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More like busted through the tin foil called Auburn's defense for nearly 300 yards.
Lol Bowden was a great coach, but I have to ask how long did it take for Bowden to do that?
How is this political correctness? It's just an apology.
If Bama and MSU both play 100%, Bama will win. But playing at that level means maintaining focus and motivation.
Wait what? Alabama is definitely relevant in other sports... Basket ball is 7-2 right now, baseball is decent, they are one of the top teams in softball and gymnastics, and the swim team isn't bad. Yes football is the bread and butter but don't discredit the other sports teams that make up the Crimson Tide.
While I'm stoked that Henry won the heisman and I believe he deserves it, I'm hoping Fournette wins it next year... While still losing to Bama of course
And now you understand how we feel about the kick six.
Well at least y'all can't lose the west next year
And unfortunately, we get exactly that in MSU.
Nah, that front 7 would be too much. You need to go to the air with an Apache attack helicopter, or maybe a b2 bomber. Then again they have some ball-hawking safeties. It might come down to a few tricky plays, so if it were me I would go with the nuclear submarine.
Would you have been ok if you had beaten Bama, Florida, and Tennessee but lost to USC, Vandy, and Mizzou?
Also I'm pretty sure Bama is focusing on (and accomplishing) winning at the college level, not the NFL level. People seem to forget that 99% of college football players don't play professionally after college.
It doesn't matter if it's boring. It is winning. And Im pretty sure McElroy won a game with the jets.
Can you read? Ragland was on the list.
He sure rang that Tiger Defensive line's bell.
So best case=win the game, worst case=lose... I never could've figured that one out, thanks sds
If it goes to the person who shows the most integrity I think Henry deserves it. He is a class act, and he gives honor to God, his family, and his team every time he speaks.
You are confusing him with rebel-landsharks
Yeah since when is gray a Bama color?
Yep, we can't get a top rated recruiting class and win the sec because we have boring uniforms... Oh wait.
"Good manners can take you where money can never buy you." Amen
Carlson is good. But dude hit a 60 yard field goal in game.
His injury took him out a couple games and voters don't like that. I guess.
I mean you don't see a award for both receivers and corners