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No playing Demas might have been from rust. He didn't get to play as a HS senior due to a crap ruling from UIL.
Longevity. He is the only 4 year QB this century.
I wish him well. I would be happier if he had gone to a real Power school, but I guess the BDF is fairly close. I thought he did a good job in a tough spot last year.
Leach will be pulling out his eye patch. We lose by 1 or 2 on a last minute score.
At least this time he is the top returning QB.
The "rivalry"? Imagine having a younger brother (tu) that your parents (Gov't of Texas) heavily favored. When things started to even out, little brother did everything in their power to suppress you. Even to the point of delaying your entry into a fraternity of the like minded just so he can have get permission to start a new dumpster fire after the first one burned out. When you decide enough is enough, little brother tries to trash talk you at every turn. Once little brother sees that won't work and their new league isn't a gold laden piggy bank for them anymore, then they want to start up the "rivalry" again. But only when it suits them. They can rot in their cesspool.
Why? He was a QB/Ath that was moved to WR by our previous coach. He didn't really get on the field much, and was replaced even as our punt returner last year. He already graduated, let him go somewhere he can get on the field.
Yeah, but we were shafted by our own alumni and former players. We weren't on TV that year. Probably a good thing, since SMU somehow ties us in San Antonio that year.
Here's a wild thought. Just enforce the rule where if the Offense subs, the Defense can. That is what trashed A&M's record in 2011. The entire Big 12 was allowed to sub on offense, but the play wasn't held up for the defense to sub, except for when A&M was offense. No joke, it is blatant, especially against Gundy and OSU that year. A&M was being punished for leaving.
Interesting, since A&M started out unranked in 2012, but ended in the top 5/10 depending on the poll. I guess journalists are not mathematicians?
It has been common to lose players especially for a few years after a coach change. I think the Portal just puts a spotlight on it. The sudden upshift in recruiting may be an impact as well.
Great job at not researching to even a basic level. Sumlin did not recruit Matt Davis or Johnny Manziel. Sherman did. If Sherman had stayed in 2012, we probably would have seen Davis over Manziel.
Mond is good. He will probably not be great. He will need a consistent 2-3 seconds on drop backs and a decent running game. He was getting 1-2 seconds on the drops, and a spotty running game in 2019. The level of opponent had something to do with that. Injuries and just a bare cupboard did as well. Also, Sr QBs sometimes have the light bulb go off that last year. Besides, who do we have that is better? Do we want to make another of our QBs get that deer-in-the-headlights look? Calzada looked good, but again not great. Do we want to risk exposing a true Fr QB to the SEC W? That seems to have not worked for Mond.
When you were in not 1, but 2 conferences where access to revenue was hard to come by. If we had gone with the SEC when the BDF formed, we would be so much better off now. But nooooooo, the baylor people had to pass a state law requiring us to go with tu and teck while taking baylor with us. BTW, from the end of WWII to ~1976, we were an all-male military school. We didn't get top end football recruits, and I believe the 60s were one of the worst decades for any school in D1.
Beat me to it. The pilot light for Jimbo's seat will not even be installed until next signing day is done. Now if we tank year 4...
I think Starkel was a what could have been. He was the A&M starter in 2017, but was injured. Mond's skill set was just better for our rebuilding o-line. He could move better and was more durable.
We still probably won't get him. Which with the whole Kyle(r) thing in our recent past, may not be a bad thing.
No one except LSU has played a scheduled like A&M's in 2019. We would have been a 2 win team like Arkansas in years past.
With Rudolph right behind him? What about the 2 O-Linemen that attacked him? There was plenty to go around.
Still should have taken Johnny. The Ags will watch for him. Everyone else will watch to see him get beat.
Let me correct my self, 2016 was Ed O's intern year. He was 6-2, with Les getting some of those games. Still, he was at a school with 2 recent NCs and a huge stockpile of talent. He should have started with a 10 win season.
After you kept Les for a few extra years, you might want to check your house first. Fisher in Year 1 raised the number of wins. In Year 2, he appears to have purged the last of the Sumlin holdovers. We can't really judge where he is until this time next year. I mean Ed O did go 8-6, 9-4, 10-3, then 15-0. He was also starting with a team in 2016 that was a pre-season #5, post #13, and had several years worth of talent stock-piled. Fisher is starting with a program that hadn't been ranked in a few years. Remarkably, we had the same records (although reversed) as Ed O's first two years in Baton Rouge. Mediocre might be too much at this point.
If he had stayed at A&M, he would probably head this list. Based on what T Williams did in Year 1 of the Jimbo era. It's OK, I am good with Spiller and his 5.4 ypc average as a True Freshman pushed into action due to injuries.