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What the hell has happened to this guy? Loved him in college and not long ago saw a segment showing how serious his workout is now days and how dedicated he is to it. But, this is using a helmet as a dang weapon when you hit someone on their bare head! If I didn't know they were tested, this looks like classic roid rage to me! He has lost his mind.
Being a State fan and knowing how god awful anemic our offense really is and to do this to Arkansas! Yeah, just let him go and move on. Having that unbelievable bad SEC record and then letting State do this to you, is bad coaching on every level.
Yeah, I totally get it because we need to lose this game to keep the seat hot for Moorhead.
I dread the heck out of this game because I do believe that Arkansas is going to win this one because our coach sucks! This is what he had to say, “I don’t think there’s desperation necessarily by any means,” Moorhead said. What the hell is he thinking? We have been in desperation for weeks!! He is totally over his head and evidently slightly delusional.
Privet is just as invasive as Kudzu and is very hard to clear off acres of land unless you bulldoze it down. I hate that crap. Chinese privet, I think is what was brought here and the birds spread it everywhere by eating and popping out the seeds. Terrible stuff.
Yep Bad Dawg, I first saw all of the same problems we are having now at the Kentucky game last year and then more and more as the season went on and then that embarrassing bowl game loss. I was also very verbal last year stating that JoMo was in way over his head while making horrible decisions both on and off the field which led to name calling and everyone questioning my loyalty to the team I have followed for over 50 years and the school that I am an alumni of. Stating what is obviously wrong with your program does not make you less of a fan at all and if anything, it proves that you care even more. I did not want him to fail but me and many more could see right away that JoMo was not yet ready for a head coaching job in the SEC West. But, his bad mistakes and decisions were pedestrian and he seemed to be in a constant state of confusion of what to do next. Time management, play calling and all the other bonehead mistakes he was making was causing problems with a terrific team he inherited and at the Kentucky game it all really showed up with all the penalties and at such key times during the game, the team was completely unprepared to play and that has continued to be a big problem, lack of motivation from him causes the team to be unmotivated and they seem lost most of the time, looking for direction that never comes. Now, MSU is simply the biggest embarrassment and laughing stock in the SEC and the reason is because one coach that wasn't ready for this job has destroyed any competitive culture that Mullen had built up in his 9 years. We used to pride ourselves on our physicality even if we lost a game, we played hard and that is all you can ask of a team. Now, they have simply lost all ability to compete and practice some of the most basic fundamentals of the game, tackling, blocking, special team play, giving all you have for 60 minutes, a run game, a physical defense, and so on. Everything that was so obvious last year is the same things happening this season and every bit of our problems are because of poor coaching or a lack there of! How can a team regress to this point so fast in less than two years? There has to be even more problems than we know of, I would imagine. I try not to pay attention to rumors but I can see with my very own eyes what the problem is with our program and I do not think that JoMo can overcome his ineptitude being a HC in the SEC West at this point.
I am very happy to see Coach O and LSU's success under him and his direction. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he is perfect for LSU and wish him many more years of success. Glad to see the offense finally open up and start scoring points. Joe Burrow is also having a great year but this may be the year for LSU to make a run with their talent.
Well, you will have plenty of opportunity to work on things during the State game Saturday. Should be more like a scrimmage for LSU and a time to play some young players and the third string. State is in big trouble right now.
Don't worry guy's, you will see all of that plus much more domination from LSU this year. Your third string and freshman will play most of the second half unless Coach O wants to work on something new. State is in bad trouble right now and everything is just what we saw last year except this year is much, much worse. Our guys are lost with no direction from the coach on most plays and JoMo is simply way over his head right now, especially in the SEC West! It will get very ugly for State from the git go. We do not expect to win at all but we would just like to see our guys compete and play hard like we are accustomed to instead of their embarrassing display of forgetting the basic fundamentals of the game of football, like tackling, blocking, special teams, showing up prepared on game day ready to play hard and especially no tweeting from the players on the sidelines like last game. Our offensive guru that we thought we hired can't even sustain a drive much less score a touchdown. I would love for State to waive his buyout and him head on up to Rutgers. We would be back in the coaching hunt again which is uncertain but things will only get worse with our current coaching staff.
This should be like a scrimmage for LSU and honestly, you could just send your third string up here and beat us this year. We have major coaching problems, or actually, a lack of coaching.
State has become a huge embarrassment and the laughing stock of the SEC West and JoMo achieved this in less than two seasons with a extremely talented team last year and a decent one this year. They are suffering in all aspects of fundamental football because of the coaching. He is simply in over his head. We all like the guy but he does have to go soon, I hope.
Yes, he is way over his head and many of us saw it last season and what we say then has been the very same problems and issues and it all comes down to the horrible coaching that came with Joe Moe. I mean, even our players have completely forgotten how to compete at all, tackling, blocking, special teams, undisciplined players, bad penalties, etc.. Every bit of it comes down to coaching. At Auburn, we had stupid delay of game penalties before we even snapped the ball and then they were totally lost. Joe didn't even have a play ready. The score was 21-0 within 3 minutes. He has no emotion until his press conference. Players are tweeting on the sidelines and it is all out of hand. I hope he does go this year. We may still have a hard time with another coach but Joe is no Offensive Guru like we were all sold on. Not even close.
That just sounds comical but it is all very embarrassing. But, him leaving to go to Rutgers is not have as bad as the embarrassing and pathetic way our team has regressed and just barely shows up to play on game day.
Yep! Most of us could see the very same problems last year and this season they have just continued to regress in every category from those very same problems. All coaching. Most of us love the guy but he needs to go to Rutgers asap because he is way over his head as a HC in the SEC.
Most State fans love the guy but everything that the program is suffering from now was painfully very obvious last year and many of us spoke out. He is in over his head causing our team to lose all direction, discipline, motivation and all their knowledge about the fundamentals of playing football such as tackling, blocking and playing hard to win. I wanted him to succeed but from what I have seen, unless they send him to a big boy head coaching school this off season, I would be more than happy for him to go to Rutgers and for State to waive his buyout. I realize that we will be right back to hunting the coach that will fit but unless you pay the going rate, it will always be a crap shoot.
And it is the dang game of the week with the SEC network guy's there! That will only draw more attention to a blow out because one team has lost all knowledge of the basic fundamentals of playing football. A pitiful job of coaching has done that in less than two seasons or you might say, no coaching at all!
And how horrible it will be as the featured game of the week with the SEC network in town to watch a absolute blow out. State has completely lost all sense of the basic fundamentals such as tackling and discipline. They show up unprepared and lethargic which can only be blamed on the coaching, or lack there of!
Crap! Most all of us State fans are actually horrified that they picked MSU/LSU as the game of the week because it is just going to bring way to much attention to a team that is an embarrassment right now and a blow out! State has no chance to even score a touchdown, most likely, while LSU is on a roll and is an excellent football team. Oh well, enjoy the blow out guy's.
Well, bryanchip. You are spot on and very correct with your assessment of Dan Mullen's coaching limitations. Yes, first of all,we are MSU, playing in the SEC West, and the fact that Dan actually did have some success and with all of those handicaps, is quite an accomplishment. Everyone at State will always be grateful for the many things that Dan did there, to improve our program. But most fans really were tired of his lazy recruiting and bad play calling at times but we were mostly afraid of losing him, because of the uncertainty of who we could hire to replace him. It was well known that he was job shopping, mainly through his agent, for every desirable HC position available every year, so we knew he would leave one day soon and who can blame him as Florida has more resources of every kind and he also got a hefty raise. Smart move, maybe?? We have almost forgotten about his departure and everyone is very excited and extremely happy with our new HC, that just this week received one of the coveted National awards for the Top Assistant Coach in the country and for improving Penn.State's offense by a huge margin, I forget which award it was, and I believe it was his second time to win this award. Time will tell how well he can adapt to the SEC but I think we could have done a whole lot worse. While we really do appreciate Dan Mullen, everyone now is like, Dan who? He is simply a part of our history and that's it. A mediocre coach who had the worst record in all of college football, against ranked teams and while ranked at the time, earlier this year, after beat downs by Georgia and Auburn. Take a look... Auburn loss gives Dan Mullen the worst record vs. AP-ranked team all-time.
Ha! Excellent recommendation there ,TheExpert. I can still hear his Mother speaking out defending her boy once everybody realized that he wasn't going to be around there much longer and were calling him a terrible coach. She went off!
I can't believe that $ is all UNC is paying Fedora as his base. That's rather shocking to me. He proved himself at Southern, no doubt, and pretty much did again immediately upon going to UNC. I don't really know his complete history, but yeah, that would be a great snag for Ole Miss and probably a good fit too?
While MSU stole one of Louisiana's and the nation's top 3 dual threat quarterbacks, Keytaon Thompson, class 5-A champion and Mr. Everything Louisiana from New Orleans, LSU actually signed one of the state of Mississippi's best ever high school quarterbacks instead. So, depending on how and if he lives up to his potential, LSU may have found a future star at the quarterback position of which they have desperately needed for some time. It will be fun to see which of the two quarterbacks do reach their potential.
I think Miles was just too stubborn, or whatever it was, to open up the offense like all LSU and football fans everywhere thought should happen and it caught up with him. He had the talent. I have friends and relatives at LSU and they all were just ready for him to go. Hated him. I think LSU's season is going to depend a great deal on Etling and how he performs at QB. It's amazing at the talent from Louisiana and LSU always recruits some of the best. I was surprised to see SDS picking MSU to beat LSU in week three. MSU may do it but we usually end up playing LSU and Auburn pretty tough but we always fall short . Except, Auburn spanked us really good last year but a field goal would have changed the LSU game. Finally, we have a very talented kicker on campus that everyone is excited about. I mean, MSU should have won that South Alabama game with a last second, game ending, chip shot field goal, that we missed but it shouldn't have even been that close. But they won and we lost, that's all you can say about that but it was an awful start to the season and now, MSU needs to find it's defense again if we are even going to be competitive. Historically, we have lost a lot of games but we have never been afraid to hit and you would be sore after playing us but last year was hard to watch. We have had 4 DC's in 4 years too. Most everyone has us at 6-6 and at the bottom or close to it of the SEC West, as usual. I do think we do have the talent and potential to compete but I think next year might be even better for me to be really optimistic. All the love Nick Fitzgerald and MSU is getting now scares me some as we usually fall short of any extremely high expectations. But, I am a fan and I think we do OK with all 3-star talent, smallest athletic budget by millions, and all. I do think we will upset somebody. I actually do worry more about losing to the smaller guys and I never automatically put up a "W" until the game is over. If we win, that is. LSU should have had better QB's recently and it's puzzling as to why not. MSU stole one of their prize quarterbacks this year in 4 star dual threat, Keytaon Thompson, that was a surprise. LSU came in at the end but it was too late and the Mr. Louisiana standout enrolled at MSU in January and is still racking up accolades for his senior campaign in LA. How did he ever get out of Louisiana? You just can't win championships or compete at that high a level in today's game without better than average or exceptional quarterback play.
I could watch replays of Walter Payton (Sweetness) run all day long and he most certainly was an outstanding man in every category. His runs are incredible, he could run circles around you, outrun you or just run over you. I can't see how anyone could argue on Jerry Rice, his ranking and accomplishments are unmatched. He could always perform in the clutch and when your team really needed him. Some players just can't always do that. And, how much fun was it to watch the (Gunslinger), Brett Favre! I remember the game he played after his father died and it was him and Peyton Manning tossing either 5 or 6 touchdowns each, 500+ passing yards, I believe. I think Peyton ended one up on him but it was a legendary game. Their receivers helped them a lot. Those are the top 3 players born in MS, I think, and neither one of them attended our two largest colleges, MSU and Ole Miss. Archie deserves his recognition and playing on the "Aints" for all those years hurt his professional career, I think. But, does anyone remember the talent and promising career that never happened with Marcus Dupree?