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It may be better for those teams to look at their own programs and make sure they are conforming to NCAA standards or the whole SEC could go down. With the NCAA offering immunity and players now talking, there may be much more on the horizon. Up till now, there has been a resistance to mutually assured destruction. It sounds as if the buttons are now being pushed to allow it to happen. If there are any Ole Miss players wishing to leave, they'll most likely go to other conferences. The SEC could blow up.
Yes, all those teams will suffer from those players leaving and the author is right about Alabama. He is also correct that Alabama is such a strong program that the drop off is less than most programs.
Obviously, it's subjective and the issue maybe should rightly not be raised in this article, but one element that needed to be addressed in regards to last year's Ole Miss team is chemistry. When the defensive scheme is too complicated for young talent to properly grasp, the chemistry or attitude of the whole defense suffers. The secondary of Ole Miss contains as much talent as any team in the nation, add an aggressive positive attitude and it's reasonable that this could be one of the strongest units on the Ole Miss team.
Why should we be concerned one way or another about this picture? I look forward to the upcoming day that there will be little or no interest in weed pictures. I suspect the NFL will soon take it off the list of forbidden drugs and then we'll see less of this stuff.
PoFoke brings up some salient points. I do seem to remember LSU fans were very excited over Franks. They were thinking Patterson didn't have the comparable arm strength. I sort of remember that Patterson didn't grow up in Lousiana and really owed no allegiance to the state. LSU wanted Franks, Patterson might have signed with the Tigers, but he also liked Ole Miss. In a way, you can also add that Miles was in trouble because of Ole Miss. Ole Miss is passing LSU in relevance and Alabama is staying on top. That's hard for LSU to accept, but the on-field results are there. Of course, Miles will be fired for this, but the problem is, I don't know too many available coaches that can reverse what's happening.
State will improve. They looked like a team that is rebuilding with new coaches and new player talent. They may be a competitive team after about half way through this season. Mullin is too good of a coach for them not to improve. Those who don't respect them may pay the price. LSU on the other hand, wow, they may not get better! That the best Les Miles and company can do with that talent/ They may be worse as the season progresses. Alabama may be awesome this year!
LSU will continue their trend of disappointing their fans and drop two or three games. Alabama will probably repeat.
Academic fraud is serious, hearing 11 over 4 as far as scholarship reductions. No show causes or bowl bans. Some vacated wins and some coaching suspensions.
Don't think they're going to hit Ole Miss for buying players. There was no finding of that. It now looks as if the Tunsil stuff is headed to a conclusion and it's not that bad. Ole Miss will go on probation for academic fraud. You'll probably see some vacated wins, some scholarship reductions, monetary fines, and some reduced visits. Overall, Ole Miss will be able to deal with this without too much dropoff. The competition in the West is going to be fun.
Ole Miss also has a couple of players with some blemishes. The difference is that the ones playing for Ole Miss have paid the price. State should have suspended Simmons for one year. Not revoke his scholarship, but Simmons should not be able to play, practice, or workout for one year.
Obviously, Alabama played poorly last year. Kind of weird to see that at their home stadium! The year before, the Tide didn't do a whole lot better in Oxford. However, the point I was making, a good quarterback named Manziel beat them one year, another named Marshall another year. Ohio State and Ole Miss are certainly in that group of good quarterbacks playing in a good spread option offense. Alabama seems to lose some of their invincibility during those games but seems to bring their "A" their game against teams such as LSU. Big plays may rattle Alabama and they don't appear to focus as well out of their natural element. I think you may see more fumbles, bad concentration, and poor play against one spread team this year. May not be Ole Miss, but it'll most likely happen at least once.
Really, the real reason is that Ole Miss scored more points than Alabama. Seriously, a spread option team with an efficient producing quarterback can give the Tide a rough time.
Agreed, the idea that Mississippi State has no control over a recruit because he had only signed a letter of intent is weak. They have the power to have him sit out a year. Sure, he would stay on scholarship, but they can deny practice and playing time. Mississippi State has that right. Indeed, it would hurt State, but it would help set the young man in the right direction. In essence, he beat the crap out of some lady and the athletic department is downplaying it.
The same punishment received by Stringfellow should be applied to Simmons. Stringfellow, even though he didn't punch the young lady, he did commit assault when he grabbed her camera. Simmons on the other hand, repeatedly hit a woman on the ground. Both actions were inappropriate.
This doesn't sound too serious, but nobody wants the NCAA snooping around. I think it's impossible for any program to 100% effectively monitor their program. There will always be discovered violations if the NCAA looks hard enough.
The author is correct. Look at the whole situation. The Ole Miss NOA should be looked at as an awakening moment. If you read the NOA and the response, it shows a staff that's trying to do the right thing. They uncovered and fixed improprieties, then self-reported them to the NCAA. Last Friday the NCAA commended Ole Miss on their efforts, but really, it's like sticking your fingers in the dike. The onslaught of boosters and players who knowingly want to receive illegal inducements may not be able to be controlled. There simply too much money involved for a realistic enforcement by any school. The NCAA realizes and implies this current Ole Miss administration and staff are ethical and cooperative, but it may be more than they can handle. Even the suggested level one on the Memphis showed no illegal intent and will probably be mitigated. There is a little overkill on that one. Unless a more equitable solution is found to provide assistance to student-athletes, you'll see more of the same from other schools. Tunsil's attorney says the whole light bill episode is above board and NCAA approved through an approved fund, so maybe that's a step in the right direction. Regardless, improvements past the special fund needs to be made.
It's a little tough to blame it on the secondary. Ole Miss lacked depth in a couple of areas. They're probably still a year or two away from peaking. However, they do have a team that can beat anyone in the nation. They'll also drop a few they are supposed to win. One or two more recruiting years similar to their past ones are needed.
There were both exculpatory as well as inculpatory admissions in Tunsil's statements. Tunsil's attorney who later spoke for him after the interview says the NCAA has already investigated this issue and found no wrong doing. Based on that, I think it's premature to allege lack of institutional control.
I don't know why articles such as this are really written. I guess they are fun and kill time before the next kickoff. That's good. However, the crux of the matter is, who is going to come close to measuring up to Alabama? Which SEC school is going to notch a win against them? Every year there seems to be one. Who is it this year and will one loss be enough to derail them? For the last two years, the Tide has given their worst effort against Ole Miss. I'm thinking it'll happen again or it could be LSU.
All depends on the quarterback play. I sort of think Georgia, with Eason at QB, will make the most noise in the East.
LSU always starts the season with high hopes and such, only to be thoroughly beaten down by the Crimson Tide. I'll believe Tennessee will beat Florida and Bama when I see it.
Least ways at Ole Miss, the fine in Mississippi is $100.00 to $250.00 max. Many cops won't even do anything to the kids if it's in the trunk and they're not driving under the influence. If it was in Colorado or Washington, there would be no arrest records.
So Christie wants to run in there and arrest the kid? The max fine for smoking weed in Mississippi is $250.00 and for possession of paraphernalia is $500.00. Hardly worth the effort. What he needs to talk about is the felony of hacking someone's private account. Throw in a little blackmail charge too. What a blunderbuss!
Actually, it's not pay for play. The fund that is central to the issue in the Tunsil text appears to be a legal avenue for the coaches to provide additional funding. It's probably already documented as well as reviewed by the NCAA and found to be in compliance. The real issue is academic fraud. Two previous coaches have been under fire from the NCAA and one already has a show cause from another investigation. The Freeze staff has been implicated in various secondary violations, but some of the press and social media have given the perception that Ole Miss is an outlaw program. More clarification should be known towards the end of this month and most insiders and the current administration personnel expect light sanctions from the current investigation.
Just when you thought Ole Miss was going to steal the NCAA spotlight, Alabama steps in and steals their thunder. Now it begins!
Cleveland and Ole Miss was not a good fit. He did feel as comfortable with the program as some other recruits have felt.
I think he's going to be a football player, not a preacher! As long as he produces at 100%, why should they care about his personal life? That's up to him.
I believe if we ran this same evaluation after the season, Alabama would be number one followed by Ole Miss. I think Barnett is going to be very good and Alabama always has a top draft pick at running back. Ridley? No explanation needed! Ole Miss will be number two because of Kelly and the type of offense they run.
Maybe not. If the current program looks clean, then no, they won't get undue attention.
Oh boy, yes indeed, did they find something. The woman's basketball program is probably level one and serious. The track program may be also. As far as football, we don t know, but the reports coming out indicate several minor infractions and some more serious Laramey Tunsil stuff that has reportedly been handled.