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I’m still not sold that Satt was calling plays the last two games either. Looking at his entire body of work, over the last 2 seasons, UT and Clemson are the biggest outliers against Power 5 competition. Ratt said he cut the personnel groupings in half and simplified the playbook. If he called plays then Nebraska should be freaking world beaters next year. I’m still glad he’s gone. Best of luck to him.
Believe it or not there are still Gamecock fans who think Satt made all the pre-UT adjustments AND called those games. Dude hadn’t made an adjustment over the previous 23 games!
It feels so great! Hoping next year is another step in the right direction.
As a long time Gamecock fan.. let’s pump the breaks. It’s one game and he has another HUGE test I. Front of him this weekend. Let’s see if we can put back to back performances against top 10 teams together first.
I looked it up and our offense is averaging 2.5 TD’s/game against Power 5 competition. If the offense had a pulse we beat Arky, blow UK and TAMU out of the water, and are a top 15 team right now that is being taken way more seriously than these hope filled articles. That HAS to get fixed. For reference UGA offense averages 5 TD’s/game, and Tenneessee’s offense averages 5.6 TD’s/game, against Power 5 competition. Defense and special teams are carrying us right now. People don’t take us seriously, rightfully so, because our offense sputters about for 75% of every Power 5 game we play. Satt has GOT to get that right or Beamer HAS to make a change this off-season. Can we compete for the east this year? I don’t think so. But if we want to get to the point where we ARE consistently competing for the East… the offense can’t be this pedestrian when it counts. It just can’t.
Y’all keep saying this. Net land was only lit because y’all beat Bama. Willy B has BEEN like this. Check the first year under Holtz when we were 0-11. Check the Champ years! There is NO PLACE like Willy B. Period.
Yeah both L’sOS have under performed so far this year, but the o-line is interestingly egregious because they played all last season together. One would have thought their experiences last year would help with development. So far we don’t see it. I trust Beamer, but I don’t trust Satt. We’re too one dimensional on offense. I don’t like his scheme and his play calling makes me want to vomit most games.
You do what you gotta do to win the game… but you need an identity, your calling card. UGA is physicality at the line of scrimmage. Ole Miss is airing it out and scoring 50 a game. What does this coach want our offense to ultimately be?!? No one knows! Seems like he doesn’t either.
I love Beamer but I’m with this. We’ll learn what type of coach he truly is by year 4. Hopeful he turns out to be what we need!
Bruh… Champ lost to App State, in 2019, with NFL talent in the roster. Every QB who left him while he was at UF, with subpar plat at UF, ended up in the NFL. Champ is a horrendous HC. That’s all. Moving on…
His role was not that of a head coach. As a head coach he was a disaster! At UGA his deficiencies as a coordinator were masked by that roster.
The entire fan base asked this question for the majority of his tenure. We ultimately accepted it because he was our coach but loathed TF out of this hire. Bottom line is we have the worst AD in the conference. May be the worst AD in division one.
I hope we don’t put too much on Rattler. Kid is a baller but a lot of our fans are unrealistic. They’ll expect a Heisman campaign out of him and, for the record… we ain’t OU and we don’t play in the Big 12. I’m excited to see what he can do but I’m tempering my expectations. Go Cocks!
He never said we’d win a National Title next year! But we can most certainly win a National Title in Columbia. I’m looking forward to Beamer leading the helm and gittin R dun!!
I think it’s the more “advanced” blocking scheme that’s causing us to have to think more. Last year the run game was 90% pin and pull… simple enough. This year it appears they mixing in run blocking with pass blocking schemes, to disguise some stuff, and it’s confusing the hell out of the o-line. The rest of the team has talent. If the o-line can figure it out we will have a better year than almost everyone predicted. I think Brooks and Vann lead the conference in dropped passes last year. They look completely different this year. Doty is putting the ball where only our WR’s can get it, at least he did against UGA… didn’t see that out of him at all last year. Defense actually looks like a real unit… we just looked slow as molasses against UGA and I’m guessing a LOT of teams will. If the o-line can get it together we can, at minimum, sustain more drives (even if we don’t score) and keep our defense fresh. That gives us a fighters chance in every game left on the schedule save for Florida. And yes… that formula will give us a fighters chance against Clemson too!
A couple of things here... 1. UGA beat us, flat out. But we didn't help the cause and I think that's what Vann was really trying to say. We had to have played a perfect game to have a shot at winning and penalties did not help us. So... let's lay off the kid. 2. Absolutely zero optimism was erased by this game. In the face of the worst o-line I've recently seen out passing game was, oddly, consistent. Our QB's put the ball where only our WR's could catch them all night. Even had some of my UGA buddies make the same comment. We also played harder than UGA's 1st and 2nd string in the 4th (their 3rd string didn't come on until the very last drive) and every one of my UGA friends said the same thing. Under the previous regime we would have rolled over and died. Don't believe me? Go back and watch us against UGA and LSU last year. The culture is changing. Beamer needs time. With that... UGA has the filthiest defense I've seen in a very long time. The speed is IN-freaking-SANE! At every position. The DISCIPLINE at every position is insane too. I saw you guys pushing our guys after every whistle but I think you know the refs are only going to get the person who responds to the first hit, which is actually a great strategy. If Kirby is going to beat Saban this is the year. But beating Saban twice in one year is unheard of. If you lose in the SECCG I think UGA wins the Natty. If you win the SECCG, then the Natty may be back in Saban's hands again. Best of luck to you guys!
Beamer impresses me every time he gets in front of a mic and, even with the outcome last night, every time this team steps on the field. Had a couple of UGA buddies say we were out playing their first/second squad in the 4th (their 3rd stringers played on the last drive of the game). Under the previous regime this team would have rolled over and died after that first UGA drive of the 3rd quarter. Think FSU against Wake Forest yesterday. Too many in this fan base think Beamer is Jeff Bezos and we’re going to get Gamecock Prime (overnight success and wins). That’s not how this works. At all. Beamer needs time and I, for one, want him to have it.
The number one thing we need to focus on is sustaining drives. Their defense is elite and that’s the only way we’ll have a fighters chance. We need to sustain drives to keep our defense fresh. I see a lot if 2019 in the UGA offense. Game manager at QB, hog ass o-line, elite RB room, a good WR corp. If we can get some pressure on the QB defensively, and sustain drives in the first half (sustaining offensive drives also helps keep their offense out of rhythm)… we have a fighters chance. If we don’t do any of that we’re getting f*cked… and I mean PROPER f*cked… before ZEE Germans arrive!
Hehe got the job through his connections with the Governor of South Carolina. The BoT, faculty, alumni, and students did not want him as the president. I can’t remember how it exactly went down but that’s the 50,000 foot synopsis of the situation. The guy clearly didn’t want to be here. Saying California vs South Carolina is a big deal. It’s like saying Texas vs Tennessee when speaking at a commencement ceremony at the University of Tennessee. When you’re the president of a school that should never happen. Like, ever.
Because every great QB coach was an All-Star QB in the NFL. Lincoln Riley? Nope. Sark? Nope. Dan Mullen? Nope. Steve Spurrier? Nope. But keep that energy my man.
If we’re being honest the problem never lie with Hill. Our WR’s, not named Shi Smith, are unable to consistently catch. The fact that Champ made more noise about the QB, than calling out this horrific WR unit, speaks volumes. And it also adds to the reasons that Champ has GOT to go!!!!!
"Overmatched athletic director" is being very generous when it comes to Tanner. Word is his list of coaches was 3 deep, and Champ wasn't on it. Champ got put on it when Sexton called to tell him Smart was a lock to UGA but he should look at Champ. A real AD would have said, "nah fam.. we good". But Tanner took the bate! Then Tanner got fleeced by Sexton UH-gain, when he gave Champ this rediculous buyout when no one, absolutely NO ONE, was interested in the guy. Tanner is way in over his head and you can tell. He should have been reassigned at the end of last year, before COVID.
Difference is no one is going to give Champ a HC job so we’ll have to pay all of the buyout. Taggert’s buyout is subsidized by him getting hired by FAU.
I still have no idea what Bo Nix was thinking yesterday. But I’ll take it and Jaycee is a likely top 20 pick because of it. So thanks Bo!
Love Shi, cause he’s a Gamecock and doing his thing. But I honestly believe if he weren’t so distracted (with the trash talking, with social media, with responding to anyone who says a word to him, etc.) he would be an elite WR.
People leave out the key festival as to why Champ went do the field goal. It was 4th & 12! Roll the dice on the offense getting 13 yards, with the horrible officiating we were getting, or kick the field goal and bank on UT running the ball 3 times in a row to keep the clock running. Will was right! We would have had the ball with 1:30 and 70 yards to go. I realize Champ is the laughing stock of college football but he was actually playing to win Saturday, contrary to all the BS people are spouting. Hill is the better QB and he showed it. Bobo is what the doctor ordered for that offense, and he showed it. As bad as the o-line played we were a deflected pass, which lead to a pick 6, from winning that game. Keep doubting us.
It’s odd to me that they would deny his waiver during a “gimmie” year. But... the kid transferred to South Carolina, so there is that.
I don’t think he’s the type of kid to pack it up. I think he played well but I honestly think a year to observe and learn the system would do him well. He was thrown into the fire last year and performed well enough but he needs to do a better job reading defenses, going through his progressions, and throwing a ball with some touch on it (a lot of his passes, if not all of them, were lasers). I think had Bentley not got hurt he would have been able to do that. I also think Champ is going to keep Hill’s leash awfully short because Hilinski is Champs guy. If Hill comes out and doesn’t put any points on the board, or looks perplexed at ALL by what UTjr is doing defensively, there will be a change at the QB position. Trust that.