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It’s an absurd question and article. No rational Vols fan think TN is a playoff team. Most called 8-4 at beginning of year with losses to FL, LSU, AL, and UGA. The Vols picked up one that most thought was going to be an L. This team can score point but the defense is bad….can’t expect to win when you are letting teams put up 500 yards of Offense.
Stop with this talk….our defense is horrible! I am glad for the win but our D needs a lot of work.
Congrats Gators!!! You guys were in it till the last play. Can’t remember when a game had me that stressed out!!
UGA will crush them in second half. A lot of uncharacteristically mistakes by UGA in first half.
Bowers is the best TE in the country and should be in the Heisman discussion!!!
Refs are human and will make mistakes…but I do agree that they should be held accountable for egregious mistakes that change outcome of game.
Toast to your friend and sorry for your loss. Good luck today hope it’s a really good game for my Vols with no injuries to either team.
Definitely changes the dynamics of the game….hope the younger guys are ready!
Well factually in a 25 year span you are 16-9…you cheated us out of a win. The overall record is 26-23-2. You guys will more than likely beat us this year but don’t act like you have always owned TN. The longest win streak between teams is 9, which we own.
Don’t know how this game will turn out. Hope it is a good outcome for the good guys!! No injuries to either team and may the best man win!!!!!!!!!!
To me its Cox & Miller (if healthy) on D and Etienne & AR15 for the offense. Etienne has the potential to run all over us and if history holds true, it will all click for AR15 and he will have a breakout game.
It s big nothing burger. Since joining the conference this is who A&M has played in the East (this includes 2023). So its not just UGA; TN & KY have only played them once as well. UGA - 1 KY - 1 FL - 4 Mizzou - 4 USCe - 9 TN - 1 Vandy - 2
I have watched a lot of football the past few weeks and UGA is hands down the best team in the county...as much as it pains me to say, I think they repeat.
Maybe Tebow should have given him advice on how to be a good human being.
The UGA-Kent St score is odd....I dont see Kent St getting a safety.
Guess we will find out if what we have seen out of TN so far this year is "Fools Gold". Since I can remember we have never faired well against the Gators even if the talent level was similar or slightly better. Not feeling good about Gameday being there 3-6 when we host them. Still don't know where I am at with a prediction, but I did call this game a loss at the beginning of season. Here's to a good game with no injuries to either side. GBO!!!!
Well I don’t like that!! We are 3-6 when hosting Gameday.
Thank you for correcting my over-site in spelling when typing on a phone giving your team a compliment.
You are right, I focused on headline and thought SDS was attempting to make it like they spent all that on Arch.
The SDS article is misleading.....there were 8 other recruits with their parents/handlers on that trip. I was curious so dug a little deeper.
Well Bryce and SBIV would have astronomical numbers if they played the same soft as baby sh&% schedule that OSU plays.
Two best in the conference? Lets see one team has the 2021 Heisman winner and the other team has the reigning NC MVP....and neither of these two QBs are them.
Reminds me of when Butch "5* Hearts" Jones was walking off he field and mouthed F'em after one of the may humiliating losses under his tenure.
Good to see the Vols back in the top 25!