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Well, bryanchip. You are spot on and very correct with your assessment of Dan Mullen's coaching limitations. Yes, first of all,we are MSU, playing in the SEC West, and the fact that Dan actually did have some success and with all of those handicaps, is quite an accomplishment. Everyone at State will always be grateful for the many things that Dan did there, to improve our program. But most fans really were tired of his lazy recruiting and bad play calling at times but we were mostly afraid of losing him, because of the uncertainty of who we could hire to replace him. It was well known that he was job shopping, mainly through his agent, for every desirable HC position available every year, so we knew he would leave one day soon and who can blame him as Florida has more resources of every kind and he also got a hefty raise. Smart move, maybe?? We have almost forgotten about his departure and everyone is very excited and extremely happy with our new HC, that just this week received one of the coveted National awards for the Top Assistant Coach in the country and for improving Penn.State's offense by a huge margin, I forget which award it was, and I believe it was his second time to win this award. Time will tell how well he can adapt to the SEC but I think we could have done a whole lot worse. While we really do appreciate Dan Mullen, everyone now is like, Dan who? He is simply a part of our history and that's it. A mediocre coach who had the worst record in all of college football, against ranked teams and while ranked at the time, earlier this year, after beat downs by Georgia and Auburn. Take a look... Auburn loss gives Dan Mullen the worst record vs. AP-ranked team all-time.
Ha! Excellent recommendation there ,TheExpert. I can still hear his Mother speaking out defending her boy once everybody realized that he wasn't going to be around there much longer and were calling him a terrible coach. She went off!
I can't believe that $ is all UNC is paying Fedora as his base. That's rather shocking to me. He proved himself at Southern, no doubt, and pretty much did again immediately upon going to UNC. I don't really know his complete history, but yeah, that would be a great snag for Ole Miss and probably a good fit too?
While MSU stole one of Louisiana's and the nation's top 3 dual threat quarterbacks, Keytaon Thompson, class 5-A champion and Mr. Everything Louisiana from New Orleans, LSU actually signed one of the state of Mississippi's best ever high school quarterbacks instead. So, depending on how and if he lives up to his potential, LSU may have found a future star at the quarterback position of which they have desperately needed for some time. It will be fun to see which of the two quarterbacks do reach their potential.
I think Miles was just too stubborn, or whatever it was, to open up the offense like all LSU and football fans everywhere thought should happen and it caught up with him. He had the talent. I have friends and relatives at LSU and they all were just ready for him to go. Hated him. I think LSU's season is going to depend a great deal on Etling and how he performs at QB. It's amazing at the talent from Louisiana and LSU always recruits some of the best. I was surprised to see SDS picking MSU to beat LSU in week three. MSU may do it but we usually end up playing LSU and Auburn pretty tough but we always fall short . Except, Auburn spanked us really good last year but a field goal would have changed the LSU game. Finally, we have a very talented kicker on campus that everyone is excited about. I mean, MSU should have won that South Alabama game with a last second, game ending, chip shot field goal, that we missed but it shouldn't have even been that close. But they won and we lost, that's all you can say about that but it was an awful start to the season and now, MSU needs to find it's defense again if we are even going to be competitive. Historically, we have lost a lot of games but we have never been afraid to hit and you would be sore after playing us but last year was hard to watch. We have had 4 DC's in 4 years too. Most everyone has us at 6-6 and at the bottom or close to it of the SEC West, as usual. I do think we do have the talent and potential to compete but I think next year might be even better for me to be really optimistic. All the love Nick Fitzgerald and MSU is getting now scares me some as we usually fall short of any extremely high expectations. But, I am a fan and I think we do OK with all 3-star talent, smallest athletic budget by millions, and all. I do think we will upset somebody. I actually do worry more about losing to the smaller guys and I never automatically put up a "W" until the game is over. If we win, that is. LSU should have had better QB's recently and it's puzzling as to why not. MSU stole one of their prize quarterbacks this year in 4 star dual threat, Keytaon Thompson, that was a surprise. LSU came in at the end but it was too late and the Mr. Louisiana standout enrolled at MSU in January and is still racking up accolades for his senior campaign in LA. How did he ever get out of Louisiana? You just can't win championships or compete at that high a level in today's game without better than average or exceptional quarterback play.
I could watch replays of Walter Payton (Sweetness) run all day long and he most certainly was an outstanding man in every category. His runs are incredible, he could run circles around you, outrun you or just run over you. I can't see how anyone could argue on Jerry Rice, his ranking and accomplishments are unmatched. He could always perform in the clutch and when your team really needed him. Some players just can't always do that. And, how much fun was it to watch the (Gunslinger), Brett Favre! I remember the game he played after his father died and it was him and Peyton Manning tossing either 5 or 6 touchdowns each, 500+ passing yards, I believe. I think Peyton ended one up on him but it was a legendary game. Their receivers helped them a lot. Those are the top 3 players born in MS, I think, and neither one of them attended our two largest colleges, MSU and Ole Miss. Archie deserves his recognition and playing on the "Aints" for all those years hurt his professional career, I think. But, does anyone remember the talent and promising career that never happened with Marcus Dupree?
Being a lifelong avid MSU fan & alumni and as much as I do love them, following MSU sports can really drive you crazy. This article did surprise me some, a win over LSU in week 3? Don't think I have heard that yet? I have seen some other lofty predictions and Nick Fitzgerald is getting a lot of love so I think we have good players that can compete. We gave Arkansas heck for four years with Dak but I really like Austin Allen and he is tough as nails. Good QB in my book. MSU can tease you a lot, win an unexpected game or two and then have some of the most embarrassing losses you'll see. I think 7-5 is achievable but we would need the ball to bounce more in our direction this season as compared to last year when we lost several games on the last play of the game or lost the game less than 3 or so points. We did pick up several highly rated juco players that could make a big difference under Grantham, we will see? Stidham at Auburn is going to be interesting to watch and LSU does need better QB play, I think. Most polls have us at around 6-6 and either at or close to the bottom in the SEC West and that is pretty much the same every year. Also predicted is that Alabama will walk all over everyone on their way to another championship run. Probably so. The East is getting a little tougher every year. MSU plays at Georgia this year and we could possibly get blown out over there. I see lots of folks thinking A & M will not be the same team as recent but its hard for me to see a school with all they have falling too far? All I can say is, I am ready for some SEC football and HailState! I will be ringing my much beloved and hated cowbell as loud as I can as always.
I totally agree. If things suddenly stall or if Dak's play starts to suffer, this would be the perfect time to bring back Romo. I think that the entire offense has cohesion and a chemistry that just happens with the right ingredients and can not easily be reproduced and right now, I would not mess with an offense that is marching up and down the field at will. Now, with tougher competition looming, this is when things might get interesting and a decision might not be hard to make. That is, of course, assuming that Dak doesn't continue to play like a veteran and improve every week. We watched him play at Mississippi State in the exact same manner. For 2 years, he consistently led the SEC in ball control, longest drives and always, 1st in 3rd down conversions. Sound familiar?