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I would agree except Perine is a great pass blocker and excellent receiver out of the backfield and I think that's where his value lies at the next level
Can I start placing bets for where he transfers to or is that not till after he signs cause I'm thinking clemson after Lawrence leaves next season I think clemson has a down 2021 due to inconsistent qb play then after seeing a few handoffs and a bad trick play they go after and get vandagriff in the transfer portal
LSU at -6 was the easiest 1000$ bet I've made Congrats LSU and thanks for the cash I'll spend it wisely at Mardi Gras this year
"Last year, UCF upped its booster donations to $8.2 million — a great haul for an American Athletic Conference team, but a far cry from the $43.3 million in donations the University of Florida" (This is from May 2019) UCF boosters really rabid
Just in time for those nfl interviews.... kidding I'll give him the benefit this is sincere because sometimes it's hard to apologize and it usually harder to admit you were wrong so I appreciate this gesture. I like to think he learned and grew from this to not let the heat of battle get to him and Keep his emotions under better control. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors
Why wouldn't he had huge stats better than burrow that night threw for 310 and 3 tds and his only int should have been defensive holding
So many people slipping and giving up bait plays, trey dean struggled again, and also is everyone on UVA defense over 6'1
That ball wasn't secure imo he never brought it in to his body and his left hand looked to be slipping off the ball from the contact before OSU knocked it out completely but the call on the field was a fumble and I don't think there was enough to overturn
we still have 4 next year Davis(will be RS JR), Pierce(JR) clemant(RS-So) and Wright(will be a sophomore but will get a redshirt for this season) so while it would have been nice I don't think it was as focused as both lines and our DB depth also we will probably try for one in the portal
We signed another WR today it was just a transfer from Texas so we've replaced half of the guys (Known) leaving so far
So if nugs of weed are like potato chips then shake is the crumbs at the bottom of the bag
"Cook, the driver, told the officer that there was no more marijuana in the vehicle because he had smoked it already" It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em.
Well he wouldn't get a driving without valid license charge if he wasn't driving but I imagine someone in the passenger seat had the open container because I feel like there would have been an MIP charge along with the others if he was alone
Fun game though I'm irrationally angry at LSU giving up that last TD to Bama why are you pressing playing bump and run instead of prevent like what a stupid defensive call
We lost because 3 reasons 1.) Trey dean before we benched him accounted for 5/8 of the third down conversions in first half. 2.) killing offensive momentum in first half with penalties and timeouts 3.) running the ball just. I mean at this point forget it go full air raid we can pass block and multiple receivers can get open
*Trey Dean is getting torched the rest of d is playing fine trey dean has given 5 3rd down conversions
1.) I think they are pretty even that game comes down to Tuas health. 2.)depends on who puts in the work more in the bye week you guys in your pass routes and timing or us with block schemes/more outside runs(where I think we've been more effective) and injuries honestly your offense gets better with Cager back, our run game gets slightly better if we have tony to do some jet sweeps and our run d gets better with Greenard and Zuniga back
"Georgia’s elite run defense will make Florida very one-dimensional" I didn't realize we weren't already one dimensional honestly we get stuffed almost every run except when we break that once a game long run for a td
I assumed the DB has couldn't move towards the ball carrier because he was to busy grabbing Tyries face mask. I know some of you anti Gator fans are blinded with bias, but the rest of us realize that was a blatant face mask.
Cmon guys it's really hard to play on the road in the SEC especially at Vandy their 100 fans really make it a tough and hostile atmosphere to play in
I appreciated the SC fans trying to dry the field it was really wet out there
Death Valley is a tough place to play it's so loud refs can't see face mask, holding, or hands to the face
ironically we should have run on that pick in endzone but I'm proud of how we did going into Death Valley at night
Imagine losing at home to a third string QB. Uga offense looked vanilla and Fromm and the passing game was not good.
Is this the same Jefferson who dropped a few passes late in the 4th quarter last year