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Now THIS is what the doctor ordered! Some beef up front. Keep at it Shane.
What a boost these guys would be. Obviously Juice would be massive, but some o-line depth is just what the doctor ordered. And you KNOW Dakereon wants to play against Clemson.
Comparing this to Dabo's dribble is misplaced. In fact, the two coaches were making opposite points. Beamer's entire point is that it's OKAY to criticize him, but he hopes fans take joy in wins (regardless of how they come). Dabo's "point" was that fans need to be more grateful for what he has done at Clemson, while he's 4-4. Beamer falls on his sword and shares that his own family told him the fake punt was dumb, whereas Dabo whined about the fans not appreciating him, his success in the past, defending his salary, and how hard he works. Beamer owned it; Dabo complained about it.
I can't love this comment enough. We may be accused of being delusional, perennially over-optimistic or whatever other fans throw our way, but what matters is that we're still here. Go Cocks!
So hear me out... Cocks finish the year with JSU, Vandy, UK, then at home against Clemson. That's 3 winnable games before hosting Dabo's .500 squad. (Not trying to pick a fight with UK fans here; hence why I said 'hear me out'.) Clemson has ND, GT then UNC before the rivalry game. Losing 2 of 3 in that run is no stretch, if not likely. So, 5-6 Clemson could come into Willy B to face 5-6 Carolina... If we beat Clemson to go bowling, all while keeping Dabo out of the postseason, I'll personally fund a Beamer statue.
They will. Thanks to brand recognition, UNC is perennially overrated. Their best win last year was likely against either an unranked WF or Duke. They lost to GT and NCSU (both at home), got clobbered in the ACC champ game on a neutral site, then lost their bowl game to end the season. 0-4 in their last 4, when their savior QB should have had the most experience. The Cocks beat the ACC champ the literal week before, at Clempsun, then hung a respectable # on ND (who also beat UNC last year, by more points, while in Chapel Hill). I know last year's teams aren't the same as this year's, but they're more similar than they are different. Yet without fail, Carolina is a dog to North Carolina. Just like in the infamous 2021 Mayo Bowl, when the Heels were 12.5 point favorites and promptly lost to the Cocks by 17.
Love to see this! Good for Alshon, the program, and every Gamecock fan that got to see him play. Go Cocks!
Well said Delk. Excited and frustrated are staples for us Cocks fans. But what I'm most excited about is the improvement from year 1 to year 2 of Beamer's tenure. No one can deny that. Spurrier was was 7-5 in his 1st year and 8-5 in his second, and that worked out okay. Those results look awfully familiar...
They got away with it by throwing the entire school under the bus. The argument was, "It's not impermissive benefits to athletes if all students are allowed to sign up for fake classes. Any student can enroll in these no-attendance, automatic A classes, so the athletes aren't getting any special treatment." And since the NCAA has no jurisdiction over academic matters, they cannot punish a school for being a bad educational institution. Basically, UNC was fine soiling the quality of a UNC diploma by admitting they offer fake classes/credits just to avoid NCAA sanctions.
UNC in week 1 is the single most important game, in terms of how it affects the season. Lose that game and it's a struggle to make a bowl. Win it and last year's momentum keeps up, in time for the annual SEC gauntlet. UT/UK/UF are always important games, for obvious reasons. But this game sets the tone for the entire year. 2-0 Carolina at 2-0 UGA at least sounds like it could be a ballgame (on paper that is, statistically with such a small sample size), albeit unlikely. 1-1 Carolina? Certainly not. Lastly: "South Carolina spoiled the Vols’ CFP dreams last season in the penultimate game of the regular season in Columbia, a game Tennessee was moderately favored to win despite being on the road." "Moderately favored"? I believe that line closed at north of UT -22 (at night, on the road in the SEC). That's about a big of a spread as you get for those kind of games.
Shane's landing nationally coveted 5-star 'cruits. This is how it starts...
Dear rest of the college football playing world, You are welcome.
If/when they play Saturday, PLEASE stay creative in the run game. Don't go back to just HB dives with Lloyd. Use the wildcat, jet sweeps AND the power run to keep Klempsux's front 7 off balance and (more importantly) simply pinning their ears back to go after Rattler. With time in the pocket, Klempsux's secondary can get exposed (ask Wake). And we now know Rattler, Vann, Juice, JuJu & co. can light up a bad secondary. Living here in the heart of ACC country, I'm tired of telling all my buds that their mediocre teams need to step up and quit giving Klempsux a free ride to the CFP. But that hasn't been working; it's long past time to start taking matters into our own hands. Sorry for the rant, but go Cocks. And of course, SEC...SEC...SEC!!!
We return 3 kickoffs for TDs, block 4 punts (two for TDs), fake a punt for 6 and block 5 PATs. And lose 54-42.
You and me both. I thought my o7.5 wins future on the Hogs was free money. Not so much...
And help ND to keep beating clempsun. Gamecock nation would be just fine with that.
Don't dignify such slander with a response. We all know Beamer is generous. He generously gave UF a garbage time TD last year to make that 40-17 domination a little easier to swallow for the swamp people.
Massive amounts of respect to Old School and Mountain Dog. They know that this game can get wild, especially in Willy B. That said, I don't see my Cocks pulling this one out, but hey, I didn't see Hot Rod (a legit NFL kicker now) missing a 42 yard game tying FG in '19 either.
No kiddin'. But I do think he brought up Nix simply because UGA played him 9 days ago.
I loved watching our opponent's punter perform.
Completely agree. His desire to continue to help the program as a recruiter speaks to the same.
An SEC team wins a natty last night, and I logon to SDS only to see Clempsux on the front page... Come on guys.
While I would love to see it on Saturday night, I don't think you can place the blame on the Monday timeslot. According to a recent ESPN article about this year's regular season NFL ratings, "ESPN's "Monday Night Football" averaged 14.18 million. It is the network's best regular-season viewership since 2010 and third best since 2006, when the package moved mainly to cable from ABC." So your average regular season NFL MNF game gets 14.1M and the college natty gets 22.6M? That's not good. I think it's clear that a SEC regional matchup is awesome for us as SEC fans, but on the bigger scale unhealthy for a bottom line.
"Juju McDowell and MarShawn Lloyd should be key players on offense, along with Vershon Lee, Jovaughn Gwyn and Tyshawn Wannamaker." Got to have Josh Vann on that list, if not atop it. I love what I'm seeing down in Cola, and haven't been this excited about an upcoming football season in some time. Go Cocks!
My NCSU buddies tell me this kid's a stud, just didn't fit well into Doeren's 3-4 defense as a pure edge rusher. Let's hope he's back to 100% and produces at a valuable position.
"UNC is the cream of the crop ACC team"? The Heels finished 5th (out of 7) in their division, which was obviously the weaker of the two, only above mighty Duke and GA Tech. Sure, they were supposed to be good, but clearly that was just not the case. A geographically relevant matchup of a 6-6 SEC team and a 6-6 ACC team is the perfect call for this bowl. And an opening line of Heels -7 goes to show it's not absurd. If VT, GA Tech and FSU can beat the Heels, then certainly Carolina can as well.