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Gator22, that’s very true, I don’t think savage gets the credit he deserves but he plays a big role in our recent success
J-roc would be a safe bet. I kinda get a Donna vibe though
Haha thanks, seems like the right place to let the liquor take over
I can’t see Tennessee doing better than Auburn offensively, even with Malzahn calling the plays
Does it really matter if Tennessee gets smashed by Florida again though?
I agree, I really think Waffle House could match those though, depending on how much you had to drink that night
Getting to the bottom of the barrel I see
They ain’t paying the military enough to be doing that
What in the Blue hair feminist just happened with the gator bait chant??? And why did these pansies close off the comments
If we have learned anything, top recruits don’t mean everything. Ask Georgia fans
Zook played a big role in Meyers success. A shi t show is not winning a natty in 40 years but having #1 recruiting classes
Not to mention when you wear gloves for ten hours a day rather than washing your hands, all you are doing is spreading germs. Speaking of germs, you have to come into contact with them to build your immune system, common sense. When you wear a mask for 8 hours plus it is terrible for your health, have people forgot about carbon monoxide poisoning? Get your heads out of your ass’s
I think we should all understand this scam is coming into play with the election year, the elderly are dying from old age or another health issue and they are chalking it up to the covid19, what happened when aids got discovered and people were dying left and right? Did the whole world shut down? No. The fact that the “infected “ are not even one percent of the population is a joke by itself.
That’s the problem. “Another black person murdered by a cop”, how about everyone else murdered by the police? Whether they deserved it or not. So only black lives matter because they are the only ones who get publicity? I’m still not sure what kind of point you are trying to make
I don’t have a side but if I had to pick it would be the right. Seems like they are the ones who actually care about this country
I’d say it’s pretty clear who does their research here and who gets theirs off of their cable tv
That’s just in one city, in one day. Those numbers still don’t look good to me. How are these things unrelated? A black guy gets killed by a white man and the whole black community burns down the country, but they can go around and kill each other on a daily basis and it’s ok because a white man didn’t do it? Like I said statistics don’t lie, black on black crime is the highest of any race or crime. Facts. Why you don’t see it on CNN? Because they can’t fabricate it and and turn it into something they want it to be seen as. Once again I’m not going to feel bad for being white because a black man got killed by a white man, because they kill theirselves more than any other race kills them. It seems pretty related to me, but maybe it’s just me?
Black on black crime is a touchy subject for most leghumper, most don’t have much to say about it because statistics don’t lie.