Mark Cunningham

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He did beat out Bridgewater, but the final decision was to go with Bridgewater because he was the "safer" pick. Decisions like that in the NFL results in coaches getting fired.
I remember the last time Florida came to Columbia late in the season. The local department stores sold out of every winter coat they had. BTW, Mizzou won that game. Florida's players just didn't take to the cold field very well at all.
Mack Brown was the last good thing to come out of Texas. He was a class act. I will never forget he came all the way across the field to see henry Josie when he tore up his knee. Now Texas is nothing but primidone's.
As a Missouri fan we saw first hand the cancer that is Texas. The best part is the Longhorns have found the going much tougher the past few years and moving to the SEC will make it even harder for them to find relevance. I find most of their fans to be arrogant and extremely disrespectful. The only thing is wish for Oklahoma is they keep their dipwad band at home.
Daniel reminds me of a story Michael Jordan once said of a career backup - Joe Klein. He once said Klein only scored like 2.3 points a game, but his attitude, team first mentality and desire to compete made him a valuable member of the team. Daniel is so valuable as a mentor.
No one robbed their team of more money for doing absolutely nothing than one of your quarterbacks. Jamarcus Russell was the biggest flop in NFL history.
Not saying it is the wrong decision, but he will not get drafted. It is true that I never saw every game he played, but I do not recall much that stood out. He is a serviceable quarterback at best, not one to carry a team. Unfortunately the draft will be loaded with these types of quarterbacks and few teams will draft a backup. He was a great teammate and did good things and I wish him the best on his future endeavors.
Odom was a good defensive coach, but I wouldn't rate as great. It's hard to be a defensive coordinator in the Power 5 in today's game. I am curious why he would go to Illinois unless is was to make him co-headcoach.
OZARKIAN, so you're saying that the Arkansas job is better than the Missouri job? BTW, I think Mizzou has some outstanding coaches in place. Your post gives the impression that Arkansas is a "PRIMETIME" coaching job. I'd say it is no better than Missouri.
I always will respect LSU. Have not forgotten their full page ad welcoming us into the SEC. Classy move and appreciated. Hoping for all to stay safe during the hurricane in LA.
I like our defensive coordinator. When really looking at this game we could not matchup with their receiver and tight end, but we kept everyone else in check. We'll be fine.