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How hasn’t Greenard went yet and he led the sec is sacks?
Not going to call you dumb, but just go ahead and delete this account bud
Since he is answering questions let’s go ahead and ask Greg about these SEC refs
I never said that, I’ll be perfectly fine with either one. Maybe even both of them
I can see why you think that, I can also see why you would hope that is true having to play him next season
There’s no such thing as a coincidence, he brought us 2 rings with mostly Ron zooks recruits then gave it to us with no lube, met him a few times and every time he was a douche. No love towards him, I’d rather not have the trophy’s than having to deal with him. I can only imagine how Muschamp feels after Florida fans bash him for having the balls to step into that mess. Rumor has it Mullen tried to step in after Meyer but foley denied him.
You guys might as well snag sal sunseri from Bama as well for dline coach
I think it’s time to confess, leghumper you always make my day with your comments, I stay away from replying to you, you sure know how to one-up an opposing comment
This loss is pitiful, Mike white has got a good team together but can’t execute. He’s been taking to many notes from Kirby smart. Unacceptable
Did Tim change his name? Just curious haha
Go ahead and wake up, because that was a dream
They’re doing pretty good at creeping up on 20 years without a natty
I’d say Tennessee is in the rear view and Florida is the semi that blind sides you. Y’all might want to start recruiting for the 2021 class
A Florida article without all of the Georgia garbage raiding it, has hell froze over?
If you say he hasn’t developed and isn’t a good playcaller after the last two seasons then you’re delusional.