Lifetime LSU Tiger fan. Graduated with BA in 1985, law school in 1989. Bleed purple and gold. Respect all SEC schools and pull for conference when it doesn't hurt LSU.

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Hey guys, it is 2021, you can put the radio broadcast of Missouri on the net and watch the game. If you have DIRECTV, you can easily adjust the timing a\so that the radio broadcast syncs right up with ESPN’s feed.
The kid won’t even play LSU in his 4-5yrs of college, unless we meet in Atlanta, first week of December.
No, you are thinking of Basketball, a LB (does not mean limited baseline). Are the KY Jelly folks getting caught up in the mid-american opioid crisis? Have ya'll recruited a 4* ever?
Don't fret, Saban will bring in the No. 1 class again. He is possessed.