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I’ll be happy with Beamer or Napier. Two best picks in my opinion. Freeze is just the trendy choice at the moment, and not a fit at South Carolina. A recent article summed up Freeze perfectly, “he is a coach that will win the games as an underdog, and lose the games he is a favorite.” His teams have not played defense well enough for me.
I am a bit worried about that. First 5 star to sign with SC under Freeze would raise eyebrows.
Yeah, word around Cola is that a new coach is ideally hired before the ESD and announced well before the January rule change of a free one time transfer. Tanner thinks that is the right thing to do for the kids.
Out of this list, I would like Napier. Apparently Brady has reached out to the school and reported interest in the job.
You say fallout, I say breath of fresh air. Not worried about our two DBs that opted out. Horn and Muk were good, but they didn’t shut down Ole Miss. They were leaving after this year anyhow. Roderick was often a liability on the field and Makius Scott was a freshman DL from Gainesville that we took a chance on. As for coaching, give me Napier over Freeze. We need someone to stick around and build a program. I’ll be happy with either Napier, Freeze, or Beamer though.
Isn’t Mizzou coming to town with only 56 scholarship players available? That might outweigh two CBs.
Doubt he flips unless Bobo leaves. Shaw (the QB) who now coaches QBs was one of his favorite players growing up.
My top choice is Napier. Proven winner, proven developer, young, and eager to prove himself on the P5 level.
Because generalizing sounds better and gets more clicks than, “Opt-out backlash? Jaycee Horn, his family react to criticism from two Gamecock fans on Twitter.”
History has shown that regardless of where the state of each of these programs stand, this is never an “easy win.” Mizzou could win and USC could win. Neither will be a shocker.
The negatives of social media once again reveal themselves. I’d wager 90% of the fan base feels differently than the loudest whiners on Twitter. Would I have liked Horn to play the season out? Of course, but as a grown adult, I’ll respect the athletes decision and realize my opinions on the matter make no difference. With an interim head coach, these next three games have no major bearing on the trajectory of the season, so it matters little.
Big news for South Carolina. Especially against LSU. Will be nice to have a second threat in the passing game. His on field play is unknown, but exciting that a DII kid shows up and impresses everyone so much he earns a starting role in the SEC. Brooks is hungry. Overlooked as a recruit, and worked his tail off to get noticed.
Bigsby’s recruitment was down to Carolina or Auburn. We got Lloyd and Tank went to Auburn. It was good to see our three star Harris go toe-to-toe given our five star is out for the year.
South Carolina fan number one of two checking in. I’ll take the win, and savor it all week.
The exact same can be said for your win over LSU last week.
Remember when BlackandGold said there was no chance we would win by 20?
His home is in Columbia now. His family bought a house here on Lake Murray. With Hill being a grad transfer, Hilinski would be the favorite to start next season.
Bad news for the stability of this season.
As I mentioned in a comment further down, I know Tennessee is talented, just not way more talented than Carolina. If they were, FPI would not have the Gamecocks winning on Saturday.
Jennings and Calloway are gone. Y’all have a great OL, but Carolinas is deep, and experienced with blue-chippers as well. Just the fact that you use “jr” means you can’t be taken seriously and have no clue what you are talking about. Grow up and speak like an adult. Never said Tennessee wasn’t good, but they are not leaps and bounds better than SC.
How frustrating was that loss? We finally get an every down back and he is lost for the season.
This was the point I was trying to make. It wasn’t some beat down from the first snap. If there is any talent gap between Tennessee-South Carolina, it’s marginal at best.
Are you kidding? Why can a kid going from D2 to D1 not be eligible? What a joke.
This is such a terrible take. Tennessee is plenty good, but no way are they leaps and bounds more talented than South Carolina. Carolina has won 3 of the last 4 matchups, our recruiting classes last year were not much different. They’ve been fairly similar for a while now. You also can’t argue that Tennessee is an all around better program at they moment. We went 4-8, yes, but Tennessee lost at home to BYU and Georgia State. Give me a break, sheesh. FPI favors the Gamecocks for a reason.
Exactly how I expected such an upstanding man to respond. He isn’t going to transfer. He’s the favorite to be the starter next season if he beats out Luke Doty. Putting the school over himself just like Joyner. College football needs much more of that.
This is one of the Kentucky fans I mentioned earlier. Carolina could have beaten Kentucky with Bowden under center too. You went 3-5 in the SEC. So did Carolina. How does that make you better? I’d argue our SEC wins were more impressive. You were one of them. I miss the humble Kentucky guys.