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I don’t care if we go 0-10, I’ll still be on here talking my sh*t
Bamatime have you even seen the UF-LSU games the last 5 seasons? That game has been a hit or miss for both teams.
They gave up on their team for sure. Only exception for me is Pitts.
The future is bright. Our defense has good upcoming talent we just need a coordinator to steer them. Emory will take over and be fine.
Florida should write a check so big Charlie can’t refuse. Mullens press conference will determine how I see him for the rest of his tenure
Booches, don’t ever write a respectful comment on a gator article. I will just remind you your team blows
Last comment is banned I guess. I’ve never seen 7 before but he’s my kinda dude
Just let the universities get a cut out of their contracts, I’m sure it will change
The top teams you see today will most likely be the top teams for years to come sadly
Bowl games are a big part of recruiting in my opinion and where the team ends up. When they opt out they don’t care about the future of the university. Once again in my opinion
I was hoping the whole defense would refuse to play per grantham
I will think differently after they take a championship home. I will definitely say they deserve to be there, unlike Ohio state
Same here 7, both of them are going to lose all the talent we have if they stay together
If grantham stays then we might as well call for mullens job also. No reason the defense should be this bad this late in the season
He is, all Florida fans should be ecstatic with this season with trask and going 8-4. I’ve been dying to beat Georgia at least once, went toe to toe with bama, not to mention we’ve come a long way since mcelwain days. Already looking forward to the cocktail party next season
I’m tired of seeing OU in the playoffs as I am with clempson. The ACC is a joke as is the big10
This university not only gave them a free ride with a scholarship but also gave them a top of the line education(if they take it) why not give the university and team as much as they gave them?