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No Georgia fan comments yet? Must all be on the Florida articles.
The CDC came out and said the numbers are false, the only people who have had COVID are the people dying in car accidents haha. I’ve still never met anyone with it or who’s had it but it’s so deadly that we should shut down the economy right? Start putting the dots together and open your mind a little bit.
Has this political flu killed one percent of the population in this country? Asking for a friend...
You have more important things to think about, like which QB smart is going to choose to embarrass your team
I wouldn’t mind if I never heard that name again
Yeah because there’s never Georgia fans flooding Florida posts? I can’t stay away, it’s entertaining to watch Kirby mold himself into a Mark Richt
Jimbo beat out Kirby on a 4 star? Yikes. Lost revenue really put a damper on Georgia’s recruiting
I wonder if this is why Georgia’s recruiting has been a little slow lately..
Haha, only if Georgia had Justin fields this season..
Honest trolling? You must’ve meant permanent loss of brain cells.
Yeah I know, was just saying I think those are the days when Zuniga kind of got the hype he got. He barely played last season
Also I’m not saying Carter and Cox won’t be a awesome duo but only time will tell
Zuniga and Cece Jefferson were great together and Zuniga clogged up holes on the line more times than not so I’d say he deserves the respect
I’m not sure if I’d say a better duo, those two were awesome. Especially greenard last season. Best thing about him is the motivation and leadership he brought to the team in my opinion
Gator22, that’s very true, I don’t think savage gets the credit he deserves but he plays a big role in our recent success
J-roc would be a safe bet. I kinda get a Donna vibe though
Haha thanks, seems like the right place to let the liquor take over