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That's a good way to measure a coach. Compare him to a coach that has been fired from his past 2 jobs. They both suck.
We changed the whole season around and implemented all kinds of new rules but couldn't overrule this rule? Just doesn't make sense. Needs to be some kind of leeway during these times. That rule was clearly not written to deal with a season like this.
From the beginning the SEC left it up to each institution to set capacity. Their recommendation was to have "reduced" capacity. If you've never been to Kyle Field the student section is bleacher seating and the students stand the whole game obviously that makes it pretty easy to bunch together. Not saying they should do that but that's pretty difficult to police. Also keep in mind Kyle seats over 100k so 25k is still a lot of people.
I think Deion's issue is more about the "tryout" they gave him and not that he's not on the team. I'm assuming Deion is a pretty big donor for the school now that his son is there, so I'm sure he expects a bit more from the baseball coaches. I went to a small private high school in San Antonio and our high school QB got a "tryout" at A&M for the simple reason that his dad was a high level donor to the university. He had no business being there, but you show respect for your donors.
Funny how Ohio State is quick to get upset about this, but if you watch the replay from one of the other angles you see an Ohio State defender waiving it as incomplete before it's picked up by another defender.
Ok and what quality wins does Oregon have? Or Utah? In the end we will likely have at least 3 1 loss teams to pick from. I think it's difficult to argue that Oregon or Utah are better than bama but I think regardless who limps in at 4 they lose the first game of the playoff so it really doesn't matter in my opinion.
Squelch may not have been the right word there. But the basis is that the best 4 teams should be in regardless of conference championship and if bama ends the season win 1 loss to the #1 team then their loss is as they say a "quality loss" and certainly better than a loss to a team that Alabama beat.
You can respect a university for what they do and still believe that the football team is awful.
Did you read the article? She doesn't talk about someone criticizing her or the children just that it's hard to hear the negative talk about her husband