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Georgias recruiting budget is going to go even higher with all of the knee pads they're going to have to supply this woman with
There's a lot of discussion on this thread, unlike the one talking about Georgias new QB who is going to take over the SEC, love the confidence
Hoping Tennessee can turn it around, the season is more electric with y'all somewhat around
One BS call away from that game being a lot closer, the turn around will be bittersweet in gainesville
UGA really lost to South Carolina...at home. Elite? Difference with Kirby and muschamp, Will knows how to win with his defense
Most programs have some of those, like the Green Bay packers, made it far but not far enough...like gawga
I'm still curious how these recruiting classes y'all brag about have helped you. It's like Ron Zook recruiting awesome but couldn't do much with it until Meyer(I hate Meyer) took over. It still takes a half decent coach to take his team all the way and Kirby hasn't shown much even with a great defense
21-9 in UF's favor. I wonder how he will come back after being hit with that reality. Enjoy it while it last
Grad417, you got the sub 80 part right. You just missed the 19 in front if it
Get em, Ben. Smart is the dweeb here, all these good recruiting classes and decent seasons with nothing to show for it...1980
Poor neegan, spent all of that time to write something I didn't even read. Lay off the blow boomer
I guess the whole Georgia fan base are trolls considering they flood every Florida post. I guess we are all just trolls
I'd say don't get yalls panties all in a wad, but I'm afraid I'm to late
No jorts here, geaux long. The kids on university ave, different story
I guess time will tell if all of that talent pays off or not
I think it's pretty obvious Georgia pays kids top dollar to commit to Kirby, they can't still be falling for his speech of winning a national championship
At least he has some kind of future outside out bass pro manager