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Something interesting I noticed last year #1 was worn by two 5* freshman for Georgia who both transferred weird no upperclassman wanted that number
I just graduated last December and I went to every home game while I was a student and stayed the entire game even for Georgia southern and Missouri last year which were by far the toughest to sit through but the main issue is a lot of games are 12 or 3 and the student section is in the sun. Most of our games are high heat plus high humidity and when your drunk and sitting in the sun it's brutal plus when we do fill the stadium for those games (LSU last year) we are packed in in a stadium designed to trap sound aforementioned heat and humidity there's a lot of people who pass out. Most students who do end up going leave after halftime or after "we are the boys" to go out drinking/ take a nap before going out because they are drained so most students don't want to pay the 120-140 for tickets when they know they can't tolerate the weather or dip out to go out to the bars that being said I paid a friend to get me his tickets so I'll still be going to the games so I'm not complaining
So what I've heard on campus is this has to do with a title 9 case involving Derek masons daughter who plays lacrosse at uf
In case anyone wants to know, since the article just likes to mention the violence but not actually what was done or how it was handled Jalon Jones (dismissed) Brian Edwards (dismissed) Otis Yelverton (staffer that was fired) Justin Watkins (dismissed) John Higgins (suspended for the final 5 games after incident)
Idk how much of him you saw but he was not good (always seemed like poor positioning) especially against uga he was clearly the worst player on the field in that game Fromm loved him
Didn't mean this as reply new site not great on my phone
I'm sure LSU could just defraud a few more children's hospitals to make up in their lack of funding
UF has 3 claimed nattys Uga has 2 (42 &80) so maybe you should do research unless you want to include the 4 nattys that even uga doesn't claim because they know they were as real as ucf's
I mean your entire receiving Corp are wild cards right now it will come down to who puts the most work in summer and fall camp also if y'all played your best games in real games instead of practice you may have a natty but it's cool to be the champions of practice
I mean I compare it to my friend and I both work at the same company my contract has a 1year non compete clause in it if I leave as an engineer but hers doesn't as a business analyst .
This is a vague question so I'm going take the loophole and take a paintball to the thigh that breaks skin for a championship every season for the rest of my life
He's from Orlando I believe so he was probably with family he visited Florida a week or so ago
It was thought out but I think there's a few points I disagree with Muschamp didn't take over a downtrending Florida team he got a stacked team with multiple 5 stars that already had a championship level defense and maintained that because he is a good defensive coach though (Muschamp lost to an fcs team that didn't complete a pass) agree with stoops he's the only one I'd think deserves to be ranked higher honestly surprised a bigger school hasn't gone after him but mason I think is a mini Muschamp . Also as for on the field edge Mullen literally out coached 3 out of the 4 coaches you listed this past season 2 of which had double didget leads on us. And he took pretty much the exact roster that won 4 games into a 10 win team beating 2/3 top ten teams and turned Felipe franks into a competent quarterback and our offense had great increase in production. And I think the recruiting especially offensively will come if he has another good season these recruits grew up watching Florida have one of the most abysmal offenses if I was a rb, qb, or receiver I'd wait to see another season of mullens offense at Florida
Florida's o line isnt going to be as bad as people think. the starters are 3 RS Jrs and 2 RS seniors (if any of the true freshman don't turn out to be studs)and they may not have many starts between them but they all have played (hardly untested) and will have another year of real strength and conditioning . Taylor is the only loss that really hurt Ivey never lived up to his billing
I mean university of California Berkeley is called Cal
I think in the end the culture shock from Cali to the south was too much for both McCoy and Steele
What does Kirby condoning targeting have to do with the score
I mean for uga winning one sec championship and losing another and a natty is a dynasty
Too bad you couldn't get another 3 points to get 39 to equal the number of years since your last championship
Also true last season Mullen 2-1 against top 10 1-0 against top 5 smart 1-1 against top 10 0-1 against top 5
I love uga fans saying how bad Florida is and talking about how great Kirby is when we were their best win last year. if your best win was against a trash team and Kirby blew it against LSU Bama and Texas what does that say about y'all
That looks like superior towing which are a bunch of a-holes who know the gate codes to apt complex's and sneak in at night and tow people who are usually visiting family and friends without decals and without apartments calling them (the apartments usually allow decaless cars two days before they put a notice and then another day before towing) One of their drivers got a trespassing charge from my apartment complex two years ago for doing this and they barred superior towing from doing business in the complex.
Your last win against bama was in 2007 Florida's was in 2008
All ya uga fans acting like Kirby doesn't have a losing record against the sec west so Kirby would have 0 divisions, sec championships or playoffs also not to mention there is a big resource difference between uga and miss st
Dan Mullen has a better win % at Florida (76.92) than Kirby does at UGAly (76.19) but Kirby has played more seasons so we will just use the first to make it fair. Wait Kirby's first year win percent was only 61.54 oof but they both lost the WLOCP so that's at least even. Ya but Florida lost to Kentucky, granted a top 15 Kentucky but Kentucky none the less the only thing worse is losing to Vanderbilt wait Kirby did that and lost to a 5-7 (2-6 sec) ole miss big oof
Jon Ledbetter, Holyfield, Kendall Baker, terry godwin, Isaiah Wilson, Monty rice to name a few all tweeted after the Clemson Nd game referencing they should have been in the playoffs
Look Steele is looking out for himself can't blame the guy especially when he doesn't want to be seen in having been associated to jones but they way he's going probably upset his team and they are lashing out especially with all this stuff about not liking his roommate when Steele and Jalon tweeted at each other often (which Steele has now deleted), they were known to go out together and Steele's dad tweeted "Man the love my son gets @floridagators is incredible! @CoachDanMullen is awesome!" a full week after the incident but now he's infuriated and the staff didn't do enough for his son. It's a weird situation that we will only here one side of the story and rumors about because Florida can't speak on it.
People also aren't questioning Uf housings involvement in this it took a friend almost three months to transfer rooms after her roommate used her dishes on two separate occasions to make peanut butter sandwich and didn't clean them properly and she is allergic and went into anaphylactic shock both times. Changing rooms/roommates is only easy if you have two sets willing to do the change and even then it takes a few weeks and I doubt many people wanted to be jones roommate