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This might not have been the best game to look for between the hash marks effectiveness. We have been building for 'Bama for a while and the D-Line is pretty good. Mizzou should have been going for those off-tackle plays even more because we couldn't stop the RB out of the backfield most of the day. Our LBs are solid and serviceable, but not great in coverage.
And we have been playing Johnson more as a coverage LB then a DB.
It was just Leach being Leach. That dude really doesn't like us.
Just a reminder that Hope still visits College Station at times. Unlike for the folks in Athens, we haven't had many visits from Hope. Maybe we can get another visit next year.
By OLine combination, you mean we got at least of of the 2 starters back on the OLine? This allowed Green to move back out to tackle and allowed us about an extra 1/2 second of initial QB protection. We lost the starting right guard after the Colorado game and just got him back. It made a huge difference.
Bring back ties for the Red River Shootout.
I wouldn't even go that far. He evaluated QB2 as QB2. Its not the NFL where they get to run the QB through drills before bringing them in. Dude could still be a good QB, but he needs protection. He got shell-shocked against CU and hasn't really recovered. Meanwhile Arky and State brought an entire D-Line, not just a single good player.
Kind of can't wait for the Jerry series to end. A&M didn't do well in Jerry world until we joined the SEC.
I hope Pittman and his Hogs have a great season starting 9/26. Ark fans, don't get down on him if he loses this weekend. Yes, even if it is a lopsided game.
A few more years under Pinkel and he would have been ready to be a great HC. Tough situation that forced him to move up before he was ready.
Layden Robinson #64, Offensive Guard. My new favorite O-Lineman. Dude mashed the USC d line last year. To quote Cole Cubelic - "WAR DADDY".
He was one of the fastest in the 200 yd dash this spring. Dude just has some extra gears that most people don't even know exist.
I start with the '76 season. That was the first year after Bear that we didn't totally suck. After that, we are doing fairly well.
There might be something to that. There definitely is something to A&M starting to close that gap once we became a co-ed university instead of a all male military college...
Cedrick Bentson was allowed to use his baseball money to give things to his t.u. football teammates. How would this be different?
We were beating LSU pretty regularly in the '90s. Until they decided that they didn't want any more. We payed for that our first few seasons in the SEC...
Yes, '07 UGA would have been an 8 point favorite over '20 A&M. So was '20 Florida. We saw how that worked out.
Not when the 2012 game was a 59-29 win for A&M.
I like it. Look at the last time they covered a RS Fish's issues. Heisman. And it seems WRs are eligible for it now as well.
It wouldn't be Spring Football without losing at lease one TE. Based on recent years.
Great. The last time we had a RS Freshman arrested we beat 'Bama, and the guy arrested won the Heisman. Blessing in disguise.
This one worries me. We generally have a tough time with Colorado for some reason. I am blaming the air, or lack there of.
A&M (maybe). We have 2 fairly proven playmakers and the MVP of the Orange Bowl returning. I put a maybe because we thought we were good last year until the bowl game when we had to move a WR and QB to running back to fill the holes. That WR turned out to be a good move since he was a huge part of our offense.