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Agreed. Kid came to school with all the physical tools. He could be our first elite RB since Mike Davis if he lowers his base when he runs. I’m pumped about this kid.
Hopefully he can find, or develop, an RB1 out of the backs we have!
Disappointing season for sure. Even with all the I juries we were too inconsistent to be considered anything but average to good. Hoping something clicks for this team and they put it together.
The better more composed QB played that day. If Bentley has played that game you would have won.
He’s been too inconsistent to be anywhere near the first 2 rounds. I’m thinking he’s a 3rd-4th round guy because he is an intelligent player in the film room, he has size, and he’ll test through the roof and make every pass look effortless at the combine and at a pro-day. He’d be the no. 2 QB on any roster from day 1. His decision depends on how much money he wants to get out of the gate.
North Western has a history of not preparing athletes for college. Like, a TON of them.
After watching Bailey break his leg against Akron, I don’t blame him!
Edwards stays because he has 1st round potential at 6’3” and 220lbs. He has to get faster and have a consistent year making big catches, like that kid from TAMU. If the 4th round was his ceiling (e.g. Pharoh Cooper and Bruce Ellington), then he goes to save some wear and tear on his body.
If he stays until he gets a Broyles award, which is likely coming next year, his monetary value is twice what it is today. He should go the Kirby route. So long as we’re getting the right players in (in coming QB was just named National Player of the Year by Columbus, OH Touchdown Club) and we’re getting better he should stay put and let his value continue to increase.
He makes $750K right now but that’s getting doubled up in January if Champ knows what’s good for him.
Good gawd I hope he stays put. Pay the man. First year OC doing damage like this is valuable. Pay the man.
Back to your hole in the ground troll! We’ll see you soon enough and when Champ has a 3- n 4- star squad bussin that @$$ you’ll be pissy.
The defense was terrible in all honesty... but why do you think Florida ran the ball 62 times? They weren’t trying to be balanced, they were trying to win. If they were balanced they lose that game. This is where being stubborn with the run killed us. Jake was slicing and dicing this defense all first half so we go away from it for the sake of balance. Even if we keep scoring and putting a gassed defense on the field we still score and win the game. Stop playing to be balanced. In the words of the immortal Herm Edwards... “PLAY... to WIN.. THE GAME”!!!
Defense was undermanned due to injuries. Why did we go away from the passing plays on 1st and 2nd in the 2nd half?! THATS what cost us the game. Staying stubborn with the run when it obviously wasn’t working.
It, literally, says in the article where he thinks the 9 wins will come from. You’re a terrible troll.
Kid is a baller but with all the 6’4” WR’s we keep playing he’s having to play out of position at S and Nickle.
Gamecock fans will make more of this than we should. These kids are different. You wouldn’t see anything like this during or before the early 2000’s but, again, these kids are different. This isn’t an issue. #SpursUp
We were gunning for Kirby at the time. That’s when your AD fired CMR and went after Kirby. It was a no brainer as Kirby was NOT going to take us over UGA. UGA is the best job in all of college football.
Best of luck to the young man, whenever he lands!
I said the same thing. We are way too inconsistent for a team that is loaded with Juniors.
Jake is too emotional. It’s why he’s so inconsistent and at times erratic with his play.
We had 6 drops against UGA, 6 drops against UK, and 6 or 7 yesterday. How many drops did we have against Missouri? I just don’t understand why we can’t TRY Necky again. I don’t understand it. It’s more than stats. He was calm and cooler than the other side of the pillow and it permeates to the rest of the offense. Let Bentley learn how to control his emotions under Necky, then let Bentley ball out in 2019.