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Whatever Lane Kiffin does at Ole Miss,Auburn should make a serious run for him.His ability with coaching QBs up is outstanding,not to mention his play calling.The level of recruits(4&5star)that he could get at Auburn exceed that at Ole Miss dramatically!Gus is not giving the players a fair shake.When your inability to coach begins to affect the players it's time to step aside. .
Just like t*tty baby hedge puppies!Even if the call was not made,the game was already over! Your quarterback proved that!! LoL!! So long porch puppies!!
I posted on here to the Hedge Puppies after their exhilarating and devastating beat down of the Volunteers to give it time,Kirby would choke. It was obvious at halftime that the Georgia players thought the game was over.They never showed back up for the second half.Stetson Bennet looked like he came out for the second have in mommy's stilletos.Bamas defense,one of the worst in the nation,made him look like the glorified Jr College QB that he is.Don't blame Kirby,blame the sports media by ovverating the Dawgs,creating illegitimate expectations.
Spot on karma is a b*tch!I hope Gus is there for 10 more years!Auburn owes him! I feel sorry for Bo Nix,he's being asked to do something he's not capable of.The best QB coach in the nation wouldn't be able to improve much.
Right Wagdaddy!!! Sorry the replay crew gave Auburn the game last week! It was sickening to watch!Right now Auburn is showing like they did when they bought Scam Newton that they are willing to stoop even lower than that by hiring an unfaithful Head Coach to replace an incompetent one!That's the culture on the plains.Seeing Gus wearing Coach Dyes favorite cap is a disgrace!
It's obvious Gus,Chad Morris and Bo Nix not on the same page.Worst Auburn team I've seen in some time.Give it time to set in Hedge Puppies,Kirby will choke!
How much longer will Auburn have to discuss Gus? He's a joke! He'll pull one off to save his sorry a$$!