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You know Bry man, maybe you need to reach deeper into your cologne closet, and don't pull out sex panther. It smells like Bigfoot's D^%K. Tell me when , where, if ever you coached a game of football in your pathetic life? Have you ever been on the field of play? Or just wanna be? And they were out played if you saw it. was not dang near it , it was was outplayed! And forget the media fella, what does that matter? Those boys need media like we need an enema? But maybe not since your so full of it, you might use a real boost? Aye? Bend over and put your head between your legs and raise up in a swift manner and yell " POP" , I just pulled it out of my A*&.. No, they had a plan, and I agree maybe give him the option, but, it is early in the year. And this could have been a Jerry Colquitt game too! They played it safe, but we won! The coaching is there! Get off your old Tennessee fan bullsh*^. and grow a pair you negative piece. Stop it! Man!
You can bet on that! I graduated from Chapel Hill High School. I played ball with Bernardo Harris there. That will be a good football game! I look forward to it. But you and I both know, Dawgs all the way there!
You sound so much like someone my father would adore. He texted, "Daing pesky Hillbillies".. Well, keep doubting Thomas.. Work on your Georgia Red Sauce for our Smokey BBQ on October Uno, my good fellow. That sauce rolls off us fellas like water off a duck's back. We prefer a much heartier sauce. heck, even Alabama White, has a better kick too it. You need more pepper! This is of course coming from a man that's father is from Millen. Jockey shorts put them on the map!
I also would like to say that I had the privilege and honor of chatting a bit with Danny O'Brien's father prior to the game. He was a very insightful man, and a fellow "Irishman". His son impacted the field of play tonight with moving the line about in a wave pattern. Where he was in touch with the play, O'Brien was moving and imposing his will on that line play. I look forward to a promising year watching # 95 getting to the line and his explosive posture and imposing his will breaking down a many of line this year! He is fast and very dangerous! Watch Out people!! This man is disruptive, with Tons of potential and crafts to the game of football.
Yes, but an ounce of luck is worth a pound of skill!! Ask any deer hunter or golfer, or fisherman, or National Championship team. I hope luck is not like the "9 Lives" for a cat otherwise, my team used up all of them in the 1rst game of this very tough season. However, as ugly as it was, it was a "W". Too build on!! All great teams at some point struggle and usually have a really close call. I remember in the day when East Tennessee State University was so close to beating the # 1 seeded Oklahoma in basketball, when Mr. Jennings was all over the court. It did not happen in '87, and still has not happened, but that is basketball. Tennessee is a force of nature. This team will learn and overcome the adversity that they put themselves in last night. I am not your ordinary average Vol Fan. That many among the nation think of us. Give it 4 or 5 years and a great recruiting class, and you win the SEC or compete for a National Championship. Every team is dynamic in it's own rite! None are the same, nor will be. They are like fingerprints and have their own identity. They are unique, and form and forge together to make a beautiful metal of success or failure. I will say this, about this team. All the hype this year and so on, with all the expectations that are so real have put such a stress for success on this program. That is all well and for good reason. But, in the end we are watching very talented young men take to the field of battle in a sport that many that crucify the performance have never even padded up! I understand the expectations as a fan and a believer in our program. No doubt about it. I am at every game! I am what I consider an Ambassador to all the fans from other schools to enjoy the game. On the behalf of the Tennessee Faithful. I believe from life's experiences that have been trying at times that sometimes only good can come from something bad to happen. We were not at our best last night at all! I say we, because I engulf my heart and soul in the religion of Tennessee Football. If you don't think it's a religion, than your not a Vol! This team will adjust and overcome. For all those critics of Dobbs out there, that man has more brains for breakfast than you have all day! This team is like a beautiful bright orange orchid. Give it some ice once a week, and it will blossom. I will take a "W" anytime ugly or not! This team just scratched off the rust. Did you forget about the momentum off of Iowa? This team had an off day! Very off!! But hide in the trees and watch. You may see the biggest Boone and Crockett buck you've ever seen this year! Go Big Orange!