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These are the kids you WANT on your team! Now we need to recruit the same for kind for football...
Bryce Young is very undersized and has been very unimpressive. I also agree with gwhite. Ty has a much better chance of beating out Bryce Young than Bailey or Salter at Tennessee. And to be honest, Ty hasn't been very impressive against better competition in HS either.
Good bye, and I don't say that with any negativity or sarcasm! But we don't NEED or WANT anyone that doesn't WANT to be here.
If he was such a "GREAT" coach then why didn't any other Power 5 team pick him up either???? Same with Kevin Steele...everyone's running their mouth about how "GREAT" of a defensive coordinator he is, yet there he sits, NO OFFERS from any other Power 5 conference teams or hell from any other Group of 5 conference teams. Gus is an "OK" coach that had a good year every once in awhile and got "lucky" a few games. That's it!!! You people kill me...SMH
Anyone remember the last time Georgia or Missouri won a national championship in football??? I'm waiting.......SMH
I'm going to be brutally honest with everyone on this board. I'm a lifelong fan of the Vols and i'm from Pittsburgh PA. If JG starts and plays in this game the Vols will lose. No bold prediction, this is just a fact and everyone better be ready for it.
I'm not sure about Pruitt yet but i'm losing more and more confidence in him being the right man for the job as of now. That being said, i think the biggest problem he has and has already been mentioned are personnel issues (coaches and players). Coach Friend is NOT a good line coach. The proof is in the pudding. Nowhere he has been did they have great line play, not even Georgia. Georgia improved significantly in rushing once he was gone. Just a fact. We have (3) 5 star recruits on the o-line, (1) Alabama transfer and a huge sophmore who's attitude i love. He's literally trying to hurt someone every play. Yes (2) are freshman but that's not an excuse. There are plenty of other SEC schools that have started freshman too and not all of them were even 5 star recruits. Coach Friend has to go. I also think we have a serious QB issue. There's know doubt JG is tough kid. You can't take that away from him but a good pocket passer?? He was ranked in the top 5 of DUAL threat QB's, NOT pro-style. If you are going to ask him to sit in the pocket, make reads i don't think he's your man and he's proving it this season. He has just been down right horrible. I don't know any other way to say it and i'm not going to sugar coat it. He doesn't fit what Chaney wants to do. He has a totally different skill set. The question is do you just ride it out with him for the rest of the season and wait for Harrison Bailey to come in next year or do you make a change and try Maurer or Shrout the rest of the year? I agree i don't think Fulmer wants to be the coach nor should he be. The verdict is still out on Pruitt but you have to let him finish the year out and see what he does. Can he make the changes needed? Can he make the tough decisions? Can he make the correct adjustments? I know everyone says their isn't alot of talent on this team but that's were i disagree. This team has a ton of talent. Far more than Georgia State, BYU and others...You can't tell me even Florida's team has that much more talent. There's not a team in the ACC besides Clemson that would kill to have the talent on the roster of Tennessee. And to answer the original question that was asked if a head coaching change was to be made, my top 3 would be: 1a. Mike Leach 1b. Lane Kiffen 3. Mike Norvell