Mississippi State fan since birth. The Dawgs are ALWAYS #1 in the country in my opinion, no matter where they are in the rankings!! Ring that cowbell LOUD!!!!!!

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I'm a Bulldog to the bone, but I'm wondering why Arkansas isn't ranked AT ALL having beaten Ole Miss AND LSU.....
For the love of God....dude PLEASE sit down and SHUT UP!!! You are single handedly making the entire Mississippi State fanbase look like....well....YOU!!! You are being a MASSIVE embarrasment to the school, the team, and the Bulldog fans who haven't eaten a schoolbus and are in need of psychotherapy!! GO AWAY already!!!
Great road win indeed. Another tough game coming up. The Dawgs HAVE GOT to find a running game QUICK!! Shumpert is NOT getting it done. Dak is staying in the pocket instead of running. We NEED a "Fournette" or "Chubb" in our backfield!!!! #HAILSTATE!!!!!
Wow these OM fans sure seem to be upset about something. Could it be that thier "all-decade" star QB from last year didn't make an NFL roster and our 5'8 running back did?? Or perhaps it's that MSU actually played a really good Southern Miss team and still won by double digits. If Southern Miss played UT Martin the score would have still been 76-3!!
Exactly. The USM "stadium" (nicknamed The Rock) is tiny. The 36,600 attendance for the MSU vs USM game set an all time attendance record for that stadium. It was standing room only, and thousands more outside The Rock tailgating and watching it on TV. Can't blame those folks since it was raining and the draconian rules USM has about things you can and can't bring in. I had an armed deputy demand that I put my umbrella away...in the freaking rain!!!
Dan Mullen has been a MIRACLE worker at Mississippi State and he doesn't even make the list?? Probably the best head football coach the State of Mississippi has EVER had?!?!?! This is one of those lists one takes with a grain of salt.
I submit that the football in the south is almost like a religion. I have lived all over the United States, and I'm from the south, and I can truthfully bear witness to the fact that football means more to people in the south than anywhere else in the country. From high school to professional football, there are no more dedicated and rabid football fans than in the south. That translates into football teams in the south having more highly talented players coming from high schools enrolling in SEC schools. That in turn, obviously translates into SEC football teams being dominant from top to bottom. In general, the worst SEC teams can be competitive against the best teams from other conferences. It is NOT SEC bias on the part of any network. It IS SEC dominance in the college football world in most years. The networks OF COURSE are going to go where the best matchups are, and where the best teams are playing. That just happens to be the SEC more often than not. What football fan in the country is going to watch two mediocre teams from one conference play if given the chance to watch two powerhouse schools from the SEC play each other??? No one!! It ISN'T SEC bias. It IS SEC dominance at the moment. Now when Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State are all the most dominant teams in the country you can rest assured that the networks will televise those games, and NO ONE from the SEC will be whining about Big 10 Bias. We have our own rivalries to worry about.
Ok...so our cowbells are against the rules (which they ARE NOT) but having a live raptor flying around the stadium and landing on random people is perfectly acceptable. I guess if you're from Alabamas secondary school that makes total sense. Mississippi State University has been around and around with the NCAA and SEC about allowing our cowbells into the games and the RULE is that they are allowed as long as they aren't rung when the center steps over the football, until the play is whistled dead. I too was at MSU home games this year and the OVERWHELMING majority of our fans respect and abide by the rules. Those who do not are rapidly called out by the other fans, and are even thrown out of the game by security. Just like the Alabama tool that decided to throw drinks and popcorn on other fans during the Alabama/Ole Miss game. You Auburn fans are just still upset over the Toomer Oaks, but you need to redirect your anger at the schools fan that was actually responsible for that and leave other schools traditions alone!! MSU fans have been ringing cowbells at home games for a CENTURY, and as long as we are losing games you never hear a peep from other schools. When we start contending with, and beating other "big" SEC West schools is when all the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.....EVERY TIME!!!
How on Earth do you not include Bernardrick McKinney from MSU on this list. McKinney is the 6' 5" 265lb MONSTER in the middle of one of the SECs BEST front 7. He was a BEAST this year, so I agree that whoever came up with this list was definitely smoking or snorting something!!
ROFLMAO..... Bama Fan - "they're a bunch of cow town, UN-SMART people....." Next Bama Fan - "I got just one word....Roll Tide...."
Amen MIZFAN. Also, as a Bulldawg fan I will be pulling for MIZZOU to put the same kind of whoopin' on Alabama that Oklahoma did last year!!! Everyone was totally convinced Bama was going to "roll" over the Sooners and we all saw how that worked out. The ONLY down side is that the SEC won't be able to stomp FSU in the championship game, which I would also love to see.
Bama has 4 and 5 star players from every high school in the country falling all over them every single year. It seems to me that building a powerful team every year given that fact isn't that difficult. I could probably do that and I have never coached a day in my life. Freeze has also had a couple of bumper crop years in the last 4 years. Dan Mullen has taken 2, 3, and occasionally 4 star high school players and put together the best team MS State has ever fielded. Yes, we have one of the most productive quarterbacks in the nation (with the exception of the 2 total meltdown games) this year, but Dak isn't the only reason the Dawgs had such a great season by a long shot. Dan Mullen has done more with less than any other coach in the entire SEC. If all the MSU juniors come back next year, the Dawgs will be in even better position to make it to Atlanta....and beyond.
To all REAL Bulldog fans - Our scores are settled on the playing field. Either our team is the winner or thiers is. Doing something as ignorant as damaging or even threatening a Mississippi landmark out of spite over a football game puts that person in the same category as Charles Manson. I love the Dawgs as much as anyone. I am 46 years old and have been a MSU Bulldawg fan for 46 of those years. It would bring eternal shame on our university and ALL of us for some deranged derelict to spitefully harm those trees in the Grove. It is a football rivalry. A game for the love of Pete. Being an avid, cowbell ringing, screaming and yelling, Maroon and White, MSU Bulldog fan is perfectly understandable (and preferable), but having another Harvey Updyke incident in the great state of Mississippi is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT make fools of us all and tarnish what has been one of the greatest football seasons in MSU history by doing something as ignorant as vandalizing the other schools campus!!!!
I could NOT disagree more. NOW is always the time of the season when Mississippi State finds another gear and turns on the jets!! "Don't stop believin'!!!!!" GO DAWGS!!! #HAILSTATE!!!! #MAROONANDWHITEFOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Predicting a Black Bear win in the Egg Bowl seems far fetched to me. Yes they are playing in Oxford, and the Bears are probably pissed about the humiliation last week. The thing about the Egg Bowl that MOST people don't get is that no matter what has happened during the season, BOTH teams come out swinging and it is always a 60 minute WAR. Having said that, I believe that the Dawgs just have WAAAY too much to lose, too many weapons....and NOW a chip on thier shoulders. Lots of Bulldawg seniors want this game (and an Alabama rematch) SO bad, and I look for MSU to POUR IT ON and ultimately win BIG!!! GO DAWGS!!!! #HAILSTATE!!!!!! #MAROONANDWHITEFOREVER!!!!!
Kanell needs to be ejected from ESPN for that load of crap!!! Winston is a spoiled, ROTTEN, brat and his day is coming...SOOOOON!!!!!