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Remember Spurrier had the same thing happen to him like 5 or 6 times and he called out admissions over it. I don’t know what special score or GPA USC requires of athletes but it’s pretty silly.
Admissions office likely told him they wouldn’t admit him. They do this a lot and it’s aggravating as all get out. If a kid is eligible per NCAA Clearinghouse rules he should be admitted.
I want to see the defense continue to play well.
Hoping we show up and show out like last week. We’re a very inconsistent football team, still, and that scares me.
I hope we keep the team healthy enough because if we do, and we play for 4 quarters like we did against y’all... Clempson is taking a F’n L in November!!
We were finally focused and locked in for 4 quarters. I’ve always said we have the talent to win the East! We lacked the focus. Hope this is the team that shows up next Saturday!
I hope this mentality is a mainstay! If so, and we can stay healthy, we can win out.
It’s the 6th game of the season. What on earth are you talking about?!?
BMc has put together plenty of strong offensive outings but he hasn’t been able to do it consistently which leads me to believe he’s being told to be conservative. The jury is out on TRob at this point imho. If he doesn’t go at the end of the season, which I hate cause I wanted him to workout, it will show Champ values loyalty over results and the calls for Champs Head will only get louder.
Well... Hilinski was injured going into the game and, quite honestly, shouldn’t have played. More sage decision making from Champ. That has nothing to do with Ryan so keep his name out ya mouth.
Champ isn’t on the hot seat due to his $22 million dollar buyout (who TF thought this was a good idea based on the last 3 years?!?!?) but he should be. To every UF fan in here who told us this was coming, and I argued against saying he learned his lesson... you were right and I was wrong. I apologize to each and every one of you.
Seeing as how Champ goes conservative when we get leads (save for CSU this past weekend) we’re definitely going to get fried this weekend.
Champ is extremely loyal, loyal to a fault. If Hilinski doesn’t win out Bentley will be the day 1 starter against Coastal in 2020, mark my words. “He still gives us the best chance to win ball games”.
No. Kirby is loyal to the program, which is why when the team was playing better with Fromm he stuck with it. Had that been Champ he would have rolled Eason back out there. That’s Champs Achilles heel... loyalty to players/coaches instead of the program.
1. If the diagnosis is true Bentley is done for the year. Unless Hilinski facilitates wins over every non-Big 3 (Bama, Clemson, USG) and/or a Big 3 then Bentley will redshirt this year and take the job back in the Spring without question. 2. Expectations have absolutely changed with a TF QB running this gauntlet imho. I think expectations have dropped from 8 wins to 4 or 5. 3. Champs buyout, if he were to be fired this year at all, is $22 million. Why? I have absolutely no idea. He won’t be evaluated until the end of 2020 regardless of what happens this year.
I honestly think everything on this list is attainable, except Feaster running for 1,000 yards. They’ll split the load between him and a Dowdle so long as Dowdle is healthy. Our o-line doesn’t have a lot of experience and I think the first 3-4 games will be their “schooling”, so to speak, and those games will be tougher because they’ll be learning. I think those 3-4 games are why we’ll have a 1,600 yard RB unit but no 1,000 yard rusher.
Interesting. Can’t wait to see if the defense can take advantage of this.
Feaster has no bearing on Valentines transfer. The kid was posting about concerns with his mental health, on Twitter, at the beginning of the summer. This transfer has more to do with that. You guys need some who actually follows Gamecock football writing these articles.
If you lose your job at the start of the year and your replacement is doing all the right things, the odds of earning your spot back are slim and none because 1st team practice reps go with the starter. And no coach worth his salt will replace someone who is producing during games with someone who is “producing” with practice reps. He gets his job back if the incumbent doesn’t produce or gets hurt. Period.
Career backup in the ACC is entirely misleading. Current backup, who lost his starting job due to injury, on a 2 time National Champion that throttled the best team the SEC has had this decade. Totally different context.
I think he ultimately goes 700-800 yards rushing, 200-300 yards receiving, with 10’ish TD’s. If he does more than that, alleviating a lot of pressure for Bentley, this could be a 9 regular season win squad... or more.
Adds quality depth but I’m not crowning him as the next coming yet. I need to see it. Hopefully his addition is a kick in the ass to the RB room and everyone, Feaster included, have outstanding years.
Watch our games. S&C has nothing to do with guys falling awkwardly, getting rolled on, and having bodies fall on them. Unless S&C is strengthening bones. Did I miss something?
Bray threw for 3500 yards his last year at UT, which Bentley is more than poised to do. Bray also threw for 12 INT’s and only won 5 games. Bray was erratic with his decision making, which cost his team games (e.g. the INT against us to lose the game on the final drive). Bray probably left another 800 yards on the field that year.
Hurts for me to say this but the comparison is legit. He’s nowhere near as bad as Bray, but his decision making is head scratching for at least 1.5 quarters a game.
The physical tools have never been in question when it comes to Jake. Physically he’s an elite QB. He’s just so inconsistent, since his freshman year, and THAT has been the problem. If he’s consistently making good decisions this could be a very special year, regardless of the schedule. If not it’s going to get ugly fast.