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I thought SC had it rough. Can not believe the state’s highest ranked player is a 3-star.
If Saban wanted him, I am happy to have him in the 2020 class!
Fuzzy- Even so, they are in the 40s at the moment. I understand they only have 7 commits, but historically speaking those elite players want to be surrounded by elite players. You’re right we will have to wait and see, but I’ll be shocked if they break into the Top 30.
I believe the biggest hinderance to UK is their low success rate at blue chip recruiting. Stoops is a great developer, but I can’t remember the last time Kentucky broke into the Top 25 in recruiting, sometimes not even cracking the Top 30. Much preseason love comes from those statistics.
Not really a mystery. It’s been numerous close games and entertaining to watch. By all rating systems, South Carolina signs the better recruits this decade so the talent advantage is in Carolina’s favor. However, that’s all the more kudos to Mizzous coach for having every game close. That said, I know player stars only mean so much.
Just do not understand the Mack hype train. He has not coached in 5+ years, and he stopped coaching for a reason, and it wasn’t because he wanted to hang it up. South Carolina should beat a 2-win UNC team, especially one with 1/2 of those wins against an FCS squad. No reason to believe Carolina will lose to Mizzou either. It’ll be a good game and they could lose, but they’ve won the last three.
Carolina would have a lot more than 2 National Championships if Coach Tanner would have had those resources.
Proud of Vandy! I personally love college baseball and hope it’s popularity keeps growing.
The only team in the East that is improbable is UGA. We are talented enough to beat everyone else in our Division.
“Slightly” Kentucky’s ground game will take a hit. Snell was phenomenal, and I foresee many punts and turnover on downs without him. I’m sure they’ll have an “okay” running game, but Snell was elite.
You nailed it. We really do not know if Bryant will be elite in Mizzou’s system. He looked so talented because of the enormous talent surrounding him at Clemson. When the QB mattered, he was benched.
He specifically said he did not want to live in his Fathers shadow but “make his own way.”
What article did you read? The guy is 6-3 303 lbs. Should have no problem matching up with Georgia’s line.
If we land every player that we are favored to land, we will end up with a Top 15 class if not a Top 10 class.
All I want for Christmas is... Jordan Burch Reggie Grimes Tank Bigsby Tonka Hemingway Myles Murphy Alex Huntley And the rest of our commits.
The last time a football team from the state of North Carolina beat South Carolina was 1999. “Carolina” belongs to the South.
I would agree with this statement. Evidence lies in multiple SEC teams having National Championships in the sport. LSU - 6 Carolina - 2 Vanderbilt - 1 Florida - 1 Those are just off the top of my head, there may be others.
Olivia must not watch much football, or maybe that is why she needs to drink. Cocks are 3-0 against the Vols. Muschamp is 7-0 all time. Cheers!
2017 was a great year for basketball. Women’s National Championship and Men’s Final Four run.