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Matt As a Gator season ticket holder, I'm inviting you to sit next to me for a game this year (section 57 row 59.) I want to tell you that I know that you secretly want someone else besides Dan Mullen as our head coach. God knows why. We both graduated from UF but your judgement on him comes across as being both completely wrong, and pretty snarky. I'm the AD at Florida, Dan Mullen gets a sizeable contract extension, and YOU get to continue you're puzzling obsession with moralizing about him. Go Gators John from Cincinnati
Matt What prompted you to write an totally, inaccurate hit piece on Dan Mullen? Thanks for catch grabbing picture of him as well. You wrote some good journalism back in the day, but now it's all cheap sensationalism. You have no inside connections to Florida's athletic department, but for you it appears, that doesn't matter. Keeping writing feckless articles about the rest of college football. I'm sure your family loves reading them.
And Georgia's out of conference schedule is...?
Hey Chris The volz won't simply lose at OU, but they also won't cover the spread. I'll bet you a $100 on that right now. This is a dumb prediction on your part.