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This is why we all love college football so much and it is the number one sport in America.
That was very written and thought through. Nice to read things like this these days. Please continue and stay creative!
The Ole Miss vs Cowbell game will be the best of the year. How about 82-81 if they do not go to overtime? Could be!
So is that why the USC QB was allowed to eligible at UGA? I will admit that I do not know his circumstances, but QB out of UGA, so they allow one back in? Forget the conference and division issues....the NCAA is setting itself up for the Power 5 to say GOODBYE! Explain and have reasons or just get out of the way....seems only QBs are approved.... see no evidence of otherwise, not just a one time, but consistent for non QBs. The kids want to play! Make them want to be part of your mission with the environment you create. If I worked for a company and did not like certain things or my boss left and the environment changed, I might leave too. Think about that one.... I know....they are young, but they still are allowed to serve in the armed forces and protect you for you opinions on this site....and they can vote. Where is the line? The NCAA is flushing themselves faster than they realize. Watch what happens in the next 2 years....it will be interesting.
Congress can not figure out how to do anything but act childish unless it involves them getting more money for themselves!
I am not sure they are adults, but it is nice to see this group stand up for good.