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I want to say it goes to the team ranked higher in the polls. But I could be wrong.
Hypothetically, of course, but if A&M were to squeak by Alabama, and then they both win out, I think a 1-loss Alabama gets in over Baylor on prestige. If Alabama beats A&M and they both win out, I don't think A&M would get that same privilege. I don't agree with that, but I think that's how it would end up.
I feel like the rushing stats against Arkansas are a little skewed. A large portion of those yards have come from mobile QBs. TCU's Hill rushed for 93 of his teams 195, A&M's Knight ran for 157 of his team's 366, and Ole Miss's Kelley ran for 89 of his team's 150. With Auburn's QB being less of a running threat, I'd give the advantage as even, at the very least.
Can you imagine the hype around an Arkansas vs Wisconsin Citrus Bowl?
Why waste Kaylee Hartung on South Carolina @ Kentucky?
I can't imagine there's an Arkansas fan out there that could look at that list and not want to play Michigan!
La Tech over Arkansas to start the season? They no longer have Driskel or their star running back. They aren't the same team that played so well last year.
As a Razorback fan, I wanted to see this guy got to the NFL. Dude's a beast. But I have to have respect for a guy that knows one more year will not only improve his game, but improve his character. I'll definitely root for this guy when he hits the NFL. Not this upcoming season though. I'm hoping for at least two INTs against Arkansas, haha. Just kidding, kinda.
Collins staying would make an immediate impact on the start of Arkansas's season. He would be a leader to help the new offensive linemen settle in. He's presence would take heat away from the new QB so he has time to throw it to his veteran receiving staff. And he would help the defense, because the best defense is a good offense. Arkansas will need that stability early next year with early road games at TCU and Dallas Stadium. Collins deciding to stay could add 2-3 wins the the Razorbacks schedule, making a possible 8-4 or 9-3 team turn into a 10-2 or 11-1 team.
Quick answer there, probably not. I'm hoping Collins stays, because we will need that leadership on the ground early next year if we want to win @TCU week 2. Even if TCU is rebuilding.
That sounds like Arkansas. They give you hope to start out, slap you in the face (three time in a row), then give you hope again, then cut your knees you from beneath you (thanks Miss St.), and finish out the season the way you wanted to. Then repeat next year. Razorback season in a nutshell.
And with a home loss to Toledo, and a loss to Texas Tech that is completely unjustifiable no matter how you put it, that negates two of our awesome road wins. I'd love it if someone put us in the 20-25 spot, but I won't be surprised if nobody acknowledges our massive improvement after the Alabama game.
Arkansas just got the commit from Devwah Whaley!
Careful AUFan_205, don't make him call campus police and file a hurt feelings report.
It's amazing we have any skill players remaining with all the injuries and now this.
The injury bug is strong in Arkansas this year.
This is an environment of welcoming, and you should just get the he!! out of here
I watched this live, and oh was it ever so glorious!!!
I think fans wimped out because of the cold and chance of rain. That's pretty sad.
This is horrible. I hope this was just an accident and nothing with malicious intent.
The chance of rain in Arkansas tomorrow has to favor Auburn. Brandon Allen can barely throw it in perfect conditions. Add rain and he I'm certain he turns into NFL Jamarcus Russel, minus the strong arm. Look for Auburn to stack the box and attempt to do what Alabama did exceedingly well two weeks ago holding Arkansas to 44 yards on 25 attempts.
Haha, I was joking, because of all of the early season hype.
You can't really either of them seriously without Arkansas and Tennessee in the top ten. But if you made me pick one, I'd take the AP. Really Coaches poll? You're going to penalize Ole Miss for a closer than expected game against Vandy, but not TCU and their putrid defense for needing a prayer to beat a Texas Tech team that should have won?
There is less luster on the Arkansas at Tennessee game than there was at the beginning of the season, but I'm still excited and it's going to be a heck of a game. It's a must win if Arkansas wants to have any chance at a bowl game this year. I thought Texas A&M would be a bigger favorite, more like -9.5. I'm shocked that Vandy is an Underdog again. At least this time it's on the road.
Wow, I didn't even think about that. That's impressive.
I'm enjoying the class coming out of the Aggie fans right now. You guys could be rubbing a tough loss in our face, but thank you for not doing that.
Why does he always throw it short to wide open receivers in critical situations?
That's what I was thinking. Collins was averaging like 5 yards a carry. I thought we would for sure run it twice. I wasn't totally upset when he did the play-action pass, because the receiver was wide open, but BA threw it short like he likes to do in pressure situations.
He played lights out for pretty much the whole game. The single interception was deep on a 4th down play, so it worked like a punt anyway. But for the second consecutive game, he short armed a pass to a wide open receiver on the biggest drive of the game. The only thing you can say about BA's play this year is that he refuses to handle pressure in pressure situations. He does everything else, at the very least, adequately.