Singer, songwriter, and entertainer. A lifetime Tennessean , except for 6 months in Florida ( but there's too many transplants there to call it the south and damn is it flat) I am all Vol and a lifetime Braves fan. But enough about me, here is my take on an old wives tale: it's supposed to be bad luck to open an umbrella indoors but I say why not, after all you might as well be prepared for when fit hits the Shan.

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Yup hack article. Butch NEVER said it would cause more wins. Only cited a study that said it caused more confidence, which to me seems add backwards but that's studies for ya.
Juuust MAYBE he is the one responsible for leaving, have you considered that? He should not be commended and is not revered by any VFL I know of or received adulation for what he has done, So speak for yourself. The guy quit on his team during the middle of the game twice. Mark my words he will be remembered more along the lines of Arian Foster rather than Peyton or Reggie.
K. The title to this article was he "went on an Epic rant". I was the very 1st comment and pointed out that it lacked info about the "rant" to make the video worth clicking. The article is now different as is the headline and I am very surprised to see that happen but glad the writers are taking the criticism constructively. My comment is also gone but I don't mind bc the mission was accomplished. As far as Jalen Hurd goes he is no longer a part of my football team so I don't care what his family or he have to say any longer how to. Did y'all hear his mama was arrested during the Florida game 4 resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer after arguing with Florida fans? His parents sure are good examples huh?
Yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever. His reasons (help his draft stock) for leaving are hurt by him leaving.
1.There's no confirmation that was Jalens uncle on the message board. 2. If we are gonna believe posters on msg boards then Jalens mom was on the same board trying to create dissent among the fans about the staff. 3. Another poster confirmed it was Jalens mom and said it was indeed her who was booted from Neyland after starting a fight with Kamara supporters. 4. Greg Mc. has more respect in football circles than Hurd. 5. Who cares what kind of career Hurd has now (other than family or hangers on, are you one?) bc he quit on his team (supposedly your team),not just midseason but during the game twice. 6. What Hurd does now is irrelevant to any true Vol fan bc of #5. 7. He WAS NOT voted a team captain and Kamara HIS Backup was. 8. How many teammates took to social media to defend him or celebrated with him after his touchdown run at SC? Sip 9. Should I keep going? Bc I can... However I believe it doesn't matter what FACTS I can present to you bc I am nearly certain that #5 pertains to you. (Family, friend, family-friend, or potential future entourage member?)
Yeah, I think "lower extremity" might mean he was butt hurt & "upper extremity" means his heart wasn't in it. SMH
Said Flunky goes to school at Myzoo and tweeted some bulletin board material so it's very different than a media outlet picking a team. Flunky thought MTSU was a trash team and found out that it's not a good idea to be cocky when you stink.
Got a take or just here to be a dumbass that says smartass quips?
Have to reluctantly agree. He is good with QBs (did wonders with Crompton) and play calling but dude is a snake, he doesn't mind doing others dirty but if ya do him dirty he doesn't forget. Saban berating him on the sidelines is hilarious but don't think it won't motivate him when he gets a HC gig it would be wise to keep a coach with him at all times bc he has a history. Why do think he got fired by USC the way he did? I believe it had something to do with the way he left UT all the while trying to get recruits to switch commitment in the middle of the night. Ed Org was helping him do it so LSU might wanna watch out for him too.
Yeah as a Vol fan I agree. Pot really just needs to be accepted as something that alot of college students use.
Hate to see that happen to any player. Bama has been pretty lucky with few injuries this season unlike my Vols, Bama however has the depth to keep going without a hiccup thanks to the recruiting by Saban.
I'm on board. He is already throwing guys open and looks to be deadly accurate with good zip, tight spiral and also looks like he throws a catchable ball. On the speed side he already looks as fast as our d-sacks, but probably would red shirt bc of the weight.
Lmfao. Myzoo journalism must be a joke if they couldn't find evidence in the performance of the team that this year there is NOTHING to be cocky about.
That was not THE most obvious instance of targeting even in this season. That distinction belongs to #12 the 12th man during Berrys kick return of the UT TAM game. My reasoning is bc the evidence was on the crown of his helmet the rest of the game and showed close-up multiple times but never once did commentators mention it. When you lower ya helmet and hit someone square in the face mask ITS PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS! That play Berry was out cold and fumbled giving TAM the ball inside the 35. I'm still wondering what the officials were thinking when they didn't throw a flag and bc they didn't #12 got what was coming later in the game when Warrior laid him out like a blueprint on a good block but was ejected. The game could have gotten out of hand with the cheap shots. Yeah I am a Vol fan but all I ask is for the refs to be consistent which I think we can all agreethat they are not.
While Francis may be overreacting a little bit, it is a figure of speech that implies luck which is what he had a problem with. I would have to say that your response was less than convincing John.
I'm sure the young lady who was sexually assaulted wishes he would have went to Stanford also. (microphone hits the floor)
No reason for sarcasm, after all no Tennessee player HAS done that.
Perhaps it wasn't a slip after all. As a a Vol fan let's try and refrain from using verbs like: slip, fall, suspend, transfer, or ANY other number of words that twist the knife at this point lol.
Gimme a break, Lame Sniffin has 5 stars at every possible position and 5 star backups. Saban is more responsible for the teams success than any coach on any team in the country. Bammer fans should already hate this guy bc he will bail on ya then fail where ever he goes. If he should succeed just once against Bama after leaving you can bet your bottom dollar he will be letting you know ALL about it. Classless, grade A azzhole that he is will probably try to poach a few recruits with Bama issued phones on his way out the door. If he is interviewing for a HC job, whatever you do, don't let him coach the bowl game or you can Mark my words, he will recruit for his new gig while still getting a paycheck from Bama. Yup I'm a Vol fan but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Yup Kamara has LCL from the late hit out of bounds & is questionable for the rest of the season.
Marcus needs a new sense of humor. Hilarious?Really?
Never heard of MVU. Suppose to be a reference to the Vols? Thats odd bc no coaches or players have claimed a MV.
Now that's just absurd. No need for further comment.
Cowherd kills his own argument. Saban is #2 behind Meyer but is somehow the best of all time. Also, how much rebuilding did Meyer have to at Florida or Ohio state? Also I was not aware Bowling green was ever a powerhouse to begin with, so how could he rebuild that team? Cowherd is just an uneducated blowhard that fishes for a reaction by being the carnival barker that he is.
By your reasoning Dooley should've won the East every year. Tradition and tallent are all that matters, right?
ESPN anal list are full of hot smelly air. However this guy has a very minut point.
Yeah sorta like dumb fans chanting overrated after upsetting a ranked opponent lol.
I believe the voter's got it right. They probably took into account the fact that UT could've won despite the 7 turnovers. Two of the TOs could've been overturned and both led to scores. The fumble on kickoff was helmet to helmet and Dobbs fumble while passing was boderline but was ruled a fumble so it shouldn't have been overturned bc it could've been ruled either way. But the Berry fumble was an obvious helmet to helmet hit and the 12th man should've been ejected. But hey it was bad officiating all day long. Props to AtM for the victory.
You can tell there was no biased whatsoever by the author of this atrocious article.