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Certainly look forward to erasing that smugness this year! Enjoy your decline.
Nice prophecy. Looking forward to starting another 3 game winning streak against the Voltards.
Certainly can’t get any worse. He’s now got a 5 star RB and the #1 JUCO RB at his arsenal.
I think 247 missed the mark on MarShawn Lloyd and Rivals got it right. He is a 5 star talent all day, all night, and twice on weekends.
Lay off it man. Be happy for the kid and stop acting like you have to understand everything. He obviously sees qualities that you miss. Get over your issues and stop dragging them into every post.
Nah. He’s staying. He won’t bail on his teammates and steal their spotlight on signing day. If he was going to flip, he already would have.
He also clearly stated that he wanted to be “the guy” wherever he commits. Easier to be the guy at SC than LSU.
What evidence are you basing this on? Did you talk to his Mom?
He has not flipped yet, and he will not flip. He is planning to be roommates with his good friend Alex Huntley, an SC commit and is signing along with all of his teammates. Why would he steal their spotlight by flipping on signing day and backsliding on his buds. I don’t see it. All this talk of “his Mom wanted him at SC” are blowing smoke. He has offered almost zero interviews. How can you know what his Mom wanted?
Great win! A second Top 10 win for the men’s program and women’s basketball is ranked #1 in the AP Poll! I’ll be more than happy to start 2020 with a National Championship courtesy of Dawn Staley.
I’m not worried. If LSU and others couldn’t persuade him the last 2 years, not sure how 4 weeks could make a difference. He’s heard all their pitches and saw their facilities. Yet he chose Carolina. Has to be a solid reason for that.
Sounds like he wanted to get the recruitment process over with, but still wants to sign all as one team. “Leave the field together for the last time” according to Kimrey
All the Hammond football players are signing together in a big ceremony already planned in February according to his coaches. He had a nationally televised commitment to get his recruitment over when he chose USC. Apparently Hammond exams got in the way of a mid-week signing ceremony so the coaches pushed it to February. Everyone around him said he’s not taking visits or calls or anything of that nature.
TigerTD While flips do certainly happen, a commitment over Twitter is a lot different than a commitment over ESPN. This one carries a bit more weight.
I see AFan has come out from under his bridge.
I have heard the same about Hammond. He and Huntley will sign in February from what I’ve heard because he cannot graduate early. Could never imagine a flip. He has heard every pitch from UGA, LSU, and Clemson over the last year, and in overdrive over the last week. Not to mention he chose USC on national television in front of everyone. Then he drops a commitment video talking about how a real man honors his commitment. He wouldn’t wait this long and finally choose USC just to change his mind in a month. I would be dumbfounded if he flipped.
67-60 VT Why are you trolling Alabama after Clemson loses at home?
While I agree, it’s still hard to swallow that UNLV loss.
You do not get rewarded for tougher schedules over weaker schedules, that much is clear. Bring on the Eastern Illinois and another in the W column. Seems the only think that matters is the number in the win column, not how you got there.
I hate that the refs ruined that UF-USC game. 14 points towards the Gators were rough. It ruined a good game too. It was a battle until the 4th quarter. Could have been a classic.
Adam, as a Mizzou fan, I would think you’d know to be happy about all wins. It’s a game brother, enjoy and celebrate all of them.
Appreciate the love, but we call it “Garnet.” Similar though. As a Georgia native, I first called it red when I started grad school at SC and I was corrected quickly.
Have to disagree with Michigan and Southern Cal. Can’t support the Trojan Man and Michigan’s helmets have never been my jam. Georgia has some great uniforms. I also like Carolinas vintage look from the George Rogers and Steve Tanneyhill days.