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Hurts is the better QB. Hurts won fair and square. Like alcompto said, Barnett's numbers did in fact come in the 4th of a blowout. You can't say that Barnett's better because he put up numbers against a tired USC defense that was ready to go home. Jalen Hurts put up numbers against a USC defense that thought that it still had a chance. If Barnett wanted to be the starter then he should have worked harder than Jalen. Jalen is the better QB.
And he is still better than Evan Engram.
Urban doesn't want to comeback and face Nick Saban every year.
Uh what? Nick Saban ran Urban Meyer out of the SEC.
LSU defeated Wisconsin 28-24 but Saturdays game Wisconsin defeated LSU 16-14
If you play us like App St then you'll be the ones getting crushed.
Wasn't that "stout" Florida defense embarrassed by Florida St and Michigan?
Laughing? More like crying! Of course it won't be the same score because the The Citadel will win by more than one point.
Eh doesn't matter. USC is still gonna get kicked around by the Crimson Tide.
Crimson and Cream? Seriously? Dude thats Oklahoma. Alabama is Crimson and White.
Lol Tennessee over hyped once again. If I was a UT fan, I wouldn't be talking trash about Alabama, since UT is a big mess right now and hasn't beat Alabama in the last 9 years. RTR!
2003-2008 USC Trojans only had #1 national championship. 2003 is LSU's not USC's. So I guess if USC has 2 during 03-08 then I guess that one in 2004 is Auburn's.
Masters degree in what? failing horribly?
@AUGradAUProud Lol Might have a better college but sure doesnt have a better football team. Go get some ice for that burn silly little Auburn fan
Lol You're making incest jokes but yet you're from the same state lol fail.
If Arkansas plays against Auburn like they did against LSU and Ole Miss, Auburn will be destroyed and that weak defense there shut out Ole Miss and LSU which Auburn couldnt do.
Something is wrong here Blake Sims set the record for most passing yards in a single game and Q.2 My answer 4 is correct because Florida, LSU, Notre Dame and Miss St. You guys need to fix these