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Everyone used to think A&M was some little cow poke school in nowheresville. We were. Then in ~1992, we were able to advertise something like of the 250,000 living Former Students, 80+% graduated since 1986. I don't remember the exact wording, it has been a while. My class was the first to turn away qualified students. There have been 20+ more classes since then, and they are all larger.
Come on, man. Everyone knows: tu = Texas UT = Tennessee At least from the Aggie perspective.
And I hope he can back it up. We have a hell of a schedule.
How good is Trevor Lawrence? His first college play was a long TD that was the difference in the game against A&M. We will be hearing his name for a long time. And I fully admit to being on the Mond and Tua bandwagons. Trevor is just that good.
To improve on "Always excellent" would mean Mann wins the Ray Guy again and we don't lose Small to a broken foot. It could happen, but if the offense improves, Mann may not have the chance and we can't really judge Small coming off of what should have been a redshirt year.
There is a bit of experience. I lot of those youngsters split time last year by the end of the season. Bobby Brown specifically spent a good amount of time on the field. The LBs should be good with the 1s, but inexperienced with the 2s. Like normal. The D line is losing a lot of really good players that were being pushed by the guys behind them. The secondary is where we have a chance to improve. We had issue with targeting last year, so a lot of guys got more time then they probably should. O'Neal was one of them early. By the end of the season, he was almost ready to take the starting position.
Fanatics are too soft. We are Aggies about our football. One more year until the Promised Land! Just one more! Ok, my to my normal state of mind. I will put the maroon glasses back in the drawer.
But did you have to play 'Bama? Yes, you did and it didn't turn out so well for you did it. 2nd in the SEC W is a pretty significant achievement, while Alabama is banging out the one of (if not the) best dynasty in CFB history. I leave it to Mizzou fans to back your school. Not on my to do list. I will point out A&M has been kind of depressed on that Top 25 list. I mean Wake Forest was ranked higher going int the Belk Bowl. Same could be said for 'tucky and LSU going into those games.
You forgot A&M. In 2010, we were stuck in the Big 12. Now we are an SEC team that came in 2nd for the West. I would say that is progress.
Why would he not? If he stinks, he get fired. If he does well, he moves up. Why leave your kid behind instead of letting him choose for himself?
Is it bad I consider this good news? He wasn't that good or that committed. Our new FB position should be developed enough to truck him a few times and help put up big rushing numbers. Colorado is one of the old Big 12 schools I want us to run the score up on.
And I am not saying that he had to graduate Jr college. Just that that would be the only thing where graduation would matter.
The NCAA's rules are that if you didn't qualify coming out of High School you have to earn the Associate's to play in the NCAA. I dare say A&M's graduation standards are tougher then most of the SEC. I mean, we are one of only three members of the AAU - Vandy and Florida being the other two.
The previous Drill Field was not used for students except during the summer. The Aggie Band is a military marching band, so preserving the field as much as possible is very important. They tend to wear deep ruts into the field by the end of the fall. This can create dangerous conditions for the band. Also, this part of the campus is fairly far from the rest of the dorms and common areas. There is a large park less then 1/4 mile closer to most buildings.
Yeap. One of two coaches (not counting JF himself) I was hoping we kept. We did keep Elko, so there is some good news.
A&M's RB1 question might be. Corbin looked really good last year.
Absolutely, Corbin should be the first back on the field. I really want to see what Richardson and Spiller can do though. That would be a great 1-2 punch - Corbin to outrun you, and Richardson/Spiller to run you over.
Aggies don't want to hear it. Ours was in 1939. No even sure if my grandpa was college age by then.
Can the Alumni vote? Most of us see that this would only benefit t.u.
Sure. If t.u. admits they financially bullied the entire SWC and Big 12, blacklisted A&M, and bans Big 12 officials both on the field and in the replay; then we should consider playing them. I would also think a few decades of uneven revenue distributions should be made up.
Here is a random thought, if A&M wins against Auburn and Miss Stat this year, but loses to Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia, we still have a chance to play a 10 win LSU with a 10 win season on the line. (Assuming we win the bowl game). That would most likely put Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and A&M in the 10 win set. Florida might get there as well. Its not that someone has to fall, someone just has to slip. We just all need to take all of the Clemson DL targets so that they can't chock out an offense.
They saw the A&M game. When he was rushing, he was good. When he was covering, not as good.
The situations were not the same. If Kelly Bryant played in 5 games, he was done with college football. Could you really blame him for preserving his redshirt?
Don't talk to me about many, many years. For GA, it has been many years, but they don't merit repeating many yet. Come back in 50+ years of missing it.
We have at least one fairly good TE still on the sideline with a staff that knows what a TE is. The two remaining TW will probably only have 1 maybe 2 years before some of the new fish push them aside.