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Nailed it. Thought I was reading the biography of the UT President just now. I hope UT fans enjoy getting spanked by Vanderbilt on the football field and the Tennessee job market.
Any major at Carolina is worth twice the garbage degrees UT hands out. Tennessee fans go from the football games back to the prison lines in the same outfit.
Man all you must do it sit on this website. Carolina has Clemson each year, similar to UGA’s opponent Georgia Tech. We’ve also played UNC in 2015, NC State in 2017, UNC in 2019, and UNC in 2023. We have ample open dates to schedule Power5 opponents, just have not locked anything down yet. Akron enjoyed playing here per the article. Nothing wrong with them coming down to play another game. That’s what it is, remember? A game.
Turbulent. He was once committed to SoCal, recommitted, joined the Gators, and now he may end up back at SoCal?
Agreed, if the predictions ring true, Carolina should have a fantastic 2020 class. Keep em coming
University of South Carolina or University of Southern California, what acronym one uses is irrelevant. What is your point?
You’re right, but this is the worst possible time. Just hurts momentum.
Big time recruiting win! North Carolina has been good to us this year!
My thoughts exactly — Carolina was right there until the end.
“Red Pants.” Come on now, the team colors are Garnet, not red.
I honestly see the "underdog" card a weak play here. They were minuscule underdogs for about two days, then the favorite. Also have been getting media attention like crazy, they are ranked. I have no idea how they would hype up as an "underdog" for about two days. According to the media, they are the clear favorites and I would argue Carolina plays with the chip on the shoulder with something to prove since the Georgia game.
Actually, Florida needs 7 wins to make a bowl game in 2018. Because they are playing two FCS schools, the NCAA ruled an additional victory to make a bowl.
Looking forward to this matchup. Kentucky is for real, but South Carolina is no pushover. Gamecocks should have the vengeance angle and playing like an underdog (even though FPI Davies them, oddly). USC is bigger on the defensive line and our run game is finding its groove. Makings of an SEC Classic this Saturday on a rowdy Kroger Field. #SpursUp
Gamecocks finding their groove.
This makes UK a mild underdog, not really a disrespect. Maybe it illustrates how Vegas really does not know who is who in the East. South Carolina had a fantastic performance against a Vandy team that almost knocked off No.8 ND.
Pretty close, but Vandy got humbled in their "Street Fight"
Vandy lost by a coupe scores...this did not age well huh?
Carolina will regain its confidence after this weekend. Georgia will thrash every East team the same way, it’s all about who recovers. I still think Carolina finishes 2nd in the East again, have not seen evidence to the contrary because it is only Week 4.
I would agree with this, but I would argue SCar earned that preseason hype with their 9-4 season in 2017 and Outback Bowl win against darling Michigan. I think it’s Carolina-Kentucky for 2nd in the East. Looking forward to September 29th!
I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a team dispatch an okay Go5 team, beat an FCS Squad, and take down a struggling and rebuilding Florida team get so much hype. Touchdown Terry threw enough interceptions in that first game to get benched. I’m happy for Kentucky, but let’s not write history before it happens.
Keep it! Gamecocks are opening against UNC in Charlotte. Let the SEC show some dominance over the ACC.