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As an Arizona alum, by all means, hire Monken. In all seriousness, the state of both Arizona football programs is nothing to write home about. The issues surrounding ASU suck for the young men in that program, and I hope they get it cleaned up for their sake.
You didn’t go to school for the education either if you went to ASU.
Nah, remember the game’s in Austin, so it’ll be closer than the Georgia-Oregon final. Alabama will win a close one, 49-6.
Yeah, I’m sure Saban’s forgotten all about it, as one does when someone else goes off the rails and impugns the other’s character in an unhinged way. I’m sure it’ll all be forgotten in Tuscaloosa on October 8, and that the Tide faithful will stand as one for an ovation to honor Jimbo, the Aggies and whatever of their “traditions” that is near and dear to them that day.
Yeah, but don’t forget that the Aggies won it all in 1939. I think they solemnly recall it as one of their many “traditions”, like not walking on certain patches of grass on their campus. But I’m sure this is THE year they’ll... go 8-4 again.
The Aggies hadn’t lost 4 games by the time they won, so I’m guessing it just bothered them in the moment that they lost. Probably less interested in that one L than they were in a “down year” when they win the SEC title, but lost the NC.
Yep, I guess he’s “whining” that he doesn’t have 8. But nothing compares to the Aggies’ glory year of 1939.