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This is exactly what i’ve been saying to the naysayers. BMac needed the first half of that game to get his feet under him. Once that happened he made some adjustments and called, what I thought was, a really good second half. He seems to be a guy who gets better!
Let's not go #VolTwitter on Briles just yet. FAU had a vetting process that he successfully passed. He's not been implicated in anything other than allegedly saying some really improper things to a recruit about race and women. Fact is most people operate the way their environment operates. If he is under Champ's culture I think there is a snowballs chance in hell that anything that happened at Baylor happens in Columbia. Champ just seems to have a totally different mindset. Personally I'd rather see the OC gig go to McClendon but think Briles could be a better hire. If anything hire Briles, have McClendon learn that offense, and if Briles doesn't get it done give the reins to McClendon (sooner rather than later) and be done with it.
I think BMac did a good job calling the plays. He got off to a rough start due to lack of execution on our part. The thing that got me was his adjustments in the 3rd quarter. UM was bringing the house down the middle so instead of running the ball up the middle he decided to throw some WR screens which opened up the rest of the offense for us. I m fine with BMac because he showed, in 1 game, what Roper didn’t in 2 full seasons. He’s familiar with the roster and his play calling will only get better. Is there a better OC out there, sure there is. There were better HC’s out there when we hired Champ too! We see how Champ is evolving as a HC and I think BMac, with his interim HC experience at UGA and his play calling abilities, will evolve into a great OC and HC. We have an outstanding staff in Columbia right now and I want To keep it together. The dead weight has been released!
There was no meltdown. We made halftime adjustments and we made plays when they didn’t. USC WON this game!
You play 2 half’s for a reason. GREAT halftime adjustments by Coach Mac!
Rick Sandidge... 4-star Gamecock legacy pit of Charlotte, NC.
Cause we have been zeroes in and him and not looking at other kids until now. Same thing with Tindall.
Had to be done. 107th offense in the country is flat out unacceptable.
Kid is a baller and i’m more than happy that he’s coming back. In the same breath football players have shorter professional careers and Deebo is a really great player who should be getting paid for his talents next year. Hoping he stays healthy and is a top-10 pick in 2019!
I hope the medical staff gets this right. Deebo is NFL ready but i’d Rather him not play and blow up the combine, then play and risk re-injuring that leg.
I hope the defense plays this way next week. We’re SO inconsistent.
We went away from what was working, the quick slant and out passes, to be balanced, e.g. rn the ball. I don’t want to be balanced as much as I want to win. Remember Latt getting 30carries a game under Spurrier? Why??? Cause Spurrier knew he couldn’t throw and win. This team is the opposite. If Bentley needs to throw 40 passes for us to win let him throw 40 passes. When the defense backs up to cover, let TW do his thing. I’m totally Monday morning QB’ing but that’s what I saw last night.
If Georgia isn’tin atlanta this year they may fire Kirby.
Not sure why, but we have yet to put together a full game.
Flopping is cheating???!?!?!?!?! You guys are hysterical! It’s stupid, but far from cheating. Cheating is lessening in on someone’s headsets, video taping their practice, deflating balls to make them more easy to catch... floppy is just annoying. I wouldn’t do, but it isn’t cheating.
Agreed. We need to do a LOT more than beat NC State by a TD to serve notice in my eyes.
It's one game. We've opened a few eyes but that's about it. Finish September undefeated and we will have served notice at that point. Or beat Mizzou by 28 while shutting them out and allowing less than 400 yards of total offense. That is how we can serve notice. Otherwise these are simply quality wins.
If the Bears gave this guy a chance he'd prove to be the best QB they have on the roster. Released for freakin Sanchez.... butt fumble boy.... GTFOH!
Bentley's progress will depend on our o-line progression. Giving up 41 sacks was igregious and VERY hard to watch last year. If the o-line is half-way decent we should be fine on offense.
Shaw is so much better than Sanchez. The Bears just seem like such a poorly run organization. From the draft night fiasco to this!
Couldn't agree more. As a player you rarely want to say someone is better than you are.
Analysis:Our o-line gave up something stupid like 40+ sacks last year. New coach role not you still need players to block someone so I'm very skeptical of the o-line at this point in time.Defense was average until the last 3-4 games where we were giving up the kitchen sink! We only had 2 scholarship LB's throughout the spring. The pass rush is still not there, if you listen to Champ. And our secondary has still yet to prove they can consistently defend a sub-par passing attack.So once again... as a lifelong Gamecock fan I've been here before, most recently before the 2014 (where we were dark horse National Title contenders and the defense just shat the bed), and 2015 (Spurriers redemption year that turned out to be ANYTHING but). So this year I will continue to sleep... until I see a product on the field that wakes me up
It's called using your analytical brain.