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Hehe got the job through his connections with the Governor of South Carolina. The BoT, faculty, alumni, and students did not want him as the president. I can’t remember how it exactly went down but that’s the 50,000 foot synopsis of the situation. The guy clearly didn’t want to be here. Saying California vs South Carolina is a big deal. It’s like saying Texas vs Tennessee when speaking at a commencement ceremony at the University of Tennessee. When you’re the president of a school that should never happen. Like, ever.
Because every great QB coach was an All-Star QB in the NFL. Lincoln Riley? Nope. Sark? Nope. Dan Mullen? Nope. Steve Spurrier? Nope. But keep that energy my man.
If we’re being honest the problem never lie with Hill. Our WR’s, not named Shi Smith, are unable to consistently catch. The fact that Champ made more noise about the QB, than calling out this horrific WR unit, speaks volumes. And it also adds to the reasons that Champ has GOT to go!!!!!
"Overmatched athletic director" is being very generous when it comes to Tanner. Word is his list of coaches was 3 deep, and Champ wasn't on it. Champ got put on it when Sexton called to tell him Smart was a lock to UGA but he should look at Champ. A real AD would have said, "nah fam.. we good". But Tanner took the bate! Then Tanner got fleeced by Sexton UH-gain, when he gave Champ this rediculous buyout when no one, absolutely NO ONE, was interested in the guy. Tanner is way in over his head and you can tell. He should have been reassigned at the end of last year, before COVID.
Difference is no one is going to give Champ a HC job so we’ll have to pay all of the buyout. Taggert’s buyout is subsidized by him getting hired by FAU.
I still have no idea what Bo Nix was thinking yesterday. But I’ll take it and Jaycee is a likely top 20 pick because of it. So thanks Bo!
Love Shi, cause he’s a Gamecock and doing his thing. But I honestly believe if he weren’t so distracted (with the trash talking, with social media, with responding to anyone who says a word to him, etc.) he would be an elite WR.
People leave out the key festival as to why Champ went do the field goal. It was 4th & 12! Roll the dice on the offense getting 13 yards, with the horrible officiating we were getting, or kick the field goal and bank on UT running the ball 3 times in a row to keep the clock running. Will was right! We would have had the ball with 1:30 and 70 yards to go. I realize Champ is the laughing stock of college football but he was actually playing to win Saturday, contrary to all the BS people are spouting. Hill is the better QB and he showed it. Bobo is what the doctor ordered for that offense, and he showed it. As bad as the o-line played we were a deflected pass, which lead to a pick 6, from winning that game. Keep doubting us.
It’s odd to me that they would deny his waiver during a “gimmie” year. But... the kid transferred to South Carolina, so there is that.
I don’t think he’s the type of kid to pack it up. I think he played well but I honestly think a year to observe and learn the system would do him well. He was thrown into the fire last year and performed well enough but he needs to do a better job reading defenses, going through his progressions, and throwing a ball with some touch on it (a lot of his passes, if not all of them, were lasers). I think had Bentley not got hurt he would have been able to do that. I also think Champ is going to keep Hill’s leash awfully short because Hilinski is Champs guy. If Hill comes out and doesn’t put any points on the board, or looks perplexed at ALL by what UTjr is doing defensively, there will be a change at the QB position. Trust that.
Roquan flipped to the home school. Burch is already committed to the home school so i don’t see it happening.
My only fear with Bobo is his how he will work without an elite roster in the SEC. Sure CSU put up numbers in that conference, and people will say he did more with less out there. But he wans’t going against SEC caliber defenses. At USC he’ll have to do more with less and I’m worried. I know he averaged 40 points a game with UGA one year but that was an elite squad. Will he be better than BMac? Likely, given the fact that he has a wealth of experience. But how will he do with THIS roster next year. That is my concern.
Not happening. No one wants to pay a $20 million buyout for a coach many didn’t think should be here in the first place. We should fire the AD for putting the athletics department in this predicament.
What does this question have to do with anything in this article?!?
If I’m Jake, I wouldn’t trust another Champ OC hire either. Add to the fact that QB’s who transfer out of Champ offenses end up in the NFL and this decision becomes easier to make. Best of luck to Jake! I hope he lands somewhere that uses him to the point where he is a conference offensive POY candidate.
If he doesn’t change the offense we’ll have 50 total yards of offense against Clemson. Cause EVERYONE knows the 8 plays we run.
No need to sell a thing! Dabo will be gunning for 80 points against us and if he gets anywhere above 50, I think Champ is done.
Love my Gamecocks but apathy has set in and I’m pessimistic as all get out about this game.
I really want Champ to work out but I don’t see it happening. He’s too loyal, stubborn as a $2 mule, and just a bad HC. I hope he goes 10-2 in 2020 but there is ZERO indication of that happening.
Remember Spurrier had the same thing happen to him like 5 or 6 times and he called out admissions over it. I don’t know what special score or GPA USC requires of athletes but it’s pretty silly.
Admissions office likely told him they wouldn’t admit him. They do this a lot and it’s aggravating as all get out. If a kid is eligible per NCAA Clearinghouse rules he should be admitted.
I want to see the defense continue to play well.
Hoping we show up and show out like last week. We’re a very inconsistent football team, still, and that scares me.
I hope we keep the team healthy enough because if we do, and we play for 4 quarters like we did against y’all... Clempson is taking a F’n L in November!!
We were finally focused and locked in for 4 quarters. I’ve always said we have the talent to win the East! We lacked the focus. Hope this is the team that shows up next Saturday!
I hope this mentality is a mainstay! If so, and we can stay healthy, we can win out.
It’s the 6th game of the season. What on earth are you talking about?!?