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Nice try Dave. The absolute most glaring matchup deficit coming into this game is Alabama OLine vs UGA DLine. Outside of Neal who does Bama have that can matchup vs Wyatt, Davis, Carter, & Walker on the interior? When you review UGA’s Defensive Stats the interesting thing that jumps out is their are no gaudy numbers, like Anderson’s for Bama’s , because UGA’s depth and production is spread out over an incredible depth. D-Line, Pressure/Sacks, Interceptions/Passes Defended, etc. Alabama has endured two very physical matchups in the past two weeks, UGA has been able to handle their business very efficiently and with minimal stress/physical beatings. I see this as very similar to the Auburn vs UGA matchup of 2017 where Auburn came into the game beat up & banged up from their Iron Bowl win, gave UGA a match for 2.5 Qtrs and then UGA’s health/depth took control and salted the game away. I’m expecting a close, physical battle for 2-3 Qtrs but believe, like Alabama teams of the past, that CKS has built this team to use Saban’s quality of depth against the Master and the Grasshopper succeeds. Dawgs 24-13!
Matt your statement about Stetson was “ The fact is, the lingering questions about Bennett’s limitations against Playoff-caliber defenses can’t be addressed until he actually steps on the field against a Playoff-caliber defense. Uh, he goes against The Best & Most Dominate Defense in CFB in practice everyday. All the talk last week was the inability to replicate TN’s fast pace offense. Well no one mentions how do you replicate Georgia’s Defense (size, speed, physicality, depth)? Shane Beamer came close with his postgame comments.
Amusing that Michael Wayne conveniently left Bama off the “announced his commitment to the Bulldogs over…” and he only had Bama, TN, and GA hats on the table. Need to change the name of this website to Saturday Down Alabama.
Neil, Can’t wait for your next piece about 2005-2008 Florida Gators Urban Meyer Offense and never mention the OC those years. Who was that guy?
Wow went 16+ paragraphs about Alabama D from the dominant years 2010-2017 and never mentioned Kirby Smart?! And yes I know he wasn’t at Bama for 16-17 but isn’t it interesting or should I say coincidental that the downward trend has begun post CKS recruitment & coaching on that side of the ball.
UGA Athletic Dept has released a statement to refute “Outhouse Rumors” that can’t be substantiated by any credible source. Please do your job as a “journalist “ and remove salacious clickbait when you know it has no merit.
The revolving door with coordinators, in my opinion, has taken the greatest toil on quality depth. The consistency of Smart was beneficial in relationships that have to be developed over time to evaluate and attract the top recruits. The high rate of coaching turnover is hurting Bama in fostering those relationships. It was bound to start having an impact. Coaching staff stability is very important for consistent recruiting success.