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Bad take. Not saying we will be in the top half, but how could we be below Arkansas?
South Carolina, Auburn, and Georgia all had players selected in the 1st Round of the MLB and NFL drafts. Impressive.
The same experience you get from a wooden crack, I get from a metallic ping. It’s very satisfying, and definitely grows on you if you give it a chance.
Jury is still out on Kingston. Was really hoping we found out who he was this season. Guess we’ll wait till 2021
I think you are correct. South Carolina (hopefully) fixes their two biggest weaknesses. They recruited a five star running back in Lloyd and hired a proven SEC OC. If Bobo and Lloyd live up to potential, there is no reason to think we’ll miss another bowl.
Gamecock baseball is truly something special. The fans are serious supporters of the sport, especially with no major league team in state. Founders Park consistently ranks in the Top 10 stadiums for caller baseball as well. Walking in and seeing those two national titles on display before every game brings a smile every time.
I’m a Gamecock fan, and I’d like to buy a commit please.
How can you be a First Team All-SEC QB when you have not taken a single snap in an SEC game...
In 2018, we just gave that away because Carolina could not stop the same run over and over again. In 2019, you are correct. Gators played well but we did get hosed.
Hope he gets his condition under control. If he is done with football, best wishes to his after-football plans!
I’d like to see Carolina seal the deal against Florida. Last two years could have very realistically been wins. Gators always find a way to pull it away though.
Happy to hear Coach is doing alright. This virus is a nasty business. My wife is an ICU nurse and has personally experienced how ugly it can truly become. Hope everyone keeps distancing and wearing a mask if you go out in public.
While he has underachieved, he is not the worst coach in the SEC. He had the same SEC record as Kentucky and Mizzou last year, toppled UGA on the road, and has produced two 1st round NFL picks in four years. He’s also landed three 5 star recruits. An uncommon feat at USC. Things could be much worse. Just look at Chad Morris and Arkansas. He deserves a 5th year. Miss a bowl and he’s gone. That simple.
If Bobo is truly the “Head Coach of Offense” then South Carolina could be in for an interesting year. There is enough talent at USC.
The way college football typically works for all but a few programs, they’ll finally lose to South Carolina this year. Not saying I’d put money on the pick, but the offense is a wild card.
Correct. I was talking about Lloyd vs Milton. It’s a complement to UGA. They are the RB measuring stick. Would be nice to see USC get some ground game.
With this news, when was the last time the Gamecocks signed a higher rated RB than Georgia? Hopefully Lloyd lives up to the billing.
Certainly look forward to erasing that smugness this year! Enjoy your decline.
Nice prophecy. Looking forward to starting another 3 game winning streak against the Voltards.
Certainly can’t get any worse. He’s now got a 5 star RB and the #1 JUCO RB at his arsenal.
I think 247 missed the mark on MarShawn Lloyd and Rivals got it right. He is a 5 star talent all day, all night, and twice on weekends.
Lay off it man. Be happy for the kid and stop acting like you have to understand everything. He obviously sees qualities that you miss. Get over your issues and stop dragging them into every post.
Nah. He’s staying. He won’t bail on his teammates and steal their spotlight on signing day. If he was going to flip, he already would have.
He also clearly stated that he wanted to be “the guy” wherever he commits. Easier to be the guy at SC than LSU.
What evidence are you basing this on? Did you talk to his Mom?
He has not flipped yet, and he will not flip. He is planning to be roommates with his good friend Alex Huntley, an SC commit and is signing along with all of his teammates. Why would he steal their spotlight by flipping on signing day and backsliding on his buds. I don’t see it. All this talk of “his Mom wanted him at SC” are blowing smoke. He has offered almost zero interviews. How can you know what his Mom wanted?