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"Georgia’s elite run defense will make Florida very one-dimensional" I didn't realize we weren't already one dimensional honestly we get stuffed almost every run except when we break that once a game long run for a td
I assumed the DB has couldn't move towards the ball carrier because he was to busy grabbing Tyries face mask. I know some of you anti Gator fans are blinded with bias, but the rest of us realize that was a blatant face mask.
Cmon guys it's really hard to play on the road in the SEC especially at Vandy their 100 fans really make it a tough and hostile atmosphere to play in
I appreciated the SC fans trying to dry the field it was really wet out there
Death Valley is a tough place to play it's so loud refs can't see face mask, holding, or hands to the face
ironically we should have run on that pick in endzone but I'm proud of how we did going into Death Valley at night
Imagine losing at home to a third string QB. Uga offense looked vanilla and Fromm and the passing game was not good.
Is this the same Jefferson who dropped a few passes late in the 4th quarter last year
Our run game is get stuffed 99% of the time but then that other 1% is a 50+ yd TD run
If the ball is ready for play, the game officials will not permit the ball to be snapped until the defensive team has placed substitutes in position and replaced players have left the field of play. The defensive team must react promptly with its substitutes. There is no set time limit for subs so they may have 3 seconds to decide to sub but I can tell you a d line man getting off the field from the far hash is taking more than three seconds as well as the defense getting into position with new personnel
So I was at the game and I noticed a few times Auburn subbed pretty late for the offense like 15-20 seconds into the play clock which I think we wisely took advantage on by subbing and taking another 10-15seconds off since they couldn't snap while we subbed to give little time for pre snap reads and adjustments
How many of those half a million student athletes are going to make money of their likeness it's gonna be less than 1% and most likely the ones who were already going to go pro and make money anyways the rich get richer sooner
With three teams already losing their starters for the season I disagree not worth the risk to play him when games in hand
I see Chaney made a stop in Athens before going back to Knoxville to conservatively call the pups offense in a big game one more time, but really both Ds playing and tackling well uga needs to tighten up on ND tight ends a bit but other wise solid muffed punt is what's cost uga the halftime lead
I sold 2 ND away tickets (grandfather is Nd alum he gave them to me) I hate Nd and sold them for 475 a piece and got my cocktail party and auburn tickets plus season of beer for it so thanks Irish but still hate you for making me want puppies to win
If only David Reese is an all America mlb and Kentucky's o line may be the best we see all season
3 SEC east QBs are probably out for the season Bentley week 1, Terry week 2, and Franks week 3 and I wish them all full and speedy recoveries but their back ups are all probably better QBs not athletes and it's gonna be an interesting season
I mean there were bad calls both ways but stoops( who I think is top ten coach in nation) got way too conservative at the end
Thoughts on game Kentucky's online was best group tonight, besides first foul which was understandable the last two targeting fouls were soft and lame, sawyer smith and trask are better passers than franks or Wilson, both teams played way to conservative zone coverage Florida from the start and UK in second half and it was a hell of a football game which both teams had to overcome obstacles and respect to UK good game
Statistically speaking 3pm is generally the hottest point of the day so an 11am kickoff is actually cooler than 2:30 so
You said we won't play anyone that bad the rest of the season but both Tennessee and FSU are still on the slate for us
That fantastic late game Muschamp play calling I'm not even blaming Bentley for the last pick why are you throwing home rum ball every play with over 2 mins left and a timeout
Good ole bottom top whoooo Rocky suck Tennessee
If I'm not mistaken he only threw four over 15 yards with an incompletion then 2 pass interferences and then a completion but I wasn't bragging I was trying to point out Miami's defense isn't as easy as we usually start off against especially with two 4 year starters at LB I'm saying I think there's a lot of overreaction and analyzing especially because literally only 4 teams to talk about thus far
Yes Felipe played sloppy and made some dumb throws but Feleipe Franks also threw for 254 yards, more than any other QB against Miami all last season. His 63% completion rate was better than any team that threw 5 or more passes.(GT went 3/4) All behind an OL breaking in 4 new starters. Miami's defense is in top 3 we will face this season with Georgia and LSU. I think he needs to humble himself but I think an opening game working out the rust where we only ran 54 offensive plays against a real D and not some fcs punching bag is too small a sample size to really say if he's progressed or regressed yet
I learned fumble recoveries are not about getting the ball immediately but rather whoever just ends up with the ball 30 seconds after a dudes laying on the ball also unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are called for normal trash talk pray for those big 12 teams cause refs made pac 12 look like premier tier