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There has already been two SEC teams that have played in the college playoffs. Alabama and Georgia. Remember?
Talking about pathetic, when did the Bull Frogs win their last National championship. Let me remind you, it was 1980. Thats how long your bull frogs have been irrelevant. Good luck to you this year, you got a descant chance to win another one if Wisconsin or Oklahoma loose in their championship game, and you beat Auburn in the SEC championship game. Don't phuck it up. I think you will beat Auburn the second time around, and that should leave you and Alabama going to the playoff's. Ohio Std's will beat the Wisconsin Boogers in their championship game. I myself am an SEC homer, I will be pulling for which ever SEC team is playing in the semi finals and hopefully the NC game. I hate it when another SEC fan trys to put down another SEC team. We are all in this together.
Back to back 9 win seasons and three, count em, three consecutive bowl wins. Yea I am disappointed, I am disappointed in all the VOL fans that can't be happy for what the VOLS have accomplished in the last 4 years. These seniors brought us back from being just another mediocre college football team. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for not letting these young men know how proud of them you are.