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Is Travis Kelce not a TE because Pitts is an inch taller and 10lbs heavier
He waited 7 years to start I don't blame him for wanting to play but Jones had better chemistry with those Wrs when everyone else opted out trask should have counted his chickens too
Yes let's compare a qb who has and all American wr and rb plus 2 all American o line to a qb who had a game after 3 practices with 2nd team
If grantham is fired worth it 3 things I enjoyed 1.) Mullen explaining runoff rules to refs at end of half 2.) ou fans chanting sec 3.) not being able to yell at players because I didn't know who were by number
Honestly I think if he played 11 games we would be talking about Pitts vs Smith because what he did as a TE in 8 games (really 7.25 he was knocked out with 8 min left in 2nd Q vs UGA) was insane 43 rec for 770yds (17.91yd/rec) 12 TDs (1.5td/gm & 3.58rec/tds) to put in perspective smith had 98 rec for 1511yds (15.42 yd/rec) 19 tds (1.7td/gm & 5.16 rec/td)
Honestly I don't think Florida thought they'd score on first attempt
I have 1bama 2clemson 3osu 4a&m just cause I don't think they want all sec final
Great game only differences in game is the reason I think Mac wins hiesman over trask 1.) najee 2.) bamas oline 3.) Florida's secondary
Let me set the scene it's 2001 a game is rescheduled our top non qb player is out(Ernest graham out to a bs FSU shenanigans) we lose a devastating loss. Fast forward 19 years same thing happens (only Pitts instead of graham) but luckily this hero has a 24 pack of vodoo ranger and a handle of Jameson
So you just admit it doesn't matter whose kicking so why do you care so much that it's a girl does it make you more insecure than your degree
Your team literally had co starting kickers in 2012
The irony of an Alabama fan talking trash about any kicker who can't a 40 yarder or tackle is not lost on me
But at the same time Harris forces teams to stack the box and play man giving Jones easier man coverage matchups. I think Najee Harris helps Jones stats as much as he hurts them honestly.
Honestly game of the year so far to me it was entertaining
I think it's because he's a rookie he will be great in 2-3 years in my opinion but this team was refreshing to the other cbs crew or the noon ESPN crew we've been stuck with half the season
@JTF exactly the short passing game is our run game
the dropsies probably hurt more than the run but there were two 3 and outs were we ran the ball 1st and 2nd and got 0 or neg yards
Also shout out to CBS 2nd team crew wayyyyyyyy better than gary
Ya but those runs especially the runs back to back stalled drives. There were two drive where we didn't run at all and one was 6 plays 5 first downs and a td I think our wr screens are better than runs
Kyle balled out mullens stubbornness to run the ball and wr dropsies made him seem like he had an off day
3 takeaway 1.) this game would have been a blowout if we didn't run the ball and our receivers didn't have so many drops 2.) defense actually played well only gave up 7 non garbage time points 3.) let me see Mac Jones pin a punt inside the 5
I'm pretty sure no employer is gonna give a crap about anything other than that degree from vandy for any of those players
As a bucs fan it pains me to say the saints would be the perfect fit for Trask
So did Mullen feel bad for UK and just not try in the 4th quarter because Kyle Trask deserved to ball out and I'm pretty sure Emory Jones threw more than Trask also can't believe after letting Jones drive down to goal line you let clock run and just run halfhearted dive
UGAly finally had a great QB performance, and and all it cost was the rest of the team playing terribly
Cmon now we all know the real short list is between Zook or McElwain
Kyle Trask is top 2 Heisman contender And ESPN I don't care who your announcer thinks is the best boxer is out of your crap commentary crew is
Felipe is the reason I have trust issues