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Coley is an RPO guy. His setups pushed our needle much closer in that direction, than a true Pro. The flea-flicker was closest thing we ran to a play action last year. Your response is very indicative of what I'm talking about. It's a crap system for Fromm. He NEVER took the 'r' in the RPO, and it just looked like some vanilla-identity crap system. 'R' was never a threat, which would have been necessary to sustain many drives.
^this is what has me fired up. people are seeming to forget that our OC changed and with it, we moved from a true pro style (great for fromm) to an RPO, (would have been great for fields, not so much for fromm). If this guys legs and tight accuracy translates to coleys system, that's a lot of drive sustaining plays we missed this year.
Thanks to Kirby we won't win another game this year 'cause he has us relevant on Jan 1. Either way. Everyone thought we'd lose to ND. Choke in Knoxville. Get smoked in Jacksonville. And let's not forget the experts all but guaranteed auburn would walk all over us in Atlanta. Let them think Oklahoma will roll all over us, and we can't sign top classes fornthe next 10 years. Seems to be working out
MORE BAGS PLEASE! *why did I drink every time we scored?
Yup, the victory hangover is going to make that flight a real b*tch.
Uga won 2 games tonight like they lost 2 games three weeks ago. Uga beat auburn. Uga beat the refs. OPI on a goal line play, with the contact initiated by the defense? Are you kidding refs? Oh well, just a foot note now. The Empire struck back. Hands were cut off
Yup, no more home field advantage. Not the same game plan advantage. Not the same advantage of a team fighting for their lives against a team who already clenched. Anyone who thinks things play the same way (21 point flip and momentum on mistakes) is going to be humbled next weekend. Sequel time, Empire strikes back, hands get cut the f*** off.
It's alright. The higher ranked "unstoppable team" always seems to mess in this series. It's a common pattern. Another common pattern, look at the games following the last 2 auburn victories. Uga takes its vengeance, and takes it hard; and Gus salted the wound Saturday. That won't be forgotten. Next November in Athens should already worry Aub for their chances of late season success next uear, if not the prospect of giving us that chance this December.
Florida knows how to make it to Everbank Stadium, I get it. They know how to put their uniforms on, I get it. They understand the concept of playing a game called football, I get it. They thought they stood a chance, I get it
Fitzgerald is a georgia boy from a georgia family. I will be pulling for his success anytime he isn't playing the red and black. Good luck rest of regular season Glad to know when I thought MSU hadn't seen a front 7 like ours, they didn't choke it away. Where's that "MSU by 17" aTm fan? Cause they can piss right off
We're getting ampe up over in Athens. Ready for Dog Fight 2017. We haven't seen anything like y'alls offense, and you haven't seen anything like our front 7.
Guice is good, and our OL still makes me nervous, but that's the only thing stopping Chubb from breaking 150 a game (and of course Chaney' s play calling)
5 things I hated: Jim chaney running Chubb from shotgun, Jim Chaney still calling wildcat plays, More momentum killing penalties, receivers dropping game killing passes, Jim Chaney STILL calling wildcat plays. 5 things I loved: We beat Notre Dame,Notre Dame lost, We-an sec team- went north and beat Notre Dame, Ohio State lost, We Beat Notre Dame
Yeah, must be because the job market in Alabama is so bad. Good thing many of them are smart enough to go east instead of West, and do well for themselves here in GA; which I've seen plenty of them do. I end up tipping plenty of Bama grads though. I guess not everyone makes the cut for bigger and better
Hey pot, don't call the kettle black just yet. Getting criticized about plumbing by someone in a state whose drinking water has been pissed and shat in for 2,000 miles is a little ironic. Also, When did Louisiana become such a juggernaut in industry and progress to criticize GA. You're not even the biggest "LA" in the country. I don't want to put down Lousiana, it's a beautiful state, but I'm skipping these stones right back
Don't hold your breath. Come September, that's definately going to be loose butthole
Yup that's pretty much it. For example look at UGA vs GA Tech. Tech has had some deplorable seasons recently, and a middle of the road ACC schedule has set them up as a weak program in national perspective. When we beat them, not much buzz about it, we're "supposed to." When we lose, some people think they played better, but much of the nation just thinks we sucked it up. A tough spot for tech, because even a big win for them is thought of as us playing poorly, not them playing well. We get a worse bowl game. They dont get a much better one. Several sec teams losing several nonconference games would put our conference in that same rut.
This^^. The cfp landscape: what you know < who you know. A win over a 10-2 SEC team means much more if those 10 wins came against teams who show dominance in the post season.
During the regular season, sure, I want all other sec teams to lose, they're competitors; but in the post season, don't lose to those candy a$$ tools from up north. I live in atlanta, it's full of transplants. They often think wherever they came from is superior over the slack-jawed, banjo-pickin bumpkins of the south ("but the weather is so much better here"). They run Ohio state and Michigan flags, etc. all over atl. Georgia/Bama are "bubba-schools" to them. It's nice to show them when they get uppity bubba's gonna knock their teeth out.
I think it's obvious a lot of us uga fans disagree with you about your Richt declarations, myself included, but I can meet in the middle. The current coaching staff lost the east for georgia, but I count that against the coordinators. Sure, Kirby is the captain of the ship and should be able to overcome this year's mistakes with some more experience, but chaney and tucker are those mistakes. Chaney made key play calling mistakes in all or nothing situations game after game, and as an avid Bears fan, I already knew Tuckers limitations from his time in chicago. I think finding the right assistants of play calling will show tremendous dividends of output. With that said, Richt wasn't even calling plays anymore and his 2014 OC was even worse than chaney. So no, I don't think Richt, as he was at UGA, as a team manager would have won the east either
Kirby should have pulled this, they need to earn the right to get gimmicky. I love the black, but they certainly haven't earned them yet this season.
Signature win in athens? More like only win in Athens. But I'll take it
Haha. Yep good catch. Hooray beer, Party on Broad st.
Don't sleep on the east just yet! Any given saturday. Good to see the defence finally click.
2009, 2010, 2012 easily. Arguably 2015 as Ole miss and LSU I would argue worse than UF
Ole miss, a&m, and Arkansas have certainly built solid programs, but the state of the east is a coincidental anomaly. Bama is the only truly provable trend of winning. The years bama won the SECCG, the 2nd best team in the conference was the one playing them. Without bama being as dominant as they have, the east wins at least 2 recent titles. The point is, the whole of the west hasn't been better than the whole of the east until this year, it's been that the west's best team has been better than the East's best. 2010's south carolina could also be argued into this. 2011's Lsu/Bama and 2013s lucky auburn/injury riddled east are the only 2 times I see this not being the case
A 10-2 team over 9-4 is fine, but ATLDawg is taking about an 11-1 team going to a better bowl than an 11-2 team who recently beat them and had a close game with the future national champ, but was punished in the rankings for losing the extra game