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"the most relentless, raucous and thin-skinned fan base" Sorry, Tenn comes up short there. The other orange clad sillies take that one. You know, that community collage in Austin. Sorry Tenn, I am not trying to take anything away from you.
Russell not Okeke. I got the two TN LBs backwards.
White and Okeke are also coming back at LB. We will be alright there. It is the OL that will make the difference. Hard to replace 4 seniors. Maybe one or two will come back.
He was screwed out of his SR high school season, then had spring ball canceled. He was probably a little rusty. I bet we see him next year.
Mond is probably a 3rd or 4th round project QB. If you can get his footwork fixed, he is pretty good. The problem is he sometimes back slides when the pressure is on. Get him in with one of those NFL QB mentors and he might get that sorted out. One thing that will help is that the talent level of the NFL might finally convince him he needs more then just his arm to get a good pass off.
I would put it as 'Bama at the top, a small gap, then A&M, Florida, and Georgia. Then everyone else, except Vandy. LSU might be back in the first or second group soon, but they have issues right now. It will be interesting to see if Florida can stay in the either top grouping next year. They seem to have some distractions this year.
Because UNC was the only team missing players in the Orange Bowl. It's not like A&M lost WR 1-4, TE 2 (possible 1), DE 1, LB 1, or CB 1 before or during the season. Only UNC lost players, right...
Keep it until we are in the CFP.
Two with another in the incoming class. That said, I would bet that King will be QB1 next year. Not that I would bet more then $0.02.
You won't be alone there. He basically goes off on everyone except 'Bama. He might add them next year.
Yeap. The bad officiating allowed you back into the game, so....
No, only when it is a state school and a chime was covered up. See the JoPa case.
Why in the hell would anyone actually want to live in CS? Bryan is better and only a few miles further.
You do when you have five running backs that are basically dominating at over 5 ypc. That is a no win scenario. Run it up the middle for a home run, or get the fish QB some game reps? We have a senior QB that will probably go to the NFL next year. Get the fish in it.
Also 100% accurate that a Covid forfeiture is the only way that Florida would beat Alabama.
He was saying that Bama could poop the bed still. Lose to GA and have 'Burn play spoiler to keep them out of the CCG. Then A&M should have a change to play themselves into the playoffs. Hey, stranger things could happen. But, I am thinking Cotton as #5.
No playing Demas might have been from rust. He didn't get to play as a HS senior due to a crap ruling from UIL.
Longevity. He is the only 4 year QB this century.
I wish him well. I would be happier if he had gone to a real Power school, but I guess the BDF is fairly close. I thought he did a good job in a tough spot last year.
Leach will be pulling out his eye patch. We lose by 1 or 2 on a last minute score.
At least this time he is the top returning QB.
The "rivalry"? Imagine having a younger brother (tu) that your parents (Gov't of Texas) heavily favored. When things started to even out, little brother did everything in their power to suppress you. Even to the point of delaying your entry into a fraternity of the like minded just so he can have get permission to start a new dumpster fire after the first one burned out. When you decide enough is enough, little brother tries to trash talk you at every turn. Once little brother sees that won't work and their new league isn't a gold laden piggy bank for them anymore, then they want to start up the "rivalry" again. But only when it suits them. They can rot in their cesspool.
Why? He was a QB/Ath that was moved to WR by our previous coach. He didn't really get on the field much, and was replaced even as our punt returner last year. He already graduated, let him go somewhere he can get on the field.
Yeah, but we were shafted by our own alumni and former players. We weren't on TV that year. Probably a good thing, since SMU somehow ties us in San Antonio that year.
Here's a wild thought. Just enforce the rule where if the Offense subs, the Defense can. That is what trashed A&M's record in 2011. The entire Big 12 was allowed to sub on offense, but the play wasn't held up for the defense to sub, except for when A&M was offense. No joke, it is blatant, especially against Gundy and OSU that year. A&M was being punished for leaving.
Interesting, since A&M started out unranked in 2012, but ended in the top 5/10 depending on the poll. I guess journalists are not mathematicians?
It has been common to lose players especially for a few years after a coach change. I think the Portal just puts a spotlight on it. The sudden upshift in recruiting may be an impact as well.