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We were gunning for Kirby at the time. That’s when your AD fired CMR and went after Kirby. It was a no brainer as Kirby was NOT going to take us over UGA. UGA is the best job in all of college football.
Best of luck to the young man, whenever he lands!
I said the same thing. We are way too inconsistent for a team that is loaded with Juniors.
Jake is too emotional. It’s why he’s so inconsistent and at times erratic with his play.
We had 6 drops against UGA, 6 drops against UK, and 6 or 7 yesterday. How many drops did we have against Missouri? I just don’t understand why we can’t TRY Necky again. I don’t understand it. It’s more than stats. He was calm and cooler than the other side of the pillow and it permeates to the rest of the offense. Let Bentley learn how to control his emotions under Necky, then let Bentley ball out in 2019.
He can always get an MBA from Stanford if he really wants a Stanford degree! Go Gamecocks!
I don’t get it either. People are acting like we win a Natty then Spurrier got tired of it all and just decided to quit. Is playing Bentley a head scratcher, to me it is. But that doesn’t mean Champ hasn’t figured out offense. We averaging 9 more points per game this year so far. I just wish Necky would have gotten the starting nod.
I have no idea how Champ still believes Bentley, based on his performance in 2018, gives us the best chance to beat TAMU. Sure Bentley has played some good football for us but he has played some horrible football for us to. If we're taking his entire body of work into consideration why do we overlook his 7 TD / 16 INT ratio against top 25 teams? I have no idea right now. I love Bentley and I think he can be a great QB but right now this ain't it chief. Is Necky the answer? We don't know that. But what we do know is the following about Necky: 1. He was the epitome of a poised QB last week in his first start, in a meaningful game, against an SEC foe 2. He went through his progressions on damn near EVERY pass play (Bentley has locked in to Deebo and Edwards all season long, which causes him to miss open receivers) 3. Necky lead us on a game winning drive with 1:18 left on the clock after a 1.5 hour delay Necky earned the start imho. I think Champ is starting Bentley out of loyalty. Loyalty will be the death of Champs career if he keeps this up. I hope, against everything I've seen out of Bentley in 2018, that I am wrong. I hope that Bentley comes out, throws for 350 yards, 5 TD's, and 0 INT's. But nothing I have seen out of Bentley, in 2018, leads me to believe he is capable of that.
I hope Coastal Carolina Jake Bentley shows up this weekend.
Me neither, which is why I see this as an L for us. Your run game is too good and if we happen to stop it by loading the box, I think Mond is good enough with those receivers to beat us through the are. This is a matchup nightmare for us. We’ll have to play a perfect game to win and this team hasn’t been anywhere near perfect this year.
Been saying this since Saturday. We know Big Game Bentley is likely going to under whelm. We don’t know what Necky will do. We DO know he’ll go through his progressions on damn near every pass play, throw away the ball when needed, not throw into double/triple coverage, and he hasn’t panicked yet. Jake, however, has. And this is not a knock on Jake because he’s a good QB but, all things being equal (Necky gave us just as many passing yards and TD’s as Jake does w/o the INT’s) I’d play my hot handed Senior and RS Bentley if possible. Bentley has the arm, he just needs to fix his mental issues. If he does that he could seriously be great, maybe elite, next year.
I say play Necky. From a statistical stand point he gives you what Bentley gives you by way of completion percentage and yards. From an eye-test view point he gives you a lot of what Bentley doesn’t give you in big games. He goes through his progressions, doesn’t lock in on Deebo and Edwards, doesn’t throw into double coverage, throws the ball away instead of taking sacks. It’s only 1 game but if you don’t play him again you’ll never know. We know Bentley is inconsistent in big games so why not start Necky. If it hits the fan play Bentley. If it doesn’t then ride it out with Necky and RS Bentley. Give him another year with a Warner and more opportunities for competition at the QB position.
This game may get out of hand. Scharnecchia doesn’t have the pocket awareness to win a game imho. Joyner is too green. If it gets out of hand I think we give Joyner a series or two and let Scharnecchia take the L all game. Would rather that for Joyner than him playing a game, not being an all-American, and having fans clamoring for his replacement like we did with a McIlwain. Damn near every freshman QB needs development. All indicators pointer to Joyner being one of those WB’s.
I’d love to see him get a series or two. Just let the kid get his feet wet even if you don’t let him pass. Let him experience the speed of the SEC and experience what he needs to develop. There is no teacher like experience. The issue I have is that Jake has no competition behind him and it appears to have lead to complacency. I thought this would happen when McIlwain transferred.
UK is real however, we do have more on offense than Miss St did with Bentley, as he is a much better passer and should help open up the run game. Problem is we’re SO inconsitent. Which defense will show up? Which Bentley will show up? Which WR unit will show up. All of those questions, combined with UK’s athleticism on defense, give me pause. This will be a great matchup and I can’t call it. My homer says Gamecocks but my head sees that rushing attack and thinks it’s UK. We’ll see.
I’ve seen nothing but sublexing is serious. My shoulder did that when I was in college... can’t imagine my leg doing that!
This game seems like a toss up. Two different teams offensively with similar defenses. This may be the best matchup, outside of UGA/Bama, in the conference even if the game doesn’t get the fan fair that Auburn/LSU got. I’m hoping for a Gamecock win but I can’t call this. The homer says Gamecocks but with the way we got pushed around by UGA and ran over, my head says UK. Snell is the truth... much respect to that kid. Here’s hoping we hit him hard, often, and pull out the W!
We all know this. Champ obviously needed something to motivate these young men. Hope he has something up his sleeve for UK.
And now we have another opportunity to win a “big game” against a 4-0 UK squad and I’m wondering which Bentley will show up? I love the kid to death but he will lock in to a side of the field and force balls to guys who are covered. If THAT Bentley shows up we lose by 3 TD’s. If the Bentley who scans the field and throws to the open receiver shows up we win by 3 TD’s.
Guess this is the sports news cycle when the game gets cancelled.
Champ said the drops were on the receivers, and they were. Bentley wasn’t Mayfield out there but every one of those drops was on the money. That’s a fact.
Oh... got it! USC would be the bigger win because it would give us a 2 game lead over UGA in the conference race. A win over Clemson is fodder for TAMU but means absolutely nothing if they don’t follow it up with a divisional title.
Cause it's why we play the game. If people just debated whats on paper then why bother? Why do we play??? We play.... to win... the GAME!!!!
UGA loss would be worse. I think that Clemson's conference schedule is so favorable that a loss now doesn't matter.