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I find it hilarious that Georgia fans are calling UT fans delusional with a inflated value of their program. That is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black. The SEC East is pathetically weak containing all the SEC bottom feeders, the only other team that is consistently competitive is Florida. Since Urban Meyer left in 2010, UF has been sporadic and above average at best yet you are only 6-5 in that time, going back to 2000 7-13 and under Kirby Smart you are only 3-3 against the Gators. That is very average at best. This year you lost to a South Carolina team who was blown out the very next week by a struggling LSU team. Incidentally, your record against the Gamecocks since 2010??? 6-5. So let's look how you have matched up against the heavyweights of the west. You are 0-10 against Bama going back to 91, 0-3 under Kirby Smart. Against LSU, 4-6 since 2000, 1-4 since 2010 and 0-2 under Smart. You have had success against Auburn going 13-7 since 2000, 7-3 since 2000 and 6-1 under Smart, but the all time record is 61-56-8, hardly dominant. You call yourself a championship program yet in the SEC championship game you are 3-5 all time, 1-4 since 2010 and 1-2 under Smart. LSU has been your most frequent opponent in that game playing 4 times, your record?? 1-3. So against LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and UF Kirby Smart is 9-9, with a 6-1 record against Auburn, which makes him 3-8 against the rest, hardly a protocol son. The factual data proves you are basically a second tier team benefiting from playing the weakest teams in the conference with the division winner going to the winner of the UF game and that is a 50-50 split. Then propelled forward by the reputation of the SEC. When you step up against the true top tier teams you loose, consistently. With only 2 natty's in school history coming in 1942 and 1980 and only playing for one more in 37 yrs in which you blew a 20 point second half lead to who? A top tier SEC team in Alabama. Plus only 3 SEC titles in 20 yrs while playing for 8, calling yourself a championship program is definitely a delusional stretch of reality. Furthermore, to think that you are somehow on the verge of winning a National Championship much less multiple natty's when you cannot win a big game against quality opponents is not only delusional but a side splitting laughable stretch of reality and a utterly unrealistically inflated delusional since of what your program is. So you should not be throwing rocks when you live in a flimsy glass house.