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Completely agree. His desire to continue to help the program as a recruiter speaks to the same.
An SEC team wins a natty last night, and I logon to SDS only to see Clempsux on the front page... Come on guys.
While I would love to see it on Saturday night, I don't think you can place the blame on the Monday timeslot. According to a recent ESPN article about this year's regular season NFL ratings, "ESPN's "Monday Night Football" averaged 14.18 million. It is the network's best regular-season viewership since 2010 and third best since 2006, when the package moved mainly to cable from ABC." So your average regular season NFL MNF game gets 14.1M and the college natty gets 22.6M? That's not good. I think it's clear that a SEC regional matchup is awesome for us as SEC fans, but on the bigger scale unhealthy for a bottom line.
"Juju McDowell and MarShawn Lloyd should be key players on offense, along with Vershon Lee, Jovaughn Gwyn and Tyshawn Wannamaker." Got to have Josh Vann on that list, if not atop it. I love what I'm seeing down in Cola, and haven't been this excited about an upcoming football season in some time. Go Cocks!
My NCSU buddies tell me this kid's a stud, just didn't fit well into Doeren's 3-4 defense as a pure edge rusher. Let's hope he's back to 100% and produces at a valuable position.
"UNC is the cream of the crop ACC team"? The Heels finished 5th (out of 7) in their division, which was obviously the weaker of the two, only above mighty Duke and GA Tech. Sure, they were supposed to be good, but clearly that was just not the case. A geographically relevant matchup of a 6-6 SEC team and a 6-6 ACC team is the perfect call for this bowl. And an opening line of Heels -7 goes to show it's not absurd. If VT, GA Tech and FSU can beat the Heels, then certainly Carolina can as well.