Grew up near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1985. Still live in Fort Smith. Love the Razorbacks, good or bad. Love the SEC. Love college football. I root for our SEC brothers when they are playing non-conference teams.

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This list has no credibility. The SEC's leading rusher didn't make the Top 50. There is no logic that can explain that.
Brandon Allen was better than a lot of Arkansas fans give him credit for. I put a lot of the blame on the OCs and QB coaches, until Dan Enos.
Haha. The average is 21.5 years which is exactly half of 43. The writer must have divided by two games instead of four. No muskets. They just couldn't get any alcohol to drink after that first game. ;-)
Expectations are too high on coaches and players. You either perform perfectly or you need to go. We have become a bunch of spoiled whiners. How many of you get paid millions of dollars to coach because of your expertise? That's what I thought.
I don't disagree with you comments about Henry, but have you seen Fournette run, other than the Alabama game? He is like trying to tackle a charging bull.
Alex Collins is a good running back but he doesn't have the power that Henry and Fournette have. However, you see what happens to power runners when they are up against defenses that are good against the run. It is almost impossible to run up the middle against Alabama. Arkansas has such little success at it Alex Collins only had 12 carries. Yes, Arkansas has the biggest O-line in football but that doesn't mean they are the best. They are getting better but there are still weaknesses.
I don't see a 30-point win but I am going to be shocked if Florida wins. Barring any catastrophes like Derrick Henry going down or the entire D-line of Bama. I am expecting about a 14-point win by Bama. It's not that Florida sucks. They just aren't at the same level as Bama this year. Florida is lucky to have only one loss.
I agree. Florida has a very good defense but Alabama's defense will shut down the Gators' offense.
Agreed. As a business owner, the guy has the right to refuse service but we have the right to take our money somewhere else. The only way I would refuse service is to someone who is belligerent, loud, offensive, or trying to provoke an argument or fight. Or if you are an Ohio State fan. :)
All CFB fans needs to dial it back a bit. Passionate is okay. Mean, nasty, threatening and offensive are not okay. FTR, there are two things I find more annoying than "TIGERBAIT". The cowbells at MSU and that idiotic war chant thing at Florida State. I can't watch an FSU game because of that. I want to shoot my television.
stobyjoe, that is too good. I think you just explained why I rarely watch the NFL.
Can you site a source for the claim that TAMU has more national titles than the rest of the SEC combined? I've looked at several reports and most of them have TAMU credited with three national titles. Alabama has something like 13 or 14.
I would agree with that but this is not your average UK team. They are not in their typical place in the cellar. Can they beat Georgia? If all of the planets are aligned just right but not otherwise.
The only matchup I might disagree with the guys on is Ole Miss-Auburn. I think on a normal day, Ole Miss is the better team. But Gus Malzahn has a way of creating abnormal days. Normal day, Ole Miss wins by 7. Abnormal day, reverse that score.
olemisschuck, this rankings thing takes a lot of factors into account and they will never please everyone. And they are never completely right. They are just an educated guess. Any team can be beaten by any other team, regardless of ranking (or no ranking). The rankings really don't mean a whole lot until you get to the end of the season anyway. Ole Miss is as good as I've seen them in a very long time. But something happened to Alabama after the near loss at Arkansas. They are not the same team. Watch the Alabama-Texas A&M game.