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The fact that the idea would even cross his mind is the problem. If this is his intention, he should be kicked off the team. Only scum attempt to injure others.
It’s should be a close game. Gamecocks played well against Alabama, and Hilinski is the real deal.
I also think if Hilinski opened our season, we would be 2-1.
I’m pretty confident. Nearly 500 yards of offense against Alabama bodes well against Mizzou and Kentucky. Oh and we had a 100 yard rusher and stopped Bama short of 100 yards rushing. Not saying it will happen, but I’m optimistic.
Hilinski bringing home his first SEC win this Saturday. The guy is going to be special.
I’d say there are plenty of rednecks in both states. In fact, every SEC State is filled to the brim with rednecks. Have you been to the hills of Kentucky or the swamps of Florida?
Everyone would still remember the BYU and GSU loss. Those were not flukes.
Don’t forget about his all too quick inbred jokes. What a twit.
You sure do love talking about inbreeding and incest. Is that your future major when you graduate high school?
As a fellow forester, I always appreciate your comments and the twin Columbias has a good rivalry with entertaining games. We will see what happens Saturday. Our offense clicked well against Bama, I like what that means against other defenses.
How does the #12 team get smacked by Wyoming?
A wife? You’ll have to put ten bucks on his high school girlfriend.
Bowl ban is a fair punishment. Don’t cheat.
This is the only obnoxious Missouri fan I know. How do y’all just let him walk around like this? I think he needs to be strapped back to his table. 3 in a row against Missouri, it’ll be a good game, and I like Carolina’s chances.
Would be thrilled to play a Big12 opponent. Someone outside the ACC or Big10 is refreshing.
This article is a little harsh on Carolina’s end. Alabama’s 4 WRs are all first-round talent with a first-rounder throwing it to them. We’ll judge our Defense against a more comparable Mizzou next week.
I’ll be happy with a good showing. 2 score loss - content 3 score loss - disappointed 4 score loss - crying in my beer
If we win this game, Hilinski will have a statue before the post-game presser.
Oh give me a break. South Carolina over here with 2 million less people in the entire state than Atlanta, maybe 5-8 four stars a year if we are lucky, and competing against Clemson, UGA, and UF for every freaking player. If there is one massive “unfair” aspect of college football, it’s the talent disparity between states. Sorry about your Gators having to compete for the 40+ four stars in Florida every year. I feel so bad for you.
None of what he is claiming is true. There are a myriad of active student-athletes at USC that remain on scholarship after medically retiring. Kiel Pollard is the perfect example.
Muschamp has actually kept players on scholarship after they retired from football. Look at Pollard, they made him a coach! Ridiculous.
Yeah, I do not believe a word of this crap. If Muschamp has shown anything, it’s genuine care for his players.