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They are going to Miami because it’s the 8:00 prime time game on ABC and they don’t want Herbie traveling after the show too much this year and since he’s calling the Miami game gameday will be in Miami.
They are going to Miami because it's the 8:00 prime time game on ABC and they don't want Herbie traveling after the show too much this year and since he's calling the Miami game gameday will be in Miami
I don't honestly don't get it from what I've seen he is currently a projected 3rd or 4th rounder who had the opportunity to move up to a late first rounder with a good season but will now more likely fall than rise from people who play jumping him on the boards from recency bias. Maybe the COVID problems on campus scared him which is understandable but other than that I think this is a bad business decision on his part.
Except Newman isn't a projected first rounder at least from what I've seen from mock drafts and scout evals
"If Wade and other parents want to protest the Big Ten, that’s understandable, but they should leave Powers, who is an adult who can make his own decisions, out of it." I disagree that's exactly the point they are making if he's not going to stop his own son "who is an adult who can make his own decisions" from playing why should he be stoping their sons who are adults and can make their own decisions from playing
Pour one out for the homies Mizzou and Arkansas on second thought pour the whole bottle for Arkansas they have to play Bama, Auburn, A&M, LSU, UF and Uga with a first year coach and Felipe Franks
So I guess none of them are business majors since they asked for 50% revenue instead of profit or they do actually want revenue and want to have to pay to play their sport
Personally I would like to take the previous and the next West teams we'd play gimme bama and auburn
At my high school as a senior the last semester everyone was required to take government as a history class and in the last month of school we all registered to vote one day in class or showed we had already registered in order to pass the class and then we watched planet earth
I mean he said "we will not be working out" sounds like a group decision and unlike his coach no ones called him out
What a stupid take he was acting in his team captain role in letting the public know that a public statement by Norvell was not true and that as a team they will be boycotting workouts.
Yes I'm jealous I wish my QB room was a carousel because my coach just recruits high level QBs but doesn't know how to use them and just hopes one of them is average enough to win games while relying on defense
National publication lol probably some vol message board.
Daniels, Beck, Mathis, and Vandergriff in 2021 can't wait to see Kirby screw this one up. The portal giveth the portal will taketh
It's interesting you say that because the worst away fans were always vols fans. I sat in the student section next to away fans every game and usually had a good time verbal sparing with away fans (auburn fans last year were great) and have gone out to drinks with a few visitors over the last few years after. I don't know if they weren't used to drinking in the humid heat In September but vol fans just sucked, the worst case was the year Grier connected with Callaway for the winning TD. Earlier in the game we were physically spat on by a group of guys After halftime and then while celebrating the TD a vols dude sucker punched a girl he'd been harassing all game.
Big things happening at Tennessee they may be able a field a team to beat the likes of Georgia State or BYU in a few years
Man that must mean Newman is awful because they didn't use elite or experienced when describing his transfer just plain ole grad transfer when announcing him going to uga
“Coaches told NFL scouts that I had temperament issues. I’m going to go on social media, bash them, and turn down a UF degree to prove them wrong”
Probably heard how much bag man paying out in Knoxville wants a piece of that action
During those years we stopped Ohio st from getting a football and basketball natty so you are welcome America
I would agree except Perine is a great pass blocker and excellent receiver out of the backfield and I think that's where his value lies at the next level
Can I start placing bets for where he transfers to or is that not till after he signs cause I'm thinking clemson after Lawrence leaves next season I think clemson has a down 2021 due to inconsistent qb play then after seeing a few handoffs and a bad trick play they go after and get vandagriff in the transfer portal
LSU at -6 was the easiest 1000$ bet I've made Congrats LSU and thanks for the cash I'll spend it wisely at Mardi Gras this year
"Last year, UCF upped its booster donations to $8.2 million — a great haul for an American Athletic Conference team, but a far cry from the $43.3 million in donations the University of Florida" (This is from May 2019) UCF boosters really rabid
Just in time for those nfl interviews.... kidding I'll give him the benefit this is sincere because sometimes it's hard to apologize and it usually harder to admit you were wrong so I appreciate this gesture. I like to think he learned and grew from this to not let the heat of battle get to him and Keep his emotions under better control. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors