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You misspelled "CAN". As in can not do anything. Welcome to the wonderful world of federal overreach.
No. Uga had great classes forever. They were good under Richts and great under Kirby.
I dare say he improved Kellan Mond's potential. Mond as a fish in Sumlin's offense would have put up numbers but still lost a lot, and he wouldn't have been a third round draft QB. He would have been an unsigned free agent.
Not unprecedented. Some of the best players in our history come from Louisiana.
He is wanting one of the QBs to blow up Joe Burrows style next year. I hope it happens!
Na, there was D played in Oxford this year. With Kiffin's offense, that is easy to lose sight of. The K flight offense leads to too many chances for the opposing offense for eht stats to really be there on Defense, but Ole Miss was much improved over 2020.
I hope he finds a place to land and does well for all but one game of the year.
I have lost a large chunk of my remaining respect for both Saturday Down South and the University of Alabama. This "author" is a poor representative for both organizations.
You are literally showing how the pandemic has been extended. Once you test positive, you take your rear home for 10 days. Otherwise, you may be killing someone's grandmother.
Several of the reports say actual cases, so yes. The players are vaccinated, so that might cut down on how severe it is.
He was hurt and probably wouldn't have been able to play in the bowl anyway.
4 fish on the All-SEC team. Three were linemen. I would say that is the right trajectory.
Nickname from the O-Line for the O-Line. Started a few years back when we started pushing some people around on offense again.
You lose a game for every freshman you start usually. We didn't. Even more then King, losing Matthews at Center really, really hurt. Foster will be a great player, but not yet. Instead, we got inconsistent OL play. Great at times, missing at others. The number of underclassmen on the O-line is what gives me hope. When they were on, they made holes Jimbo could have ran for 100 yards through. When they were off, the RBs would have needed to be Barry Sanders to get great yardage.
It is cyclical. In the 90s, LSU ended our series because they were losing to much.
TrueLefty, let it drag out and we could have issues with the A&M class. Recruits don't want to go to a school with caching questions. That's why he shut it down.
and A&M. A good many of our best players came from Louisiana. Losing the exposure there in the late 90's when our series with LSU was ended hurt A&M in recruiting for a long time.
Nope, we are the underdogs here. Good pick. :)
You have to double team him and hope no one play's The Who's Pinball Wizard near him.
I have had a foot injury. It effects everything. But couldn't he be in the booth?
No just had, have. So do LSU, 'Bama, 'Burn, and the Dawgs. We are in that next tier that could step up along with Kentucky and Ol Miss.
And I say he is one broken ankle from being in the hunt for the title this year. The fact we didn't roll up and drop 4 is a measure of the depth developed. Its not like we lost a lot just QB1. Losing 3 starters on the o-line hurts even more. Getting just one back made us a lot better against 'Bama. Got to keep building.
This might not have been the best game to look for between the hash marks effectiveness. We have been building for 'Bama for a while and the D-Line is pretty good. Mizzou should have been going for those off-tackle plays even more because we couldn't stop the RB out of the backfield most of the day. Our LBs are solid and serviceable, but not great in coverage.