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Because we love college FB so much, but there are too many games. Let's go back to letting polls decide, and not have these sham playoffs. Nobody today questions Texas' 1970 NC in which ND destroyed them in in Cotton Bowl.
I had enough of tu. No. Do not want to be in a conference with them.
LSU altered the contract but "didn't affect anything". Chavis, even if he did get a job at A&M a few house early "didn't affect anything", he was leaving anyway. LSU should drop it.
Yep. Kenny Stabler is dead and Joe Namath ain't far behind.
Chimp Brown makes every guess that he can think of, and then whatever happens he points back and says "see, I predicted it". This latest is just more evidence about how obssessed he is with A&M, especially since the Texas and the 9 Midget Conference is so weak and has no hope of getting stronger.