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Maybe we can bring him in as the DC when Elko decides to make the jump.
He probably didn't want anyone taking too close a look at his actions. I mean he twisted and kicked. If someone official noticed that, he might be liable.
The difference is that Mond was in the arms of another player. Joyner was operating as a running back and didn't slide. He was not a defenseless player.
Or A&M is a pretty good team that just had to play #1, #1, and #6 (at the time).
I would prefer for them to beat 'Bama and lose to GA. There is still the mathematical possibility for A&M to win the West, and this would be required. I am not holding my breath though.
You missed a 1 in there...
GATORDONTPLAYNOSH*T - No, they have been rebuilding since 1998. I am an Aggie, so I know a little about rebuilding. We have been working on rebuilding since 1939...
He threw for 500+ in his last start at A&M. I would go with that second option... Good for the Aggies for probably at least another year.
It is really fair to say Starkel was a backup for a reason? I mean the reason was his bones appear to be brittle. (or he is, not sure how bad the injury to his left arm was.) Not that I care too much, I just thought he was an OK to good QB that let a guy a year younger show that he was decent to great. He should get another chance once his arm is completely healed.
Kenyon Green has really come on the past two weeks. Earlier in the season there were times he just looked lost. At least now, his mistakes are being made at full speed while pinning a defender's ears back.
You don't really know any Aggies, right? We have a well-balanced set of chips on each shoulder. On one side, we have been the one jacked by the refs many more times that just about anyone. Shut it LSU, you were gifted back into the game long before the PI. On the other, we have been so screwed over by t.u. that we don't like you by the association of having orange as one of your colors. The SEC, Big 12, and even the old SWC did nothing to help us. We usually had to play the other team and the refs.
To LilMissBuckyinMaroonandWhite: Apparently. You do know those odd white unis tend to get those dudes more dates then even being QB1 at A&M, right? Johnny not withstanding.
It also helped to see Richardson pound the middle for a little while. He has the talent, let him make the defense a little softer for you.
I would be interested to see the site you are mentioning. ROTC scholarships are not funded by the school or alumni, and are subject to the government "borrowing" the funds. And the Sr Military college allows for A&M Corps members to wear their distinctive uniform for all three of the main ROTC units, and for some special programs to join the Coast Guard.
Not even close to what A&M is doing or the percentage of students in the Corps. The Corps is around 3000 of 65000 students. It is also one of the largest ROTC detachments in the US. If you are prior service, there is a fairly good chance you had an Aggie officer at some point.
No. It was always Agriculture and Mechanical like all other land grant A&M's.
Sometimes. We also had sure TDs dropped against 'Burn and Arky. Mond flat missed one against Clemson. Any one of those could have changed the game. But until we hit them, the are could a been's. Could a been a champion.... Can we get on with this so we can get to 2020?
I predict that A&M doesn't lose to a top 10 ranked team this week.
So that should be corrected in about 10 years, right?
Joe Marks - Mullins plays in the SEC E. Its not that we lost, because it was to #1 and #7. At least not yet.
I don't know if loser is the right term. Limited maybe.
Don't forget the blown contain on that first Auburn drive. I looked like the corner was supposed to be in contain, but he managed to miss 2 chances to turn that end around back in.
So in year two, Fisher lost to #1 and #4 with no blow outs and only 6-7 SRs? That isn't a bill of goods. That is improvement. Especially when injuries have thinned the RB position from a strength to a weakness.
So, would he get a red-shirt for this year? Would that be a medical or just a regular one?
You got to be civil to the FCS schools as well.
When you are playing the preseason 1,2, & 3, you learn to grasp all the straws you can. I am sure the Gamecocks understand.
Except that they aren't playing LSU and Auburn...
That's the thing with FCS schools. You don't know what you are getting until the season is done. In 2012, people were knocking Sam Houston State being on the schedule. Wasn't that the year they were in the FCS Championship game?
Nope, we probably would have been shocked by La Tech that year if the game hadn't been postponed. Something to the effect of 40-38. Our defense simply had no answers for them, but they couldn't stop the Manziel to Evans/Swope train.