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Next year should be special for this Georgia team. They should just continue to learn and get better.
True, seems like they was overlooking them, but App St. came to play, well the offense and defense did don't know about the kicker.
I support Coach Smarts' decision, can't wait until game day.
Sorry you didn't understand what I meant, but basically UNC will bring pressure to slow down the run game and force Georgia to a passing game. That's just my opinion on it. We'll see how it goes on gameday. #GoDawgs
Yeah, we'll just to wait and see on gameday.
I feel like it's a good decision, because Coach Smart knows that UNC will be bringing the house with the blitz to force them to throw. The whole QB battle was probably seeing which QB will make the right checks to pick up the blitz and Lambert won due to his experience. Once Lambert reports what he see's on the Field I can see Eason getting in and taking over from there. I'm hoping the O-Line will be ready to make adjustments and that Coach Smart has a backup plan just in case they will have trouble moving the ball. To get the Offense moving.
I agree. Harris has more than enough talent around him to get things done. If not Harris the next man up. This is the year for them to make it to the SEC championship and on to the National championship
That wouldn't be wise to do, but Coach Smart is the coach and if he wants to do it he can lol, but probably would be his last game as a head coach if they was to do that. I'm trusting in that coaching staff to get Georgia where they need to be.
I didn't see Mecole Hardman Jr in there. Doesn't mean he's not playing he's just behind other guys that's starting. I'm guessing. Same thing with Nauta and some of the other Freshmen that they recruited.
That's the main thing, I believe that with Eason starting it's a good sign that the O-line is in good shape. Cause why else would you want to start your freshmen behind a shaky o-line. Also the RB situation, I don't believe it will be Michel or Chubb that will lead them, it will be one of the freshmen that comes in and be more productive. Just like always when Georgia has two top Junior RB like Gurley and Marshall.
Georgia is loaded with talent going into this year, they just need the right planning to succeed.
I agree. I think Lambert will be able to manage every game well and will be able to do more with the depth at wide receiver that Georgia has, but Eason should get enough pt during the start of the season to be able to takeover down the road for Georgia.
@LigersRoar I appreciate that roster info. I don't know if it will be the same online tho. Cause last time I played with Georgia they had Nick Chubb as a FS. But hopefully they make a decision to come back with the game.
I feel that the line of scrimmage both offense and defense will be the concern. Hopefully the new Coordinators can put their system together.
I agree with your statement, but I also think that they are trying to see if Bama wins the playoff because that would go along with Smart's resume and would definitely bring in more recruits.
I agree that Pruitt will keep the Georgia defense headed in the right direction. Also Pruitt has built chemistry with those guys and the players respect him. I can't see Muschamp coming in and keeping the same progress that Pruitt has had. Also I can't forget how horrible Auburn looked this year vs LSU.
There's always more behind the scene information withheld. Keeping Pruitt makes a lot of sense to me, with the guys Georgia has coming back on defense it would be easier for the players to sustain their system than trying to re adjust everything. All Kirby Smart would have to worry about is the offense
I seen this coming when they mentioned him getting fired. Eason won't be the only one, but hopefully they can still bring him and the other recruits, also keeping the depth that they are suppose to bring back for next year.
I wonder how this will effect the recruiting and team. If they were to fire Richt for a new coach how many of the players on the roster will want to play for whoever comes in ? At this point they just have to look at their options and make the best choice for the program and players.
When you are the head coach, everyone looks at you when you win or lose mostly when you lose. I believe Georgia needs a freshman leader at QB to learn and lead the offense instead of every year looking for a QB, the result of doing that has not turned out good for them. Coach Richt can only coach the players have to execute the plan.
I think it's a good move, but won't know how it plans out until we watch the game. Bauta should have a lot of chemistry with the first and second team receivers so that's a plus. Georgia will need to keep there offense on the field more than their defense, that's in any game, the only way to do that is by running the ball and it helps when you can use a scramble type QB who can get you those extra yards when needed. LSU's Brandon Harris and his scrambling ability was very crucial in there game vs Florida so maybe Coach Richt and the offensive staff seen that and decided to make the move to Bauta. Whichever the case is I support their decision. Can't wait to see this match up and Go Dawgs
Georgia will be more of a threat as a balanced team than just run first and pass second. They have a very talented offense they just have to put everything together and hope they don't suffer any more injuries. You just never know , but Georgia might still have a chance to play in the SEC Championship game.
Georgia needs to get it together and get back on track.
Georgia need to get back on track. LSU will be fine going up against tougher opponents.
Hopefully he has a successful recovery