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Interesting for us at 4th odds in the SEC when we are predicted to finish around 4th in the East alone
Out of the 22 starters for UGA last year Stetson Bennet would be ranked 22/22 on that team. He's more like Brad Johnson than Tom Brady.
It's not saying we have a chance of winning a championship it's saying we meet certain criteria that's need for a championship.
I hope the best for him it's gotta be tough in todays NIL age where no matter what you do people always going to talk about money even more than they used to
Cristobal recruited him for two years at Oregon before going to Miami
It's definitely all overblown. The NIL strategy for us is weird currently the collective is more focused on trying to get the current players deal and opportunity's rather that future. As far as Billy's recruiting he essentially had to start from scratch recruiting and is playing catch up it's hard to flip recruits in 6 months that have had relationships for two sometimes three years with other coaches/schools. The fact he's gotten some of them to come visit and even be in the conversation is an improvement. This is all without every coaching a down for us. I won't start judging till signing day it's only June a lot of kids change there minds in the fall and that's where I'm curious to see how Billy does. The 247 boards contain some of our worse "fans" so they can lose their minds all they want who cares just makes for some good comedy.
Unless he was drunk, caused an accident, or got someone hurt it's just another college kid driving like a moron no big deal. Hopefully learns to make better decisions on the road in the future. This to mean seems just another uga vs Athens PD battle
Is that why he dropped so many balls in the bowl game
3 takeaways 1.) Bill O butt worst OC ever hope he's kiffen on the tarmac 2.) As a bucs fan Stetson is the worst qb to win a natty like brad Johnson a super bowl 3.) without metchi and Williams bama can't catch the ball
Between the cincy game and this I'm convinced Bill is a terrible OC; win or lose Bama needs to drop his butt
Dude needs a new lawyer if he doesn't realize sleeping = unconscious
That golf ball was more accurate then any drive Ive hit
If your team's last title is older than the car you found cutting your lawn, youuuuu might be a redneck.
What stupid takes also glad SDS took tweets from nobody's
We were and we will be the team that beats you in jax y'all will keep being off-season champs
1.)Ive never seen a center lose a game until today all but 1 false start was his inability to snap the ball. 2.) refs were garbage missed one hold not PI and decide to just call phantom holds and false starts 3.) I love Dan but maybe worst called game I've seen not going 5 wide every play when UK capfuls the stop empty backfield and not trying before half cost us Congrats though to Emory and the D did everything they could
The real game was Hogs offensive yards vs Hogs penalty yards
Personally I think they need update what a defenseless player is. There would be three types of targeting for me. No helmet to helmet hit 1.) against someone without the ball Example crackback block 2.) against stationary opponent. Example QB in pocket, punt returner 3.)After a catch(reception or return) on a player within 2-3 steps or football move (ie spin move, juke, dive, ect)
@A&M for the 3rd time when we haven't played @Auburn since before A&M joined.....
We won 3/4 quarters to bama unfortunately you got to beat bama 4/4
Mullen behind Saba best day of coach. I'm proud what I saw today bad.