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His home is in Columbia now. His family bought a house here on Lake Murray. With Hill being a grad transfer, Hilinski would be the favorite to start next season.
Bad news for the stability of this season.
As I mentioned in a comment further down, I know Tennessee is talented, just not way more talented than Carolina. If they were, FPI would not have the Gamecocks winning on Saturday.
Jennings and Calloway are gone. Y’all have a great OL, but Carolinas is deep, and experienced with blue-chippers as well. Just the fact that you use “jr” means you can’t be taken seriously and have no clue what you are talking about. Grow up and speak like an adult. Never said Tennessee wasn’t good, but they are not leaps and bounds better than SC.
How frustrating was that loss? We finally get an every down back and he is lost for the season.
This was the point I was trying to make. It wasn’t some beat down from the first snap. If there is any talent gap between Tennessee-South Carolina, it’s marginal at best.
Are you kidding? Why can a kid going from D2 to D1 not be eligible? What a joke.
This is such a terrible take. Tennessee is plenty good, but no way are they leaps and bounds more talented than South Carolina. Carolina has won 3 of the last 4 matchups, our recruiting classes last year were not much different. They’ve been fairly similar for a while now. You also can’t argue that Tennessee is an all around better program at they moment. We went 4-8, yes, but Tennessee lost at home to BYU and Georgia State. Give me a break, sheesh. FPI favors the Gamecocks for a reason.
Exactly how I expected such an upstanding man to respond. He isn’t going to transfer. He’s the favorite to be the starter next season if he beats out Luke Doty. Putting the school over himself just like Joyner. College football needs much more of that.
This is one of the Kentucky fans I mentioned earlier. Carolina could have beaten Kentucky with Bowden under center too. You went 3-5 in the SEC. So did Carolina. How does that make you better? I’d argue our SEC wins were more impressive. You were one of them. I miss the humble Kentucky guys.
Apologize for the I’m understanding then hah! I’m looking forward to a competitive December 5th game. Would love to see some Gamecock football in snow flurries if it’s cold enough. Hope neither team is covid riddled
Carolina is getting overshadowed, but they have a great, veteran Offensive and Defensive line. We are built well and deep in the trenches. If Lloyd had not gotten hurt, I’d be hoping for 5-7 wins this year. Been way too long since we’ve had a decent run game.
Man....what a fan... Absolutely ridiculous to wish such negativity on a team you support. If you think a new coach will change anything, you’re nuts. Just like QBs, the next one is always the best one. People are too quick to fire coaches.
We will see when the games are played. I hope you’re wrong. Not sure. I only sounded snarky because that guy was the 6th Kentucky fan on this site that argued last year was luck, and that UK is so much better than USC. We had the same dang SEC record last year. Getting tired of the high and mighty BBN fan. Just be humble and enjoy your success.
Depending on the COVID-19 situation, UGA could be missing half their team.
This is likely his second to last season unless he starts winning. My issue is that your painting him as the worst coach that’s ever stepped foot at Carolina. That’s very far from the truth. Things could also be much, much worse than they are. Is his contract too high? Sure, I’ll agree with that. I’d rather see Muschamp start winning games with Bobo than to see him tanked and get another coach. I’m in the minority that to win at Carolina, it’s more like a Mizzou or Kentucky timeline. Have to have time, support, and the right players. 6 years is max for Muschamp. We are not UGA, Florida, or Texas. We don’t have instant infusions of talent to start winning immediately.
I’ve got plenty of respect for Kentucky, but that was a game where two teams lined up with backup QBs and SC won. I was there live and rewatched it several times as well. Our offense wasn’t great, but it was enough. It wasn’t luck though. Beating UGA in Athens is luck.
Hard to argue that Kentucky is “ahead” of South Carolina. Shoot. 1. Carolina and Kentucky had the same SEC record in 2019 (3-5) 2. Carolina has the most recent win. 3. Carolina owns the all time record. 4. Kentucky has one winning SEC record in 4 decades. Kentucky is at best equal to Carolina until December 5th proves otherwise. Not a jab at Kentucky as I expect them to be good. We’ll see when the games are played.
How do you define a bad coach I-95? Has Muschamp had any major scandals? Violated NCAA rules? Does he have a losing record (he doesn’t)? Did he land three 5-Star recruits, and get a fourth to commit (he did). Has that ever happened at Carolina? It hasn’t. I’m not wanting to settle for mediocre, but get off the guys jock.
Disagree. Kentucky is a great squad, but you lost. Just own it. 24-7 is not luck. Your vaunted OL did very little against our defense. Your defense had no answer for a mediocre Gamecock offense. It was almost a total shutout. Bowden was not in there, correct. Hilinski was a backup true freshman QB as well with an injured leg that had been banged up all season. Keep telling yourself it was luck. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
You’re right, that is why Bobo is Muschamp’s last chance. While not a great coach, he also has not been a bad coach. Albeit over cupcakes, Muschamp still has a winning overall record here at Carolina. On top of that, everyone points to the negatives of last season, which is fair. However we also beat the SDS darling Kentucky, and went into Athens and stunned UGA. Almost beat Florida if not for bad reffing on both sides. He gets more criticism than he deserves.
I second point #3. Landing a guy with the talent of Stockton outweighs replacing a mediocre coach. With the pandemic, Muschamp deserves until the end of 2021. It’s financially smart, and you don’t throw your captain overboard in the middle of a storm.
The kid is obviously troubled. Hope he gets straightened out. Before his off field issues came up, it was a bummer that he failed to academically qualify at USC, so he went to UT instead.
You have to give him a chance with Bobo as OC. You’re not helping the University of South Carolina with your negativity.
SC has not really had a lot of players missing practice from what I’ve heard. Really low COVID-19 cases. We’ve had a few, but never half the team like UT at one point. Just writing that sentence proves that this season barely counts. How can you judge a team’s skill and talent if a significant amount of players aren’t allowed to play because of a pandemic.
Hill winning the job says more about Bobo having total autonomy over the offense, which means Muschamp may have finally learned his lesson. They picked the best QB on the field, and I trust Bobo’s judgement of a QB. People get way too sold on star ratings.
Biggie, I agree. I actually like Muschamp. Great leader, good father, and cares about his players. If the guy could get an offense, we’d be alright. Just have to wait 8 more days to find out. Unfortunately, I think the player to put SC over the hump was MarShawn Lloyd. Still unreal that he got injured from a non-contact practice. Talk about atrocious luck.
Hill being named the starting QB really threw a wrench in this article. Still well written though. Carolina is a mystery this season. I think they have the talent (players) to finish 3rd in the East. Now we just have to wait and see if they have the coaching (Bobo). No East team has a clear advantage other than UGA. Perhaps Florida, but SC has had them on the ropes in 2018 and 2019, just couldn’t seal the deal.