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That’s a result from Kirby taking pictures of recruiting boards and other things when he was leaving. One person ruins it for everybody. You sign in that dotted line and give your notice you are now on an opposing side. Wishing Coach lots of luck with his new path but he will now be the enemy when he is in the same field.
That’s all the NFL does. These coaches just move between CFB and NFL wherever they can land when a change is needed. So many coordinators are great at that or analysis but not everyone has the skills to be a HC.
Coach Saban signed the number 1 kicker this season. However, he was injured and missed most of the season even though he tried to come back before fully healed. Coach of all people knows how much missed FG and extra points have cost them.
The only thing better than watching Mayfield get sacked and lose the semifinal is knowing Danny Kannell has to watch Bama and GA in an all SEC Natty. I would never wish someone to lose a job but Kannell will never be a decent analyst, he is to much of a hater on any team but FSU.
Danny Kannell? Never heard of her. He almost vomited when Bama won the NCG in 2015. Even then he didn't think they were the number one team in the country. Danny hates all things SEC but Bama in particular. His tweet after Bama beat FSU "Well that sucked", made my night. You might ant to stop spewing the hate Danny, its not a good look.