on that, as I had hoped Brian Kelly might keep Daronte Jones as DC and Blake Baker as LB coach. The D made consistent improvement as the season progressed past the halfway point, including incredibly good LB play especially with injuries, etc. Baker was also a good recruiting piece to LSU's Houston-area efforts. We shall see what unfolds in the next year or 2. Geaux Tigers!
2 word answer for that: Jerry Jones. Duh, go figure and going on more than 20 years with that guy. We will not contend for another Super Bowl until he is gone, and I'm not sure that will make a difference with the likelihood his son takes over for him. It's the continued curse of HOW they got rid of Tom Landry and the discord that led to Jimmy's leaving Jerry.
I'm with you on this one, for sure. Nothing but good wishes to Myles Brennan whether it be Southern Miss, Nebraska, or somewhere else. May he play well, be appreciated, grow in sport and life, and be victorious over every opponent....except LSU, of course. Geaux you Bayou Bengal Tigers!
I'm right there with you and the Bayou Bengal Tigers, no matter who plays for us. Maybe Jontre Kirklin (WR who played QB in HS) or Tavion Faulk (walk on) or Rich O'Dowd (walk on from FL) can learn enough plays for primarily a running game and a few good passes to keep us competitive, and who knows with Cade York's FG abilities, we might be able to pull off an upset. Geaux Tigers!
Don't want to be here, then go; we will be fine without you. However, shame on you for letting your teammates down by entering the transfer portal now, only weeks away from playing in a bowl game and obviously leaving the team with only 1 scholarship QB and a freshman at that. You would think Max would have some consideration for his teammates and the university program that gave him such a great opportunity to QB a great college football program. Hope the Johnsons improve through life in not letting others down in such a manner. No matter; Geaux Tigers!
In the words of former coach Les Miles on this subject, "don't let the door knob hit you in the rear on your way out; don't want to be here; we don't want you." We will be just fine without those leaving. Geaux Tigers!