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That is one way to build trust with players and recruits.
Braves, a writer named Spenser Davis wrote one. It is on the TN page of SDS. It it is titled "Tennessee overpowers Kentucky in top-10 showdown".
Decent article in the Athletic regarding what is happening in the NIL space right now with schools and collectives. The Athletic interviewed the top players at the Under Armour All American game. Plenty of good quotes. The below one stuck out to me: "When schools call, they have the position coach, head coach and the money man from the collective call you."
Its going to be interesting to see the outcome of the TN fight with the NCAA and the new SEC/BIG10 endeavor.
Should be a fun game to watch. TN needs more than DK to step up and score to win at Rupp.
Just goes to show that sometimes *'s dont matter. There is plenty of talent around that plays at small schools or who's parents cant afford to send them to these camps to get exposure. Hate that TN missed on McConkey and Randall Cobb years ago.
The McNair death while tragic more than likely shouldn't be laid at Durkin's feet. Heat exhaustion/stroke and Rhabdomyolysis happen during high intensity events. Some people seem to be more susceptible than others. Almost all individuals can recover if caught in time. All SOF selections have measures inplace to monitor candidates and pull individuals when they first show signs. McNair should have been pulled form training way before he collapsed.
That was one sloppy game by my Vols!!! Congrats Sc on a hard fought well deserved win. Should definitely be ranked now.
I say F&$K it at this point. TN either gets hammered or they don't. Seen a tweet from Barrett Sallee that said: "The Lack of structure within the NIL space began when states started passing different NIL laws. That will be noteworthy as the Florida and TN cases progress. The NCAA is just trying to retain some power. That's all this is."
Mizzou is the troll game you want to go with? Mizzou beat TN 36-7 in 2023. The two games prior were TN over Mizzou 66-24 and 62-24 respectively. You would have been better off trolling with USCe just scored again!
You mean like 30+ players hitting the portal after Pruitt was fired and getting "poached" as you call it. Bama "poached" our best player To'o To'o with in 24 hours of him entering the portal.
Sayin is a 5* with multiple SEC and P5 offers. Deboer brings in the 4* he recruited that had 12 total offers, all from the PAC 12.
Sayin just hit the portal, its all over the news now.
I bet he is cool with his players throwing "horns up" when they win a ball game.
No disrespect, but in my opinion this is an underwhelming hire for Bama. He won in the PAC 12 and we all k ow that conference isn’t that good especially this year.
Saban has owned my team since he got to Bama. The best coach I have seen in my lifetime, definitely set the standard!!!!
Folded like a hooker after getting gut punched by her pimp!
US sending billions in aid to the Ukraine and Israel, border crisis, inflation problems; but let’s focus on why a team didn’t make the CFP. The last thing college football needs is the government whether state or federal involved!
It's like SDS has hard on for Napier...no stop articles on his demise since he was hired.
Didn’t say UT was taking on the world but what the guy posted was a lie.
Why lie? TN has played 5 ranked OOC opponents since 2013. 2013-#2 Oregon 2014-#4 Oklahoma 2015-#19 Oklahoma 2018-#17 West Virginia 2022-#17 Pitt Any UGA has played 7, information is. It hard to find.
Congrats A&M on getting your guy. Thought you guys were going for a bigger name.
Wow….congrats Bama for pulling that out! That may have been the best football game I watched all year…..didn’t k ow who was going to win till the end!!!!