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Bielema could not recruit in Texas, because he pissed of high school football coaches saying they could not win in the SEC with their style of football. He alienated the coaches and they did not care to steer players up to Arkansas. Did we not get players from Texas during the SWC days? Those players could have stayed home just as easily and get the "SWC" experience. The only reason it is hard for Arkansas to win in the SEC, is because the PTB do not have the mind set of winning like at Bama and LSU to let it happen at Arkansas. Firing Petrino showed that. They only care about their egos and putting their stamp on the program.
We have played in the SEC Championship three (3) times. 1995, 2002, and 2006.
I would rather the red helmets worn, instead of the white one. They reminds me of the Longhorns. HTH!